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To the Department of municipal economy of administration of Tyumen from the State housing Inspectorate of the Tyumen region (further – Inspection) has received information about occurrence of the grounds for exclusion of information about an apartment house № 4 on street of Oleg Antonov from the register of licences of the Russian Federation the management organization OOO "UK on housing and communal services "the Alliance". In the course of earlier conducted inspections Inspectorate found that the company "UK on housing and communal services "the Alliance" in the implementation of management of an apartment house № 4 on street of Oleg Antonov of the city of Tyumen in breach of licensing requirements.

On the last Saturday of July holiday carousel whirled more than two hundred sixty-five thousand people! The delight of the residents and visitors of the city donated a huge team of organizers, which were different companies, enterprises, companies. They held a feast in thirteen major venues that hosted more than twenty events – festivals, concerts, interactive programs, and that's not counting the hundreds of small events in the courts. The feast was held, and it was truly epic! Today in administration of city of Tyumen temporarily executing powers of the head of administration of Tyumen Ruslan Kukharuk met with the partners – representatives of companies that took active part in the events devoted to the 432-th anniversary of the founding of the city of...

"Dreams" — international festival of street theatres which is held in our city for 13 years. Komsomol square greets guests with rousing music on the dance floor, which cannot be, it charges the perfect mood, and then you continue down the Park with joy and complete sense of celebration. The city residents and guests enjoy performances and musical improvisations, street clowning, modern dance, and the children are most attracted to actors on stilts.

Dear residents! Congratulations with 432-year anniversary of our wonderful city! It is truly beloved by its residents and numerous guests of the occasion. Noting each new birthday of Tyumen bright kaleidoscope of events – festivals, shows, competitions, competitions... – a few think about the fact that the basis for this holiday is the story: the fact of the founding of the first Russian city beyond the Urals. I am convinced that to know the characteristics of the historical path, major milestones in the life of the city, where you live, where your children grow up, must every. Only by understanding what unites us with our ancestors, acknowledging their mistakes and achievements, we can transform the present and guide the future in a better way.

In the city Day, July 28, at 13 o'clock at the house No. 47 in Valadarski street (near shop "Legends of Siberia") will be held a festive event "Cold outside, hot inside." Here you can learn a lot about Tyumen region, and see unique creations of local craftsmen and artisan Souvenirs, will get the balloons and guides to Tyumen. But a workshop of journeys "orange elephant" presents tour "In Siberia according to his will". Those who came to the event, residents and visitors can go on free tours. Places are limited, registration will be held during the campaign.

During the summer 40 in Tyumen children with developmental disabilities, mental disabilities and autism can rest in the inclusive children's camp "Summer with the meaning" located at the center of the "Berendey" in the city of Ishim. This practice was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of the Department of physical culture, sport and additional education of Tyumen region, Department of sports and youth policy of the city of Tyumen, the Charity Fund of development of Tyumen city, Tyumen regional Autonomous non-commercial charity organization "Open my world" and PJSC "Bank".

Accepting applications for city the competition "My family in Tyumen" has finished. For all the time, there were more than 40 applications. 2 through July 16, is Internet voting on the website "Kids!", where everyone will be able to support his voice any him the story The story with the highest number of votes will receive a consolation prize "Kids!" – certificate on family visits the great bowling restaurant in Tyumen region Brooklyn Bowl.

The Young trees and shrubs, "registered" last year in Tyumen Central square, in the square of my Youth, in the area of the transport interchange on the passage of the Explorers, on the street Boris Procinema, the workers of the Contracting organization "Veresk" carefully drink water. The next stage of care for green spaces in the framework of a municipal contract, compensatory planting commenced last week. The duties of the work included weeding, hoeing and harvesting of crops, tree trunks holes, correction of stretch marks, cutting of dry shoots, branches and irrigation. During the season every young tree and shrub, and in the past year as part of the compensatory planting were planted 202 584 tree and 4 shrubs, watered four times. By the way, for once...

Football passions run high! Fans have to wait a few hours, and the entire country's attention will be focused on the game against Russia. Worried about her, without exception. In Tyumen ended with the uncompromising struggle for mini-football. Young residents (age boys 5 to 15 years) played a friendly tournament in support of their idols. Bright transmission, genuine emotions and beautiful victory. Spectacular feints and combinations, unbelievable saves, goalkeepers and goals, which would have envied the players of the national team — all this can be seen on the Playground Energetikov str., 45.

Bright holiday of youth once again showed what a creative, talented and athletic young lives in Tyumen! On June 30 the area of 400-anniversary of Tyumen city a place for fun was everyone! There were more than 20 athletic, intellectual, Patriotic, creative, and entertainment venues. And old and small could participate in games, quizzes, sports, dance, or sing your favorite hits. Temporarily executing powers of the head of administration of Tyumen Ruslan Kukharuk opened the celebration.

Dirt roads of Tyumen, the length of which is about 96 kilometers, gradually wear, gravel - sand mixture C2. First, this relatively inexpensive method of installation is used in other cities. Following the example of neighbors in Tyumen and a half months with the help of road-building mixes has laid more than 15 km of roads. Just this year in the framework of the program "Safe and quality road" has been planned to make 39 length of about 17 km. On the 31st work completed. One of these transformed objects – street Zoological in the Eastern district of Tyumen.

Launched in January this year the Spartakiad of higher educational institutions was completed. It was attended by seven universities in the region, including Tyumen state University, Tyumen University, Tyumen state medical University, state agrarian University of Northern Transurals, Tyumen advanced training Institute of the MVD of the Russian Federation, Tyumen higher military engineering command school named after Marshal of engineer troops A. I. Proshlyakov, a branch of the Moscow Institute of state management and law.

May 3 13 hours in SDYUSSHOR № 4 (Energetikov str., 30/3) held a meeting of Directors of institutions subordinated to the Department on sports and the youth policy of a city administration of Tyumen. On the agenda of the business event will raise the issues of acquisition of classes of pre-service training, observance of requirements of fire security on objects of medical support of sport competitions and training process, consider a model for the development of mass physical culture on the example of Russian regions to discuss events dedicated to the celebration of May 9 as well as the process of organization of summer rest of children in camps of day stay.

Today in the new Museum complex. I. Y. Slovtsov in an intense pace "trained" specialists of children's art schools, houses of culture, libraries. The first professional forum "Crossfit culture" is a branch meeting in the new format, which on Friday announced the results of achievements in the past year and discussed prospects of development of the sphere of culture and art of the city of Tyumen in 2018. The training began with a real physical workout, then Deputy head of administration of Tyumen Vera Solovieva wished the participants active creative productive work.

In March of Tyumen, the snow is still great and stand management companies will not allow it. In the UK "Sibenergoservis" for the shovel are all, including the engineer, Michael Ermilov. - The staff is great and there is always interchangeability. I'm very mobile and do not hesitate to pick up a shovel and help the employee if he can not cope, and just stand over him and don't want to freeze. We have a all employees are. I love my job because I can help others, and then to see the faces of the residents smile. Today is clean the roof from snow at the house № 58 along the street of the Republic, here it is the high possibility of people nearby – the right thing – shared on the eve of the professional holiday of Day of workers of housing and communal services...