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My body holistically, cool and beautiful. Well I feel, physically and mentally. I love and accept his body. I present my body a beautiful and harmonious. Health, vigor and strength is my natural state. Quote for today: Your thoughts are the primary creative force in your life. Your thinking creates your world. Brian Tracy

Believe, is to refuse to understand. Paul Bourget Always choose the most difficult way - there you will not find competitors. Charles de Gaulle For all events is the hidden meaning, and this meaning is your own development. Deepak Chopra If you think that you handle, you may manage. But if you think you can't, it means " you can't accurately. [...]

Hush, Hush... judge Not, it is sin... You rejoice soul for success... You cry over another man's over - the-trouble... Compassion - stream with living water... hush, Hush... Not scold a spur of the moment... someone's life, perhaps, goes out like a candle... Not zaduyte accidentally that fire... Hold, stuck to his hand... hush, Hush... Not vrivaytes in the life of the people Watching [...]

The Usual story - you have been asked to money, you gave a loan and then came the day when the debtor of the previously reached agreement shall all the money back. But what to do, if at the scheduled time, money you not wait for?the First the thought that comes to mind - why was it necessary to give, Oh, again deceived, spit in the soul, there is no more of him(her) [...]

When we talk about the aggression, it is always about a violation of the borders of the individual. For example, when your boundaries break, you want to protect themselves and assume aggressive forms of behavior, thereby violating the border identity of another person, the «offender» in this case. It's such a vicious krugO that such aggression, where it comes from and how it [...]

Test helps to determine whether the extent you have developed such a quality as the reshitelnost1. When the arguments of the other person more powerful, as the result of a constructive dialogue can you otherwise look at the issue? (a) Yes; b) net.2. Usually you are planning a vacation in advance, not relying on the case? (a) Yes; b) net.3. You quickly find a common [...]

My work brings me success. I do what I love, and I love what I do. I have successfully solve my problem. I achieve the goals in doing consciously and responsibly. I'm active and purposeful man with great potential. Quote for today: the Best practice of concentration in the world - it is concentration of all the souls on the fact that you are doing. Elizabeth [...]

I love beauty and I surround myself with beauty. I find beauty in their environment. My thoughts, words and deeds are beautiful. Beauty helps me to feel the joy of life. Beauty is not a luxury, but a necessity. Quote for today: Life glittering festive colors only for the wise. If you look at it from a hiding, a warm corner of caution, it seems rough and dangerous.