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The tariff Increase, "Plato" a case decided by the new ratio will be effective from April 15. Already have a preliminary forecast of how many will be able to collect money from the trucks with the introduction of the new tariff. This and many other questions at a press conference in MIA "Russia today" told the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

Chinese firm Zotye Auto, which is known for shameless copying the design of cars of European brands, brought to market a mid-size crossover X7 under the sub-brand Domy. His face is clearly captured volkswagenesque features of the new Tiguan, but the prices are much more attractive than the original.

Chinese automakers, as we know, not much care about someone else's copyright, but if it is about the infringement of private interests – then quite another matter! Firm Chery calls to ban the German concern Daimler to sell in China electric cars under sub-brand EQ.

The Company "Hyundai Motor CIS", the exclusive distributor in Russia, was spun off from Hyundai Genesis premium brand, presented yesterday in Moscow the second model business sedan G80. The Russians, he went with a single motor, but with all-wheel drive system already in the base. Dealers are taking orders on the new guy.

The Chinese government is known to look the other way on copyright, in connection with which a local firm copy with impunity the best samples of foreign industry. Particularly successful in this company Zotye, which will soon present another "fake" inspired by the new Lamborghini supergroover.

Increasingly there are voices that the world Autoforum costly and not always justified: in the age of digital technology and augmented reality to those who are interested in novelties, there is no need to leave the house, and automakers — crowding in one place. What do you think about our readers and those who work often have to visit the international car dealers?

Traffic police and the Public chamber has criticized the health Ministry, which pulls in all the data about traffic police standing on the account of mentally ill people, drug addicts, alcoholics and epileptics. As a result, people with a medical condition be driving a car.

Russia is discussing with India the establishment of a joint Fund with volume of $ 1 billion to Finance various economic projects. In the framework of the future Treaty, our country has invited Indian companies to participate in the Russian project on creation of cars on a single modular platform. This was stated by the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

Internet resource Lexus Enthusiast reported probable resignation of the Lexus GS, competing in the same segment with the Mercedes E-class and BMW 5-series. It is not about the removal from production of the modern "g-ESA" and replace it with a successor, and the disappearance of the model as such.

Automotive air conditioning system consists of many elements, and thus can theoretically have a lot of weaknesses. However, most often the services are faced with a certain bunch of faults that are typical for relatively new cars and for used.

In the eighth part of the legendary "fast and the Furious", which received the official name of The Fate of the Furious, one of the battles of the warring factions takes place on the Yukon river (Canada). Thanks to the next video, we can feel the atmosphere of the long-awaited movie.

February – the first month when sales of passenger cars in the EU, although not declined, but showed no such steady growth as before. Just last month it was sold 1 078 503 units, informs the European automobile manufacturers Association (ACEA).

Before the opening of the Geneva motor show traditionally was declared the winner of the contest Car of the Year – it was a crossover Peugeot 3008. And now let's remember who won in the last ten years. Guess the winners of previous contests among the main candidates for the title. Only without the search engines!

The News that General Motors has decided to sell Opel, which is owned since 1929, alarmed not only the car, but the political circles of Germany and the UK, as a "trailer" in this deal is a moribund brand Vauxhall.

The Company Hyundai has published on its official youtube channel the video with the races on the frozen lake in Sweden charged version of hatchback i30, which premieres scheduled for the second half of this year. I drove the car Thierry Neuville – the pilot factory rally team Hyundai Motorsport.