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News of the Administration of the city of Tyumen

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At the next meeting of the Commission on the assignment, change and cancellation of names of elements of planning structure and elements of the road network in the city of Tyumen will be considered the joint proposal by the administration of Kalininsky administrative district administration of the city of Tyumen, on territorial public self-government TOS "LCD Plekhanovo", MAOU "Gymnasium № 49" on awarding the nameless element of the planning structure of the territory of the planned district No. 11 "Komarovsky" the following items: square "Link of times", Modern square, square, Blizzard, square Generations, the Park "Skate Park".

Previously posted information about carrying out of sale by public offering of shares of joint stock company "Hotel "ear", in order to correct the access to Internet resources that are referenced in the news, use the following links: Application for participation in the sale can be submitted to 20.05.2019 on the electronic trading platform of JSC "Russian auction house" More detailed information can be obtained by phone 39-82-58 and on the official website of the Russian Federation in a network "the Internet"

The results of the work in 2018 year and the further development of road infrastructure and transport, the formation of a comfortable urban environment in Tyumen discussed at the industry meeting held in the Council Kalinin administrative district. Addressing the audience at the meeting, representatives of public organizations, deputies, heads and specialists of structural divisions of city administration and contractors, the Deputy head of the city of Tyumen Maxim Afanasiev said: From year to year, we are looking for new approaches in summing up, the formation of new plans, contact with residents.

On 12 and 13 April in the framework of the conference of UNESCO clubs "Youth and skills" in Ekaterinburg took place the official presentation of the annual world report of UNESCO "Migrants, displaced persons, and education: building bridges, not erecting obstacles," which was conducted by the researcher of the UNESCO Secretariat Katarzyna Kubacka (Paris, France). In the framework of the conference were the panel discussion: "Youth and cross-cultural competence", "Education in the spirit of sustainable development and global citizenship", "Youth and health", "Education of the XXI century".

One Hundred fifty-three officer of the Department of Regardie for the Tyumen region have received keys from new apartments in the house at 9 Forest Ave in Tyumen. Congratulated servicemen and members of their families on this momentous occasion, Governor Alexander moor, commander of the Urals district of national guard troops of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Alexander Popov , head of the city of Tyumen Ruslan Kukharuk, the chief Federal inspector of the Tyumen region Dmitry Kuzmenko, Deputy Chairman of the regional Duma Andrey Artukhov and representatives of the Federal authorities.

This week the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has addressed with the Message to the Federal Assembly. The document focuses primarily on issues of domestic social and economic development of the country. The head of the city of Tyumen Ruslan Kukharuk assessed heard, determined the vector of development of our city: - the message of the President was a lot of attention paid to the social sphere, creation of conditions for improvement of life of our citizens. Covered all major topics that concern every Russian. The Message addressed the issues requiring attention in each municipality, including our regional center.

Informing about the changes in the pension legislation is one of the priority tasks of the Pension Fund. The head of the customer service Department of the Pension Fund of Russia in the city of Tyumen Oksana Simonenko February 14, a meeting was held with representatives of veterans ' organizations of the city Tyumen public organization "Union of pensioners of Russia" in the Tyumen regional scientific library. D. I. Mendeleev. The participants of the meeting were explained in detail about all innovations and changes in the pension system that occurred in previous years and take place in 2019.

Today the Museum complex. I. Y. Slovtsov was a solemn opening of one of the most prestigious professional competitions of Tyumen "Teacher of the year 2019". The festive ceremony was attended by the head of the city of Tyumen Ruslan Kukharuk. He noted the cozy atmosphere of the hall and congratulating everyone on the opening said: "Today, in this amphitheatre the people gathered, United by a common goal, regardless of the sector you represent: education, culture or sport to our younger generation became successful and could benefit the family, the city, the region and the country."

Russian Post is significantly updated car fleet in the Ural region. The day before directly into the two branch – Sverdlovsk and Tyumen – received 25 mail cars of a new generation. They are provided with an electronic control system allowing to monitor their technical condition in real time. In addition, new cars are characterized by high adaptability and high load capacity, which is achieved including through the use of coupling two cars. The first brigade of the Ural conductors have already been trained to manage and operate the new railway technology.

Since the second of January, youth centres and sports schools will open the doors of their guest rooms. This is a new format, through which anyone can get acquainted with the activities of the institutions. Here the residents can play Board games, participate in sports competitions, quests, trainings, workshops on non-traditional painting, Greco-Roman wrestling, dance aerobics, arts and crafts, megaconservancy, meet different sports to compete in tournaments in arm wrestling and bench-press, table tennis, try a Hiking trail, go skiing, watch a Christmas performance Nativity scenes "a Christmas story".

This is to Inform you that from 1 January 2019 in accordance with the decree of administration of Tyumen from 03.07.2017 No. 344-a PC "On establishing long-term tariffs for freight transport by municipal regular routes, inter-municipal routes of regular transport to the horticultural society" by paying the fare in the passenger transport of the city of Tyumen municipal regular routes, inter-municipal routes of regular transport to the horticultural society will apply the following tariffs

Whatever the weather may be - it will not prevent the Christmas mood. The approach of the holiday is felt throughout. Christmas mood give decorated streets and spaces, and trees, garlands and lighting design. Tyumen parks has also changed. And ready to ensure that the residents will be there to celebrate the new year and January holidays. Ecopark "Zatyumenskoj" also welcomes guests. Thanks to modern technological solutions, it's Christmas shone bright lights. On-site appeared a bright light design.

Today for the first time in Tyumen held a race of Santa clauses, it was held in two stages. While the jury summed up the contest "Battle of snowmen" at the start there were about thirty children in red caps. All they got for the courage and quick sweet gifts from the House Radio. Adult Santas winter has overcome the distance a length of 900 meters. In a blue heavy coat main Christmas hero fled Director of the Department of sports and youth policy Evgeny Chromin. Among the sixty participants was also the most original – "Grandfather Margos". It is quite long in the cold without warm clothes, shorts and a cap, and then faster to finish. "Grandfather Margos" was Dmitry Stopover.

The Department of property relations of administration of city of Tyumen on a trading platform "the Russian auction house" (lot-online) announced an auction for the sale of municipal property: non-building area 216,4 sq. m, number of floors: 2, number of underground 0, located to the address: Tyumen, Sovetskaya str., 37, - land, land category: lands of settlements, permitted use: under the uninhabited building, is the identified object of cultural heritage, cadastral number: 72:23:0217003:6344, an area of 579 sq. m, located to the address: Tyumen, street Soviet, 37-b.

In December with residents of the regional capital will work more than 150 masters of sports on 177 sites, located in squares, parks and courtyards of the city. The list of occupations traditionally includes well known and loved by the city residents sports: football, basketball, volleyball, Nordic walking, workout, recreational gymnastics, "Merry starts" and more. But in a series of cloudy winter days you want bright emotions, so sports master of inventing new creative approaches. For example, on the basis of dyuc "Grant" (street trade-Union, 52) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday sports instructor Irina Lazarenko conducts dance lessons for all comers.