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This article is a collection of methods of protection from the harmful effects of cell phone from different sources of information. Do not have to try to do all the tips. The extent to which the advice depends on the degree of your desire to protect yourself. If you try to use at least several tips with this article, you will help yourself. "The voluntary exposure of the brain by microwaves from mobile phones — [...]

On the bus, the train, to pass the time, starting with passengers talking about natural agriculture. A heard something, others saw ploskorez Fokine. And to the question: "why do you dig and plow the land?", the answers clear as a blueprint: "the ground was soft, to avoid weeds, so did our great-grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers and we're going to do" and [...]

With the onset of spring, many gardeners think about the possible ways to protect against garden pests. To apply the chemistry I don't recommend as it is hazardous for soil fertility and for the human body in General. So in this article I will talk about the plants which are endowed useful for people properties. Such plants should plant at their summer cottage. Their [...]

In nature there are no large areas occupied by one species. In the meadow is always a mixture of herbs, woods not only different species of trees, but also shrubs, herbs, mosses. Even in the field where planted after plowing only one culture, grow weeds. We can also create a garden, which combines plants. Of course, there are unwanted "aliens", but they won't cause any harm. This is because the rich, diverse ecosystem will [...]

See also House. Travel story / Home (HD High... recommended for viewing. Documentary of 2009, the combined talents of world famous wildlife photographer Ian Arthus-B... encyclopedia of the woodwork — 2005, albert... Download the Trip to Melenci (fall, 2011)... Milenci – generic settlement in Kaluga region. I went there in the fall of 2011, a year ago, held [...]

The Spanish gardener Hortelano Fortament proposed a very simple and practical system of drip irrigation of plants, which can make each of the usual plastic bottles. Such watering will help to reduce water consumption when watering 10 times. His system he called KondensKompressor, as it works on the principle of condensation and evaporation of water in the sun. Soil moisture gathers on the walls [...]

Going on a trip, take along a medical kit with a set of necessary medicines in case of illness or injury in transit. But on the road anything can happen. For example, the kit soaked, or lost, and the assistance must be provided immediately. How can that be? In such cases, comes to the aid of ambulance flora that surrounds us. "Green Cabinet" has a huge [...]

Svarog Colo — sacred knowledge! Zadornov about the Russian language. AZ God Veda! Mikhail Zadornov. The letter went Blonde? Space in the distaff. The documentary film the Concert of Michael Zadornov "Third ear" Book of problems from Zadornov (live) More videos on the youtube channel of Mikhail Zadornov

There are No "special", more "righteous" or more "gifted" people with special access Higher Wisdom and direct connection with God. We are all gifted and chosen, and the question is not, who she talks to God, and who it listens to. (C)

One woman had two large pots: each of them hung at different ends of the stick she carried on her neck. One pot was with a small crack, and at the end of a long journey from the river to the house, he remained filled only half. And the other was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water. Within a few years [...]

One school Director sent this letter to every teacher who took on the job: "Dear teacher! I survived the concentration camp my eyes saw what should not see any one person: — as scientists, engineers build gas chambers; — as qualified doctors poison children; — trained nurses killed babies; — how the University graduates to shoot and [...]

To get rid of gum and strengthen tooth enamel, I recommend to prepare and use two wonderful infusions. Take twenty grams of propolis and pour half a liter of vodka. Put infuse for fourteen days. It's very simple – for two weeks and the first tincture is ready! Take half a Cup calamus root, before that, get them good and chopped, pour into a glass jar and pour half a liter [...]

Near the town of Yegoryevsk, near the village of the Hills is the mouth of Guslitsa. There are many legends connecting the origin of the name "on harming activity" with a musical instrument. According to one version she got it thanks to the masters who lived here before and soaked in the waters of the river the wood for his string instruments. Few modern people can imagine the process. [...]

There was a foreman. All his life he built houses, but was old and decided to retire. — I quit — he said to the employer. — Go into retirement. Going with the old lady to babysit grandchildren. The owner was sorry to part with this man, and he asked him: — Look, how's this — build last house and you spend [...]

I'll name three herbs that treat almost all acute conditions. The three main herbs, rather herbal remedies about which you should know all and to use them. 1). Red hot pepper (kalinovy) 2). Plantain 3). Garlic "ahh! This we know!" You know, you heard the sound and not use it, because you can't. Explain: Red hot pepper [...]