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News of the Administration of the city of Tyumen

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Recently completed the construction of another Playground of the Kalinin district. For shared use near the house № 11 along the street Anatoly Malov that in the area of Uchkhoz, over time, become unsightly. Enterprising residents appealed to the Deputy of the Tyumen city Duma Alexei Ragazine with a request to elevate the platform. The Deputy responded, the experts of the Council of the Kalinin district has allocated for it turnkey complex. Thanks to the coordinated work of the residents received useful territory, where now combine sports and leisure.

In connection with the loss of mounting frames for signs with the bus schedule at bus stops "street Motor" (ul Shirotnaya, 172), "s/o "Ryabinka-2" (Velizhansky trakt (the country), bypassing Tyumen (Northern section) (km 6 + 700)), "C/o "the Union" (Salair tract (cottages) in the city km 6+600 a/d to s/t "Motorostroitel" from the a/d Tyumen – Salaire – gr. The Sverdlovsk region (turn on the km 13 + 500)), "C/o "the Seagull" (Velizhansky trakt 6 km (in city)), "Garden 1" (Yalutorovsk tract (cottages) in the city (a/d Tyumen – Borowski Bogandinskiy (km 11 + 950)), "Villas 2 (SNT "Dawn)" ...

In connection with the amendments to the decree of the government of the Tyumen region from 17.03.2020 No. 120-p (edited on 20.06.2020) "On introduction of high alert mode" to extend to 28.06.2020 ban on the sports, entertainment, public and other events, organized in the premises of state or municipal institutions (institutions), public hearings on the draft updated scheme of a heat supply of municipal formation of the urban Okrug of Tyumen for the period 2020-2040 is transferred.

Dear residents and guests of the city of Tyumen! Experts mku Lesparkkhoz recalls that in the forests of the Tyumen region from April 10 to installed fire season. On-site urban forests are not allowed to make a fire outside designated areas, the burning of dried grass, the burning of combustible waste, debris, containers. The violations of fire safety rules in forests shall entail a warning or imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount from 1500 to 5000 rubles; for officials – from 10,000 to 40,000 roubles; on legal entities – from 50000 to 500000 rubles in accordance with Russian Federation Code of administrative offences.

Interagency raids on places of concentration of teenagers organized by the city administration together with the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for city of Tyumen. Tyumen inspectors on Affairs of minors together with experts of bodies and establishments of system of prevention of the commissions for minors and protection of their rights, educators, schools, institutions, sports and youth policy, social protection of the population examined places of concentration of minors on the streets, to visit the teenagers consisting on the account, according to place of residence.

In the administration of Tyumen signed a decree № 85-PC "On amending resolution of the Administration of Tyumen № 392-PC from down 17.07.2017, No. 162-PC from 30.08.2019", according to which the owners of buildings, structures, constructions to 01.09.2021 granted a deferment of performance of obligations on reduction of the facades of buildings, constructions, equipment, components, devices, outdoor units of the systems of ventilation, placed on the facades of buildings, structures, as well as the appearance of non-stationary semi-permanent structures and facilities in accordance with the requirements established by municipal legal acts of the Tyumen city administration.

The awarding of the winners of the "WE" was held in the Public chamber of the Tyumen region on June 11, the eve of the Day of Russia. The organizers summed up the results and thanked each participant for their creativity and a proactive stance. There was a total of 107 applications from Tyumen region, KHMAO-Yugra. The first regional competition of the national videos that "WE" started in Tyumen this spring. For several months representatives of different nationalities living on the territory of the Tyumen region, were able to create hundreds of interesting videos.

Rosvodokanal Tyumen uses modern technology of rehabilitation for the renovation of pressure sewers for urban drainage systems. Restoration work carried out on the collector in the streets of Kharkiv. "We applied for the renovation of the networks of modern equipment and most efficient technology. Orientirueshsya on quality and durability, with focus on the fact that repairs do not inconvenience residents. Methods of rehabilitation allow to carry out actions quickly and almost imperceptibly for the residents. Served 35 years of the collector after repairs, will last another half century," – said General Director of the company "Rosvodokanal Tyumen" Andrey Maksimov.

20.04.2020 on the basis of information of OOO "UK "Euroservice" on the cracks on the walls of an apartment house № 28 on street Zhukovskogo the decision of the Commission on prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and ensuring fire safety of the city of Tyumen within the boundaries of the MCD established the area of a potential emergency. Decisions about limiting access to people in the area of probable emergency situations, for the temporary placement of residents in the hotel "Kolos" on approval of the roadmap for integrated examination of technical condition of the house.

While walking through the green lanes of urban parks and gardens is restricted, the builders took advantage of a pause and work on a new cozy corners. This year in Leninsk district will transform and ennoble the two landscaped areas: in Antipino on site located next to a Shaded square, at the house № 162 on the streets of the Republic. The green area at the former hotel "Tourist" for many years, over the years it has dimmed lighting, and in General – a long-needed update. At the time, the territory was selected and included in the program of improvement carried out in the framework of the national project "Housing and the urban environment".

During a pandemic coronavirus was added to new realities: the need to wear a mask and gloves, wash their hands often and treating them with antiseptics, to do the cleaning using chlorine agents. The epidemic of coronavirus has exacerbated many of the problems with the skin – including the potential. People spend a total disinfection at home and in public places, several times a day to wash their hands with soap and water, treat them with disinfectant based on alcohol, which of course affects the condition of the skin. On the one hand, as a result of the pandemic coronavirus people finally realized how it's important to frequently and thoroughly clean hands, but on the other hand, this phenomenon has a negative connotation. How to help our skin and protect...

Feats are doing every day — both patients and doctors. Some are fighting for their health and life, others help them in this. Three months ago, in late February, Yelena Krasnov was one of the first to work in a specialized "Coveney" the ambulance. It was a calculated and voluntary step to gain new experience, knowledge, skills and prospects for professional development. Where did Elena so much courage, and how are workdays, a doctor with 20 years experience told the daily after the change.

On the streets, there was a poplar down, and with it exacerbated the problem of fire safety. The number of visits for fire departments during this period has increased dramatically. Increased fire danger becomes all waste, yards, dry grass, since poplar fluff tends to accumulate, especially around garages, sheds and wooden buildings. Carelessly thrown match, unquenched cigarette butt, fun kids with fire – it can destroy not only down, but also buildings, structures nearby. Any spark and fluff flashes like gunpowder. He suddenly can turn into a "fuse".

Within the framework of departmental action in the first days of the school summer holidays the officers of the training Center of the personnel service dog of the Ural district of Regardie conducted online classes with pupils of school № 83 of the city of Tyumen on issues of safety. The soldiers reminded the students the rules of conduct in places of mass stay of people and the requirements of anti-terrorist protection. The guys were also able to virtually get acquainted with the military unit and to live one day of service – from lifting to a release.

Approaching Russia Day – a holiday that symbolizes freedom and the unity of the nation. Centralized city library system invites you to take part in the events dedicated to the remarkable event. From June 5 to June 12 is the all-Russian campaign "Windows of Russia." To participate, you need to decorate the window pictures, drawings, inscriptions, devoted to Russia, his native city, town, village, or just draw on the window the outlines of the heart, photograph their work and upload to social media with the hashtags of the campaign: #of Ecnarusni #Alblooshi #Maroscia. Pictures can be accompanied by a small text.