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In Minsk, some crews of traffic police with the shooting pursued the Audi. the Incident occurred on September 18, at 15.20. Eyewitnesses report that pursuit involved at least six crews of GAI. "Around the "Crown" of the car almost managed to block, but the driver of the car managed on the lawns and sidewalks to leave "traps". The inspector, despite the fact that there were people who began to shoot at the wheels", — said Vladimir. Readers have reported that the driver of the Audi continued movement in the direction of Pritytskogo street and the street Zhudro caused a car accident. The man was detained. Also there is evidence that the pursuit of this Audi began in Zaslavl. This information is checked.

Hi half-alive (or not?) kadabra! There is such a thing, went on a epic trip on a makeshift motorhome in Norway (10K km, 45 days) and decided to make a video, so here's the first part Some kadyrovtsy can remember my motorhome in previous posts about its creation (video in English) - but this time decided to treat the audience of the video in two languages - view how to log and whether to continue this thankless and difficult task. the Series will be fairly long (45 days in a pair of rollers do not squeeze) so subscribe, will be at least nice, maybe even interesting, all the whole in the bumper

Question on 5000 roubles: how to determine where the lawn and where the Parking is? What if the greenery doesn't look green? the Bermuda triangle: what to do if on the pavement there are two markings that contradict each other? the Dispute through the window: what a grave mistake made by the driver with almost 40 years of experience, and why continue to insist on being right? the Secrets of the Neva: why unauthorized climbed the bridge in St.-Petersburg and how to get to the other side if the bridges raised? Porridge butter will not spoil: which oil will suit the taste of any motor?

"Royal race" - it has always been interesting. Power, strength, innovation, most interesting developments and the most talented pilots. But it is also in mortal danger...and for the audience, and of course for pilots. Some of them I would like today to remember. in General, in the competition "Formula 1" in all the time killed 34 of the pilot. However, I would include those who were in the Royal races, but crashed in the other series. It would be fair. It is true then this list will increase by another 22 names. Remember some of them. until 80-ies of the race "Formula 1" in the literal sense was lethal, but the safety was in its infancy and the pilots drove at high, prokopevskih barrels of gasoline. Hence the results - most of the deaths were before 1982...

As seat affect the driver's attention? Warm-up driving is a source of cheerfulness or useless traffic? Is it possible to drive hundreds of kilometers without harm to health? And can exercise to save the driver from fatigue? "I began to squeeze the eye": who was imprisoned for a fight with the inspector is ready to tell the whole truth. joint and several liability: fault in an accident one and will pay both? In the Saratov region injured driver, who lost his wife, has to pay 300 thousand rubles for the treatment of passengers riding with a drunk intruder. Capricious transmission: test business sedan the Skoda Superb a run. Reliable heavy-duty suspension for Russian roads and how comfortable the double door of the trunk?

Carmaker Volvo announced a program of Autonomous tractors to the actuator. Unlike the previously announced Autonomous truck from Tesla, Volvo truck is not designed for driving on common roads, but only for highly specialized work in areas such as ports, railway stations and sorting centers. Cabin for the driver is non-existent, and autonomy is the only mode of operation. the Tractors will be equipped with network management, according to which the Central logistic computer will be able to manage a whole group of trucks at the same time.

"Main road" - 13 years! What do you say about a fucking dozen astrologer and racing driver? Checkup on-new - record video and electronic documents. Do validation rules car again to tighten? How to fly over the open hatch, if to be reconstructed nowhere, but slow down later? Star of TV series Vladimir Filenko tried to jump over the pit. What attempts did he do that? the Legendary Soviet racer Edward Singureni from St. Petersburg celebrates. Two-time champion of the USSR on rally turns 80! the Men from Kazan breeze swept through the city, tied to the car skids, and then posted a video of riding in the Internet. The punishment received by young people when the video was found by the police?

The Game is on the increase: on 1 September the cameras on the roads have become smarter - they will now check for insurance policy. 48 litres of fuel in a 43-liter tank: do gas stations sell air? Or the fuel tank is not as simple as writing about it in the technical documents? As a tourist injured in an accident at the resort to obtain medical care for free? have Agreed on the words: what to do if participants of road accident no one claims? the Mechanical anti-theft devices vs electronic alarm that reliable? the best ways to transport cats? And what to do with Pets bigger?

A Week ago, I Affairs had to go to Rostov and along the way I was faced with a vexing situation. I want to share it with you so that you too was on the alert. Anyway, I thought such blatant divorces were in the distant ' 90s, but it turns out it is not so. Now let's cut to the chase. From my town to Rostov about 700 km and I was driving along the highway M4 don. And now, having entered the territory of the Rostov region (near the town of Millerovo), I noticed the voting pregnant girl of 22-25 years. Decided to stop and see what was happening.

The Car is already collected in Russia, the hatchback will start selling immediately after the Moscow motor show. By the way, the new Kia Led the list of options is very rich: led lights, wireless charging, radar cruise control, the hold function of the car in the lane, monitoring blind spots, automatic braking system, smart lights and a whole list of different electronic systems. If the Koreans wanted to surprise set of equipment, then it is really possible, though all this electronic splendor only affects machines in the most expensive configuration - and there is such Kia Led 2018 almost half a million rubles.

Unbelted passengers a Few years ago, the state increased penalties failed to teach most of the drivers wear seat belts, but passengers in the rear seats continue to ignore the "webbing", and a similar hybrid attitude to the straps found in many countries of the world. Meanwhile, the Russian traffic rules make no distinction for the driver and passengers. In accordance with clause 12.6 of the administrative code, the inspector of traffic police can fine for unfastened seat belt on 1000 RUB. as a driver, and each of his passengers. The same fine will receive and fastened by the driver, if you are lucky at least one unbelted passenger.

Welcome, my friends! In this post will not be photos (and like) do not think it is (although a little nepropitannoy advertising). I just want a little diluted, Catabaptists partly copyrighted content. So there you go... I have owned an old car of domestic production, but with Korean ancestry and, like all older cars, mine too from time to time breaks down. Do not always have the time and money on maintenance, so you have to fix almost critical damage.

Hi! Today I received a letter of happiness to 3000 rubles for Parking on the sidewalk. In my view the penalty is not justified. Coordinates: 55.7822222, 37.723333333333336 the screenshot shows that the machine is in the domestic territory, and there's green and then there is already broad street where there is sidewalk. But ACC. the car was near the house 8, a couple of meters, not near the shcherbakovskaya, where there is a red icon. because here is not seen was Hiking photographers, the question arises: is it possible they intentionally put the coordinates not in the house, near the Shcherbakovskaya street where the sidewalk is to rip off money for the fine? If they are wrong, then how can it be challenged?

According to statistics, departure on a strip of oncoming traffic takes the first place in the rankings of accidents number of fatalities. In just 2017 on the Russian roads was recorded 15 131 accident, associated with the exit at "oncoming". In them, according to the interior Ministry, killing 4 people and 976 868 27 got injured. Data for the first four months of the current year is no less alarming: in the period from January to April on the roads already happened 4 097 of such accidents, which killed 301 1(!) and 7 546 escaped with various injuries. Generally an accident connected with departure on a strip of oncoming traffic, made up 10.5% of all car accidents. "Every tenth traffic accident, in which every fourth victim (26%), is due to travel into the...

I was sure that such methods of making money were in the distant past, but it turned out that I was wrong. The method is old as the hills - going, not bothering anyone, you cut car, causing it to shift out of band, the sound of the kick, you are forced to stop, and there is an expensive car with a scratch, and yours also damaged. And then you strongly threatened and all that, asking for money. This case was no exception. Dad drove slowly drove home as him latched on heroes of today's article. here they are: This is Audi's numbers A791MR98.