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The Problem of secondary use involved in the manufacture of electronics materials has long been discussed, and versatile. There are many governmental and industrial programs that encourage the removal of "good" from a broken or obsolete electronic components. There are also opposite examples. Crushed in the junk electronics along with the gold, silver, platinum and rare earth elements is used as filler for the manufacture of the coating for the roadway. Such a plant, for example, working in Tennessee, United States. Also a kind of way out of the problem of waste management. But most programs are still considering the re-use of valuable resources. The stages of extracting magnets from hard drive (iNEMI)

Site "Yandex.The market" explored the demand for tablet computers and wireless headphones Apple in advance of the presentation, which the "Apple" of the Empire is scheduled for March 25. It is noted that wireless earphones are gaining popularity: if in the middle of March 2018, they accounted for 51 % of demand in the category "Headphones and Bluetooth headsets," in the same period of 2019 — already 69 %. And the number of transitions from "Yandex.Market" in the Internet-shops offers wireless headphones for the year increased by 93 %.

Gradually, the AMD Ryzen find application in an increasing number of computers, including desktop ultra-compact form factor (Ultra compact form-factor, UCFF). Another novelty of this kind became mini PC HP ProDesk 405 G4, designed for office use. The novelty has dimensions of 177 × 175 × 34 mm and a weight of 1.26 kg basic version mini PC ProDesk 405 G4 built on dual-core Athlon Pro 200GE, whereas more advanced model will offer Quad-core chips 3 Ryzen Ryzen 2200GE Pro and 5 Pro 2400GE. For processing graphics in G4 ProDesk 405 answer built-in graphics processors 3 Vega, Vega Vega 8 and 11, respectively. Versions with dedicated graphics are not provided, and the need there is in systems of this kind.

German company EKL AG, is known for its brand cooling systems Alpenföhn introduced underneath a new CPU cooler Brocken ECO Advanced. The novelty is an updated and improved version of the cooling system Brocken ECO, released over five years ago. New cooling system Brocken ECO Advanced is built on four copper Nickel-plated heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm, which are assembled in an aluminum base and can directly contact with the processor cover. On the tubes is a fairly large aluminum heatsink. Dimensions of novelty are 149 × 126 × 93 mm. Original Brocken ECO was a little more narrow — 88 mm.

Department of digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation (mincomsvyaz) reports that free channels will be available even in those areas of our country that are out of range terrestrial television. We will remind that now in Russia is implementing a large-scale project of transition to digital television broadcasting. Approximately 98.5% of the Russian population is already covered by digital terrestrial broadcasting. However, the remaining 1.5 % of the population, or about 800 thousand households living in localities where reception of terrestrial TV signal is impossible or limited.

Samsung Electronics continues to dive in the process technology class 10 nm. This time, only 16 months after the start of mass production of DDR4 memory with a process technology of the second generation 10-nanometer class (1y-nm), the South Korean manufacturer has completed the development of DDR4 memory crystal using a third generation process technology class 10 nm (1z-nm). Importantly, the fabrication process of the third-generation 10-nanometer class continues to use 193-nm lithography scanners and does not rely on inefficient while the band EUV scanners. This means that the transition to mass production of memory using the latest manufacturing technology 1z-nm will be relatively quick and without significant costs for upgrading the lines. Mass...

, Volvo Cars continues to implement its strategy Vision 2020 on the reduction to zero of the fatal accidents involving its new cars. Next innovations aimed at combating drunk drivers and careless driving. With the objective of analyzing the state of the car Volvo proposes to use special in-car surveillance cameras and other sensors. If the driver is in the power of scattered attention or drunk will ignore the signals of car, warning about the risks of an accident will be automatically activated system, assistant control of the car in this particular situation.

Canada for the first time in its history, intends to introduce subsidize the purchase of electric vehicles. In an effort to encourage more citizens to purchase vehicles with zero emissions, the government of Canada proposed in its budget plan for 2019 to enter the Federal incentives in the amount of CA$5000 ($3756). In some canadian provinces like Quebec and British Columbia provide local subsidies for the purchase, but this will be the first Federal program covering the whole country. This measure of potential buyers of electric cars proposed to introduce for the past several years.

Last Summer, the company Zalman showed their new cooling system to the popular CNPS series, among which was the older model CNPS10X Optima II. Now the manufacturer has finally released a new, slightly modified it. The changes only aesthetic: the radiator got a white plastic casing, which, moreover, are equipped with RGB-backlit. Cooling system CNPS10X Optima II is built on four U-shaped copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm, for which it assumes direct contact with the processor cover. They placed a medium size aluminum radiator, the top of which and secured the cover with light. The dimensions of the cooling system are 132 × 85 × 160 mm, and it weighs 740 g.

Samsung Electronics in the event GPU Technology Conference presented new stacks of memory with high bandwidth (High Bandwidth Memory, HBM), which she called Flashbolt. They relate to memory HBM2E, and, in fact, is an improved and faster version of the current memory HBM2. It is reportedly the first stacks of the type HBM2E that can provide a bandwidth of 3.2 GB/s at contact, which is 33 % higher than the maximum throughput of conventional chips HBM2. In addition, the new type of memory has twice the capacity that is 16 GB per chip. A single stack of memory HBM2E includes eight crystals, so that the total volume reaches an impressive 16 GB. In turn, the throughput of a single stack Flashbolt can reach an impressive 410 GB/s. Such high rates make a new great...

The world's Largest automobile Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Microsoft have announced the release of a production version of the new platform Intelligent Cloud Alliance, which will allow companies Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors to provide connected services in cars, using analysis and data management systems of vehicles. The new platform will be used almost all 200 markets, selling car companies of the Alliance. Created in cooperation automobile Alliance with Microsoft platform Alliance Intelligent Cloud will use cloud technology and artificial intelligence technology and Internet of things Microsoft Azure platform.

The Company introduced a new cooling system called NH-U12A. A series of coolers NH-U12 began in 2005, and the novelty, in essence, is an updated and improved version of the popular cooling system NH-U12S. New cooling system NH-U12A built on seven Nickel-plated copper heat pipes 6 mm in diameter, whereas the model NH-U12S tubes was only five. Tubes are collected in copper nickeliron basis. The novelty has also a wider aluminum radiator: 58 mm against 45 mm for the old version.

Liquid cooling Systems are no longer some sort of rarity, however it does not stop enthusiasts from experiments in this field. For example, the leading YouTube channel of Major Hardware decided to combine the air cooling system with liquid, and in a rather unusual way. Manufacturers of liquid cooling systems regularly release new model. Some of them are designed for low-power pumps and focus to pass a greater volume of coolant. Others were focused on a powerful pump and leak fluid under the higher pressure. However, all the chassis manufacturers strive to create the largest possible area of contact of the base with fluid flow and reduce the impact of cooling on the flow.

Before crypto-currencies have hit the news headlines, the biggest trend in the modern world is the growth of sites and projects mikronizirovanne. It is possible to realize many dreams, although a considerable number of people deprived not only of aspirations, but also money. However, some crowdfunding projects last too long. One of those is a gaming console, the Atari VCS, which again postponed for a few months to, according to Atari, to significantly upgrade the features of console gaming on PC. This makes sense — when in 2017 the Atari VCS made the news under the name Ataribox, it was designed on the basis of processor AMD Bristol Bridge. Even in 2017, it was hardly a gaming computer (about the present and say nothing). The launch of such product in 2019,...

In the framework of the conference GDC 2019, Google held their own event, which unveiled a new streaming game service Stadia. About the service we have already told, and now we would like to tell you more about how the new system works with Google, because there are different solutions made specifically for this system. A key element of Google are, of course, GPUs. Here we have used custom solutions AMD, which is based on the graphic architecture of Vega. It is reported that each GPU has 56 compute units (Compute Units, CU) and also has a memory type HBM2.