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Daytime running lights: how to become more visible on the road and not to throw money to the wind? a Little of the protocols: that the inspectors of Ekaterinburg received a reprimand? What threatens the reform of insurance for car owners? Bought the Bavarian crossover - looking for a good service. the Actor Konstantin Kryukov was cleaning out the trunk.

Today my friends told that in Moscow when changing lanes to the left you have the advantage. if this is True, and what was meant? UPD: Said that the changes recently introduced. The logic is explained by the fact that drivers with adjoining roads could "enter the stream". UPD2: I told her about what I heard from people that there is no reason not to trust. However, neither they, nor I neither go to Moscow in particular, nor in Russia in General. Most likely they, too, is somewhere just "heard". I just said the truth or not. The level of trolling in the comments is too low to cause him to react.

The interior Ministry has drafted a new regulation on the supervision of traffic, which the traffic police will apply from 1 April 2017. For inspectors, in particular, for the first time are instructions in case the driver attempts to bribe. In addition, to oversee the movement of traffic police plans to use unmanned aerial vehicles.

About upcoming new products According to Mora, the main event this year will be the debut of two new models of Lada wagon Vesta and Vesta Cross. In addition, the head of the auto giant confirmed that the models Vesta and XRAY will get the top version under the title Exclusive (pictured) — these machines will differ chrome decoration body, and upholstery leather and Alcantara. Another news — release of the special edition Lada 4x4, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the legendary SUV.

March 17 for the law on the priority of "natural" compensation for the CTP voted by 344 MP, opposed by 36. With such a large majority the law was passed in the third reading. the bill was introduced in June 2016, 14 December was adopted in first reading, on March 15 in the second and, for 17 March in the third reading. The next stage – consideration of the law in the Federation Council, which will be held March 22. Then the law will be submitted to the President for signature.

Whether the inspector the power to push the drivers in a patrol car for the execution of the Protocol? Sober drunk is lucky: how to arrange an accident if the driver was a hired driver? whether to obey a road sign that is installed incorrectly? How to inspect the car after the winter season?

No roads will build themselves! But what we get fined? Write carefully! How to make an accident without traffic police? About zero? Be careful on the bridges! Victor Grassroots grapple with skids? the Spring a riot: in the centre of Moscow road ham mangled someone else's car just because he was not allowed to a different row. Filled up the wagon: the next Moscow majors staged a terrible accident on the ring road. Traffic light mafia: the beggars on the roads for a lot of money risking their lives, and drivers have freedom.

Investigative Committee interrogated the driver of the SUV, Vladimir Belsky, who ran over children playing near the roadway with toy guns. In the course of the interrogation conducted by the investigator of SU of SK of Russia across the Leningrad region, Belsky put forward his version of the incident, the report said the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. In particular, he denied that he used any violence against the child. According to Belsky, it was just a stop to bullying of children. However, noted by the SC, the video available to the investigation say otherwise.

The state Duma approved the second reading of the revised version of the draft law on the priority of natural compensation for the CTP to the monetary payment. Approved amendments to the law on insurance do the primary form of reparation for "avtograzhdanki" repair of the car instead of cash payments, reports TASS. According to the draft document, the payment for CTP by default will be in the form of car repairs. the Agency notes that the second reading of the deputies and the experts came to the design that the repair will be done by default, with the exception of certain specified cases. In addition, in the modified version of the reform has expanded the requirements for the organization of repair in particular was a paragraph about the new parts and it...

According to our data, the subject (moving on with S174RO123) repeatedly became the "hero" of such situations. the Damage to the car maxima was 111`000. Separately want to note the passing car of the investigative Committee, where the passengers WELL did not react to visible their mess, and didn't even stop. As well as they have in the car obviously worked some jammers for videodevices. Anything else is pomehi video, time travel machine SK next, not to explain. Perhaps this is done to ensure that no one could fix the violations machines on the UK registrars.

An endless stream of people riding by the rules. Asked for the city online (VK)/the cry of the soul :) Panorama "Dear taxi drivers, the number 13 (and parallel to traveling) is the question: Long you will be staying at the intersection of Lenin/Kirov (when turning left with Lenin in Kirov) before the crossing and wait for "your" green? Talking about situations when pedestrians on the crossing there is not expected. There is no stop line at the exit from the intersection. 13.1 and 13.7 to help you." who Have Vkontakte - the answers can be read Here

Good time of day. Here I went on the Internet and came across an article about domestic manufacturers DVRs. After reading it, I realized that most of them simply fool their customers by selling them a Chinese junk for the price of good devices while shouting that their goods are produced in Russia. the Rating of manufacturers of DVRs Decided to share it with you, to know your opinion.

What can be done if a head-on collision only a few seconds? How to prove your innocence in an accident? Confused: why the police did not react in time to the statement of a missing person in the Voronezh region? whether the inspector of traffic police to demand to undergo a medical examination of the drivers? How to properly care for your motor vehicle?

That's right — the Dutch company PAL-V announced the taking pre-orders on it created "the world's first certified flying car serial", which has been licensed according to the standards of the automotive and aviation security in the United States and Europe.

Soon to replace the paper version of the familiar title appears e-biography, "iron horse" passport, which will tell a complete biography of your car, from the moment of exit from the factory gates to disposal. Legal recognition that the information contained therein will serve as the electronic signature of authorized entities.