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Science news - Microform™ news holography

Science news - Microform™ news holography

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Somewhere in the region of 2020 you will be able to see the advertisement or other symbols floating in front of you in the air. It was at this time the company Mitsubishi Electric plans to make available for General use they have developed a technology called "air display". And now this technology is already able to display images, size up to 56 inches (142 centimeters) that seem to float in the surrounding space.

The adenosine Triphosphate (Adenosine triphosphate, ATP) is the chemical compound that provides energy to all cells in the bodies of living beings. In addition, this substance may be what will ensure the future functioning of the "half-dead" biological supercomputers. This direction is engaged in an international group of scientists, led by Professor Dan Nicolau (Prof. Dan Nicolau), the head of the Department of Bioengineering McGill University. The group recently published an article in which describes the architecture model of a biological computer that can process information using multiple independent threads exactly the same as it is done in the bowels of the largest modern supercomputers.

After only a short time after the announcement by the scientists of the experiment Large Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) about the discovery of existence of gravitational waves, Chinese scientists presented their own three independent project in this area. According to the statement loud Chinese state media, the above-mentioned projects will allow China to become a "world leader in this field of science."

Our regular readers know that the American accelerator Tevatron and the Collider was finally shut down in 2011. However, data collected using this since 2002, became the basis of a series of significant scientific discoveries, moreover, on the basis of these data, physicists belonging to the Association DZero, manage to make discoveries and now, five years after the closure of the accelerator. And the last of these discoveries was the new particle belonging to the family of exotic particles consisting of four quarks, the so-called tetraquarks.

About a month ago, Konstantin Batygin (Konstantin Batygin) and Mike brown (Mike Brown), astronomers from the California Institute of technology, presented evidence of the existence of far beyond the orbit of Neptune Planet X, the ninth planet of the Solar system, whose mass is about 10 times the mass of the Earth and the period of revolution around the Sun which is from 10 to 20 thousand years. Provided evidence based on analysis of anomalies in the motion of the dwarf planets, large asteroids and clusters of debris in the Kuiper belt and confirmed using computer calculations of appropriate mathematical models.

The autoş MATIC Network of small ground-based telescopes ASAS-SN (All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae) that scans the heavens in search of supernova explosions, have discovered an incredibly powerful cosmic explosion, the brightness is at the peak of illumination exceeded the total brightness of all stars in the milky Way 50 times. The space object which has received the name ASASSN-15lh, was first discovered on June 14, 2015. A week later, the astronomer, Sub don (Subo Dong) from the Institute of astronomy and astrophysics Kavli (Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics) at the University of Beijing made a spectral analysis of light from ASASSN-15lh, expanding it into its spectral lines of different chemical elements, and discovered something out...

In the traditional process of reproduction in humans and other animals, nature has founded on the idea of achieving a positive result due to the number of attempts. In most cases, from 200 to 500 million sperm to the egg successfully gets a maximum of a hundred, and only few of them are able to penetrate the oocyte and to fulfill their mission. This process is influenced by such a large number of extraneous factors that are absolutely amazing, how do people manage to continue their family throughout the rock of the existence of the human species.

A Group of researchers from the University Purdue (Purdue University) using technology, which can be described by the term "mini-force field", has developed a technology to control the individual movements of microrobots. Note that all the previously developed technology management microrobots using magnetic and other fields allow you to control only a synchronized movement of groups of microrobots, which limits the number of uses of such technologies. The new technology will allow microscopic machines to use in medicine, in science, in the production of miniature electronics, and microelectromechanical machines.

Normally, if you need to securely fasten two metal parts, used or welding, or brazing, depending on the size of the parts and the type of material from which they are made. In both cases the metal parts are exposed to high temperatures that can cause damage, in the case of electronics, and even cause explosions, for example, when welding of gas pipes. To replace welding in particularly critical cases, scientists from northeastern University in Boston have developed MesoGlue, a unique adhesive composition, capable of binding metal parts with parts made of other materials and which operates at room temperature.

The small vehicle shown at the auto salon in Detroit, became Lunar Audi Quattro. This vehicle is not meant for transporting people and cargo, the Rover is designed to send to the moon within the Google Lunar X-Prize. We remind our readers that according to the contest Lunar X-Prize the winner will be the team that will find sources of funding, will develop and send to the moon a lunar Rover, which must pass over the surface a distance of at least 500 meters, passing on the Ground stream high quality video and photos.

Now physicists are studying gravitational fields passively watching from a distance for the gravity posed by space objects with a large mass, such as galaxies, clusters of galaxies, black holes, stars and planets. In the modern world there is no possibility of creating and managing artificial gravitational field, the basis on which you can create a number of completely new technologies from the science fiction category. However, in the not too distant future all this can become reality, and this is stated in an article published in the journal Physical Review D Andre FOSFA (Andre Fuzfa), a Professor from the University of NAMUR (University of Namur), Belgium.

Sensors fingerprint scanners are already widely used in smartphones and computers. They are reliable, fast, easy to use and provide a relatively high level of security. However, all these sensors use the image to define the outline of the picture of papillary pattern, and this method is rather vulnerable, which is very clearly demonstrated in a number of feature films. However, a well-known company Qualcomm has developed and launched a new fingerprint scanner ID Sense, which is devoid of the above vulnerabilities. Sensor this scanner creates a three-dimensional picture of the fingerprint using ultrasonic waves and the scanner to cheat much harder than other similar devices.

Scientists and astronomers working with the Observatory, MAGIC (Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov), reported the discovery of the most famous scientist among high-energy pulse radiation, the source of which is a neutron star in the supernova of 1054 A. D., known as the Crab pulsar. This pulsar is the remnant of a star explosion which created the Crab nebula. The pulsar has a mass 1.5 times larger than the mass of the Sun, concentrated in the body, with a diameter of just 10 kilometers. The pulsar rotates with a speed of 30 revolutions per second and it is surrounded by the strongest magnetic field whose strength exceeds the strength of the magnetic field of the Sun in ten thousand billion times.

Researchers from the faculty of chemistry of McGill University (McGill University) have created what can be called the world's smallest "printing press". Using synthetic DNA as "scaffolding", scientists have learned how to operate gold nanoparticles with a diameter of one millionth of a millimeter, and create from them an ordered structure that can be used in scientific research, biotechnology and medicine.

Scientists from Stanford University have developed a new type of safe lithium-ion batteries, which are independently switched off in case of overheating above a certain temperature. This will help to avoid repeating cases of ignition batteries of laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices that occur with enviable regularity. If you lower the battery temperature to a normal level functioning fully resumed.