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Once again convinced that the city is to live scared. It's a constant game of roulette fatal: out on the street, driving to work, a trip to the nearest supermarket for groceries turn into a daily risk to life and health — will carry on this time or not? Will it be possible again after such attacks to successfully get [...]

One morning the man came to Buddha and spat in his face. Buddha wiped his face and said, Is everything, or do you want something? Ananda saw it and was furious. He jumped up and, boiling with anger, exclaimed: — Master, just let me, and I'll show him! He must be punished! Ananda, you have become a sannyasin, but [...]

Some people Have somehow emerged the view that the family settlement is a place where people hide the outcasts, not found themselves in society, devoid of self-sufficiency, consistency, uncooperative, from knowledge, i.e., wish to dwell in ignorance, trying to break away from progressive mankind and to return to the stone age. I want to focus people on what really happens to people who have decided [...]

Beysya head against the wall. Be successful. "Highly effective people". Heard? Do not be lazy, no pain, worked – die. Great worker. The dream of every Manager. Not cold, not tired, do not go on vacation and play dates, working overtime and on weekends. He wants to be a highly effective and successful. Necessary. Exactly need? Throughout all years of study desperately frighten [...]

"If the forest wolves are responsible for the destruction of the sick and unfortunate specimens of the animal world, in the world of men will answer for this GMO. The fact that transgenes bring mortal danger, he understood immediately. And engaged in this area are happy for a simple reason: many realized the same thing and began to advocate a rejection of GMOs. But there are [...]

This kind of slogan put forward at the end of the last century, the famous hygienist Sebastian Kneipp. About the benefits of walking barefoot in various diseases of the spoke ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman physicians. In those days children were entitled to wearing shoes only 18 years of age. And Socrates, Seneca and other philosophers considered the barefoot walking also a great tool for acute mental [...]

When we began to dive into the subject of healthy eating, was faced with a huge amount of information about the parasites living in the human body and exploiting it mercilessly. Terrible story, vital pictures, all described in detail... it was Terrible! We all live in. Now, after a while, it became clear – made parasites "extreme" to divert attention from the main. To scare, to confuse. [...]

Poison the first class of danger — methyl bromide, they process the grain to kill all living things in it, including parasites. Any products where there is a flour of such grain, as food is forbidden! If you spray on the street one cylinder, you can kill the whole block. No revite on your family, children, loved ones and themselves. For a reasonable [...]

These phrases we all know and are constantly used in everyday speech. But is it always our favorite quotes meant the same thing now? Here are a few examples of how much can distort the meaning of the utterance, if not in time to consult the original source. 1. About the dead either good or nothing. "About the dead either good or nothing but the truth", [...]

1. DNA is a kind of "sacred text", obviously, not invented by man. It is a scheme of our body, and without it we would not exist. "Now it seems to me that the findings of DNA research for over 50 years has provided materials for a new, extremely strong argument for Intelligent Design" — Anthony flew (Professor of philosophy, former atheist, [...]

Once I got an opening. After reading the books and move on to the land for the first few years our family has improved health — we are never sick, was fun and spiritual. Then the first wave of joyous feelings from the "Ringing cedars" and "their land" began to subside. We began to return to old habits. Resentment at close. [...]

Bogdanov, Y. F. (ed.) Homemade crafts, 1871 book introduces a number of crafts operated in the past, most farms family members, but which the modern reader can find application in everyday life. The material is presented in such a way that they without difficulty could use each and to avoid many unnecessary costs on buying those necessary items that you can do [...]

Not everyone can afford to quit your job and move to live on the estate, which also still under construction. From my experience I would say and can soothe many that work and do not need to throw. And do not need to make any sudden movements, such as the sale of a single apartment, leaving work etc. the Transition to [...]

Common Hazel is Widely widespread on all territory of Russia the shrub with all the favorite fruits — nuts. Especially grows well and bears fruit in the sun or shaded forest glades, clearings in sparse deciduous and mixed forests, shrubs. Blooms in April for 8 — 10 days when in the woods is usually still snow. A lot of rich in protein, [...]

Beet kvass helps from high blood pressure, purifies the blood, increases hemoglobin levels and reduces cholesterol. For the beet kvass recipe from the pressure we need ordinary red beets. It is necessary to wash, peel and slice. To fill the beet by one third, three-liter jar and pour the brim with water at room temperature. Add in a jar a piece of rye bread and a tablespoon of sugar. Cover the jar [...]