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Press-service of the Formula 1 published official schedule of the first eight stages of the season 2020. They will be held in Europe. the world Cup kicks off July 3 at the "Red bull Ring". On the track in Spielberg will be just two stages of the Austrian Grand Prix and the Grand Prix of Styria. After that, in the calendar of the planned Grand Prix of Hungary. Then two stages on the "Silverstone" (the British Grand Prix and the Grand Prix of the 70th anniversary — in honor of the anniversary since the inception of Formula 1) and one each in Spain, Belgium and Italy. In the same dates on these routes will pass the stages of Formula-2 and Formula-3.

In 2014, the plans of the British billionaire James Dyson looked promising: a businessman who made his fortune in the production of vacuum cleaners was going to develop and launch a series of large and powerful electric car which would be in the market pushed the Tesla. His promises were much more credible than the fantastic plans of the Chinese electric mobility startups with no known investors. But last fall Dyson shut down the project and recently spoke in an interview with The Sunday Times about the history of failure, and have shown the first prototypes of the electric vehicle.

After another devaluation of the ruble, dealers have begun to raise prices for new cars. Chinese automakers, who act in the segment of cheap can strengthen its position in the market. Another novelty from the Chinese – a compact crossover Changan CS35 Plus, which will compete with Hyundai Creta Captur Renault, Cilo Kora, cherry Tiggo Tiggo 7 and 4, as well as other cars in the segment. Changan CS35PLUS offered only with a 1.6-liter engine capacity of 128 horsepower, which is combined with 5-speed manual transmission or 6-band gun. Drive only the front. the link to the video.

Choose to help each: "less !", "car svezhak !", "the new immediately loses 30% when leaving the salon !", "will replace the levers and drive the same as on the new", "in Ptse went to one owner and very little", "the service has already made preproduce". the Machine they found from a dealer in tradine, she liked the price, color, condition. Two years after purchase the new owner great riding rennicke pajero sport, until I started to suspect something... Specifically, uncle began to notice water droplets on the roof trim in the rain, whistle in the area of the top of the doors at speed and began to find cracks (like Zemfira) to the paint covering his LBH. Random scratch on passenger door - seemed to him strange under her was a thick white putty to the scratch...

Well, "less", "car svezhak", "new immediately loses 30% when leaving the salon", "will replace the levers and drive the same as on the new", "in ptse traveled one owner very little", "the service has already made preproduce" - about the fireworks, sparks the mind listened to the buyer pajarico (below) from a "friend". the Machine they found from a dealer in tradine, she liked the price, color, condition. Two years after purchase the new owner great riding rennicke pajero sport, until I started to suspect something... Specifically, uncle began to notice water droplets on the roof trim in the rain, whistle in the area of the top of the doors at speed and began to find cracks (like Zemfira) to the paint covering his LBH. Random scratch on passenger door...

When you run this current Ceed was advertised as a more interesting driving than competing cars such as Skoda Octavia, Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen Golf, thanks to the engine lineup with the suspension and turbo, which, according to Kia, was designed to meet European standards. whether the Ceed talents to win over better-known competitors or seduce you with its trendy SUV? This is something that we will consider in the next few pages. And remember, if you want to buy a Ceed or any other new car in the sale, please contact our service buy new cars to save money, we at Kia led price will always be lower and you will get him the loan without failure. have Traditionally focused on the value alternative to the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and stable companion of...

(© source) Maniacs "economic sense repair" - you will not understand anything. Lovers of collectible curiosities would understand, but not all. the adherents of the "car from the factory and no welded joints" - in General, scared of the pictures, hide in your warm mortgage area and will wait for the approval of a Bank loan for a new car. For the rest of this story can be very entertaining. there was one Japanese, right-handed car, a long and fast run, crossing meridians and Parallels, not break faithfully served for more than a decade to its owner. And stuck one to another. how else to explain that he did not dare the owner to give up this car for next to nothing, or to put under the press ?

Recently found a new interesting site related to the automotive industry in our piggy Bank, meet - GS-Trade. At first I thought it was a regular content project related to the automotive industry, working on reroute and translation of foreign news and articles, combined with the catalog of cars, however, something made me look. at First I noticed quite a powerful section for user feedback, including as many as three subsections: the car (which is in fact a classic), car dealerships (which is rare) and car sharing (feedback about the car-sharing have only seen on specialized sites themselves karteninhaber companies, and of course moderated and only positive).

Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer called on Tuesday five members of the enterprise mobility that will offer Autonomous driving for participants of the North American international auto show in 2020 in Detroit. the Proposals will be to provide Autonomous services for participants to travel between the centre of the TCF in Detroit and destinations throughout the city, including transport hubs, hotels and restaurants, 6-21 June during the preview and public show of weeks.

Lexus, proud of the widest range of hybrid vehicles among luxury brands, unveiled a concept electric vehicle, which indicates that the luxurious line of Toyota Motor Corp. want to go with the design for electric and Autonomous vehicles. the concept of the LF-30 is Electrified, shown at the motor show in Tokyo this week, brings the idea to the extreme: the giant wheel is advanced along the edges, short cover in the front where the engine, gull-wing doors and a glass roof, which provides an augmented reality view of the sky.

Tesla Inc. published unexpected quarterly profit on Wednesday, fulfilling the promise of the General Director of Elon musk, said that she is "very confident" in excess of 360 000 supplies EV this year. the Automaker said that net profit for the third quarter fell 54 percent to 143 million dollars, but the company's shares nevertheless rose by 21 percent to 307,60 dollars in after hours because wall street was expecting a loss for the quarter. per share, Tesla made a profit in the amount of 1.86 USD. USA per share. Analysts were expecting a loss of 42 cents per share.

Electronic palette of Toyota, which next year will take to the streets of Tokyo for the summer Olympic games can represent the faceless future of boring vehicles. Indescribable monolithic wagon can transport everything from people to cargo. But Toyota's chief designer, Simon Humphries, says that the emergence of vehicles such as the e-Palette, will open a new "Golden age" of creative and personalized automotive design. Why? Because, according to Toyota, future cars will be polarized in two directions. At one extreme are utilitarian boats, such as the electronic palette, designed to deliver people and things from A to B. And at the other end will ultraspecialized vehicle for personal use.

On the track "Sochi Circuit" finished the race Grand Prix of Russia. Victory it was won by the pilot "Mercedes" Lewis Hamilton, the second came to the finish line his teammate Valtteri Bottas. The third result showed the pilot "Ferrari" Charles LeClair. Sebastian Vettel at the start of the race took the lead, but after the pit stop was behind the mate — Charles LeClair. After a pit stop on the car Vettel had problems, because of what he went. On the highway was declared a state of virtual pace car, during which Hamilton managed to tactically outplay LeClair. Russian driver Daniil Kvyat finished in 12th position. Partner Kvyat Pierre went Out finished 14th.

(© source) Remember, the works were in school on the theme "how I spent summer" ? There, the grandmother was helping, reading books, sea saw and, in General, traveled with the family... Us, in September and October often have the eyes to see how, where and for what amount people "apoteketbuy" this summer. Here, the guy spent his summer much more interesting for many. He sat on his big black jeep (LBH), found a beautiful place on the road M4 (MCD) and plowed their rails someone black soil in hazukashime (wtf). I Hope this is not the result of obojetnosci, but the exact circumstances are shrouded in mystery. Wtf with LBH on MCD, look...

Electric car Tesla was moving on the ring road on autopilot and crashed into a tow truck "GAZelle". the automatic control System did not recognize the other car, therefore the car at high speed crashed into it and caught fire. Prior to this, the driver "the seven" has reported a failure and called for a tow to the track. In the electric vehicle Tesla was 41-year-old head of the company "Arikapital" Alexey Tretyakov with two children. The man was hospitalized in serious condition, he is in intensive care. He was diagnosed with a broken leg and a bruised chest. Children visiting doctors: they found a brain concussion and closed cherepno-a brain trauma. All the passengers were wearing seat belts. on August 10 at about 21:00 accident at 40-m kilometre of the...