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Under current rules, American legislation, by subordinate companies should regularly mention in the forms 8-K, 10-Q and 10-K about the main risk factors that threaten the business or could result for shareholders is a serious loss. As a rule, investors or shareholders constantly sue claim to the leadership of companies and in consideration of the claims is also mentioned in the section risk factors. Last year AMD had to face a class action from shareholders who claimed that management had deliberately downplayed the severity of such vulnerabilities Spectre of a second embodiment using this information for artificial increase of stock of AMD during the period when there was an active discussion the susceptibility of Intel vulnerabilities Meltdown and the...

Graduate of McMaster University under the direction of associate Professor of chemistry and chemical biology Kalaiselvi Saravanamuttu (Kalaichelvi Saravanamuttu) described a new computational method in the article published in the scientific journal Nature. For calculations, the researchers used a soft polymer material that turns from liquid to gel in response to light. Scientists call this polymer "Autonomous material that reacts to stimuli and performs intelligent operations." Fariha Mahmoud (Fariha Mahmood), co-author of the study, shows how the new technology works. (Photo: McMaster University)

Creating cars with autopilot, capable of making decisions like a person who is a long-standing problem of companies such as Waymo, GM Cruise, Uber and others. Intel Mobileye offers a mathematical model of Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) and is described by the company as an approach based on "common sense", which is characterized by the programming of the autopilot on "good" behavior, such as giving other cars the right of way. On the other hand, NVIDIA is actively developing a Safety Force Field technology decision-making on the basis of the system that monitors unsafe acts of others traffic participants, analyzing data from vehicle sensors in real-time. Now to these studies joined a group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology...

The holding "Schwabe" state Corporation rostec, First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov and the company "Cardiovasc" signed a Memorandum on joint implementation into medical practice of innovative devices that help to combat cardiovascular disease. Speech, in particular, talking about using mobile electrocardiograph CardioQVARK. This device is made in the form of a cover for a smartphone. To remove the ECG is enough to put your fingers on special sensors. The figures obtained can be viewed in the accompanying application.

"Killer flagships 2.0" in the face of Redmi and Redmi K20 K20 Pro as promised the audience of Chinese brand needs to be officially presented on may 28. Redmi belonging to Xiaomi, reported earlier that the K20 will be equipped with a display with no notches. Now the Chinese firm has confirmed that the device will get an AMOLED screen with a built-in fingerprint scanner of the 7th generation is better than Xiaomi Mi 9. Executive Director Redmi Lou Weibing (Lu Weibing) reported that the fingerprint sensor will be optical, with a pixel size of 7.2 µm (photosensitive area 100% more than its predecessor). The scanning area of the fingerprint has also been increased by 15% compared with the Mi sensor 9.

A Few years ago, Intel has already received from the Irish authorities permission to build a new production building in Leixlip, which is the oldest venture of the company outside the United States. When it was understood that the construction of the new building Intel will spend about $4 billion, but this year, the company turned to local authorities with a new application, which included not only an increase in area businesses, and an increase of budget to $8 billion, Local authorities were encouraged by the intentions of Intel to create 1,600 new jobs and provide up to 6000 jobs during the construction phase, which would last several years. It is considered that Intel is expanding its manufacturing facility in Ireland in response to the shortage of 14-nm...

Huawei, Samsung and Qualcomm has already announced a chipset with support for 5G modems. Network sources say that soon their example will be followed by MediaTek. The Taiwanese company has announced that a new SOC that support 5G will be available in may 2019. This means that the manufacturer is only a few days to present their design. Modem Helio M70 was initially positioned MediaTek as the platform to create devices that support 5G. The product is still mass-produced and not supplied the actual producers of smartphones.

Earlier Vodafone announced that July 3 will launch first in the UK the 5G network. However, many assumed that ahead of the company could EE, the largest 4G operator in the country. And they were right — at the last today event in London, EE announced that its network will deploy 30 may, ahead of a competitor for a month. It is expected that British operators Three and O2 also deploy 5G network this year, but the exact dates are unknown. For a start, the network will be available only in six cities: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and of course London. Glasgow and Liverpool were in the list earlier, while fell — however, before the end of the year, the company promises to expand the presence of 5G of 19 cities and 1,500 objects to the end...

The Company Manli introduced a new graphics accelerator GeForce RTX and RTX 2080 2080 Ti Gallardo with customized LED Lights. Novelties is characterised by extremely large cooling systems with RGB led, and can also boast factory overclocked. For the heat dissipation of the new products meets the massive cooling system height 2.5 slot with three fans with a diameter of 90 mm. They have blown three aluminum radiator, through which five Nickel-plated copper heat pipes, copper nickeliron collected in the base. On the casing of the cooling system has elements with customizable RGB illumination. On the back side of the printed circuit Board is fixed a reinforcing metal plate. Because of the large cooling length of the graphics card is 330 mm.

Since many companies, from aerospace giant Boeing and Uber to the German startup Lilium, working to create a flying taxi, Bosch intends to make the sensors that they need, more affordable. The company claims that the traditional aerospace technologies are too expensive and bulky for use in Autonomous aircraft. Therefore, Bosch has announced available block sensor plug-and-play, in which the sensors used in the automotive industry, adapted for use in unmanned aircraft.

Management of perspective research projects of the Ministry of defense (eng. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — DARPA) will Fund six organizations in the framework of the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (abbreviated as "N3" and "the Next generation of non-surgical neyrotekhnologii"), first announced in March 2018. In the program will participate Battelle Memorial Institute, Carnegie — Mellon University, applied physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, Research center in Palo Alto (PARC), rice University and Teledyne Scientific, who have their own team of scientists and researchers in the development of a bidirectional brain-computer interfaces. DARPA expects that these technologies will allow qualified military directly drive an...

"dance of the investors" around the assets to Toshiba Memory was one of the most-covered stories in the semiconductor industry, as to find investors to cover occur on other areas of activity of losses the parent Corporation decided in March 2017, and the point in the deal after all the approvals put in the spring of 2018. For the assets of Toshiba Memory long fought Western Digital Corporation, which still operates jointly with Japanese company enterprise for the production of memory, inherited after buying SanDisk. Sale of assets to an investment consortium headed by Bain Capital was organized so that interests were taken into account and WDC and Toshiba, which wanted to retain operational control over the production of memory. Investors pool their savings...

Self-driving trucks TuSimple a startup from San Diego will be in the next two weeks to deliver the parcel the US Postal service (USPS) in the framework of the pilot project. On Tuesday, the company announced the signing of a contract for the implementation of five trips to both ends of the self-driving trucks to transport mail between USPS distribution centers of the postal service in Phoenix and Dallas. Each of the trips is more than 2100 miles (3380 km), or about 45 hours of driving. The route passes through the territory of three States: Arizona, new Mexico and Texas.

Infinix Brand (owned by the Chinese Transsion) introduced in India a new smartphone entry level S4. Of 6.21-inch screen with a resolution of 1520 × 720 has a keyhole and is 88,6 % of the front. The device is equipped with 12-nm single-chip system MediaTek Helio P22 with 8-core CPU @2 GHz and GPU PowerVR GE8320 @ MHz; 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal flash memory. Among the specific features include triple rear camera: 13-Megapixel main aperture f/1,8; 8-MP with additional ultra-wide 120-degree lens and a diaphragm f/2,2; and 2-Megapixel for capturing information about the depth for portraits. Special mention deserves the front camera with a 32 MP sensor Samsung S5KGD1 1/2,8" Quad Bayer (8 MP low light) with AI to improve self-portraits based on a key of...

It looks Like Microsoft will be the latest in a number of American technology companies, which carry out a new decree of the President of Donald trump aimed at the suppression of Chinese technology companies. Recall that in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Commerce has made Huawei and a number of related companies on the black list, the Entity List. Microsoft still keeps silence about the possible refusal to provide Windows updates Chinese companies, although, according to sources "Kommersant", the corresponding orders have already been sent to offices of the giant from Redmond in a number of countries, including Russia.