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Christmas passenger: how to transport a Christmas tree and not to get a penalty? Winter travel: what is important to remember when preparing for a Christmas trip? the Driver from the Rostov region lost jobs due to errors traffic police inspector. He made a Protocol for a counter, and the court denied the motorist's right. The driver managed to appeal the decision, but put him compensation? turned Pale and gone: will there be a penalty for rooms, flipped inside out? the Legal evacuation of the machine, which is the dog? to Watch on YouTube.

Ken Block and the guys from The Hoonigans presented the tenth "Gymkhana". This time the authors were not limited to one car and one location, and took five drift cars. In a 19-minute video can be seen externally similar to the classic Ford Mustang Hoonicorn AWD, Focus RS RX for rallycross, Fiesta WRC, racing Ford Escort RS and a new car — 927-strong Hoonitruck. In addition to the Block filming Gymkhana 10 took part famous motofreestyle Travis Pastrana, young driver Oliver Solberg, a former mechanic Gas Gas Monkey Garage Aaron Kaufman.

Standing in front of me the car weighs under five and a half tons! After all, the ZIL-41052 — armored version of the model 41047. After ZIS-115, an armored car on the basis of the 110-th, Moscow plant of several decades did not build serial armored vehicles. Returned to them already in the 1980s. (Interestingly, when developing the design used for the crash test preserved ZIS-115.) Such ZIL-41052 built less than a dozen; this is the sixth produced in the late 1980s. Opening the door, help itself the second hand. Quickly and even elegant, it worked only trained guys, time to open the door to self-propelled box is strictly to the time it stops.

The Road turned into a skating rink, and the car can not move on the ice. Sand, marble chips or miracle spray is better than to replace studs on bare ice? deathtrap: the child died in the trailer walking tractor. The court twice acquitted the driver of "Gazelle" rammed behind tractor with a homemade cart. Who will answer for this? Scared: the car of inspectors of traffic police he left off the driver, he tried to leave from collision and demolished the fence. Who will be find guilty? Parking with the "Accident": the soloist of the group "Disco Crash" by Anna Khokhlova learned how to Park at the supermarket. to Watch on YouTube.

Food, so this morning, on ZSD (backbone we had in St. Petersburg, high-speed and off-street). No one, as usual, do not touch. And then suddenly unfolds in front of me the whole performance: one tupyaschemu citizen in the right lane and it is torn, not daring which lane he in the end turn up. And another vodatel watching this picture does not come up with anything better than to try to enter first in t-boned. And instead to go about their business on just stupid crushes, foot down stops in the middle of the highway and OPENS the DOOR. Apparently to verbally convey some important idea to first tupyaschemu citizen.

In Milan presented the Pirelli calendar in 2019. In 45 years of existence, one of the most famous publications in the automotive industry has grown from the annual directory: to the unique art object, working on the most eminent artists of our time. the Author of the 46th calendar was made by a British designer and photographer albert Watson. It is called the "Power of dreams". According to Watson, he had a long story about the dreams of four women, a passionate desire to achieve your goal. the Calendar is a series of black-and-white images 16:9 format, tells the story of characters played by Gigi Hadid in a pair with Alexander Wang, Julia garner, misty Copeland with Calvin Royal and Laetitia Casta together with well-known ballet dancer Sergei Polunin. 01.

(© source) the Customer almost always asks, and how much time the repair will take, bro ? And the more complex the repair, the more precise an answer you want to hear. We always reply - since the availability of spare parts as it is. In any repair of this moment - the parts most interesting. "I'm expensive, let's look elsewhere", then "let's wait for another disassembly promised", "I will deliver", the "presence was confirmed in the UAE", "ordered from Vlad"... etc. funny stories. And the more complex the repair, the more acute question of availability of at least minimum spare parts to be able to start the actual body repair. it would Seem that the car - Toyota, customer - mega-adequate person which can be a problem in this case with spare parts from...

December 15, 2018 in Moscow will come into force new rules for the use of paid Parking. They are developed on the basis of the recommendations of the Russian economic University. Plekhanov. One of the most important changes that will apply to all users of paid Parking — shortened from 15 to 5 minutes free Parking in paid areas. As explained in the government of Moscow, almost 25% of the level of congestion of car parks are now creating cars that are without payment within the allotted 15 free minutes. While 98% of other motorists pay for Parking using a mobile app or SMS within a few minutes.

Even in the most elite Parking should be 10% of places where people with disabilities are obliged to let free, but is it really? Leading Andrey Fedortsov and Denis Yuchenkov expelled trespassers from illegally occupied areas and explained to the guards of the Parking rules and etiquette. How to know the turning radius of the car? And when a turn in the road will be tolled? The star of the series "Sashatanya" Alina Lanina learned to turn at the intersection so that no one was hurt and no one can stop it. the Dog scientist: is it possible to teach the dog the rules of the road? the Irresponsible storage: what to do if the car is sent to specsearch, gone?

Methane as an alternative to gasoline: what are the advantages of this natural gas? How avtoyuristy scammers that promise to help drivers, deprived of rights, cheating motorists? And is it possible to distinguish the professional from the charlatan? Says and shows the court: the video can now be used in the consideration of administrative offences in court. a Serious scandal broke out between two motorists in the Krasnodar region. One lady driver drove baseline on the hood a few blocks. So who is to blame in this situation? the owner of the car received a "letter of happiness", although driving at the time of the offence, was a different person. Is there a possibility the owner of the car to avoid a fine?

Which efficiently protects the vehicle body - fat cannon, bituminous mastic or oil? And what better hits sales of autos or "ANTICOR" Soviet recipe? the Testing of the Suzuki SX4 with mileage the more reliable Japanese crossover fashion, gaining in size? Video trap: treacherous camera often overestimate the speed, do not record important details, and most importantly - do not keep video evidence. However, the city driver was able to challenge the fine for stop-line and prove that it is not violated. a Matter of principle: how to appeal the fine, and after the cancellation of the decision to request the police of reimbursement? And if you can get compensation for moral damage? the Drugs will equate to alcohol: for the reception of diphenhydramine, and...

(© source) it's a Shame when only led the body in order - and he was immediately imprinted ? of Course ! "in Short, 3 months after repair and painting, arrived in the ass Cayenne. Add nothing special. Not total, in principle, everything is treated, but the feasibility is questionable. Sorry the body — was very cheerful, another will be difficult to find. Pull/cooking — also not the best option. I think." Thought the owner of the yellow Honda for a long time - for a year collecting dust Japanese in the garage. And then made a decision: "Common sense, as well as all of your friends in one voice tell me to sell it already suffering a bucket and stop "screwing around" but the hand does not rise — so much had happened to us together, that would feel like a...

Hi Kadabra! In General now is choose the machine for my wife and I want to ask you for advice. Partly, I know you will advise and resent, the tangent of what fell our choice, but it's complicated :) so this: wife is a creative person that loves everything beautiful. the Practicality of auto - drive only in the city. the Year does not matter, the train looked modern and beautiful. Power - does not matter, the important thing is not more than 150 PM) PPC - only machine Maintainability - it is desirable that the yard was to sort out the whole car :) the Budget - within 250 thousand.

What if the "Gazelle" neighbor with the advertising banner costs under other people's Windows? Which inspection to apply? In close quarters, but not mad: inspector fined the driver that on a narrow road, accidentally ran into the dividing line, but in the oncoming lane did not leave. Who is right? Responsible lawyer. In St. Petersburg, a forehead in a forehead has faced trolley bus and tram. Who broke the "horns" or "rails"? In the garbage truck bounced off the wheel and hit the woman. The doctors couldn't save her. Who will be responsible? How to save money in the winter time and money to spend hours to warm up the frozen car?

Last year for no sign of "Spikes" the driver was threatened with a warning or a fine of 500 rubles. And as it is now? the Federation of car owners said that the draft law on the abolition of the sticker is still under discussion. In UGIBDD GU MVD of Russia confirmed this information: - the Law is discussed in the spring, but it is not accepted. Therefore, drivers should keep in mind that the sign is required. On vehicles should be installed markings "Spikes" — in the form of an equilateral white triangle apex up with a border of red color, which is inscribed in the letter "W" in black. They should be located to the rear of motor vehicles with spiked tires. Accordingly, in the absence of such stickers the driver continues to face a warning or a fine of 500...