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News of the Administration of the city of Tyumen

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The Central square of Tyumen keeps a history of labor valor of the townspeople who worked on the legendary aircraft factory No. 241. In the areas where are now located the buildings of the Tyumen regional Duma (street of the Republic, 52), State archive of socio-political history of the Tyumen region (St. Khokhryakova, 59), was first teaching College (St. Republic, 60) was the workshop in which during the war our countrymen and workers evacuated enterprises produced assault gliders A-7 aircraft designer Oleg Antonov. Evacuated to Tyumen engineers and their families for a short time placed in Tyumen, providing them with everything necessary.

Bright flower carpet attracts the eyes Tyumentsev, passing on the updated green area near the house № 162 on the streets of the Republic. This summer, the area situated in the Leninsky district of Tyumen, was repaired within the framework of the national project "Housing and the urban environment". Refined landscaped area of public space with an area of 3 150 m2 complements the adjacent Shady Park. All of the work the contractor completed in July, is now within 10-15 working days is the acceptance of the work performed. Experts of the Council of LAO verify compliance with technology compliance with project documentation.

One of the most important holidays for the fans of active and healthy lifestyles – the Day of the athlete. Tyumen will meet him very soon – on August 8. In anticipation of this significant event are particularly pleased to emphasize how rich our city is gifted athletes. Even in 2020, which has brought about many limitations due to the complex epidemiological situation, the inmates of the institutions under the jurisdiction of the city Department on sports and youth policy, have demonstrated their professionalism in the online format, he glorified the name of our glorious city on competitions of regional, national and international levels and won gold, silver and bronze awards.

By the beginning of autumn in the Leninsky district is planned to renovate another large yard with almost a half-century history. On Monday, the progress of improvement works at houses Nos. 89, 91, 91-a, 91-b, street 50 children of the Komsomol and at the house № 2 along the street Tula watched the Tyumen journalists. The yard repaired in the framework of the national project "Housing and the urban environment". Before you proceed to the improvement of the two resource providers – "USTACK" and "Tyumen Vodokanal" - replaced the utilities. This means that in the coming years, homes will not be interruptions with heat and water, no need to carry out repair and break the landscaping of the yard.

The Landscaping of a green area along the street Gazovikov, 23, in Tyumen planned to be completed by October 15 of the current year. Landscaped area, which landscaped on municipal contract, had become a full-fledged place of citizens in 2019, but the contractor "Zelenstroy", won the auction for the work and promised to make them 14 % cheaper provided the estimates of lost volume. Now area residents can see only in the territory of new paving, asphalt and planted with young trees and large shrubs. No benches, litter bins, brought not the lighting poles that were stipulated in the contract.

Dear residents! Dear countrymen! Our beloved city is 434 years. The date is not commemorative, but a landmark: every birthday of Tyumen is a special holiday for its residents. I am sure that many of you are waiting for this day and celebrate it in the calendar as a special family holiday. Tyumen is a city with great soul and nice urban traditions. The city has not stopped in its development, and it's the fifth century continues to evolve, keeping the palm of the other Siberian cities. This is a great merit personally to each resident of Tyumen, who are not indifferent to everything that happens around. Your ideas, initiatives and projects consistently come to life.

By the Decree of administration of Tyumen from 23.07.2020 No. 135-PC "About a recognition become invalid for some decisions of a city Administration of Tyumen from 25.05.2020 No. 71-PC, from 13.07.2020 No. 124-PC" abrogated rulings from 25.05.2020 No. 71-PC "On the establishment in 2020 in the city of Tyumen days of mass events during which not allowed to retail sales of alcohol products" and 13.07.2020 No. 124-PC "On amending resolution of the Administration of Tyumen from 25.05.2020 No. 71-PC." Thus, the previously established ban on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in Tyumen 25.07.2020 and 26.07.2020 cancelled.

In the Tyumen regional clinical hospital No. 1 earned the primary cardiovascular care unit to provide specialized medical care to patients with acute violation of cerebral circulation. It was opened in the framework of the national project "Health". The office will provide emergency high-tech care for patients with stroke, using successful experiences, the design Bureau № 1 in the treatment of patients with vascular disease and a whole Arsenal of specialized equipment. At the same time in the office can be treated up to 30 patients.

The name given to the art-boardwalk Tours, there is a team of Tyumen artists is open Monday. Now the talented residents to create sketches, planning already to Saturday to complete the design of water-dispersion paint on granite three first works in the technique of 3D. All six drawings will be devoted to the historical periods of the city: the "Ermak", "merchant Tyumen", "Tyumen back", "the Soviet Tyumen", "Tyumen today", "Tyumen in the future." In the city Day, July 25, citizens will be able to see how the artists together with the guests to create the fourth full color drawing of modern Tyumen.

Summer can be different: to travel, to sunbathe, to swim, to chat, to have fun. You can catch everything, including to learn, to learn something new and even to purchase the first profession. The answer to the question: "How can a student receive free the first the profession?" – can be found in the Centre of advanced vocational training of the Tyumen region, which since the Foundation addresses the task of training workers among students. Short-term educational programs developed by teachers CTOP THAT allow students 6...11 classes to work skills for more than 25 competencies. The younger generation may choose one of them to get free education and become one step with older professionals.

On 23 July, on the eve of the city Day, at 16.00 in the town square (street may day, 20) will take place solemn opening of the exhibition "the Pilots Tyumen: the choice of history." Tyumen "grown" from a fortress built in 1586 at the first governors-the Governor Vasily Ivanovich Saline and Ivan Nikitich Meat. Gradually, our city was built, it appeared churches, schools, colleges, hospitals, roads, bridges. But they appeared largely thanks to the wise leaders of the city, its "pilots". For more than four centuries their have been many more than 100.

In accordance with the decree of the government of the Tyumen region from 17.03.2020 № 120-p "On introduction of high alert mode" (in edition of the resolution of the government of the Tyumen region from 20.07.2020 No. 470-p), the order of the Department of land relations and town-planning of administration of Tyumen from 22.07.2020 No. 216 "About the cancellation of auction No. 02/20/OA-SA for the right to install a seasonal theme on the basis of permission to use land or land plot in municipal ownership" the conduct of the auction, previously scheduled for 04.08.2020 at 10:00, is cancelled.

For the convenience of drivers, not to run the center in the search space and is guaranteed to find Parking for car, the project of paid Parking. Moreover, the project allows to increase traffic safety, because parked in the wrong place the vehicle creates a nuisance to road users and may cause accidents. The correct Parking reduces the risk of accidents and gives drivers the ability to go about their business, not the search space.

Interagency project #Tumenskaya in full swing. This week boys and girls aged 6 to 17 years old again waiting on the leisure areas, where daily, except Sundays, attend various master classes, fitness classes, competitions and tournaments, dancing and entertainment programs, quiz games, safety lessons and more. Find interesting to their liking and get their participation tokens of different colors, depending on the day of the visit, everyone can. The main thing – to have desire and good mood!

Today, almost two dozen students of Tyumen state University went to work as a assistant engineers property complexes. On Friday signed an agreement on cooperation between administration of city of Tyumen and the Tyumen state University on the same day in the Council of the Kalinin district students met Deputy mayor Paul Passes and heads of administrations of the Central and Kalininsky administrative districts Vladislav Cherkashin and Vladimir Kilthau. In their respective districts began implementation of a pilot project for the temporary employment of future graduates.