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The cardholders Card Apple will no longer have to completely depend on the application of the wallet for transfers and payments. The tech giant has launched a web portal for your credit card, which allows you to use the account online, even if the person does not have a telephone handy. And, if necessary, immediate management of the account don't need to call in Goldman Sachs. In addition to providing the ability to view and pay the balance on a desktop computer or laptop, the portal also displays the available credit and allows you to download reports about the previous financial activity in PDF format. In addition, it allows you to quickly set up scheduled payments, link, or delete the connected account and also contact support. In General, the standard...

American online store Silicon Lottery involved in the selection desktop processors with the best features that guarantee overclocking to those or other clock frequencies. Along with this, accumulates statistics on overclocking different CPUs, and now, a month after the release, the store was presented the first statistics on the acceleration of the senior Comet Lake-S. For the flagship desyatiletnego Core i9-10900K Intel has said the ability to automatically accelerate all cores to 4.9 GHz. Surveying Silicon Lottery confirm that every tested it Core i9-10900K really able to work stably under load with such frequency. However, the shop tested the chips with a guarantee overclocking to 4.9 GHz and above the recommended price is $590. This is due to some...

The Company Virgin Galactic announced the desire to hold at the end of this month, an online event, which will register its first cabin tourist spaceplane VSS Unity in all details. It seems that the mentioned statement has caused excitement among investors. The market responded sluggishly. After the second successful test launch of the spaceship VSS Unity, held at the end of last June, the share price of Virgin Galactic at the new York stock exchange rose for a few days to $17,39 apiece. But then she began to show a negative trend. As of July 2, the value of one share is $16.25 in. At the close of today's trading price decreased by 2.7 %.

Historically, motherboards for AMD processors were cheaper for their counterparts in Intel chips and also remains relevant for multiple generations of processors. The latter is true now, but that's the situation with the prices has changed. If we take into consideration a compact model of the motherboard, it turns out that the Board now for AMD more expensive than Intel. Resource ExtremeTech has compared the prices of motherboards of different form factors, designed for current Intel and AMD processors. In the case of Intel this is a model with CPU sockets LGA LGA 1151v2 and 1200, and in the case of AMD — Socket AM4. Prices were compared in a major American store Newegg, and only on those models that are available.

The Company BMW has announced that it intends to seriously improve the digital system of their luxury cars, reworking, for example, navigation and maps, digital assistant, technology "digital key" (the one about which Apple told me last week), and Android Auto. But the most interesting is that BMW wants to introduce a system of microtensile used in its car functions. Modern cars are chock-equipped with electronics and software becoming more like real computers on wheels. This opened the opportunity for brands to literally add air to their cars new features and fix various software bugs. This approach, for example, is the company Tesla. For example, it supplies the cars with batteries that have artificially via software firmware limited range. For an...

Apple added a new option configuration the graphics subsystem of your desktop workstation Mac Pro. Now in compiling system configuration, users can choose the new AMD Radeon Pro W5500X. This professional graphics accelerator is built on the AMD Navi with the architecture of the RDNA. The full characteristics are not specified, but according to Apple, it is equipped with 8 GB memory, GDDR6, and willing to offer performance in the operations of single precision (FP32) at the level of 5.6 and 11.2 TFlops TFlops in the operations of half precision (FP16).

Tesla has announced that in the second quarter it managed to supply the market with 90 650 electric cars, despite the fact that the California plant of the company had suspended work due to pandemic coronavirus. It should be noted that the level of deliveries of the Tesla surpassed the expectation of analysts of wall street who predicted that the company will be able to produce about 72 000 cars. This is the second consecutive quarter, when Tesla surpasses analysts ' expectations. In the first quarter the automaker has delivered more than 103 thousand electric cars.

According to an insider, hiding under the name Kopite7kimi, the release of the entire spectrum of gaming NVIDIA architecture Ampere for GeForce RTX 3000 will be the company Samsung. According to the source, instead of the expected 7-nm process technology TSMC for production of the new NVIDIA consumer graphics cards will be used 8-nm process technology Samsung. It is derived form the 10-nm technology. By the way, information about the use of chips made by Samsung in future GeForce RTX 30 series has already appeared earlier.

Twenty different human rights organizations in Europe, USA and Latin America made a public statement that they are against a potential purchase by Google of the manufacturer of wearable electronics Fitbit for which technogiant offered $2.1 billion This reaction of the parties due to fear about security of your personal information, as well as the possibility of harm to market competition. Recall that the Alphabet holding company, which owns by Google last year made an offer to acquire the American manufacturer of wearable devices Fitbit. According to human rights activists, this transaction will expand and so are almost limitless influence of Google in the digital market.

The Company announced Arctic coolers Freezer 13 X family, designed for use with AMD and Intel processors is already available for order at an estimated price of $ 22-25 US. The series consists of four models: A13X, A13X CO i13X and i13X CO. The first two are designed to work with AMD chips in the performance of AM4, the other two with Intel chips in performance LGA 1151/1150/1155/1156/2066/2011(-3). The maximum value of dissipated heat power (TDP) cooled processor can reach 150 watts.

The National Directorate of traffic safety on the highways of the U.S. Department of transportation (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA) opened an investigation into defects of the battery of the Tesla Model S. this was reported with reference to the management information resource of the Los Angeles Times. We are talking about problems with the cooling system of the battery pack installed in electric cars Tesla Model S, released in the period from 2012 to 2016. These defects could lead to failure of the battery electric vehicle, or even fire.

According to forecasts of the analytical company Omdia, in 2021, the market for power semiconductors based on SiC (silicon carbide) and GaN (gallium nitride) will exceed $1 billion due to demand for electric vehicles, power supplies and photovoltaic inverters. This means that the power supply units and transformers will be smaller and lighter, which will provide a longer run as electric vehicles and electronics. At the end of this year, as forecast in Omdia, the market for SiC - and GaN-elements will rise to $854 million For comparison, in 2018, the market for "non-silicon antifoaming" power semiconductors was worth $571 million thus in three years will occur almost doubling the cost of the hotel market, which indicates the extreme need in these components.

Taiwanese company ASRock has expanded the range of offers available on their motherboards, presenting two new products at the Intel 400-series. Both models — B460TM-ITX and H410TM-ITX — made in the form factor Mini-ITX and is intended for use with the new Intel Core processors, a 10-th generation (Comet Lake) with a nominal value of TDP to 65 W in a compact desktop workstation. Both models are almost identical. Their dimensions are 170 × 170 mm. Both feature four-phase power subsystem processor socket LGA 1200 and support the Turbo Boost technology 3.0 Max.

Department of digital development of Telecom and mass communications of the Russian Federation today, July 2 officially announced the extension of the experiment Affordable Internet for six months. Called the initiative, recall, involves giving the Russians free access to socially significant sites. These resources are divided into several categories: "communications services", "aggregators socially significant information", "national culture and traditions", "continuing education and training" and others. In total, the list includes about 370 sites.

From the historic mission of American astronauts on the first landing on the lunar surface there are not many artifacts. The closer promises to be attention to the auction, which will be presented to the manual controls module "Columbia". The future holder of the arms control command and service module CSM to break, at least $80 thousand each. At the auction of Julien auction in Beverly hills on 17 and 18 July will put three arm control module CSM. The two of them directly arm motor control "Columbia" for maneuvering/docking with the space station, and the third is the handle of switching to manual control. For each artifact owner expects to gain from $80 to $200 thousand. the owner Name is not disclosed.