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How about this, Elon Musk? the Tragedy happened in Miami, at the wheel of the car was 18-year-old young man. it is Known that the guy was driving at speeds of from 120 to 152 kilometers per hour, lost control and drove into trees. With the situation are unable to handle any preventive collision avoidance or active safety. Immediately after the strike broke out the damaged battery of the electric vehicle. The driver to get out of the car but could not. Are unable to help him, and firefighters who arrived on the scene - the car was locked. At the same time burning it with such force that for a long time, the fire was not extinguished. Door handles Tesla Model S hidden in the alcove of the doors from prying hands. In the accident they automatically go out...

Call: — Hello. I have the car towed away. — Good day! What is Your question? what happens if I take the car off the lot without asking? — How do you imagine that? I was at our stratstone: there are guards, barriers, machine sealed camera, you need to sign for the receipt of prior permission from the traffic police. — but what will happen if I just sit in the car and leave? — I'm Afraid You have it just will not work. — And if you photoresistivity? — In theory.... Hmm. Like not stealing (Your car), but at the same time, arbitrariness, I guess. Although I'm in criminal cases is not very. On the other hand, You can come now for the car, but it is not. Lost. The video will install (or maybe not) that someone got in the car with the keys and left. And who would...

In 1992, the legendary British racing team McLaren unveiled its first road car, supercar under the straightforward title F1. During its development, was responsible renowned designer of formula race cars Gordon Murray, and he turned out to be the fastest production car of the time with a maximum speed of over 380 km/h and acceleration to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.2 seconds. These features are impressive to this day, but even more impressive is the service cost the McLaren F1. About the fabulous sums of money talks American collector Bruce Weiner, who owned F1 1994 model year with the VIN-number SA9AB5ACXS1048038.

Checkup today: protection from avtohlama or collection of money? Verification of the effectiveness of the inspection on 6-year-old Kia, 16-year-old BMW and a malfunctioning "six". How to get "tie" and not to break both machines? Artist Sergey Minaev learned all about the trips on the cable. Elon Musk appreciated the joke with the car-shifter. Why not funny to the inspectors? With a shield and the shield: the inspectors again build live barriers on the road to detain the offender, and the drivers are afraid to object to them. Is it possible to refuse participation in questionable transactions?

Now such a "mesh" marking yellow painted on 103 intersections in the capital of Russia. the Markup in the form of intersecting yellow lines introduced in the SDA at the end of April 2018. Corresponding to GOST corrected later: changes entered into force on 1 June. With this "waffle" at intersections define the zone, entry into which is prohibited in the event of congestion. The penalty is 1000 rubles. It was used before (since 2010), however, to prove the facts without the "grid" painted on the pavement, it was very difficult.

Exclusive for the "First transfer": video blogger and whistle-blower crooks aviapereletov Elena Lisovskaya - Opel Astra H. Cars - road to pedestrians - sidewalks. But how to resolve the dispute between the drivers and pedestrians in the case that the view of the pedestrian zone is barely distinguishable from the road? In Yekaterinburg, the driver was faced with a choice: break the rules and provoke accidents or to comply with them and cause even more terrible accident. What did he choose? Metropolitan bought a used car in Trade-In from an authorized dealer. When it came time to put the car on the account, it was found that the engine number of the car was hit in the handicraft way. Who will answer for this?

Deadly drunk teetotaler: that he was deprived of the rights? And how to get them back? Left turn signal when the right turn: please skip or violation of the rules? Huge trunk and a modest motor: test Škoda Rapid with mileage. shut in Moscow under house aret sent three inspectors who have sold the rights of migrants and taxi drivers without exams. Those who fled the scene of the accident, which injured people, propose to punish the perpetrators as drunk - send in turmo. Amendments to the criminal code adopted in the first reading in the state Duma.

Stories about massive thefts of fuel from the local gas station — is not a harmless horror stories of auto. Excellent confirmation — this video, filmed on video of one of the cars. the Action takes place on one of the gas stations of Omsk region under the name "Topline". The owner of the Mazda2 compact car with the state number 221 AU 55 drove to the gas station and is sent to the cashier. Just at this place and the fun begins. First tanker honestly pouring fuel into the tank, and then, noticing that the motorist is in no hurry to go back, was sent off for a plastic 5 litre capacity (presumably from the "mywiki"), and fills its container.

In January, the Russians bought 103 064 new car, which is only six tenths of a percent (or 600 cars) more than in the same month the year 2018. This is stated in the report of the Association of European businesses (AEB). the Most popular model on the Russian market became Lada Granta, holding this position since November. Thus by the end of 2018 the leader was recognized by Vesta: 12 months sold more than 108,3 thousand copies of the model. And 26,3 thousands of sold Lada Vesta – is the machine in "all terrain" modification of the Cross. Top 25 best-selling models in 2018:

(© source) the First phrase car owner was: "I understand that there is no economic sense to repair, but I love this car and I got used to it, stuck...". We thought just need to fix the face of Skoda... this was definitely all meaning because the fixation of the muzzle are ridiculous and not scary nor financially or technically... But when we heard the full list of what he planned to do with the car owner and the cost estimate exceeded the second hundred - the same thought, and does it make sense ? By the end of the report, you will understand what is in this car, which was found and money, and meaning, and General motivation.

Goose wool: is it legal to evacuate the car if the inside of the dog? a Cautionary tale: the inspector mistakenly made the report, the court has deprived of the rights of the driver, and then acquitted. Whose fault is that 4 months the victim was walking and lost my job? the Lawyer Andrei Knyazev told how to prosecute negligent inspectors, and explained why it makes no sense to fight for compensation. Godspeed: why two traffic police squad sent the driver who set the VIN wrong side? As for the slush to keep the car clean? Watch on YouTube

Christmas passenger: how to transport a Christmas tree and not to get a penalty? Winter travel: what is important to remember when preparing for a Christmas trip? the Driver from the Rostov region lost jobs due to errors traffic police inspector. He made a Protocol for a counter, and the court denied the motorist's right. The driver managed to appeal the decision, but put him compensation? turned Pale and gone: will there be a penalty for rooms, flipped inside out? the Legal evacuation of the machine, which is the dog? to Watch on YouTube.

Ken Block and the guys from The Hoonigans presented the tenth "Gymkhana". This time the authors were not limited to one car and one location, and took five drift cars. In a 19-minute video can be seen externally similar to the classic Ford Mustang Hoonicorn AWD, Focus RS RX for rallycross, Fiesta WRC, racing Ford Escort RS and a new car — 927-strong Hoonitruck. In addition to the Block filming Gymkhana 10 took part famous motofreestyle Travis Pastrana, young driver Oliver Solberg, a former mechanic Gas Gas Monkey Garage Aaron Kaufman.

Standing in front of me the car weighs under five and a half tons! After all, the ZIL-41052 — armored version of the model 41047. After ZIS-115, an armored car on the basis of the 110-th, Moscow plant of several decades did not build serial armored vehicles. Returned to them already in the 1980s. (Interestingly, when developing the design used for the crash test preserved ZIS-115.) Such ZIL-41052 built less than a dozen; this is the sixth produced in the late 1980s. Opening the door, help itself the second hand. Quickly and even elegant, it worked only trained guys, time to open the door to self-propelled box is strictly to the time it stops.

The Road turned into a skating rink, and the car can not move on the ice. Sand, marble chips or miracle spray is better than to replace studs on bare ice? deathtrap: the child died in the trailer walking tractor. The court twice acquitted the driver of "Gazelle" rammed behind tractor with a homemade cart. Who will answer for this? Scared: the car of inspectors of traffic police he left off the driver, he tried to leave from collision and demolished the fence. Who will be find guilty? Parking with the "Accident": the soloist of the group "Disco Crash" by Anna Khokhlova learned how to Park at the supermarket. to Watch on YouTube.