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Not a day goes by without leaks and rumors regarding the upcoming desktop processors Intel the tenth generation. Today is known to the network source with the alias momomo_us shared the slides from Intel, which presents information about some of the characteristics of all processors that will be included in the family of Comet Lake-S. As previously repeatedly reported, all of the Core processors to the tenth generation will support Hyper-Threading technology. The Core i3 chips will offer 4 cores and 8 threads, the Core i5 — 6 cores and 12 threads, Core i7 — 8 cores and 16 threads and Core i9 — 10 cores and 20 threads. In the new family will include a Pentium with two cores and four threads with dual core processors Celeron is the only one without...

It is No secret that the South Korean company Samsung is developing a new flagship smartphone, which as expected, will be called Galaxy S11. Now, however, network sources say that the future flagship of Samsung may enter the market under the name Galaxy S20. About this in his Twitter feed said the Ice user Universe, who previously repeatedly reported accurate insider information in the field of mobile industry. The insider also notes that the new approach to the selection of titles for smartphones will mark a "new beginning". It is not clear what constitutes a change in the name, but it can be assumed that the future flagship of Samsung will be a significant step forward in comparison with smartphones of the current generation. Most likely, this applies not...

LG has made a preliminary announcement of a interesting device for gardening lovers who do not have access to land or greenhouses, but those wishing to grow their own vegetables. The company promised to present at CES in January 2020 revolutionary, according to her, embedded device-rack. The device itself resembles partly the shelves for growing plants from sci-Fi movies. Hardly grown in this way the greens will be cheap — probably this can be considered entertainment. Used advanced control of lighting, temperature and irrigation. Provides for the use of special packages of seeds and to monitor the growth of plants using a special application. In General, this cultivator is designed to help users easy to grow rich in nutrients and aromatic herbs in their...

On Friday, several sources said, reports the online resource Nikkei that the company Japan Display (JDI) is in talks with Apple and Sharp on the sale of a plant to produce LCD panels in Ishikawa Prefecture. The plant is one of the largest plants of the JDI. Apple also participated in its construction and equipping, paying almost half the cost of construction of the plant is about 170 billion yen. It was assumed that the company will become a major supplier of LCD panels for Apple smartphones, but something went wrong. A good plant will give it in caring hands

Available online sources was information about the new SLR camera, which is going to release Nikon. The camera appears under the designation D780. It is expected that it will replace the models of Nikon D750, with a detailed review of which can be found in our material. It is known that the novelty will receive a sensor with back-illuminated BSI with 24 million pixels. Refers to the possibility of recording videos with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels at a speed of 24-30 frames per second and 1920 × 1080 pixels with a speed of 24-120 frames per second.

For several years, AMD claims that the life cycle of the platform Socket AM4 sure will last until the end of 2020, but further plans in the desktop segment it prefers not to disclose, mentioning only about the upcoming release of processors with the architecture Zen 4. In the server segment they appear in 2021, will bring a new design SP5 and Socket support memory type DDR5. High probability that in the desktop segment processors with Zen architecture 4 will also bring a change of design on the Socket AM5. At issue is the introduction of PCI Express 5.0, but judging by the activity of Intel in this area, in the server segment this interface will be adopted in a short time, when compared with the predecessor. Image source: AMD YouTube

Smartphones with foldable display, though not without problems, but started to go on sale. Meanwhile, mankind has long dreamed of turning the tablet into a laptop and back, but the keypad usually has a fixed purpose and only switch to using a flexible display allows you to call the virtual keyboard if necessary, the rest of the time giving the screen the entire working surface of the device. However, Taiwanese sources report that the industry will not be ready for mass production notebook with a folding display until the middle of next year. Image source: Engadget

Seemingly innocuous tweet of congratulation from Vice-President of the division devices of Microsoft Panos Panay (Panos Panay) has caused a wide response in the technical community. At least from those who follow technical news Microsoft. Mr. Panay at once wrote a holiday greeting, beating Duo to Surface as a three-dimensional folding cards. Typically, this tweet goes unnoticed, but a man like Panay, seldom writes both personally and professionally. So people have shown interest to the post and especially the video, by interpreting it as a hint about future capabilities of the device. Some observers and experts saw in this imitation of a "holographic image" and launched into a discussion, what would that mean for the current or upcoming version of the...

As reported by the Japanese news Agency Nikkei, in 2019 the most valuable company in Asia is Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group. The market value of Alibaba, which owns such Internet sites as AliExpress, Tmall and Taobao reached $570 billion Over the year, this figure rose to 60 %, which is significantly ahead of the pace of development of the Amazon (annual growth of 20 %) and the Alphabet (an annual increase of 29 %). On the stock exchange in new York, Alibaba was in 2014. All these years, as is easily seen, she showed rapid growth and obviously next year this will be similar to all the previous ones. Reuters

China's Huawei recently started selling its first folding smartphone Huawei Mate X after has postponed the launch for a few months, to ensure the reliability of the device. The company will also launch upgraded version Mate X in the coming months (at MWC 2020), and later, in the second half of the coming year, the expected launch of the second generation Mate X. Now in a Network there was video of the smartphone Huawei Mate X, which shows a device with a broken screen. It is not clear what exactly happened with this machine: whether it's user error or some problem with the device itself. The phone can fall or be exposed to sharp objects, but this is all speculation — the exact cause is not reported.

The Services of rental cars, bicycles and scooters is no surprise. But this "shared economy" services that can use something that may be required only at the time of or immediately ― is clearly not limited. Modern means of identifying and tracking the user is allowed to create services on transfer of property right in the hands with a guarantee to get it back for re-hire without complicated organizational costs on staff and infrastructure. As always distinguished the Japanese. iKasa,Yuki Kohara

State Corporation Roscosmos announces that the two corrections of the orbit of the International space station (ISS). Maneuvers performed with the propulsion system of the cargo ship "Progress MS-13". This unit went into orbit on 6 December of this year. "Truck" delivered to the ISS about two and a half tons of various cargoes. This, in particular, fuel, air, equipment to maintain the space station in working condition, parcels and money for life support of the crew.

Today at 2:11 Moscow time from the First state test Plesetsk cosmodrome launched a carrier rocket light class "Rokot", which then successfully launched the calculated orbit spacecraft communication "Gonets-M". This was reported by the press service of the state Corporation "Roscosmos". It is reported that all prelaunch operations and the launch of the launch vehicle took place normally. Space head part of the rocket "Rokot" in the upper stage "breeze-KM" and spacecraft in the prescribed time and separated from the second stage booster. The spacecraft has already been submitted to management.

Rosneft summed up the results of the international competition of marathon in seismological exploration for IT specialists Rosneft Seismic Challenge, which lasted from October to December. It was attended by 497 teams from 9 countries: Russia, USA, UK, France, Germany, UAE, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. As organizers of competitions acted "RN-BashNIPIneft" is one of the scientific institutes of "Rosneft" is engaged in the development of high-tech software, and is the largest platform for the Championships, for data analysis in Russia and Eastern Europe.

In the United States came to the decision to intensify efforts in the direction of quantum computing. There was created an Alliance of several leading academic institutions and research centres. The new Association was named Quantum Information Edge. The aim of the Alliance is the acceleration of quantum research and development with the simultaneous search for solutions in a wide range of fields of science and technology. The result should be not only universal programmable quantum computer, but also algorithms for solving a range of problems that today are impossible to solve with conventional computers. At the head of the Quantum Information Edge are national laboratory named. Lawrence Berkeley (Berkeley Lab) and the National laboratories Sandia (Sandia...