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In the European space Agency announced that the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano (Luca Parmitano) may be the last astronaut who will travel to the International space station on Russian Soyuz spacecraft. We will remind, the Italian astronaut arrived on the ISS on July 21. In space Luca Parmitano went on the spaceship "Soyuz-13". The crew also includes Russian Alexander Skvortsov and American Andrew Morgan (Andrew Morgan). The statement of the representative of the ESA States that the organization in the coming years plans to send other astronauts to the ISS from Baikonur.

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its flagship tablet computer Galaxy Tab S6, which is suitable for work, leisure and creativity. The tablet design can be called a classic, it has a metal back surface, and the display is framed with a symmetrical narrowly. The developers equipped the novelty with a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED panel which supports resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels (format WQXGA corresponds to). On the front surface has an 8-megapixel front camera. S6 Galaxy Tab was the first tablet from Samsung, which got a built-in screen fingerprint scanner. On the back side of the device is a dual main camera, made on the basis of the sensors 13 and 5 MP.

An Important event took place on the Racecourse Monteblanco (Monteblanco) in Spain. There was the first race in the world of fully Autonomous cars. The contest was attended by two teams opposing each other in Autonomous driving and car racing. As a result, the Arrival team surpassed rivals from the Technical University of Munich. The race involved cars that run on electricity, which can output 402 horsepower. Without the driver the car is capable of speeds up to 320 km/h. Each of the cars participating in the race, had to equip 5 of lidar, 2 radar, 18 ultrasonic sensors, the receiver signals of a satellite navigation system, 6 cameras, 2 optical speed sensor and hardware-based Nvidia Drive PX2. In the process the cars used algorithms that were created in...

The Company G. Skill introduced in the series Trident Z Neo new sets of memory modules DDR4-3800 that are best optimized for use with AMD processors Ryzen 3000-series and a desktop platform AMD X570. As you know, RAM frequency directly affects the frequency of the bus Fabric Infinity in processors Ryzen, and best performance is achieved when they are working synchronously (frequency ratio 1:1). Therefore, AMD recommends to use processors Ryzen 3000 DDR4-3600. However, the G. Skill engineers developed higher-speed DDR4 kits-3800, which provide the best throughput, while maintaining the optimal ratio of the frequency of memory bus (1:1).

Panasonic Corporation reported a sharper-than-expected fall in operating profit in the first quarter of its accounting year: 56,39 billion yen ($519,68 million) against of 99.96 billion yen a year earlier. A sharp decline of 44%, the Japanese company explains the trade tensions between China and the U.S. dampened demand for its automotive components and factory equipment in China. A miscalculation in expectations made founded last year by research company in the field of global Finance Refinitiv, predicted the decline in profits to 70,93 billion yen, citing the calculations of eight analysts. But despite this substantial decline, Panasonic left unchanged its forecast for net profit for the current fiscal year ending in March 2020, at the level of 300...

When the Chinese company Xiaomi announced the smartphone Poco F1, it was the most affordable model on the basis of the Snapdragon chip 845. Due to this new brand quickly gained popularity. At the beginning of this year, the Redmi became an independent brand. Earlier smartphones manufactured under the brand Redmi, were considered among the best, in terms of price and quality. However, the series smartphones Redmi K20 was priced higher. Analysts expected that the manufacturer will abandon the brand Poco, focusing on the production of smartphones Redmi.

Despite the fact that Intel still hasn't released the long-awaited 10-nm processors Ice Lake, she is actively working on their successors — Tiger Lake. And one of these processors was discovered by the famous source of leaks with alias KOMACHI ENSAKA in the database performance test UserBenchmark. To begin with we recall that the output of the processors of Tiger Lake is expected in the next 2020. They will be made at 10-nm process technology and will offer an improved architecture Willow Cove, and will be able to boast of having integrated graphics architecture Intel Xe. For comparison, the processors Ice Lake will get the architecture of Sunny Cove and graphics of the eleventh generation (Gen11).

A Recent study by career portal "My Circle" showed that in the first half of 2019, the income of specialists in the IT industry rose on average by 10 %, reaching in monetary terms the level of 100 000 rubles. A decline in income recorded in the field of marketing. The report said that the difference between the salaries of IT specialists in regions of Russia and the capital is 36 %. Employees of IT-departments in Moscow receive about 136 000 rubles after taxes, which means a growth of income at 13 %. In Saint-Petersburg industry experts earn 110 000, and in the regions — 75 000 rubles (growth by 10% and 7 %, respectively).

As noted in the analysis of the quarterly report conference AMD, the company failed to leave the answer to the question of the timing of availability of 7-nm graphics processors with higher performance, and Lisa su (Lisa Su) just assured the public that these products in the family of the Navi will appear. However, the second part of the question was 7 nm mobile processors, and the head of the company answered in the same vein. Such processors will appear, just as long as AMD is not ready to specify when. Add that this is not the first official mention of the intentions of AMD to release a 7-nm hybrid processors. At least, at the June press briefing after the opening of Computex 2019 Lisa su also asked to comment on the rumors about the delay of market...

Promising to present the 7-nm processors EPYC seventh of August, the management of AMD stressed that this event was able to attract four times more partners than in the case of EPYC processors of the previous generation, and the number of server products based on them will be two times higher. Not around Lisa su (Lisa Su) attention and popularity and consumer processors Ryzen 3000, which came in only the seventh of July, in the third quarter, the results of which the company will report only in October. According to the head of AMD, the comparable stage of the life cycle of the processors Matisse sold three times better processors Ryzen previous generations. The market success of this family she calls "stunning". Their popularity as convinced Lisa su...

The Rumors that the successor to the single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 will contain 5G modem, apparently, is not confirmed. According to the latest data from the informed sources, the Snapdragon 865 as the current flagship mobile processor will get integrated solutions to support networks of the fifth generation. Thus, 5G smartphones that will hit the market in 2020 and will be built on the basis of this hardware platform, would be forced to use a separate 5G modem Snapdragon X55. Recall that it was presented in February 2019 and provides transfer rate of incoming data to 7 GB/s, outgoing — up to 3 GB/s. the Reason why Qualcomm could not give Snapdragon 865 capacity without an external chip to support the 5G network, is in the companies, buying her...

In accordance with the financial projections showed Samsung in the second quarter of 2019 calendar year turned out to be bad and very bad. For the year quarterly revenue decreased by 4% to 56.1 trillion Korean won ($47,51 billion). Operating profit for the same period fell by 56% to 6.6 trillion won ($5.59 billion). The main losses for Samsung began to decline in revenue and profit in the memory market. The company also lost money in the smartphone market, but not so much. Affected by strong competition in the niche of machines for primary and secondary levels and the declining demand for the company's flagship model. AP/Ahn Young-joon

Server sector is very inert and conservative, but AMD is determined to break through the wall of indifference, receiving contracts to supply processors not only from the creators of the most powerful supercomputers, but also manufacturers serial server systems. Alone can stand large customers who purchase server systems for their specialized tasks, and therefore can experience the need for products of special configuration. AMD representatives have admitted that the supercomputer Frontier will be provided with "customized" versions of the processors EPYC, which will be quite different from other available clients. Image source: AMD

This week the representatives of China and the United States are due to meet in Shanghai for the next stage of negotiations in the sphere of foreign trade, but many companies have long outlined the direction of the migration of its production facilities from China, it could be Vietnam. The New York Times for example, the history of presence in Vietnam, the Korean giant Samsung says, the difficulties that can face companies wishing to move their production from China to this country. As noted earlier, the lower cost of workers in Vietnam does not solve one main problem — the country cannot compete in scale with China, the population of Vietnam less than one hundred million people. Although the labour market annually out of one million workers, Vietnam is...

The Company Corsair presented a new computer case called iCUE 220T RGB Airflow, and new case fans iCUE SP120 and SP140 RGB Pro RGB Pro. The case features an unusual and attractive appearance, provide ventilation openings on the front panel, which is established just iCUE SP120 fans with a custom RGB Pro RGB backlight. Case iCUE 220T RGB Airflow made of sheet steel, and its sidebar of tempered glass. Dimensions of new items is 450 × 395 × 210 mm, which corresponds to the form factor of Mid Tower, and it weighs 6.5 kg. Inside the case can accommodate motherboards up to size ATX, graphics cards up to 300 mm, CPU cooler height up to 160 mm and power supply ATX length 180 mm. For storage there are two 2.5 - and 3.5-inch bays.