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Science news - Microform™ news holography

Science news - Microform™ news holography

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NASA confirmed that the space research unit New Horizons has successfully executed the first of the four correction directions of its course, which should send it towards the open space, at the point of meeting with one of the objects of the Kuiper belt, located a billion miles beyond the orbit of Pluto. Thursday, 22 October 2015 machine made a inclusion of his two engines operating on hydrazine. These engines, worked 16 minutes, changed the trajectory of the device and increased its speed about 10 meters per second (36 kilometers per hour).

A Group of Chinese scientists from the Institute of Biomedicine and health in Guangzhou (Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health) announced that they managed to create the first of its kind the super dogs, the dog, the genome of which has been corrected by means of genetic engineering technologies. The volume of muscle mass superspace twice the amount a normal dog of this same breed, and it allows GM animal to run faster and be more hardy. These abilities make the dog indispensable in hunting and these dogs can be more efficiently used by police, army and other state security services.

According to statistics collected by the world health organization, 30 percent of the air that is supplied inside of office and industrial buildings, does not correspond to the established sanitary and medical norms. In these cases, the responsibility for pollution lies with the heating and air conditioning, the cleaning of which is very rarely, if at all. Manual cleaning of pipelines and ducts of the ducts is a vast amount of very dirty work, which requires in some cases a partial disassembly of system components, ceilings, walls and floors. But this work perfectly will be able to make a new intelligent robot, whose design is built on the so-called principle of Tensegrity (tensegrity).

The leadership of the European space Agency (ESA) made a choice in favor of a surface region of Mars POS name Oxia Planum, which is now seen as the primary landing site lander mission ExoMars. This European-Russian mission will be the second mission of the ExoMars programme and its objective will be to test some new technologies plus implementation of searching of life in the red Planet's past and its present. The mission consists of a lander and Rover, and according to the plans, its launch will be made in may 2018 and to Mars, the spacecraft will arrive in January 2019.

Scientists-astronomers from the Ruhr University in Bochum (Ruhr-Universitat Bochum), Germany, brought together a lot of their shots and as a result received a huge panoramic picture of our galaxy, the milky Way galaxy, the amount of which is $ 194 gigabytes. The resolution of this image is 46 billion pixels, making it one of the most large-scale astronomical images to date. And to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to look at the results of their work, the scientists organized a special interactive online service by dividing the original image into separate sections 268. Unfortunately, due to the large influx of users the service has become unstable and you, if you decide to look there, will have to muster a little patience and not to hurry with their...

The Creation of ultra-compact photonic and optoelectronic devices next generation will be impossible without a highly capable miniature light source of the laser. Scientists from the National laboratory Lawrence Berkeley has developed and produced prototypes of the rather unique light source is a laser, the carriers of energy which are quasi-particles, called excitons, which are made of flat material, tungsten disulfide, positioned inside a disk microcavity. And this laser due to the unusual principle of operation is capable of producing coherent radiation in the visible light range is high enough brightness.

Our readers are probably familiar with the innovative transport system Hyperloop, which was presented in 2013, Elon Musk, the founder of companies SpaceX and Tesla Motors. This system is a network of pipelines, inside of which a vacuum is created and inside of them in special capsules on a magnetic cushion, people can move between cities with empotrada a speed of about 1200 kilometers per hour (760 mph). And in the very near future, literally in the next few weeks, in the area of the Quay Valley, California, will begin construction of the first test track for the Hyperloop system, whose length will be 5 miles (8 kilometers).

The exhibition of military technology, Military & Defence Exhibition, held recently in South Korea, known to the Israeli defense company Rafael has made a demonstration they have created a laser system, Iron Beam, designed for protection from enemy rockets, artillery shells and UAVs. Currently, the Iron Beam system is not yet deployed, but it has huge potential to become a significant addition, or a complete replacement of an existing Israeli missile defense system called Iron Dome. Moreover, the Iron Beam system may act as Autonomous auto systems and if it will be wide spread, it will be a sign that lasers are the best means of protection against missiles and drones today.

Heat engines are one of the most common types of engines at present. These engines rotate the turbine generators of thermal power plants, internal combustion engines are forced to move our auto mobiles, turbojet engines allow the aircraft to fly in the sky, and rocket engines lift a spacecraft into space. In most heat engines, with rare exceptions, have large dimensions and weight, which may reach hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of pounds. And during each operating cycle of such engines it is heated, then cooled trillions of trillions of molecules of the working medium, thermal energy is converted into mechanical energy of motion. And recently, physicists in Germany have created what can be called the smallest heat engine in the world. Because it...

What you see in the above picture, is the planetary nebula PK 329-02.2, located near the constellation of Norma (the Norma Constellation), in the southern hemisphere night sky. The space object is also mentioned under the names of Menzel, or Mz 2 2, which he received in honor of astronomer Donald Menzel (Donald Menzel), who first discovered the nebula in 1922.

Our regular readers surely remember the Chinese lunar mission Chang'e 3, the descent module which descended to the lunar surface in December 2013. This module is delivered and released to the surface of the autoş MATIC Yu Tu lunar Rover, which has managed to survive the cold lunar night, remaining motionless because of mechanical failure. And only in March of this year, the Yu Tu lunar Rover completely stopped working. At the time, as public attention was riveted on the Chinese lunar Rover, little was known about what onboard descent module Chang'e 3, which operates to the present day, is another autoş MATIC device that works flawlessly for nearly two years. And this device is a telescope with a 15-centimeter mirror, a leading observation in the range of...

Robots, undoubtedly, are an ideal agricultural workers of the future. As proof of this statement, the Japanese company Spread and is now building the world's first farm salad, work on which will exclusively be robots under the control of specialized computers. According to the plans, the farm will begin to operate at peak capacity in 2017, and fully automatic computer-assisted, and environmentally friendly the growing process will make agricultural products cheaper and available to a wide range of consumers.

Just the other day the jury of the annual competition Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition has announced the results and published the list of winners. This year the competition was attended by a number of photographs taken by scientists and photographers from 80 different countries, but the judges were most impressed by the technique used by Australian Ralph Grimm (Ralph Grimm). In the photo, which won first place in the contest, shows the eye of the honeybee (Apis mellifera) covered with small particles of the pollen of a dandelion.

An international group of scientists headed by scientists from the Australian National University (Australian National University, ANU), which also included scientists from Japan, Singapore and Germany, for deeper penetration into the essence of one of the fundamental areas of quantum physics, the so-called exceptional points in physics (physics of exceptional points), have created a quantum system whose operation is very similar to the game of Billiards. This rather large-scale quantum system is a condensate of Bose-Einstein related free and of quasiparticles, excitons and polaritons, and the studies performed with this system can lead to the discovery of new principles, which will be based on electronics future generation, using it in its goals the unique...

Representatives of Google, NASA and the University space research Association announced the acquire of computer D-Wave 2X, the latest and the most powerful quantum computer in the world today. A computer processor 2X, which operates at a temperature of 15 thousandths of a degree above absolute zero, and which is installed in the walls of the Laboratory quantum artificial intelligence Google, the number of quantum bits, qubits, one thousand, twice more than its predecessor. The upgrade system was made according to 7-year-old agreement between the company D-Wave and all the above-mentioned organizations, in which they will be delivered all updated models of quantum computers D-Wave.