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It is Expected that next month, Intel will introduce a new generation of desktop processors, including efficient solutions segment HEDT — Cascade Lake-X. And one of the representatives of this family, namely, Core i9-10900X were tested in the benchmark Geekbench, due to which became known to his characteristics. Intel Core i9-10900X was tested in the system Dell Precision 5820 Tower X-Series, built on the motherboard CPU socket LGA 2066 and Intel X299. This once again confirms that the new generation of HEDT processors Intel will maintain compatibility with the latest platform. Of course, you will need to update the BIOS.

For several years, Intel is trying to restructure to help her survive the decrease in demand for personal computers. The company's revenue still depends on the segment of client devices by nearly half, but the market for such devices is shrinking, and to maintain positive dynamics of change of revenue recently managed mainly due to the increase in average sales price. Judging by the involvement in various activities Gregory Bryant (Bryant Gregory), who is in charge of this business Intel, it has spawned great hopes. Under the previous Director-General at the end of may 2017, Gregory Bryant was promoted from corporate Vice President to senior Vice President, this year he had the honor to open the presentation by Intel at Computex 2019, and this week, the...

The key component of the new iPhone module, called the Taptic Engine will use recycled rare earth elements was announced by Apple on Wednesday. To manufacture this part accounts for about a quarter of the volume of rare earth metals used in the components of the iPhone. On the world market of rare-earth metals dominated by China, which, through state-controlled media suggests that the escalation of the trade war may limit the supply of this raw material in the United States, just as it happened with Japan after a diplomatic dispute in 2010.

As we reported earlier, NVIDIA is going to fill up the range of cards the average level at the expense of new models of Turing, referring to a series of GeForce GTX 16. And now, those plans began to take concrete shape. As expected, the new graphics card GeForce GTX Ti 1650, which is needed by NVIDIA in order to close the price gap between the GTX GTX 1650 and 1660, will be presented on October 22. This day as the date of the announcement of GeForce GTX Ti 1650 called Chinese website ITHome, which in turn refers to the information received from regional partners NVIDIA. In addition, the original message appears another interesting fact: the price of new items will have to be of the order of 1100 yuan, which is converted in the amount of $160. And if this...

About the ability of the processor Core i9-9900KS, which will be released in October, to preserve the activity of all eight cores at 5.0 GHz it was known initially, but the other features still silent. However, in late August, motherboard manufacturers have started to introduce BIOS-level support for a new CPU, and the emergence of references to Core i9-9900KS in the list of supported products on their sites allowed us to study some interesting changes on the level of performance. Image source: ASUS

In early September in the Russian shops began to appear updated Nintendo Switch. Not to be confused with "completely portable" Switch Lite, which will go on sale on 20 September — we will analyze later in a separate article. The main innovation of the "normal" Switch of the sample 2019 — improved autonomy: depending on load, the first version of the console is battery powered from 3 to 6 hours, whereas in the latest execution stated from 4.5 to 9 hours. What exactly this is achieved, the manufacturer does not specify "the Big N" is traditionally stingy with the dry technical details, but numerous leaks suggest the transition of a chip NVIDIA Tegra X1, which lies in the basis console, with a 20-nm manufacturing process at 16-nm FINFet. In this sense...

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics is committed to increase the share of presence on the market of China through the supply of a variety of smartphones that support work in the networks of the fifth generation (5G). According to industry sources, the company organizes the delivery of the latest smartphones, including the first smartphone with a flexible display Samsung Galaxy Fold. High hopes for increasing the share in the Chinese market Samsung connects with smartphones series Galaxy Note 10. "Galaxy Note 10+ 5G — this is only a first device for China market. We hope that our new products will help Samsung to regain its share in the Chinese market," said one of the representatives of Samsung during the presentation.

Online sources of published information on the characteristics of the smartphone Vivo medium level, which appears under the code name V1928A. In the commercial market, it is expected that the novelty will debut under the name U10. At this time the data source was the popular benchmark Geekbench. The test suggests that the composition of the apparatus involved Snapdragon 665 (chip is the cipher trinket). The solution combines eight cores Kryo 260 clocked at 2.0 GHz and a graphics accelerator Adreno 610.

HTC announced the change of the head. Is cher Wang (Cher Wang), who headed the company from 2015, the new CEO of HTC became Yves Maitre (Yves Maitre, pictured below). Mater for more than 14 years working in the French telecommunications giant Orange, the last time as Vice-President for consumer products and partnership. Prior to joining Orange he worked for six years at Thomson Multimedia, where he held managerial positions in divisions in the United States and Singapore. Cher Wang will stay on as Chairman of the Board of Directors of HTC.

The Last few years, the company Facebook is developing augmented reality glasses. The project is implemented by the specialists of the engineering division of the Facebook Reality Labs. According to available data, in the process of developing the engineers of Facebook have faced some difficulties, for which we signed a partnership agreement with Luxottica, owner of Ray-Ban brand. Reportedly network sources, Facebook is counting on the fact that the joint activity of the companies will release to the consumer market AR glasses between 2023 and 2025. The product in question bears the codename "Orion". It is a replacement of the smartphone, because it allows you to receive calls, able to display information on the display and broadcasting to social networks...

Intel has officially presented the video card NITRO+ RX XT Radeon 5700, which is one of the fastest Radeon RX XT 5700, and also one of the most anticipated versions of this card. In addition, the leadership of a novelty confirmed by the test results published by several thematic resources. Video card NITRO+ RX XT Radeon 5700 is equipped with a large cooling system that includes two aluminum radiator, through which five Nickel-plated copper heat pipes, assembled in a copper base. The memory chips have separate radiators. For air cooling this design meets three fans, two of which have a diameter of 95 mm, and the third, located in the centre, 87 mm. On the back side of the Board is fixed a reinforcing plate.

17 September 2019 in Saint-Petersburg were signed two agreements on cooperation between Russia and China in the field of lunar exploration. According to the state Corporation for space activities of the Russian Federal space Agency. One of the documents provides for the creation and use of unified data Center for the study of the moon and deep space. This platform will represent geographically distributed information system with two main units, one of which will be located on the territory of the Russian Federation and the other — on the territory of the people's Republic of China.

Next year Sony and Microsoft will bring to market a gaming console of the new generation, so the products of the current generation do not enjoy such high demand. The financial performance of AMD, which supplies both components for game consoles, this situation affects not the best way. But AMD was able to contract with Samsung for the development of future graphics processors, the Korean giant for smartphones and tablets. In the current year from a new customer AMD will get $100 million, and this money is enough to compensate for the forced rupture of relations with Chinese partners to establish production license "clones" of processors with Zen architecture of the first generation. Recall that the ban on cooperation with China entered into force in early...

Speaking about the company's plans to expand the range 7-nm products, the financial Director of AMD Devinder Kumar (Devinder Kumar) did not specify when there will be the 7-nm processors for laptops, but said that they will come in time. Later in his comments at a technology conference Deutsche Bank, he mentioned that in 2020 the company will begin to receive revenue from the supply of their 7-nm mobile processors. Thus, we can confidently say that in 2020 such processors will hit the market. The current range of mobile AMD processors consists of 14 nm and 12-nm models with the Zen architecture of the first and second generations, respectively. Expansion of AMD products in this segment has been slow, but very confident. The number of laptop models on the...

Yesterday on the website of the Chinese center for certification of telecommunication equipment (TENAA) appeared images smartphone Redmi 8A (M1908C3KE), which will join the segment of entry-level devices. Now was published the main features of the gadget, which gives an idea of what we should expect buyers. 8A Redmi will get display with a diagonal of 6,217 inches which supports a resolution of 1520 × 720 pixels (corresponds to the HD+). At the top of the display there is a small keyhole, which houses an 8-megapixel front camera. The main camera located on the back side of the case and is a sensor of 12 megapixels, supplemented led flash.