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JoomShopping Pro

Component JoomShopping is a free script online shop for Joomla! Professional extension that will allow you to quickly create your online store yourself. Sell any goods, including weight and digital. Huge selection of modules, plug-ins, full Russification and great SEO opportunities!

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For the extension is installed, go to «control Panel» Joomla under the account the Super administrator. Before installation it is strongly recommended to upgrade the JoomShopping to the current version of the current line. Do not forget to update and Joomla.

Parser component images to JoomShopping is set through the «Extensions Manager» Joomla. To install the plugin You should enter in the «Control Panel» under Administrator account of the website.

5 December 2013 official representative of Yandex, said that the search engine stops rank commercial sites on the basis of a reference mass. Until that innovation will only refer to the Moscow region. But, within a year the modified algorithm will cover the rest of the region. This statement provoked a storm of protest. Innovation is considered as the complete collapse of all the old strategies for promotion. People buntovalis on the forums, exchange links predicted an early death. Earnings in the buying/selling links suddenly became unavailable.

Price aggregators (PA) is a specially created sites which publish the information about the goods with different Internet-stores, followed by the provision of this information to buyers to compare prices, features and more. That is, the buyer, to determine with the purchase of specific goods, visits the site of the PA and selects the necessary product, comparing the prices, features, specifications, etc., selecting the most profitable option. After that customer goes to the online store, for a further acquaintance with the conditions of payment and delivery.

SSL-certificate - a unique digital signature of customers, identifying it for users and protects data exchange between server and client. Growing volumes of e-Commerce, and with them an increasing need for businesses and consumers in the safety of your data. Personal information that you must provide at registration of purchase, ordering services, financial operations.

Creating a landing page has become so fashionable that this method of promotion is often perceived as an ideal. Hardly anyone thinks, what actually depends conversion landing pages. From the beautiful design and a big button «Buy»? Maybe, from the original order form or miraculous text ad? Many agencies and studios promise high conversion. Can you believe such promises? Let's deal.

Due to which The conversion of the online store can achieve incredible performance in 15 - 40%? The majority of large trading networks Runet, not to mention the small online stores, are content with a modest conversion, not exceeding 5%, managing to earn mainly due to the huge attendance figures. Small dealer does not have to dream of a high conversion - their limit in odnoprotsentnih indicators, increase which is almost unreal. But the giants of European and American Internet trade will not only have a conversion rate of 25% and more, but steadily hold it for many years. What's the matter?

Most of the components that interact with the user at the front-end of the site to work correctly require binding to the Joomla menu. Script online store JoomShopping no exception. Menu item allows it to run its own router, i.e. use its internal system of link building (SEF).