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News of the Administration of the city of Tyumen

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Last week, 13 September, ended another, VII dance of the season on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Residents of the Golden age of our city have long been accustomed to "living" sound of a Brass band. The "Retro" dance programs were based on numerous requests from veterans and dance lovers of the city of Tyumen. It is held annually on the Colored Boulevard at 16.00 on Thursdays from may to September. In different years the dances were held in different parts of the Boulevard, the last three years – from the entrance arch from the street Ordzhonikidze. Find out the "place for dancing" was easy – the main object here was inflatable stage "rakushka", which housed the orchestra.

On the basis of paragraph 4 of article 222 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, in accordance with the regulations of work of the Tyumen city administration to identify on the territory of the city of Tyumen unauthorized constructions, approved by the decree of administration of Tyumen dated 29.05.2012 № 258-RK, the owner of capital garage No. 83-a, located near land with address description:, Tyumen, street the Moscow highway, 139, p. 3, cadastral number 72:23:0428002:472, – it is necessary to produce up to 01.08.2019 g.demolition of unauthorized construction.

About a hundred thousand young Tyumentsev spent their summer holidays in 2018 interesting and useful. The children had the opportunity to choose something to their liking among the various forms of summer employment, and became popular an interagency project #Tumenskaya allowed not only to provide students a positive mass leisure, but also gave them the opportunity to prepare for the school year. In the framework of the project in Tyumen, the children were active in organized for them leisure areas, earn colored tokens (miles), exchanged them for prizes, among which was mostly school supplies.

To ensure the safety of the population from 10 to 16 September, the capture of stray Pets will be implemented on the following streets of the city of Tyumen: ul. of Bread, St. Babaryka, Trubnaya street, building Production, ul Berezovskaya, Ryleeva street, St. Kurchatova St., Saratov, Saratov lane, St. Tyumen, street Tomsk, Kemerovo street, St March, Tavricheskaya str., Belinskogo str., Klary Tsetkin str., ul, ul Yamskaya, St Repair, St. Friedrich Engels, Dimitrov street, street, street Garden, street of the Baku Commissioners Lenin str., Perekopskaya street...

Experience and problems of formation of a modern architectural environment with the preservation of cultural heritage were discussed on Thursday within the framework of the forum "architecture and environment" in regional scientific library architects from Germany, Armenia, Tyumen. On Wednesday, the authoritative experts the jury chose the winner of a public contest on development of architectural and urban planning concept of the centre of the city of Tyumen in the street Lenin from the Historic square to the street Morisa Toreza. On Thursday talked about how to properly and painlessly solve the issues of integration of monuments of culture in the modern urban environment.

Dear residents! We would like to inform you that the representatives of Tyumen regional charity Fund "the Older generation" jointly with the Department of life safety of the Tyumen city administration and management of social protection of population of the city of Tyumen and the Tyumen region is carried out to equipment Autonomous smoke detectors-residential premises, which are home to large, poor families, families consisting on the account in inter-Agency data Bank "group of special attention", and living alone the elderly.

Last Saturday, the "tents of health" had two venues in the city. So, specialists of Department of prevention of MMAU "City polyclinic № 12" advised the population on the territory of houses №№ 25 and 19 on the street Olympic. The residents had a blood test for cholesterol and sugar rapid method measured blood pressure, height, weight, waist circumference, calculated body mass index. The oncologist examined the skin with the help of a Dermatoscope, as everyone made a collection of sputum for TB testing.

In the framework of the open forum active citizens of the Tyumen region "We are together", on August 16 in the building of the Tyumen Technopark (ul. Respubliki, 142) in 10 hours we will start the work communication platform of the city Department on sports and youth policy of "City without Danger." The dialogue will bring together some 50 representatives of socially oriented public organizations, government, health, internal Affairs and other structures, as well as active citizens, the prevention of antisocial phenomena, ensuring the safety of children in urban space.

To ensure the safety of the population from 13 to 19 August, the capture of stray Pets will be implemented on the following streets of the city of Tyumen: ul. Yamskaya street, St. Andrei Tupolev, St. Oleg Antonov, Sadovaya street, street of the Baku Commissioners, the street, St. Resort, St. Ivan Bykov, street Machine, street Babaryka, Uralskaya street, the street, street of Friedrich Engels, street of Perekopskaya str Voroninsky slides, Klary Tsetkin str., Polevaya DNT "Science", street Military, street Kamchatka, street., street Deciduous, street by Alexander Pushkin, St. Chekistov, Old Tobolsk tract, street of Geologists, St. Ivan Krylov, palm Ave, forest Park "Gilevskaya grove", St. Nemtsov, St. Daudelnaya, St. Boilermakers, Promyshlennaya str...

The city Administration of Tyumen in accordance with the Procedure of organization and holding of the competition among subjects of small and average business "Tyumen mark" approved by the decree of administration of Tyumen dated 13.08.2012 № 107-PC by order of the Director of the Department of economy and strategic development of administration of Tyumen from 08.08.2018 No. 23 "On the competition among subjects of small and average business "Tyumen mark" in 2018," the decision on 10 August to 15 November 2018 in the city of Tyumen competition among subjects of small and average business "Tyumen mark"

In the city of Tyumen about 50 thousand Federal exempts (invalids) of the great Patriotic war, citizens, recognized as disabled, including children with disabilities, combat veterans, juvenile prisoners of concentration camps, inhabitants of blockade Leningrad, members of families of killed (deceased) veterans of the great Patriotic war and veterans of combat actions, as well as citizens affected by the radiation and manmade disasters, recipient monthly payments. They all have the right to receive social services.

To the Department of municipal economy of administration of Tyumen from the State housing Inspectorate of the Tyumen region (further – Inspection) has received information about occurrence of the grounds for exclusion of information about an apartment house № 4 on street of Oleg Antonov from the register of licences of the Russian Federation the management organization OOO "UK on housing and communal services "the Alliance". In the course of earlier conducted inspections Inspectorate found that the company "UK on housing and communal services "the Alliance" in the implementation of management of an apartment house № 4 on street of Oleg Antonov of the city of Tyumen in breach of licensing requirements.

On the last Saturday of July holiday carousel whirled more than two hundred sixty-five thousand people! The delight of the residents and visitors of the city donated a huge team of organizers, which were different companies, enterprises, companies. They held a feast in thirteen major venues that hosted more than twenty events – festivals, concerts, interactive programs, and that's not counting the hundreds of small events in the courts. The feast was held, and it was truly epic! Today in administration of city of Tyumen temporarily executing powers of the head of administration of Tyumen Ruslan Kukharuk met with the partners – representatives of companies that took active part in the events devoted to the 432-th anniversary of the founding of the city of...

"Dreams" — international festival of street theatres which is held in our city for 13 years. Komsomol square greets guests with rousing music on the dance floor, which cannot be, it charges the perfect mood, and then you continue down the Park with joy and complete sense of celebration. The city residents and guests enjoy performances and musical improvisations, street clowning, modern dance, and the children are most attracted to actors on stilts.

Dear residents! Congratulations with 432-year anniversary of our wonderful city! It is truly beloved by its residents and numerous guests of the occasion. Noting each new birthday of Tyumen bright kaleidoscope of events – festivals, shows, competitions, competitions... – a few think about the fact that the basis for this holiday is the story: the fact of the founding of the first Russian city beyond the Urals. I am convinced that to know the characteristics of the historical path, major milestones in the life of the city, where you live, where your children grow up, must every. Only by understanding what unites us with our ancestors, acknowledging their mistakes and achievements, we can transform the present and guide the future in a better way.