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Hi Kadabra! In General now is choose the machine for my wife and I want to ask you for advice. Partly, I know you will advise and resent, the tangent of what fell our choice, but it's complicated :) so this: wife is a creative person that loves everything beautiful. the Practicality of auto - drive only in the city. the Year does not matter, the train looked modern and beautiful. Power - does not matter, the important thing is not more than 150 PM) PPC - only machine Maintainability - it is desirable that the yard was to sort out the whole car :) the Budget - within 250 thousand.

What if the "Gazelle" neighbor with the advertising banner costs under other people's Windows? Which inspection to apply? In close quarters, but not mad: inspector fined the driver that on a narrow road, accidentally ran into the dividing line, but in the oncoming lane did not leave. Who is right? Responsible lawyer. In St. Petersburg, a forehead in a forehead has faced trolley bus and tram. Who broke the "horns" or "rails"? In the garbage truck bounced off the wheel and hit the woman. The doctors couldn't save her. Who will be responsible? How to save money in the winter time and money to spend hours to warm up the frozen car?

Last year for no sign of "Spikes" the driver was threatened with a warning or a fine of 500 rubles. And as it is now? the Federation of car owners said that the draft law on the abolition of the sticker is still under discussion. In UGIBDD GU MVD of Russia confirmed this information: - the Law is discussed in the spring, but it is not accepted. Therefore, drivers should keep in mind that the sign is required. On vehicles should be installed markings "Spikes" — in the form of an equilateral white triangle apex up with a border of red color, which is inscribed in the letter "W" in black. They should be located to the rear of motor vehicles with spiked tires. Accordingly, in the absence of such stickers the driver continues to face a warning or a fine of 500...

Straight to the grave: why did the experimenter from Novosibirsk buried three cars - domestic, Japanese and German underground? And what became of them after a year? No roads - no accidents-new "installation" was invented and introduced in his court the inspector of traffic police of Kursk area? Strike while the iron is hot: road service put prohibiting Parking signs and immediately evacuated standing there machines. What if that morning no signs weren't there? How to repay the rumble and roar in the car? Tips from Alexey Basov. Stood in the position: as the enthusiast from St. Petersburg at the cost of the car to determine who on the road is more important?

(© source) this introductory story seemed written succinctly and concisely: "I Lowered the wheel and was thrown from the road into a ditch. Was the coup the car, took the wheel." because after the somersaults on the grass-field - sportazh came back on its own four rubber feet to the house and he was getting himself, hobbled quietly, without a tow truck. the Bumper only tie I had and odd number of whole glass blew into the cabin on the way. Like, a car, like, on the go, like, to the door, but only the whole curve, oblique and crumpled... This has been with us. What can I say ? Well, don't forget to pump up the tires, like...

One of the world's oldest auto shows has been unjustly ignored by several major manufacturers. However, this did not prevent the Paris motor show to become a really memorable event — there was shown a number of important innovations, many of which can soon be seen on our roads. And some have even known a ruble price tag. the BMW 3-Series Perhaps, the very second a loud premiere of the motor show in Paris was the BMW 3-Series sedan new generation. "Three" turned out completely different from its predecessor, the car you can easily distinguish between, say, the fangs under the head lights and "bending Rate." non-standard forms. The application of a new modular platform CLAR allowed to significantly increase the size and free space in the sedan, but at the...

The Sheriff from Sochi: the Russian motorist has fulfilled a childhood dream and what made rare Chrysler Newport? "Hunt" on reckless driving: what drivers, if the draft law allowing motorists to make a video and to punish offenders, says nothing about DVRs? for the First time in Russia the "Main road" to see how all the drivers are blind! How to train your peripheral vision? test the popular crossover Renault Koleos: what else, in addition to off-road driving and the load on the tow bar, is contraindicated for this car?

Future in test mode: what is the advantage of unmanned vehicles and when the robot drivers will be able to replace taxi drivers? "First gear" ride in the car without the driver and found out that robots, too, sometimes violate the rules. a trap for the inattentive: the inspector of traffic police on the road found a favorable point of observation and catches drivers who travel into the oncoming lane. What do you say to this court? With the wind and Penn in hand: legally, if a driver refuses to take Smoking or drunk passenger? The opinion of a lawyer. How to increase the car's horn? Alexey Basov said, how is this mechanism and what to do if the sound disappeared? the Student, an orphan from Mordovia gave the beloved "six" for repair and paid a local mechanic...

Accident on the railway: why drivers should take it slow and go under the open gate, even if the lights are red? And what if the car stalled on the tracks? Animals on the road: is it better to slow down or go around? The decision taken by the actor Sergei Plotnikov. the Bus on "bald" rubber: mechanic signed off, the driver went, another died. Who will pay? the Ninth life: cat from Primorye, which became famous for his journey on the suspension of the vehicle continues to drive in the country, but on the passenger seat.

Explanation post the city Authorities, I think for the people, not asking what they actually need. once again, in addition to other innovations on other streets (need reg to get it, too lazy), set the traffic light for drivers, removing the traffic lights for pedestrians. In the same place. But! On top of the traffic light, the sign "give way". Just down the road, moving on Oktyabrsky Ave, get to the area where we used to give way to those moving from Lenin Ave. Now it turns out, when working traffic lights, we don't have to miss transport connections with Lenin, technically, according to SDA? :) Panorama without traffic, late adds from the Registrar: Or here so you can see

In Minsk, some crews of traffic police with the shooting pursued the Audi. the Incident occurred on September 18, at 15.20. Eyewitnesses report that pursuit involved at least six crews of GAI. "Around the "Crown" of the car almost managed to block, but the driver of the car managed on the lawns and sidewalks to leave "traps". The inspector, despite the fact that there were people who began to shoot at the wheels", — said Vladimir. Readers have reported that the driver of the Audi continued movement in the direction of Pritytskogo street and the street Zhudro caused a car accident. The man was detained. Also there is evidence that the pursuit of this Audi began in Zaslavl. This information is checked.

Hi half-alive (or not?) kadabra! There is such a thing, went on a epic trip on a makeshift motorhome in Norway (10K km, 45 days) and decided to make a video, so here's the first part Some kadyrovtsy can remember my motorhome in previous posts about its creation (video in English) - but this time decided to treat the audience of the video in two languages - view how to log and whether to continue this thankless and difficult task. the Series will be fairly long (45 days in a pair of rollers do not squeeze) so subscribe, will be at least nice, maybe even interesting, all the whole in the bumper

Question on 5000 roubles: how to determine where the lawn and where the Parking is? What if the greenery doesn't look green? the Bermuda triangle: what to do if on the pavement there are two markings that contradict each other? the Dispute through the window: what a grave mistake made by the driver with almost 40 years of experience, and why continue to insist on being right? the Secrets of the Neva: why unauthorized climbed the bridge in St.-Petersburg and how to get to the other side if the bridges raised? Porridge butter will not spoil: which oil will suit the taste of any motor?

"Royal race" - it has always been interesting. Power, strength, innovation, most interesting developments and the most talented pilots. But it is also in mortal danger...and for the audience, and of course for pilots. Some of them I would like today to remember. in General, in the competition "Formula 1" in all the time killed 34 of the pilot. However, I would include those who were in the Royal races, but crashed in the other series. It would be fair. It is true then this list will increase by another 22 names. Remember some of them. until 80-ies of the race "Formula 1" in the literal sense was lethal, but the safety was in its infancy and the pilots drove at high, prokopevskih barrels of gasoline. Hence the results - most of the deaths were before 1982...

As seat affect the driver's attention? Warm-up driving is a source of cheerfulness or useless traffic? Is it possible to drive hundreds of kilometers without harm to health? And can exercise to save the driver from fatigue? "I began to squeeze the eye": who was imprisoned for a fight with the inspector is ready to tell the whole truth. joint and several liability: fault in an accident one and will pay both? In the Saratov region injured driver, who lost his wife, has to pay 300 thousand rubles for the treatment of passengers riding with a drunk intruder. Capricious transmission: test business sedan the Skoda Superb a run. Reliable heavy-duty suspension for Russian roads and how comfortable the double door of the trunk?