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Welcome, my friends! In this post will not be photos (and like) do not think it is (although a little nepropitannoy advertising). I just want a little diluted, Catabaptists partly copyrighted content. So there you go... I have owned an old car of domestic production, but with Korean ancestry and, like all older cars, mine too from time to time breaks down. Do not always have the time and money on maintenance, so you have to fix almost critical damage.

Hi! Today I received a letter of happiness to 3000 rubles for Parking on the sidewalk. In my view the penalty is not justified. Coordinates: 55.7822222, 37.723333333333336 the screenshot shows that the machine is in the domestic territory, and there's green and then there is already broad street where there is sidewalk. But ACC. the car was near the house 8, a couple of meters, not near the shcherbakovskaya, where there is a red icon. because here is not seen was Hiking photographers, the question arises: is it possible they intentionally put the coordinates not in the house, near the Shcherbakovskaya street where the sidewalk is to rip off money for the fine? If they are wrong, then how can it be challenged?

According to statistics, departure on a strip of oncoming traffic takes the first place in the rankings of accidents number of fatalities. In just 2017 on the Russian roads was recorded 15 131 accident, associated with the exit at "oncoming". In them, according to the interior Ministry, killing 4 people and 976 868 27 got injured. Data for the first four months of the current year is no less alarming: in the period from January to April on the roads already happened 4 097 of such accidents, which killed 301 1(!) and 7 546 escaped with various injuries. Generally an accident connected with departure on a strip of oncoming traffic, made up 10.5% of all car accidents. "Every tenth traffic accident, in which every fourth victim (26%), is due to travel into the...

I was sure that such methods of making money were in the distant past, but it turned out that I was wrong. The method is old as the hills - going, not bothering anyone, you cut car, causing it to shift out of band, the sound of the kick, you are forced to stop, and there is an expensive car with a scratch, and yours also damaged. And then you strongly threatened and all that, asking for money. This case was no exception. Dad drove slowly drove home as him latched on heroes of today's article. here they are: This is Audi's numbers A791MR98.

In the center of Moscow you can now get a penalty just 10 seconds. Within the Boulevard ring appeared about 100 cameras new type: they follow the violation of rules of stop and Parking. According to the testimony of Muscovites, the device scan the whole space of the right row can be rotated, and their review is 35 meters around him. the Penalty is issued almost instantly and is 3 thousand rubles. to Pay already even had taxi drivers who stopped to pick up customers, said the coordinator of the movement "Blue buckets" Peter Shkumatov: "This is a traffic camera that captures the first violation of rules of a stop. This applies to those drivers that "five minutes" stop in a prohibited place. If your car stopped in the right lane for one reason or another, with...

In South Korea presented electric SUV Kia Niro EV start of sales is planned for July. In the US, Europe and South Korea already sold Kia Niro hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions, and crossovers are sold very well last year, the Koreans managed to implement 23 647 hybrid SUV. Now an electric counterpart. The length of the crossover is 4375 mm, width — 1805 mm, height — 1560 mm, wheelbase — 2700 mm. That is the Kia Niro EV slightly larger than the related Hyundai SUV Kona Electric, which shared with the new electric filling.

Hi All. The SDA says that the Plate 8.5.2 Says that it is impossible or possible only on working days. Sign 8.5.1 to say what is impossible/possible on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. From this it follows that the plate 8.5.2 works from Monday to Friday, but if the working day due to holidays and moving to Saturday? As there will be a work plate 8.5.2. And another question, can the camera send fine for 2 violations? just in these e...x Moscow tube was not enough for vydelenke with the sign of the hammers, so still had to break the markup... damn the intersection of prospect Mira and garden, burn in hell, who organized the movement there.

In my spring call Yandex-taxi responded with a cheerful boy-MoE on the old Skoda. - I moved. Sadia purse,- joyfully shouted it to me in an open window, Moshimasu? - Yes, Mosfilm. I plopped down on the back seat. Go. No. Pulled! 150 per hour in the yards! Grandmother, pigeons, dogs, ahhh!!! - Hey! Hey!! Calmer! Quiet, even quieter. Going to meet me at once crap, migrant workers slightly slowed. Bit. To 100. Then braked sharply with Hughes before leaving on Leninsky Prospekt. I've got my seat belt, pressed his head in the headrest and clamped in the teeth of the tray. Here it is, the moment of truth! How is it? "I'm trembling creature" or just a pussy? Pulse 140, 165, 180. after a moment dvizhek old Laibach roared like the engine of the MiG-25(anyone heard...

To Identify the redesigned truck from the pre-reform will be possible in the first place, on the new (made of metal) bumper, optics and other lights will become larger and will acquire led filling. In addition, there will be larger mirrors (electric and heated), as well as improved sun visor. In the cockpit everything is completely new: the front panel and steering wheel shift paddles and a gear lever, door and box between the seats. Under this update also marked the introduction of the newly built climate system.

Nose hot country-release time and an increasingly burning issue for motorists is the question - how to quench his thirst, standing in endless traffic jams, when tea and mineral water tired. Anyway, than you can safely chill if soon behind the wheel? Of course, kefir or kvass. And tasty, and useful. Yes, but there is... alcohol! Remember how unforgettable our Gennady Onishchenko scare people? "I love yogurt - it's going to drive ride or a yogurt drink. Here it is a yogurt like, Oh what he is a good boy, we have restricted his rights. And the fact that he is killing our children, our citizens - what's that?" Horror! Okay, let's see can or not.

Just now announced the termination of production of subcompact SUV frame, although retired, he was sent in February. Until recently, this 3.6-meter SUV remained the older model Suzuki's, and one of the oldest frame SUVs in the world. The first commercial Suzuki Jimny second generation rolled off the Assembly line as far back as September 1998, and without any changes the car was produced for almost twenty years. Certainly, the SUV would have lasted on the line until the end of this year until he arrived would be the successor, but in February in Japan allowed to sell machines without the stabilization system.

Assembly of the first 20 trucks of the newest family K5 is scheduled for September 2018. About it tells the Russian state Corporation rostec. Recall that the first concept of a new generation of trucks KAMAZ showed last fall at the exhibition "Komtrans". Cabin, to which "paint" a new design of the front part is taken from the Mercedes-Benz Actros of the current, fourth generation. The volume of the cabin module, 9 cubic meters, which is an excellent result, classical models of KAMAZ, this figure stands at 6.5.

According to the analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT", in Russia on 1 January 2018 there are 1771 electric. All of them were only seven models. Of the total number, the greatest share (62,3%) are in the Nissan Leaf, which Park is 1103 instance. Next, with a share of 16% should Mitsubishi i-MiEV (283 units). Third place in this ranking is the Tesla Model S (194 PCs.; share – 11%). Besides this model, Tesla presented the Russian fleet and the crossover Model X (68 PCs.). But it is ahead of domestic electric LADA Ellada (93 PCs.). More modest numbers from Renault Twizy (26 units) and BMW i3 (4 PCs.).

The Year 2012. Sitting in training in Ratheon (Moscow). The teacher there, chatting. People about 30 people from all over Russia. One says, — And here I am for the new year is well on the lease worked — the salary was 270 thousand. All: — the Norm!!!!! Other: And I got a taxi and took me 60 Solaris. I have them 2 weeks out. Salary given — 350 thousand. All: — You're cool!!!!! I'm sitting. Nothing special to brag about — around the Petrograders Muscovites, and our salaries don't hit. Say: — And I'm going to work 12 minutes to work — 14. Even on a weekday, even on weekends. At the audience of enthusiastic sigh of moqueca and Petrograd: — AAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

How to remove car door lock, installed by the ransomware? Truck on Craigslist: what to do if you bought with it, the car was in pledge at Bank? What is measured in horsepower? And in their tails? As uncle Bob tried to help out a stuck police car? the New laws: how to change the punishment for drunk drivers? the New Bender: really lucky, do not fall on the fateful flight "Saratov airlines", not actually buying tickets for the plane? the training of the trunk: who will teach the trunk to open remotely?