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Component JoomShopping is a free script online shop for Joomla! Professional extension that will allow you to quickly create your online store yourself. Sell any goods, including weight and digital. Huge selection of modules, plug-ins, full Russification and great SEO opportunities!

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Updated payment module JoomShopping PayPal API implemented on this payment system - the current version is 1.6. Was localized and fixed a rounding error rates of the goods and the amount of the order. Installing a new version is placed on top of the previous section "Installing and upgrading" JoomShopping component.

Have Released a new version of the payment module JoomShopping Yandex.Cash, current version is 1.3. Installing the update over the old version of the component JoomShopping. Changes: Added the option to pay via Alfa-click the Use of html editors in the admin module (text discounts and gratitude) Added automatic update check Replacement logo Payment by credit card was moved to the top of the list

Bought an SSL certificate, have translated their website into an encrypted connection. In Joomla put the appropriate mode, but the site stopped to see some modules, and only for unauthorized users. What is the reason? In the Joomla settings in the menu "System - preferences - Server SSL is enabled for the entire site. I don't immediately noticed that I no longer loaded module "Unite Revolution Slider" for unregistered users. In Firebug's console is visible error: Blocked loading mixed active content Also lists the scripts and images related to this module. Opening the source code of the page I found that some of the scripts and styles are loaded relative path without specifying the domain. With them as time errors were observed. The second part was loaded...

Online store JoomShopping is a component of Joomla, which has its own update system. What you need to know to transition to the new version passed without errors and unfortunate losses? Almost every webmaster is making your edits in the template online store JoomShopping. In order to achieve a unique design usually edit the appearance of the categories, products, manufacturers, shopping cart, order form, and so on About the modification of the "engine" can be read in the article "Why upgrade...". Next we will talk exclusively about how when you update a component JoomShopping not to lose the changes that were made by the webmaster in the template store. Default Template This is a default template, which is displayed immediately after a clean install of...

Introductory remarks on the topic "Why do I need it?". Indeed, and it all works, why seek adventure? Thinks most novice webmasters for two reasons: lack of experience or a negative experience. As the saying goes "don't touch it until it works", unless there is a good reason. Here are three good reasons for regularly updated: Reason # 1 update fixed bugs. Programmers are people too and they make mistakes. These errors can be corrected using "patches" or "patches" (from the English. patch). During the upgrade replaced the files with errors in the code. If You are using an old version of the software and encountered a strange error, first update, because most likely the problem is already floored by. Not helped? Then look for companions in misfortune in...

Slider is a specific type of output options in the Filter unit of goods. Looks slider as two sliders on the graphic scale and the two text boxes, displays information about the current value of each of the sliders. The output type values "Slider can be used, for example, to specify the necessary price range of desired goods.

PayPal allows you to accept payments for goods from any country of the world. Starting in 2013, online shopping can work with PayPal in Russia. Connection is available for legal entities and physical persons

Available attributes are displayed on the product page as a field to enter additional information to the order. It is recommended to use the available attributes in cases when the goods are impossible to predict in advance.

Preparing file for import features in Internet shop. Be careful and attentive when you edit Your file - it will help to avoid errors during the import. The file structure is arbitrary. Import characteristics possible by the product name, product code and ID of the goods.

Characteristics of the goods is the structured data in the format "business name / value that can be assigned to several goods. For example: size, color, power consumption, storage temperature, shelf life is data that you want to show the consumer in the form of a table, and also, to be able to quickly edit the information.

In addition JoomShopping Smart Filter provided by "fine tuning" for each block of values. With their help you can control the output settings options attributes, characteristics, and other parameters, as well as the logic of selection of products.

On separate discussed the main page of Filter settings goods, which are applied to all configurations. This is the choice element of a Web page (for output results using AJAX technology) and configure the sort fields in the filter results.

. the Most important configuration step Filter products is the proper work of the Manager of the store with the forms designer. At this stage, «intends» the contents of the module of Joomla. Next, we will examine the Filter module goods, as a set of blocks that are responsible for certain data: the attributes, characteristics, prices, etc

Filter Configuration is a set of parameters that define the contents of the module. Configuration consists of three sections: General settings, binding and the form designer. Using different configurations of the filter can be tailored to the category of goods store JoomShopping or menu Joomla.

Extension Smart Filter is designed as follows: location of the building blocks of the filter meet the Joomla modules, and for the content blocks - configurations that are included in a separate panel. One page can be published in different blocks filter with different parameters. So, the first step in tuning - publishing the desired module in the correct position.