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Science news - Microform™ news holography

Science news - Microform™ news holography

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We All know that most of the existing high-speed digital networks based on optic fiber. The hardware installed at each end of an optical cable, convert optical signals into electrical to determine the destination of each package and perform the reverse conversion to send a packet along the cable. Researchers from the Japanese telecommunications company NTT believe that such a series of transformations is a profligate waste of energy and time, which can be avoided through the use of specialized optical sites. And one part of this site may be optical device memory random access Random Access Memory (RAM), a prototype of which has a capacity of 115 bits and consists of a structured matrix photonic crystals, each of which can store a pulse of light of a certain...

What you see on the pictures, is not a design built from elements of some children's designer. To do this, this design is too small, it is a demonstration of the technology, developed by researchers from the University of Waterloo (University of Waterloo), led by Professor Julia Greer (Julia Greer), and with the help of this technology you can create a cyclical nanostructures any form of complexity and separate elements of which have dimensions not exceeding 5 nanometers, 5 billions parts meters. These carefully designed nanostructures can be the basis of the structural and technical materials of the future, with a lot of unique physical properties and strength characteristics.

Remind our readers that lunar exploration Orbiter Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) was launched into space on June 18, 2009. Four days apparatus LRO reached the moon and took a circular orbit where it is today. For those five years that the device LRO held near the moon, he has made and has passed on the Earth thousands of images, which were used to develop the most detailed map of the lunar surface today. And the remaining seven scientific instruments apparatus LRO were used for studies of the radiation conditions, to search for water and other minerals, hidden in the depths of the moon and to explore the geological past is the only satellite of our planet.

Very soon devices augmented reality, such as glasses Google Glass, will become quite a common thing. But they will not be able to make the trees higher, and the Sun, thanks to them, will not be able to Shine more brightly. Instead, the device augmented reality will be able to radically turn the way we interact with objects and objects of the environment surrounding us, looking at a coffee table, for example, you can play any of table games, and reading a magazine, you will get the opportunity to immediately make an online purchase things you liked.

European consortium with dozens of participants, plans to create a supercomputer, based architecture which will be based on the processors used now as processors smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices. However, the future supercomputer will have computing power at the level of actoplus (10^18 floating-point operations per second)that a thousand times the computational power of the fastest modern supercomputers.

Average weight uniforms fire is about 25 kg, and, depending on the situation, firefighters have to drag yourself instruments and equipment, weighing up to 70 kg. Now imagine that the person burdened with such a load, you need to climb a few dozen flights of stairs and then to act in the conditions, which represents a considerable danger for his life and lives of other people. To help firefighters in such situations, you can use specialized loaders, like the exoskeletons are being developed for the military and Astron auto century, And his version of the exoskeleton for firefighters AFA (Advanced Firefighting Apparatus) presented Ken Chan (Ken Chen), the future constructor-designer from Melbourne, Australia.

If the robot could read a novel or other artwork, what would he have felt? The answer to this question can give a newly developed system that using a set of complex software algorithms reads novels, determines the present human emotions and on the basis of these data is short of a musical composition. Some examples of these compositions we presented below, but it is necessary in advance to warn you that some of them are very similar in the exercises, performed on the piano is not very talented novice musician.

A Group of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin have developed and tested on what we can call the smallest and fastest nano-motor in the world. The dimensions of this nano-motor comparable to the size of a single cell tissues of living beings, and it can be used to actuate the nanobots that will destroy infected cells or deliver the necessary medicines.

Modern implants, pacemakers and other medical devices for their work require internal power sources, chemical or rechargeable batteries. There are many other devices that receive their required energy by thin wires passing through the body tissues of the patient. In any case, to replace the battery, the battery charging and repair guides requires a rather complicated surgery, complex as how much smaller is the implant. But after a while the days of implants with built-in power supply off, and the first step towards this was the implant the pacemaker, the size of a grain of rice, which receives energy through a specialized wireless system.

According to information from IBM that one part of the field of information technologies, which throughout its 60-year existence did not lag behind rates of development defined by the law, Gordon Moore, is the technology of recording and storing information on a magnetic tape. This assumption once again confirms the fact that the specialists of IBM and FujiFilm managed in whole 62 times to increase the amount of information recorded on a standard cassette Linear Tape-Open (LTO). Now on the tape that fits on such a bobbin, you can record 154 terabytes of information versus 2.5 terabytes, which accommodates itself Bobina LTO 2012 production.

Last year airliner Airbus A350 XWB for the first time rose in the air and after 11 months since then, the Rolls-Royce company has completed the creation of the first turbojet engine Trent XWB, designed exactly for this plane. Currently, this is the first engine is already on the way to Toulouse, France, where will be realized installing it on one of the A350 XWB Qatar Airways. According to the information of Rolls-Royce, this first sample of "the most effective in the world of aviation engine" is the first of 1600 such engines ordered 40 air carriers from around the world.

Technological advances, which literally fall from the horn of plenty, allow not only to create a completely new device. Increasingly these achievements are used for modernization or full reconstruction of already existing technologies. And a notable example of this is the new miniature chip, designed and developed by experts of the U.S. defense Raytheon, which is designed to build systems of night vision of the next generation. Developed the chip is so small and cheap to manufacture, that he has an unlimited number of application areas, and in some cases use of this chip can completely eliminate the need to use any lighting.

In science fiction is quite common plot, where the main hero with a small mirror or mirror reflects a beam of laser weapons and sends it back to the villain. No matter how interesting it would not look on the silver screen, from the point of view of the laws of physics is almost impossible, because the reflection and focusing beams of high-power lasers is extremely uneasy. The light beam of a powerful laser quickly heats the area of low-quality mirrors, bringing it is deformed and scatters light laser at best, and at worst, simply destroyed. To combat this problem professionals from Fraunhofer Institut has developed a mirror-lens that can change its shape, producing compensation of local heating and other factors causing the optical distortions that prevent...

Your smartphone almost always knows where you are. This is due to receive the special chip smartphone signals from the satellites of the global positioning system GPS are in space in low earth orbit. As is well known owners of smartphones and GPS system works extremely unstable or not at all when the ways of the signals from the satellites, there are various obstacles. But soon things can change thanks to a new technology location, which by measuring the gravitational forces acting on the atoms will be able to work even under water, in the closed premises and underground.

In 2006, a group of researchers of the Institute of experimental physics of the University of Innsbruck (Institute of Experimental Physics of the University of Innsbruck), led by Rudolf Grimm (Rudolf Grimm), provided the first experimental evidence of the existence of quantum phenomena under the name of the state Efimova, phenomenon, which until that time existed only in theory. And recently, this same group of scientists measured the second point of resonance Efimova, using a system of three related particles rarefied gas cooled to very low temperatures. Conducted by scientists measurements showed the frequency of the phenomenon of state Efimova, as predicted by the former Soviet scientist-physicist, after whom the phenomenon and got its name.