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Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer called on Tuesday five members of the enterprise mobility that will offer Autonomous driving for participants of the North American international auto show in 2020 in Detroit. the Proposals will be to provide Autonomous services for participants to travel between the centre of the TCF in Detroit and destinations throughout the city, including transport hubs, hotels and restaurants, 6-21 June during the preview and public show of weeks.

Lexus, proud of the widest range of hybrid vehicles among luxury brands, unveiled a concept electric vehicle, which indicates that the luxurious line of Toyota Motor Corp. want to go with the design for electric and Autonomous vehicles. the concept of the LF-30 is Electrified, shown at the motor show in Tokyo this week, brings the idea to the extreme: the giant wheel is advanced along the edges, short cover in the front where the engine, gull-wing doors and a glass roof, which provides an augmented reality view of the sky.

Tesla Inc. published unexpected quarterly profit on Wednesday, fulfilling the promise of the General Director of Elon musk, said that she is "very confident" in excess of 360 000 supplies EV this year. the Automaker said that net profit for the third quarter fell 54 percent to 143 million dollars, but the company's shares nevertheless rose by 21 percent to 307,60 dollars in after hours because wall street was expecting a loss for the quarter. per share, Tesla made a profit in the amount of 1.86 USD. USA per share. Analysts were expecting a loss of 42 cents per share.

Electronic palette of Toyota, which next year will take to the streets of Tokyo for the summer Olympic games can represent the faceless future of boring vehicles. Indescribable monolithic wagon can transport everything from people to cargo. But Toyota's chief designer, Simon Humphries, says that the emergence of vehicles such as the e-Palette, will open a new "Golden age" of creative and personalized automotive design. Why? Because, according to Toyota, future cars will be polarized in two directions. At one extreme are utilitarian boats, such as the electronic palette, designed to deliver people and things from A to B. And at the other end will ultraspecialized vehicle for personal use.

On the track "Sochi Circuit" finished the race Grand Prix of Russia. Victory it was won by the pilot "Mercedes" Lewis Hamilton, the second came to the finish line his teammate Valtteri Bottas. The third result showed the pilot "Ferrari" Charles LeClair. Sebastian Vettel at the start of the race took the lead, but after the pit stop was behind the mate — Charles LeClair. After a pit stop on the car Vettel had problems, because of what he went. On the highway was declared a state of virtual pace car, during which Hamilton managed to tactically outplay LeClair. Russian driver Daniil Kvyat finished in 12th position. Partner Kvyat Pierre went Out finished 14th.

(© source) Remember, the works were in school on the theme "how I spent summer" ? There, the grandmother was helping, reading books, sea saw and, in General, traveled with the family... Us, in September and October often have the eyes to see how, where and for what amount people "apoteketbuy" this summer. Here, the guy spent his summer much more interesting for many. He sat on his big black jeep (LBH), found a beautiful place on the road M4 (MCD) and plowed their rails someone black soil in hazukashime (wtf). I Hope this is not the result of obojetnosci, but the exact circumstances are shrouded in mystery. Wtf with LBH on MCD, look...

Electric car Tesla was moving on the ring road on autopilot and crashed into a tow truck "GAZelle". the automatic control System did not recognize the other car, therefore the car at high speed crashed into it and caught fire. Prior to this, the driver "the seven" has reported a failure and called for a tow to the track. In the electric vehicle Tesla was 41-year-old head of the company "Arikapital" Alexey Tretyakov with two children. The man was hospitalized in serious condition, he is in intensive care. He was diagnosed with a broken leg and a bruised chest. Children visiting doctors: they found a brain concussion and closed cherepno-a brain trauma. All the passengers were wearing seat belts. on August 10 at about 21:00 accident at 40-m kilometre of the...

(© source) Please leave a high morale, vulnerable nature, unstable mentality, pregnant women and children beyond the scope of this topic. Please note that the factory car not victoriasa chisels from a single piece of metal, as did Rodin with a stone. Body cooked from the components. Please understand that to obtain used parts we do not steal and cut someone's car, I did not remove the lights in the Parking lot at the airport and rolled the legs of a wearer in a concrete basin. We got them just in online shop as you last week ordered a new kettle. Please pay special attention that we do not purchase BU cars and their subsequent "podkladyvaniem", we solely repair the cars live customers. Now that you are fed delicious disclaimeri if the weld from the grinder...

In Russia In the near future there will be a special mobile application for the registration of accidents with the design of the Euro Protocol. The development of this service approved by the Russian government. In pilot mode, the program will work in four regions of the country in the period from November 2019 to October 2020. As reported on the official website of the government, the first to test the concept of so-called superservis "the Design of the Euro Protocol online" can drivers in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, the Moscow and Leningrad regions.

Italian school of automotive design known throughout the world and deserves a separate longride. Silhouettes of cars from Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, Lamborghini recognizable around the world, and the men who took part in the creation of images of these unique vehicles is referred to a guru and legends of automotive design. Here are just the names of the most famous Italian designers: Sergio Pininfarina (Sergio Pininfarina), Walter Maria de Silva (Walter Maria de Silva ), Nocco (actually known as Giuseppe Bertone Nuccio Bertone) and Bertone Giovanni (Giovanni Bertone), Giovanni Michelotti (Giovanni Michelotti), and Giacinto Ghia (Ghia Giacinto), Giorgetto Giugiaro (Giorgetto Giugiaro), Battista Farina (Giovanni Battista Farina ) and Marcello Gandini...

Rally-RAID, which connects Russia, Mongolia and China was launched on 6 July, so the team halfway to the finish line. The ISF Racing crew says, and the developer of monitoring systems Gurtam analyzes the movement of the car according from satellites. the Last few days of the team stormed the Eastern Siberia, the Taiga, the steppes of Mongolia. Started in Irkutsk to four days to be in the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator. the video from the event we see a cloud of dust, overtaking on the narrow paths in the forest, raw in places track. The crews of the serial pickup trucks FOTON ISF Racing team – Alexander Rusanov/Alexey Maltsev and Alexander Zaitsev/Vyacheslav Petukhov, considered all at arm's length and share experiences.

The Car will have to be put on record under the new rules In August, will earn a new administrative regulation on registration of motor vehicles, motorcycles and trailers. The corresponding law "On state registration of vehicles", President Vladimir Putin signed on 3 August 2018. The draft regulations posted on the website of legal information Now the owners of new machines will be able not only to register them in the offices of the traffic police, but also take the help authorized specialized organizations. We are talking in particular about the dealers and even the manufacturers. It is important that traffic police will continue to work on the production of vehicles — new law this duty traffic police does not deprive. But the issue of...

How to pass pedestrian crossings, not to run into fines, how the system works and why to prove his innocence is almost impossible? In Moscow continue to work the cameras, which record nepropusk pedestrian. With the beginning of the year motorists have received more than three thousand "letters" for 2500 rubles., but it seems to be only the beginning to the end of the year these cameras will be more than 100 (currently 11). We found out in the Center of traffic organization, how to pass the pedestrian, the pedestrians not to get a penalty. Here.

In Omsk, the driver of the car away from a collision with the overturned truck, taking off into the oncoming traffic lane. According to the newspaper "Omsk here", the accident occurred on the Boulevard of Architects in the area of building STTS "Mega". The driver of the truck Renault at turn has not coped with management, after which the truck rolled over and flew into the oncoming lane, hitting a trailer two car brand Nissan. The motorist, whose DVR records had been kept, have time to react and avoid a collision, a sharp maneuver off of the road. Arrived on the scene, the police determined that the truck driver was intoxicated. In the accident nobody was seriously hurt.

Porsche has brought to Shanghai a late prototype of its first production electric vehicle Taycan. Demonstration races slightly camouflaged car will take place at the site of the Porsche Experience Center, and then he will visit the events in the US and the UK. the Electric car has already experienced Li Chao is a Chinese racing driver, who competes in touring car championship Asian Carrera Cup. "Suspension of the new Taycan offers many opportunities and provides both the precision control characteristic of a sports car and the comfort on long journeys inherent in the sedan. Thus the crucial role played by lower center of gravity and control system of the rear wheels, — said Li Chao. — Taycan very clearly cornering and holds the road".