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News of the Administration of the city of Tyumen

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New year and Christmas holidays residents and guests of Tyumen unable to attend the festival "Workshop" feelings. Look at one of the shopping malls participating in the festival until January 7, inclusive, and catch the wave of pine scent and sparkle of the holiday!

Saturday, December 30 for Tyumentsev will be performances and a Christmas party. Youth theatre "Engagement" to them. V. S. Zagoruiko (street Olympic, 8-a) invites young Tyumentsev to the performances. At 10 o'clock on the stage of "Engagement" interactive performance for children "new mansion" - game for toddlers in a comfortable room of the small hall.

New year – the most wonderful and magical holiday. For the New year come true fondest dreams. Today in a festive atmosphere the keys from new apartments in the house № 11 along the street Pirogov got family previously living in emergency houses-monuments. New residents shared their emotions, and the Deputy head of administration of Tyumen Ruslan Kukharuk visited their guest.

More recently, the city residents could not believe that in our city will drive the buses or buses on gas. Now it is a reality! What prospects await the field of public transport on, said the head of the city administration Alexander Moore during a pre-Christmas broadcast on radio "Vesti FM" in the program "Hour of Tyumen".

In accordance with municipal legal acts of the Tyumen city administration remuneration of employees of municipal pre-school educational institutions consists of an official salary, payments of compensatory character of payments for qualification category (for teachers) and incentive payments (bonuses) to employees.

The Consequences of a fire, which resulted in the apartment house № 38 on the street Shipbuilders lost their roofs, will be removed at the expense of the budget of the city of Tyumen. This decision was taken today, December 28, the Commission on prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and ensuring fire safety of the city of Tyumen. It is headed by the Deputy head of administration of Tyumen Pavel Passes.

In accordance with paragraph 2.2 of the Procedure for granting subsidies for reimbursement of costs in education, approved by the decree of Administration of Tyumen from 25.04.2016 No. 106-PC, the decision of the Tyumen city Duma from 30.11.2017 No. 655 "About the budget of the city of Tyumen for the year 2018 and the planning period of 2019 and 2020" by providing grants in education

The Administration of Tyumen ordered from 28.12.2017 № 933 "On granting LLC "TECHARENA permissions" on the right of the universal retail market", according to which LLC "TECHARENA" granted permission to the right of the universal retail market at the address:, Tyumen, street of Kalinin, 61, structure 3; Kalinina str., 61, building 4, – for a period of 5 years.

The Administration of Tyumen ordered from 25.12.2017 No. 437-RK "About modification of the order of a city administration of Tyumen from 09.02.2015 No. 54-RK", according to which the validity of the resolution on the right of the universal retail market malvinka provided by LLC "Shopping center malvinka, extended until 31.12.2022.

Days of the winter school holidays is a great period for sports, especially when an interesting and free activities are within walking distance. To contribute to the organization of holidays for children and make it a new year gift decided in the fitness club "Master". Party socially oriented project "Sport is accessible to everyone" fitness club "Master" with the support of the city Department on sports and youth policy invites young Tyumentsev on free classes in the gym and training section Sambo in the new year holidays.

To ensure the safety of the population from 1 to 14 January capture of stray Pets will be implemented on the following streets of the city of Tyumen: street Resort, St. Tupolev, street Repair, street Field, street Zatyumenskoj, Proizvodstvennaya street, Summer lane, School street, St. A. castle, St. Barnaul, Commercial, highway, street sign, street Irbitsky, Nagornaya St., Sadovaya St., Tyumen, St. M. Oktyabrskaya street, street Yamskaya, St. Belinskogo, St. Republic, MD. Novoostapovskiy, Chekistov street, street Siberian, street Kamchatka, Krylova str, str, str Baraba...

In the regional capital, held an open championship of city of Tyumen to mount skiing in the winter disciplines. The event will take place on New year's eve, December 30, on the basis of rest "Pond Forest". Competitions dog sledding will start in 10 hours 50 minutes. The hero of the competition will be the symbol of 2018 – the dog.

5 thousand people ice skating in last weekend. This contributed to the good warm weather. The demand for such an active kind of rest has exceeded all expectations of the organizers of the rollers. Consequently, a large load affected the quality of the ice, therefore there was a need to amend the rules of operation of ice rinks.

By Order of the city administration of Tyumen from 25.12.2017 No. 434-RK scheduled a public hearing on the issues of granting permission for deviation from the limiting parameters of permitted construction, reconstruction of capital construction objects and conditionally permitted use of land plots, specified in the Annex to the order.

Is a special festive and sports congratulated the children in difficult life situations in the sports training center "champion". For minor children "group account" with the support of the Department of sports and youth policy of a city administration of Tyumen held here sports event competitions in mini-football, and invited the boys to meet standards VFSC "TRP". Sponsors of the event were the Tyumen company "Taxi dream", OOO "Sibir", construction company "Samemonth", Tyumen cum.