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If the domestic Motorsport in recent years and there is some progress, almost all of it concentrated in the Russian circuit racing series. Only you can clearly see the development every year more cars, pilots and spectators. And you can see it is partly due to the fact that the arrivals of top class Touring show on TV live. Honestly, it would not hurt to add the national class, where the participants and struggle even more. Probably in the future will happen, and while "the wheel" offers to remember the key moments of last season.

Always expensive DVR better cheaper? What are the risks of incorrect engine oil? He has shown himself in the saloon terrain Lada Vesta Cross? Whether the foundations of Chinese crossover Geely vs Atlas best-selling class? What to look out for when buying a Focus with mileage? How to choose a mini-washing and how to wash the engine? This is not only on the pages of the latest issue of the magazine "Behind the wheel". And only we have the exclusive experiment, in which we set downhill five cars with transmissions of various types and "forgot" move selector to Parking mode. Don't miss — new issue of SP!

Just two years after taking office as head of AVTOVAZ left Nicolas Moore. The Frenchman was replaced by Frenchman: reins of the largest automobile enterprise in the country were taken in hand Eve Karakatsanis. And if in the spring of 2016 Swede Bo Andersson unceremoniously asked to vacate the chair of President of AVTOVAZ, not giving any gratitude, nor the right to "the last word", then this time change at the helm is more than civilized, countrymen radiate optimism and strongly demonstrate laminarnet transition process – without excesses and turmoil.

In Bangkok, the world premiere of the charged version Raptor pickup truck Ford Ranger, designed for fast ride on the road. The car received a modified chassis, a reinforced frame, 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine rated at 213 HP and 10-speed automatic.

For many dealers, after surviving years of the crisis, the growth of the car market did not escape. In Russia continue to close car dealerships, mostly mass brands. The shift in demand to low-end segment is facing declining profitability and a further reduction of dealer networks.

Arkhangelsk regional Assembly of deputies proposed to amend article 104.1 of the criminal code "Confiscation of property". The additional clause provides for the confiscation of the vehicle for those who are not first time caught drunk driving or refusing a medical examination.

The temperature At which the modern passenger turbo diesel confidently start and at what point comes the point of no return? Inferior whether a turbodiesel in their starting properties of gasoline motor? To clarify this question, we took the petrol 1.6 Kia Rio and Kia Sorento Prime with a 2.2‑liter turbodiesel (both fresh, with low mileage) and went to Khotkovo, where the climatic chamber of laboratory of "C-Prof".

Anniversary, which we celebrate this year, – in itself a record. Not so much in the world of automotive magazines, with almost a century of history: some are not, and those far away... But atlantima the calendar of history back, I want to remember our other records. Some of you probably will learn for the first time.

Kind of drove the EcoSport in our market unnoticed, while the segment of crossovers is one of the fastest growing in Russia. Why he failed? Appearance on the fan, and the price on the background of the leaders of the market were high. And to blame a RAID of the budget – primarily on the interior. What the interior have updated Ekosport never know!

Preparing the next edition of the magazine, our editors tested the automatic braking of the seven cars tested, what engine is less afraid of frost — petrol or diesel, tested telematic system Lada Connect to editorial West, carried half a ton of coal in Kemerovo Oise Profi, drove off-road Lada 4x4 BRONTO...

In the next edition of "seasoned Advice" our readers tell how to win a frozen castle, to expel the cats from under the hood, install the caps on the wheels... you also Have little tricks? Share them! The authors of all published tips will receive valuable prizes — for example, daytime running lights, set of cosmetics, a can of good engine oil.

Sometimes the drone has to move around in the urban environment low enough for example for delivery of your purchase from an online store straight to the door. So they do not interfere other road users, they are going to teach the General rules.

Drivers"kettles" and large families, which is designed for preferential loans at a discount from the state, have been very adventurous. Every tenth participant of the state programs targeted loan funds are not needed, and took credit for the discount on the car. In the coming year, the program "First..." and "Family car" again become available, but their conditions are not as attractive to borrowers.

On our forums is discussed all the concerns of car owners. Participate in discussion the authors of "Behind the wheel". This time we are talking about warming up the car in cold weather, the penalties for driving in winter on summer tyres, maintaining the appearance of cars, electronic insurance, wiring on the tire, switch the automatic transmission in neutral at traffic lights.

Today Vladimir Vysotsky would have turned 80 years old. He hasn't been with us for many years, but his songs and poems still excite the minds of not only older generations but young people as well. A separate line in the life of Vladimir Vysotsky was held the theme of cars. We decided to gather opinions personally knew the legend of the people about his unusual hobby, first car and your driving style.