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Science news - Microform™ news holography

Science news - Microform™ news holography

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Engineers of Japan Institute of physical and chemical research RIKEN, located near Tokyo, proposed a plan for the use of a powerful laser, which, being installed on Board the International Space Station (ISS), will produce a clearing near-earth space from the accumulated debris. This process will involve space telescope, originally developed to study the effects of the atmosphere on cosmic rays, which is sufficient for the detection of pieces of space debris. And then found pieces of garbage will be dropped from orbit with the help of powerful pulse fiber laser.

Our readers are well aware that the search for distant exoplanets are hard enough. At scientists ' disposal, there are several indirect methods that allow you to learn some details and features of cosmic bodies located at a distance of many light years from Earth. Data on the size of the planet can provide a change in the brightness of a star when a planet passes between the star and Earth, and the changes of the gravitational refraction of light and oscillations of stars help astronomers to accurately calculate the mass and orbital parameters of the planet.

Representatives of the company Audi has announced that their pilot plant, a kind of mini-chemical plant, located near Dresden, has produced the first batch of synthetic diesel fuel, "e-diesel". Material for production of synthetic fuels is carbon dioxide (CO2), and further development of such technologies can lead to more rational use of natural resources and to improve environmental conditions. We add that the first five liters of synthetic diesel fuel were solemnly filled in in a tank car Mobil Audi A8 3.0 TDI, which is moved by the Minister of education and research Germany Dr. Johanna angle (Dr. Johanna Wanka).

Researchers from the Scientific and technical research center VTT, Finland, have demonstrated that by using a fairly simple method of inkjet printing a special "metallic" ink can produce memory chips directly on the paper, thus, sufficiently large roller parties. This is very cheap "paper" memory can be used in various fields, for example, to record collected by different sensors data, for marking, to indicate the value and description of the goods, interactive packaging, etc.

Yesterday, April 24, 2015 space telescope NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope that was launched into space on April 24, 1990 aboard the Shuttle discovery, marked the 25th anniversary of his stay in earth orbit. Specially for the anniversary date, NASA has selected the official picture - perfect image of a star cluster Westerlund 2, consisting of more than 3 thousand stars, located near gas cloud Gum 29 at a distance of 20 thousand light years from Earth. This exciting image is a demonstration of the capabilities of the space telescope, and NASA has created a video, looking to make a trip to this area of space as if it all actually happens.

New atomic clock based on optical lattice of strontium atoms created by an international team headed by scientists from the U.S. National Institute of standards and technology (National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST), demonstrate the highest to date, the accuracy of the countdown. These watches are streamlined watch is created by this same group last year, due to the use of some techniques and technical solutions the accuracy of the watches was raised three times, and now they are wrong just for one second more than 15 billion years. And 15 billion years is a time greater than the lifetime of the Universe.

This year, many auto mobile company has launched its concepts, which reflect their point of view on the future of electric cars-robots. First in the beginning of the year, Mercedes introduced its intriguing concept of the F 015 and one of the most striking concepts presented later at the Geneva auto salon, has become Italdesign Giugiaro. A little behind in this case is known Chevrolet company, but now they have corrected this situation by presenting their point of view on auto mobiles of the future. Their "futuristic capsule" FNR is teeming forms, technologies and innovative ideas of the next generation.

For all the time we have seen a lot of robots, the design of which largely follows the structure of bodies of animals of different types. This robotic snakes, cheetahs, birds, fish, kangaroos and even robotic butterflies. And now it is the turn of another very interesting animal - the desert jerboa, which is something of a hybrid mouse-gerbils and kangaroo. Despite the amusing appearance of this animal, it is very flexible and its a little ridiculous long legs provide high dynamics and efficiency of movements, especially if we take into account the tail of the animal, which also plays a huge role in this.

This unusual-looking aircraft which is a hybrid of a catamaran, plane and hovercraft, is the first of a series of aircraft developed by China with the assistance of Russian engineers. All work on the project CYG, the implementation of which is allocated 5 billion yuan (800 million dollars), are held by the company Hainan Yingge Wing, which is a division of a larger company Ground Effect Craft Manufacturing. The project has already created two prototypes of the small aircraft CYG-11, which recently passed its flight tests on the coast of Hainan island near the city of Haikou.

Being more than a month in orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres, research Dawn spacecraft finally caught the right moment and made a series of images illuminated by the solar rays beaten by meteorite craters on the planet's surface in the area its the North pole. These pictures were taken by the apparatus 10 April 2015 from a distance of 33 thousand kilometers, and they are the most high quality images of Ceres available to scientists today.

Alliance United Launch Alliance (ULA) is actively involved in the race to develop the space launch system reusable. Their new system Next Generation Launch System (NGLS), known as the booster Vulcan, should in the future be a replacement for existing systems running. Reusable element in this system will be the unit of jet engines, which, after his own, separated from the first stage, the atmosphere will be caught in a special trap and brought to the surface using lift helicopter.

, Thanks to its "live" eyebrows, cheeks, chin and moving eyes, this robot even from a short distance can be confused with a man. And when this "Professor Dowell's head" is watching you with my own eyes and even tries to say something at that, then you have a very unusual feeling. It is claimed by the visitors of the exhibition Global Sources spring electronics show, which is being held at the exhibition centre AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong, where the company Hanson Robotics demonstrates all his next creation.

Modern smartphones can perform many different actions. But still one action remains beyond their capabilities - the ability to scan three-dimensional objects with a resolution sufficient to create an exact copy of the object using three-dimensional printer. However, such an opportunity can be made real with a small and inexpensive device, the chip NCI (nanophotonic coherent imager), developed by experts from the California Institute of technology (Caltech). In addition to smartphones, the chip NCI is able to provide three-dimensional perception of the surrounding space, and many other devices, for example, realizing the functions of a futuristic human-machine interfaces and control systems driverless cars mobiles robots.

Scientists, making images of the same region of space, the time interval between which was 18 years, for the first time got the opportunity to see some of the subtleties of the process of formation of young massive stars that made them reconsider some of the established theories. Massive stars, the weight of which at least eight times the mass of the Sun, quite rare in the Universe, but their role is very important, they work as a kind of "factory" for the production of heavy elements from which then formed the planets and other cosmic bodies. But the way these stars are massive, remained for scientists, until recently, "a mystery".

Scientists from Stanford University has developed and produced prototypes of high-performance batteries on the basis of aluminum, which speed up charging, safety, reliability and at a cost significantly higher than current lithium-ion batteries. And the most attractive to consumers is that these aluminum batteries can be charged up to the maximum charge level is not for the watch, and in a few minutes time.