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Science news - Microform™ news holography

Science news - Microform™ news holography

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The Main component of the new x-ray laser XFEL (X-ray Free-Electron Laser), the so-called electron injector was first included in the work. The injector is an electron gun and pre-accelerator, a length of 45 meters, which is part of a larger accelerator, the length of which after construction will be about 2 kilometers. After a start operation, the injector produced the first "packages" of free electrons and successfully dispersed them to speeds approaching the speed of light, and this achievement is a major milestone towards the completion of the construction of the future's most powerful x-ray laser in the world.

The Launch of another large-scale missions to study the red Planet has been delayed for more than two years in connection with defects of some components of the basic scientific instrument of the spacecraft Mars InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations geodesy is and Heat Transport). Initially the launch mission was scheduled in March next year, however, a constant leak in the vacuum system of seismograph Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure (SEIS) makes it impossible to use this instrument and spacecraft Mars InSight was transported to air force base Vandenberg in the place of its Assembly in Denver, which manages the Lockheed Martin company, for the elimination of detected faults.

What you see in the picture is not the image of Darth Vader wielding a lightsaber. In this picture taken by space telescope Hubble Space Telescope, shows a very young star, still hiding in the clouds of gas and dust nebulae expelled into the surrounding space are two extremely saturated energy flow of high-temperature plasma. This star is part of the HH object 24, object Herbig-Haro (Herbig-Haro, HH) located on the removal of 1,350 light-years from Earth in the active region under the name of Orion B. the star of the HH 24 is a young star, which is indicated by the presence of a surrounding disk of hot matter, the so-called protoplanetary disk.

A New era in the implementation of space flight was started just yesterday after the first stage booster of the Falcon 9 company SpaceX has successfully returned from space and made a soft landing in a specially designated place. The Falcon 9 rocket was launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral, its second stage successfully delivered and launched into low earth orbit, 11 communication satellites Orbcomm-2, and the first stage, the mission made a controlled descent to the planned landing site and the engines landed in the autoş MATIC mode under the control of the onboard computer.

Artificial neural network (Artificial Neural Network, ANN) are information processing systems, which are based on principles that are close to the principles of the brain. Such computing systems can be used and already are used to recognize visual images, with autoş MATIC control, signal processing, decision support systems and artificial intelligence systems. From the variety of types of artificial neural networks can distinguish the so-called discrete neural networks (Spiking Neural Network, SNN) that perform processing of information, diskriminirovaniya on the timeline.

Cosmic gamma-ray telescope Swift during his work he registered the 1,000 th gamma ray burst (gamma-ray burst, GRB), extremely bright flash of gamma radiation, which is a manifestation of the most powerful and energetic events in the Universe, such as supernovae explosions and the "birth" of black holes. Gamma-ray bursts, lasting about a minute or less, a fairly common phenomenon, they occur every few days and are in completely random points in the night sky. But if astronomers manage to catch such an event, it gives their hands a lot of valuable information about high-energy processes occurring in the depths of the Universe.

In the past three decades, the science of quantum communications and quantum computing has progressed quite a high pace, constantly replenishing with new protocols, algorithms and hardware. However, practical implementation of all these theories, which can be implemented quantum Internet and create a heavy duty quantum computers, is a hard enough task at the present time. The actual implementation of the technology required for the transmission and processing of quantum information, such as "elusive" quantum router, always comes up against the lack of knowledge and lack of other related technologies.

Forces strong nuclear interactions bind the smallest particles of matter which make up the atoms of different elements. Thanks largely to these forces and there is the world around us in the form in which we are accustomed to seeing. Not so long ago, physicists at the National laboratory of Brookhaven (Brookhaven National Laboratory) made measurements of the forces of strong nuclear interaction of antimatter, which is a mirror opposite of normal matter and which appears in one of the biggest cosmological mysteries of our time.

In the sci-Fi film series "Star trek /Star Trek" was popularized the concept of the tricorder - a portable medical device that remotely scan a person's body and making the analysis of exhaled air to them that can determine a person's state of health and identify the presence of certain diseases. In recent years, the level of development of modern technologies approached the possibility of creating such devices, which are already produced by various groups of scientists and engineers. And another such development was the device created by a group of Stanford University. Hidden in the bowels of this device microwave and ultrasonic components can detect any hidden inside the human body objects, whether it is inserted under the skin microchips or malignant...

A cluster of galaxies, glowing an intense bright blue and pink light, is a place in space, where there is, or rather has already been the most potent and powerful cosmic explosion, which in all respects is second only to the Big Bang in which our universe was born. This explosion was a long process, it has been going on for 100 million years, spewing into the environment the energy equivalent total energy a hundred million simultaneous gamma-ray bursts. And the source of this explosion is the biggest famous people in the Universe black hole, a gravitational monster, a mass 10 billion times the mass of the Sun.

Some companies, particularly Google and Amazon have concentrated on unmanned aerial vehicles, which will act as couriers, carrying out an emergency delivery of the purchased by people over the Internet goods, postal parcels and urgent messages. However Heinl Ahti (Ahti Heinla) and Janus Friis (Janus Friis), the notorious former founders of Skype, look at the above problem is more "pragmatically". They created a new company Starship Technologies is developing Autonomous robotic postmen who will eventually be able to assume full work for the delivery of parcels and goods, having closed the so-called "last mile"issue.

Research spacecraft New Horizons of the U.S. space Agency NASA not so long ago flying through the Pluto system, did a lot of high quality pictures of this planet, its satellites and produced a large number of scientific measurements. And now the unit successfully completed the last of the four maneuvers, accompanied by long-term incorporation of jet engines that changed the course of the unit, which leads him to a rather vague future. The endpoint of this course sufficiently well known, but there is no certainty that the leadership of NASA will agree to a further extension of the mission of the apparatus of the New Horizons.

We Remind our readers that about a year ago, the first spacecraft SpaceShipTwo crashed during a test flight, killing one of the pilots was killed and another seriously injured. Despite such a high-profile setback, the company continued to work on assembling the second instance of the spacecraft. And now this ship, the construction of which was subject to many changes based on bitter experience, is in the final stages of its construction, then, presumably in February 2016, the program will resume its flight tests.

How fast the plane can cross the Atlantic ocean? When the pilot Charles Lindbergh (Charles Lindbergh) in 1927 for the first time did it on a single-seat plane the Spirit of St. Louis, it took 33 hours, 30 minutes and 29 seconds. Most of the current commercial Airliners today spend on a transatlantic flight about six and a half hours, and the well-known Concorde was required three and a half hours. However, the new hypersonic airliner Skreemr, the concept of which was developed by the canadian engineer and inventor Charles Bombardier (Bombardier Charles), assisted by ray Mattison (Mattison Ray), will take flight just over 40 minutes.

Not so long ago we told you about an interesting trend about robots that draw necessary for their movement energy from the environment. Representative of such robots, Thermobot, the limbs of which are made of bimetal material, able to ever walk on a hot surface using its thermal energy. Now we will tell about another interesting implementation of such an idea, of a robot called Row-bot, which has the capacity of generating electricity by bacteria and which in this way can forever swim in dirty water, where bacteria receive the required nutrients.