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At the moment, Nintendo has sold 36,87 million game consoles Switch — in the past quarter from April to June the company managed to implement more of 2.13 million units, up 13 percent compared to the same period last year. While operating profit over the same three-month period decreased by 10.2 % yoy to $27.4 billion yen (about $252 million), while revenue increased 2.4 percent to 172 billion yen ($1.58 billion). Nintendo has every reason to look optimistically to the sale of its gaming systems Switch over the next few months. Indeed, in August released an improved model with significantly extended battery life, and in September the company will release Switch Lite is a lower cost console exclusively for a handheld game.

Scientific technical center "Module", citing a report by RIA Novosti said that the first Russian accelerator neural networks of the company delivered to Technopolis "Era". The source did not specify what products will be studied in scientific companies. STC "Module" produces the whole range of SoC on the ARM cores, but with the matrix accelerator NeuroMatrix (NMC4) of its own design. Visited last week the exhibition Technopolis of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation "Era" in Anapa Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov after a conversation with a representative of the SEC "Module" ordered that the research company had delivered "20-50 of these things". To build platforms with artificial intelligence, neural processors ten times faster processors...

Almost a month has passed since then, as President of the United States Donald trump (Donald Trump) said it will allow American companies to resume cooperation with the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. Reportedly network sources, over time the us government has done virtually nothing to accurately determine which components and technologies will be available Huawei. The lack of clarity on this issue could have a negative impact on trade negotiations between the US and China, which should be resumed this week. At the last meeting of the presidents Donald trump promised to allow the U.S. companies to cooperate with Huawei as a sign of goodwill. In turn, China's President XI Jinping (Xi Jinping) agreed on the resumption of large-scale procurement of...

Today's new smartphones series of Honor 9X went on sale in China. It happened a week after the official presentation of the device. The beginning of sales of new smartphones Honor became an expected event, so no need to wonder that the level of implementation was very high at the start. According to available data, in the first 2 minutes of the start of official sales Honor 9X brought the company more than 200 million yuan, which is approximately $29 million in revenue. If you divide this amount by the cost of the new series, we can understand that in 2 minutes the company sold more than 100,000 smartphones. Company representatives noted that the current level of starting sales in 2 times exceeds the success of the Honor 8X devices, implementation of which...

According to South Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics to work in the Chinese market hired a second ODM of the smartphone maker. The first Chinese ODM manufacturer of smart phones under the brand Samsung is the company Wintech (one of the smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi). For Samsung Wintech last year to release a smartphone Galaxy A6s. This year, it added the Galaxy model A60 continue this process will continue to gain speed. In the niche of smartphones primary and secondary levels, Samsung is unable to compete with Chinese companies and forced to turn to local ODMs. Galaxy A6s is the first ODM device Samsung

The Company first presented in a series of Glacier a number of new components to build the liquid cooling systems. It's two new tank for the coolant Glacier R220C and R160C, as well as the unusual device called the Glacier D140. Glacier D140 is a so-called "organizational plate", which allows to simplify the structure of the outline WCS and cut to length for use with pipes. The device is mounted on the rear panel of the case, that is, in the vicinity of the processor and graphics card. A couple of the available in "plate" the holes intended to connect the CPU waterblock, and another pair for the GPU waterblock. The other holes allow you to fail and to withdraw the coolant. They all have thread G1/4".

Not so long ago the President of France Emmanuel macron (Emmanuel Macron) announced the creation of the French space force, which will be responsible for the protection of satellites of the state. It seems that the country is serious about this issue, as the Minister of defence of France has announced the launch of the program in which frameworks will develop nano-satellites equipped with lasers and other weapons. Minister Florence Parlee (Florence Parly) announced that the space defense will be reallocated €700 million from the core defense budget. Thus, by 2025, for these purposes will be spent about €4.3 billion, among other things, the money will be used for the modernization of the French network of military communications satellites.

Because Tesla is preparing to launch mass production of electric Tesla truck Semi, scheduled for next year, some industrial designers consider the scope of the platform beyond the segment of transportation, as for example in motorhomes Tesla Semi. A motorhome is often associated with freedom of movement and the possibility of frequent change of places. The idea that you can go on the road together with his home to travel and receive new impressions, many people think is extremely attractive.

Reportedly network sources, Huawei, and Google was working on a new smart speaker before the us government put the Chinese manufacturer in the blacklist, effectively banning U.S. companies to cooperate with the telecommunications giant from China. Joint work on smart speaker, which was supposed to go under the brand of Huawei, was terminated in may of this year. According to reports, Huawei's plan was to introduce a new smart speaker at the annual exhibition of consumer electronics IFA 2019, which will be held in Berlin in September. The device supports voice assistant Google Assistant and was intended for markets outside of China. In addition, the Chinese company planned to sell the gadget in the United States.

According to the research firm Canalys, in the second quarter of this year the company Huawei Technologies has strengthened its leadership in cutting Chinese smartphone market, expanding the presence of up to 38 %, while all other leading brands lost ground. According to Canalys, in the second quarter, Huawei was included in the sanctions list of the USA in mid-may, put on the market in China 37.3 million smartphones, down 31% more than last year. As a result, market share increased by more than 10 points compared with 27.6 % a year earlier. The analysts note that the supply to the Chinese market in the second quarter under review amounted to 64 % of total smartphone shipments of Huawei in the world over the same period.

This week, the foreign Ministers of Japan and South Korea are expected to meet in Bangkok, which will host the ASEAN regional forum. Means that the Korean side will try to convince the Japanese not to exclude South Korea from the list of countries, export of raw materials and technologies which do not require special permission of the Japanese government. As already known, the Japanese suppliers stopped shipping to South Korea chemicals used in the production of memory chips and displays. Today should return from a short leave, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe (Abe Mushrambo), and at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers can be settled the question of excluding South Korea from the list of trusted destinations for exports. Against this background...

Although the prospects of a completely new category of folding smartphones currently look bright, yet still has flaws in the design of devices in this form factor, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, without which further progress is impossible. As suggested by many technical experts, foldable Mate X smartphone Huawei also may be faced with problems similar to the Fold observed in the Galaxy. Although Mate X was announced at the beginning of the year, Huawei is in no hurry with its release, without explaining why.

For the first half of this year, Intel spent about $6.9 billion on the development of 10-nm process and preparation for the transition to 7-nm process technology. The latter will allow her to 2021 return "on track" so-called "Moore's law" — the empirical rule to determine the frequency doubling of density of transistors per unit area of a semiconductor crystal. In the server segment, the rate of decline of defect density and level of marriage 10-nm processors are already ahead of the targets, but the mass production of server processors Ice Lake still will not be deployed until next year. The head of Intel admitted at the quarterly reporting event that the company now produces 10-nanometer products from the two plants. One of them, as you can remember from...

Intel on a quarterly reporting conference are unable to get away from the analysts ' questions related to the situation on the market of CPUs in the light of the emergence of 7-nm products of a competitor. First of all, Robert Swan (Robert Swan) admitted that the company lost some ground in the segment of inexpensive processors with a small number of cores due to shortage of domestic production capacity. Representatives of Susquehanna International Group on the results of independent research can say, as CNBC notes that in the second quarter, Intel reached a minimum in 2015 value — not more than 81 %. The budget deficit of 14-nm processors Intel Susquehanna experts estimate no more than 5 % of the required number of clients and expect that it will be...

Chinese manufacturing giant ZTE has made great efforts to meet the new trends in the global smartphone market. Not long ago, ZTE filed a patent for a smartphone with dual front-facing camera, and now it became known about registration of rights to manufacture a full slider. It should be noted that the design of the smartphone ZTE does not have any innovative solutions, as smartphones sliders were produced by many major manufacturers. The only difference that distinguishes the device in comparison to the other analogues, is the presence of dual front-facing camera.