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Organized a brand new investigative and analytical management, abbreviated as ACS. The unit includes high-level professionals, criminologists, investigators and soldiers rapid response. They are assigned to investigate the most complex criminal cases, using all the latest achievements of science and technology.

In the hands of Natalia Razlogova randomly gets a tape cassette on which was an unreleased song of Viktor Tsoi Ataman. To report the discovery, she is sent to Saint Petersburg where, after a long time gather together all participants of the legendary band MOVIE

We often hope that be completely wiped out, as happened with a girl named Faith. The daughter of wealthy parents, she in a moment becomes very happy when her young and beloved man Vadim proposed to her. Full dreams of the future, the pair designates the main thing in their life celebration. But these plans cannot come true.

, we Offer to your attention the continuation of the action-series "Forester". In the new season 4 the main character Leonid Zubov new problems appear in the assigned territory. The thing that finally liberated his old friend, a well - respected thief, Sasha Refined, which suddenly put looking for Navlinskoy area.

Pediatrician Barbara Grishina works in a private clinic of his uncle. She loves her work, because their children it does not. And it served as a pretext for a rupture of relations with the former lover Ivan, who throws the girl after news of her infertility.

The Story begins in a city hospital brought the victim with a brain injury, he became the victim of a robbery in the Parking lot near the house. The doctor examined him, a married middle-aged woman named Anna, much dreaming of children, living with her husband Nicholas in full agreement.

Modest a girl named Vera lives in a small apartment with his aunt, who raised her from childhood. Life went on as usual until one day she met a wealthy man. Oleg starts to look beautiful for her and soon makes a girl a proposal of marriage.

Comes the most wonderful and happy time, our heroes finish school and make plans for the future life. They've been friends a long time, since early childhood, inseparable trio; Igor, Lyudmila and Marina. Beautiful girl Marina is hopelessly in love with Igor, but he likes People.

This is a Story about a young girl named Masha who lives with his mother in a small Kyrgyz village. Modest and beautiful in nature, in addition, also a future doctor, she immediately enters the field of view of one neighbor family who decide to force her to marry.

The film very well-known criminal history, are very common in steep 90. a Simple guy named Egor, deceit inverted in this case, under the guise of a social worker, rubbed into the credibility of the single elderly people in order to seize their property.

Introducing the new season of the famous crime series "the Teacher in law". The story you are about to see happened much earlier, but the essence remains the same. A thief in law nicknamed "the Mantis" comes from prison and decides to engage with the past.

Two young men - George and Sergey are friends since childhood, and later become co-owners of big business. But even this does not prevent one to take over the company, the leadership begins to grow disagreements, with the result that Yuri shoots a gun at Sergei, and then hides the traces of crime.

To understand and recreate the events that happened a hundred years ago, at the time of the achievements of the February revolution, on the screen comes a series of documentary films called "Revolution LIVE". Where you will learn about the difficult years of the Russian Empire and the fate of the last Emperor, memoirs of contemporaries, and published documents.

All was well for the prosperous production of one local farmer Anton Terekhov, with great difficulty, hoisted his farm began to yield its first fruits. But one day, with a new decision about the building on the adjacent land under the cottages, Anton makes an unexpected offer.

A Difficult task stood before the investigating authorities in establishing the identity unknown, who was recently arrested for vagrancy and taken to the local police station. During the first interrogation it became clear that the girl does not know where she is and how she ended up on the street.