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"Agimat": how large avtoledi from the suburbs procured preferential Parking? Kazan inspector fined a woman driver for the fact that her child rode in a booster. Whether he had the right to do this? will fine the driver if his car child is transported is not in a special car seat, but in the hands of a passenger? What can you do if you lost the certificate of completion of driving school? And in some cases to provide it not necessarily? What ended the journey of the driver from the Vladimir region, setting rooms of the USSR on the car?

Attention on the road - victims of stereotypes: is it true that there are male and female driving styles? 4 ppm in blood: the driver proved that many do not drink, and returned to the right. Queen of the roads: they love classical music and painting, talking about fashion, but also know how to disassemble the engine and unfreeze the diesel. As dalnoboishiki cope with a difficult work? Baby with an appetite for Mazda 2: how to deal with the "voracity" used car? As a popular actress Anna Starshenbaum changes men and machines fascinates inspectors and justifies their fines?

Cars – male thing? As it is not so! Without women, modern cars in General could not be. It is the fairer sex gave money to develop the first car. Mercedes Jellinek perhaps the Most famous woman, whose name is associated with the cars is, of course, Mercedes is named after the famous German brand. In fact, the girl's name was adriana Manuela Ramona Jellinek, the Mercedes was just a nickname, house name, translated from Spanish meaning "mercy".

Parking with limited liability: who owes whom — the owner of the collapsed Parking or the affected owners? the Service at the trust: pay silent, go quickly! The driver from Obninsk passed the car in for repair, but got it only six months and without some parts. Door on the latch: that protects against theft electronic alarm or antiquated method? What can happen to the Parking in the yard, if the vehicle interferes with the travel? the Court has deprived the rights the deserved artist of Russia Lyudmila Porgina for driving while intoxicated, but the artist denied that he had consumed alcohol. Will the actress to prove his innocence?

It was a long time ago. I'd just passed my test. Three months on the strength of experience. Went with father to the village, and have returned home. In the car dad and his sister. The route is hilly and we drove to the beginning of a cascade of three mounds. And here we are at the first vertex. The road visible 800 meters, where the review ends with the top of the next hill. And then dialogue with the inner voice (VG): VG: a Beautiful view, isn't it? I: yeah. VG: the Sun is beautiful. And highly else. me: Yes, I see. VG: And when you climb it straight in the face will Shine? I: Exactly. I had not thought of. VG: But if on the top of the oncoming lane in the forehead going, what will you do? Me: what a bullshit, she is there to do? VG: will have to Overtake...

Good afternoon. In the Moscow region filled up with poor fuel, there is proof that expertise - the excess of sulfur in 20 times, octane - 89 (instead of ' 95). After that, the car began to troit, misfiring, error P0300 (random/multiple misfire), P0172 (Block No. 1 Bogatic), P0420 (the effectiveness of the system of catalysts B1 below threshold). the service was diagnosed with no compression in one cylinder. the Autopsy showed that one of the valve rods is bent. Presumably this could happen due to the detonation caused by poor fuel. the Car is already repaired, there is an Order of work and expertise on fuel. it Was the hearing, the judge gave a period of up to 05.03 to bring expertise, which will connect my engine failure low-quality fuel. For sane money...

Capital company Tesla Club Moscow introduced Russia's first electric sedan Tesla Model 3. It is worth noting that to buy this electric car is impossible, and you can only leave a pre-order on the company website. The reason is not so much the fact that Tesla in Russia officially it was not announced how much the excess demand for the car worldwide. So earlier Jun customers electrostan is unlikely to get. It is worth noting that the original Tesla Model 3 will be sold in expensive equipment Long Range: RWD electrosety, equipped with a single electric motor producing 258 HP, can accelerate to 225 km/h, the conquest of the first hundred he needed a 5.1 with, and the range is 499 miles.

Electric hypercar Aspark Owl was able to overcome the first hundred in 1,921, which will allow him to claim the title of undisputed "king of speed". Japanese sports car once again proved that with the advent of electric cars, global auto industry is a kind of "reloaded", thanks to which success in the automotive field are now able to achieve not only the speakers on the second and third roles of the company, but the company previously did not appear to be production cars are irrelevant. The proof of this thesis is the Japanese company Aspark, which until recently was... a recruitment Agency! The development of the first electric car Aspark took less than four years ago, and initially the project involved only four engineers.

So decided to write another review. The first was about my cars NISSAN SUNNY, and this review is about my workhorse that feeds me. a Little history ... On the brand trucks BELAZ I work since 1991. Started on a 40-ton crane, then a 55-key, then 7 years working on a 130-ton crane and now had the opportunity to work on 220-ton crane as a swing, so to compare it going from 130 coy. so, get acquainted! This miracle is called BELAZ 75306 2012 year of the Car is going in Belarus, while the Belarusian's not all there. Many components and assemblies in this Russian import is still unclear and whose origin.

How to pull the car out of a snowdrift than to unearth the car if the hand is not a shovel, and how much money those who digs cars for the money? the Bracelets or chains: what can you help of virgin snow? Actress Irina Pegova swept across the winter capital, having to conduct rehearsals, to sing, to paint, and even falling asleep behind the wheel. Predatory design, appetite and cheap items: review of the Jaguar XF. be Careful, driving a Deputy! Stavropol Deputy left on a red and rammed the bus. Surely the Deputy will escape punishment?

In its short history the company Tesla has become almost a cult in the truest sense of the word. So that it is compared to at least a cult of Apple. But fortunately (or unfortunately), there is nothing improbable in American cars with the letter "T" on the nose there – they are going on planet Earth, and are going ordinary people. And, therefore, on these machines there are defects in the Assembly. We remembered the most epic of them. the Fabric instead of Alcantara the First buyers of the Tesla Model 3 with the premium package (which in the US is five thousand more than the base car!) found that instead of the promised Alcantara in the cabin subject to the normal tissue, which is not nearly as expensive and beautiful as in the promotional video of the...

Clarification of Parking regulations, traffic lanes on roads with complex traffic organization, traffic control and public transport and Cycling and pedestrian zones... All of it will be regulated by new signs. Not too much – 80 new characters and not get confused if we are in them? Try to understand. New dimensions the First innovation concerns the size of the applied road signs, including the existing ones. The current GOST allows to use signs standard sizes from 600 to 1 200 millimetres (in diameter or on the side, if the sign is square, rectangular or triangular). a New standard "in order to create a comfortable urban environment and improved visibility" recommends the use of signs size 400 and 500 millimeters — they will be installed on roads with low...

Inspectors of traffic police lost the right to disqualify from driving drunk judges and hold them accountable for violations. Appropriate refinements appear in the entered into force order of the Ministry of interior. Police are now allowed only to report the management about their grievances against a particular judge. At the same time to direct it on medical survey to support their suspicions, the inspectors are not allowed. the Same immunity on the roads is also the prosecutors. Previously, the cops could communicate with the judges on roads with ordinary drivers. According to the authors of the amendments, this created the possibility of pressure on them, and now is excluded. In November 2017 three inspectors of traffic police of Smolensk received from...

In this post I will tell you how things stand with drunk driving in the United States. disclaimer: everything described below is a subjective vision of the author on the issue of alcohol and driving a car in a single country. The author does not claim truth in last instance. Fasting is not any promotion of alcohol, and in particular is not propaganda of driving while intoxicated. analyzed the prices of different brands of new and used cars on the Russian market in 2017. the Most expensive among the mass was the brand Rolls-Royce, these cars are on average 27 million. Then there are the Bentley and Maserati. 9 Genesis, a premium brand of Hyundai, while BMW and Audi have not even entered the top ten. High position Genesis stems from the fact that the Korean manufacturer is only concerned with official sedan, and the "Germans" there is a younger model.