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Science news - Microform™ news holography

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For most people, the famous South Korean company Samsung is associated with manufactured smartphones, tablet computers and other appliances. But the company goes far beyond consumer electronics, among others, it has the unit Heavy Industries, which is engaged in creation of huge ships, construction equipment and other large machinery. And recently, Samsung Heavy Industries has signed a contract with a Japanese shipping company Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), which will be built a new cargo ship, the length of which will amount to almost 400 meters, and which after the launch, will be the largest ship-container ship in the world.

Swiss andré Borschberg (Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard (Bertrand Piccard) started to fulfill his long-planned plan, which is making round-the-world flight exclusively with Solar energy. Modernized aircraft Solar Impulse 2 the day before yesterday, March 8, 2015, took off from the runway of the airport in Abu Dhabi and headed East towards Oman. It should be noted that the flight was originally planned for February, but it was postponed to a later date due to strong winds and bad weather. But lately, the weather returned to normal and now the plane will have to make several flights and spend a total of more than 500 hours in the air.

A Group of scientists-astronomers from the Australian National University (Australian National University, ANU) have discovered a new gravitational lens truly transactionsa scales. And, using the space telescope Hubble Space Telescope, the Keck telescopes in Hawaii and the possibilities are enormous gravitational lens, scientists have a fairly good picture of the remnants of a very distant supernova explosion. But the most interesting is the fact that a high quality image was obtained due to the irregular shape of the gravitational lens, because of what this event was seen in four different places.

For the Second time in the history of space exploration, scientists-astronomers have discovered a rare phenomenon - a huge planet, "living" in a complex system, consisting of four stars different class. Exoplanet is a gas giant, the weight of which more than 10 times the mass of Jupiter, and it is in the system, called 30 Arietis (30 Ari), which has been known to astronomers for more than a decade. But previously, scientists knew of only having only three stars in the system, and only recent observations made using the most modern astronomical instruments, has allowed to establish a presence in the system 30 Ari fourth star is a red dwarf.

Just make a robot that looks like some animal, but in order to make the robot behave and act like that animal will have to work hard. A clear demonstration of this statement is the work of robotics researchers from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne (Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, EPFL), headed by Professor OK Jan Ijspeert (Prof. Auke Jan Ijspeert). This group worked for over a decade, using the Salamander as a model, and their robot Pleurobot very similar to its prototype, down to the most minute details of behavior.

Capturing a series of images of the diffraction of x-rays produced by the structure of a single copy of the virus introduced into the beam of one of the most powerful to date x-ray sources, free electron laser XFEL (X-ray Free-Electron Laser), scientists from Stanford University was accurate three-dimensional model of the internal structure of this virus.

Chinese scientists from Tongji University (Tongji University), Shanghai, has developed a new and relatively simple method of extraction of uranium, which is the fuel for most modern nuclear power plants. This method uses iron nanoparticles, attracting and binding ions of dissolved uranium, which is then removed using conventional magnet. And this method can be used not only for production of fuel, it can be used for elimination of consequences of accidents and leaks of toxic radioactive waste.

In 1905, albert Einstein, observing the photoelectric effect, in which the atoms of certain metals emit free electrons under the influence of the light falling on them, came to the conclusion that the beam of light is not just a wave of electromagnetic radiation consists of discrete energy wave packets" called photons. Later this principle was adopted in physics, but until recently no one has yet been able to observe directly the so-called dualism, simultaneous possession of the properties of waves and particles, photons of light. And recently, scientists from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne (Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, EPFL), Switzerland, during a fairly complex experiment for the first time in the history of got...

The Majority of the owners of Android-based smartphones Holy confident in its security, in denying the application and the operating system to give anyone information about your location. But this sense of security is false, says a team of researchers from Israel and America, who have found a method by which you can track the owner of a smartphone, using only data on the expenditure of your energy from its battery.

Researchers from Queens University in Belfast (Queen's University Belfast, the University of Manchester (University of Manchester) and laboratory STFC Daresbury develop new software, which is able to significantly increase the computational power of modern supercomputers in the processing of sets of "big data", reducing to an acceptable minimum amount spent on this energy. This work is carried out in the framework of the program SERT (The Scalable, Energy-Efficient, Resilient and Transparent Software Adaptation), and its key point is the so-called technology "approximate computing" computing approximate), known under the name of "significance-based computing", "acceleration" where reliability and precision are donated to worthy in the direction of...

Scientists from the University of southern California (University of Southern California, USC) made a big step towards the creation of a new family of superconducting materials, operating at relatively high temperatures. The development of such materials can literally revolutionize the field of power transmission, high-performance electronics, x-ray, transport, magnetic levitation, and many other areas.

Researchers and engineers from Monash University (Monash University, Australia, working in conjunction with colleagues from the University Decina (Deakin University) and the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), has created the world's first turbojet engine, for the manufacture of which had been used exclusively technology of three-dimensional printing. The first prototype of this engine is currently being demonstrated at the International Airshow at avalon, Australia, and the second engine adorns the headquarters of the French aerospace companies Microturbo in Toulouse.

Researchers from the University of Arkansas has developed and produced prototypes of silicon carbide integrated circuits, chips, able to survive temperatures in excess of 350 degrees Celsius. The results of this work, funded by the U.S. National science Foundation (National Science Foundation, NSF), can lead to the emergence of new types of microprocessors, memory, interfaces, and other analog and digital circuits used in power, auto mobile, aviation electronics and space technology, which should provide reliable operation even in the most extreme environmental conditions.

A Group of researchers from Cornell University (Cornell University) have developed a model based on methane and free oxygen forms of life, able, theoretically, to recycle nutrients, reproduction and other functions of life, characteristic life forms that exist on Earth. Developed by scientists-chemists and astronomers, this model can be the basis for complex life forms that are able to thrive in adverse to us and cold conditions of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, the surface of which is covered by seas and oceans are not out of the water and of liquid methane and heavier hydrocarbons.

An international group of researchers, led by specialists in the field of quantum information science from the University of York, has designed, created and tested the first prototype of their new quantum radar. This radar with laws and ghostly phenomena of quantum mechanics can detect objects, which for various reasons is invisible, as for conventional radar systems and other detection systems.