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Quite unexpectedly, the Director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida (Naoki Yoshida) confirmed the development version of the popular MMO for the PlayStation 5. This news was reported on a small festival for fans in London after the interview with Sidoi. Final Fantasy XIV has made in recent years of huge success in the MMO now have the highest number of active players in history. And there are a lot of reasons related to the development process and a team of Yoshida, who tries first of all to think about what's best for the players, not what will be a great source of income.

Most previously-known tests evaluating speed performance 5G were conducted in controlled environments and do not reflect the real performance facing the average user. It is clear that while 5G network deployed with only a relatively modest, very few people can take advantage of the new standard. Fortunately, to prove how profitable are connectivity 5G for users in the future, Chinese tech company ZTE has decided to test the speed of 5G in the real world. EPA-EFE

In late October, AMD reported third-quarter results, and CEO Lisa su (Lisa Su) found it necessary to reaffirm the relevance of previous predictions about the timing of the transition of the company's share on the market of server processors using ten percent threshold. AMD Chapter believes that it will happen by the middle of next year, and such terms correspond to an optimistic version of the interval. Previously, the company admitted that the conquest of this goal may take time until the end of 2020. Image source: Seeking Alpha

Friday was published quarterly reports NVIDIA, the first hours after its release was characterized by confident growth of quotations of shares of the company, but in the end the auction ended with a decrease rate by 2.67 %. Formally, the third quarter results were better than the expectations of most analysts, and many encouraged the rise of both server and gaming market, which was observed in the last quarter. As it turns out, the experts were disappointed with the prediction that NVIDIA gave for the current fiscal quarter ending in the calendar of the company at the end of January. Image source: Yahoo Finance

Masters iFixit, as usual, examined the new product from Apple — MacBook Pro, 16 — and, in particular, has reviewed the design of the keyboard. Unreliable corporate design "butterfly" for manual stroke keys replaced traditional switches, "scissors". Despite the official announcement of the Apple, iFixit tears apart the 16‑inch MacBook Pro and made sure that the new keyboard is really almost identical to the one installed in the MacBook Pro 2015 as well as external Bluetooth Magic Keyboard from Apple. That is great news for those who intend to buy a new laptop. Apple has replaced the convenient and recognized the keyboard in the MacBook Pro in the fall of 2016, presenting a more subtle solution to switch the butterfly, which the company originally introduced...

The German Parliament has approved amendments to the law on combating money laundering. The changes will require Apple to provide other payment services access to the modules NFC in its family of smartphones. In that case, if the law would approve of the Federal Council, starting in 2020 the iPhone will be able to make contactless payments via Apple Pay, but also other payment services, such as Google Play or through the application of the banks, it will create a fair competitive environment in the market. First use of NFC for their own applications, began in 2016, then three of the largest Bank of Australia said that the blocking of the NFC chip is a method of unfair competition.

The Newest 16-inch MacBook Pro offers a mass of outstanding features, including very advanced functions for video output. We already wrote that the system is able to work quietly even with two monitors like 6K coming out in Dec Pro Display XDR. For comparison: the old 15-inch MacBook Pro was not able to work even with one such display. But that's not all — if you want you can connect much more external high-resolution monitors. According to the Apple support document, users can connect multiple monitors with 6K, 5K or 4K in a variety of configurations, and the laptop can pull it off. Among the main configurations are the following:

Electrons long established themselves as an indispensable carrier of signals in electronic circuits due to its small size and good interaction with each other and with the materials of electronic circuits. The photons are applying for the same role can do the same thing faster and with less energy, but they are much more electrons, which requires more energy to switch the light fluxes, as well as worse, they interact with materials. In practice, for long-distance communication, for example, electrons transform into photons for transmission over optical channels and at the entrance to the electronics doing the inverse transformation. It would be tempting to avoid this costly in all respects of transformation and to create optical switches that are directly...

At industry events NVIDIA a lot of attention to his part in the creation of robotic vehicles in space, but while the financial returns from these initiatives is not so noticeable. In fact, as admitted in the quarterly conference, the company's CFO Colette Kress (Colette Kress), more than half of the relevant earnings still form components of class Tegra for on-Board entertainment systems of the previous generations. To isolate them from the latest on-Board automotive systems, NVIDIA even uses the now-ubiquitous symbols "AI" indicating the use of artificial intelligence systems. However, the share of revenue from the supply of the CPU and GPU to use in systems active driver assistance is still very small. To blame as long development cycles, and the enormous...

Over the last four years in the scientific world there have been many discoveries that have created hope for the creation of batteries based on sodium. In contrast to lithium, sodium is much more on the Ground and it is more safe in the extraction, processing and exploitation. For example, this spring in Germany, the Federal Ministry of education and scientific research in the country (BMBF) for the first time allocated money for a large-scale development to create ecologically pure and cheap sodium-ion batteries. The Chinese are not far behind. Recently consolidated group of scientists to China in a paper in the journal Advanced Science reported the successful development of sodium ion microcondenser with amazing characteristics. Development of planar...

Chinese company Tsinghua Unigroup won a valuable frame. To work in a company as senior Vice President and head of the Japanese division of the Tsinghua Unigroup adopted 72-year-old Yukio Sakamoto (Yukio Sakamoto), former CEO of Elpida Memory. The fate of Elpida Memory was unenviable. After the crisis, "- payment" in 2008, she was unable to raise money for further work, and in 2012 was declared bankrupt. The state did not help the company, although the stock Elpida seriously invested pension Fund of Japan. In the end it is for nothing bought the American company Micron. In a similar way earlier destroyed the German manufacturer memory company Quimonda. But if Qimonda does not have even a trace, it is the former Japanese and Taiwanese factories Elpida Memory...

Last quarterly report conference NVIDIA was not informative from the point of view of clarification of the situation with the timing of the announcement of the first 7-nm brand products, but other emotional utterances the head and founder Jensen Huang (Jen-Hsun Huang) quite naturally became the basis of news publications. When the representative of Bank of America Merrill Lynch asked the CEO of NVIDIA, to what he attributed the forecast decline in revenue in the current quarter, and that its response has advanced much further than was required of him. First of all, said Jen-Hsun Huang, in the fourth and first quarter of observed natural reduction of revenue from sales of components for game consoles and laptops. It is a complex technical products that you...

This week, the official presentation of the long-awaited smartphone Motorola razr new generation, a key feature of which is a flexible 6.2-inch display with a resolution 2142 × 876 pixels. As we now know, as a supplier of these screens speaks Chinese company BOE. The corresponding statement was made on the social network Weibo Vice President of BOE Group Wei Wei (Wei Wei). Moreover, according to him, the company also produces flexible displays for portable computer Lenovo ThinkPad X1, which was showcased at the event, Lenovo Tech World in Beijing. This device has a 13.3-inch panel with a resolution of 1920 × 1440 pixels.

Last month, AMD has introduced exclusive for the Russian market CPU Ryzen 5 3500. Now, the geography of sales of the chip will expand to the whole world, however, it will only be available to OEMs, and consumers will be able to get it to the finished computers. From the point of view of technical characteristics OEM version Ryzen 5 3500 no different from the one that was presented for the Russian market. This processor has six cores, Zen 2, which work on six threads. The base clock speed is 3.6 GHz, while maximum Turbo frequency is 4,1 GHz. The processor has 16 MB cache third level and TDP is 65 watts.

PowerColor Company in the group in Facebook has announced a new graphics card called Radeon RX XT 5700 Liquid Devil, a YouTube channel Tech of Tomorrow have released a video of her unpacking. The novelty will become the first graphics card on the GPU Navi, which comes with a preinstalled waterblock full cover. Novelty is equipped with a custom waterblock full cover from the company EK Water Blocks. It includes a fairly large base of Nickel-plated copper that is in contact with both the GPU and memory chips and power elements of the power subsystem. The upper part is made of transparent plastic, most likely acrylic, and decorated with the logo of the series Devil on a black background. Also not without RGB-illumination and metal reinforcing back plate.