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Science news - Microform™ news holography

Science news - Microform™ news holography

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On the pages of our website, we quite often talked about the technology of optical data transmission Li-Fi, which in some cases can become a full replacement for traditional technologies such as Wi-Fi that use radio waves to transmit information. Moreover, some of the leading developers of equipment Li-Fi are confident that the transition from led light sources to the sources based on semiconductor lasers will not only make the lighting system more economical. This will allow a minimum of ten times to raise the data transfer rate through such lighting.

In the disk of gas, dust and ice, where planets are formed, which in the future will revolve around a very young star, scientists and astronomers has found molecules of complex organic compounds. This fact is Testament to the fact that these compounds, a sort of standard "blocks" which consist of the simplest forms of life, more common in the Universe than previously thought.

According to the plans of the Military-industrial Commission under the Russian government by 2024, the Russian army should get 80 units new heavy transport aircraft PACK-TA (Prospective airborne Complex of Transport Aircraft), flying at hypersonic speeds, can reach any point on the globe in approximately seven hours. According to the stated specifications, airplane PAK-TA will be able to fly at speeds of up to 2000 kilometers per hour, to have a flight range of up to 7 thousand miles and raise in the air cargo weighing up to 200 tons. A fleet of such aircraft will be able if necessary to carry out rapid deployment of "armored fist" of the 400 ultra-modern tanks "Armata" with full ammo and all attendant services.

One of the things that very often seen in various science fiction movies, power boards are of different nature, which protect space vehicles, military vehicles or soldiers of the future from explosions and enemy fire. But, in the not-too-distant future, these panels, at least one of their variants, may appear in reality. And this is indicated by the patent is known to the Boeing company, the name of which reads as follows: "Method and system for suppressing the shock of a blast wave by means of an electromagnetic arc".

An international group of researchers from Switzerland, Britain and the Netherlands have demonstrated they have developed technology that allows using light pulses to control the quantum state of the qubits, prisoners in a conventional silicon substrate, and to read the value of this state using conventional electrical measurement methods. Using this technology, scientists have created the simplest quantum switch that can toggle within a millionth of a millionth of a second. This quantum switch, at least a thousand times overtaking speed other similar silicon switches, can rightly be considered the fastest man-made quantum device in the world today.

A Group of researchers from University College London (University College London, UCL) have developed a new technology, which in future will make the effects of quantum mechanics applied to objects of larger sizes than was possible earlier. Scientists are "suspended" in a vacuum by means of an electric field glass nanoparticles, with a size of about 400 nm, and then, with the help of light laser cooled to a temperature a few degrees above absolute zero. All this together are the key prerequisites to force the object out of the field of conventional physics and navigate in the region of subordination to the laws of quantum mechanics.

The New facility, located at an altitude 4115 meters (13 500 feet) above sea level on one of the slopes of the volcano Sierra Negra, Galapagos Islands, consists of 300 huge metal tanks in which is 55 million liters of water. And this structure is not the highest reservoir or storage of fuel for airfield nearby, this is a scientific tool that will detect and record the high-energy photons, which, in turn, are the result of explosions and other catastrophic events that occurred far in the bottomless depths of the Universe.

The Theory that outside of our own Universe, somewhere in the other dimensions may exist many parallel universes, excites scientists for quite a long time. But, unfortunately, this theory or disprove, not prove had no opportunity until very recently. However, a group of physicists from the US, Canada and Egypt suggested that the Large Hadron Collider, the most powerful to date laziness accelerator of elementary particles should be sufficient to determine whether there are actually parallel universes.

A Group of researchers from the company's Columbia Engineering has developed a new technology that enables full-duplex operation for simultaneous reception and transmission of data on one and the same frequency lying in the range of wireless communication systems. Moreover, they were able to realize the implementation of this technology in the form of nanoscale CMOS components of receiver and transmitter is placed on the crystal miniature chip CoSMIC (Columbia high-Speed and Mm-wave IC), which can easily be installed in smartphones and other miniature electronic devices.

Holographic displays capable of displaying dynamic images, changing in real time, have long been and are still one of the subjects of science fiction. But, thanks to the work of the various groups of scientists and engineers, the appearance of such displays in reality is getting closer and closer every day. And one such group is the group of Cambridge University, who developed a new type of pixel, the optical element providing a much greater level of control over the flow of light, other than such elements created previously by other groups of researchers.

A Group of researchers from the University of California (University of California), Berkeley, and University of Technology Nanyang Nanyang Technological University, NTU), Singapore created another flying beetle cyborg. Plugging this insect to the computer using a wireless communication system, the researchers found the minutest details all the intricacies of his muscles and turned that knowledge into a series of algorithms that allows to remotely control the flight and movements of an insect with high precision, forcing him to make precise turns, to hover in place and make in the air the other "freaks".

New walking and running robot ATRIAS (Assume The Robot Is A Sphere), developed by the specialists of the laboratory of Dynamic Robotics Laboratory, University of Oregon, and has a unique propulsion system is now in the process of learning, after passing which he can try to become the fastest two-legged robot in the world. The uniqueness of the robot ATRIAS is that the prototype for its propulsion system began darting birds, some of which, perhaps, are one of the fastest and most agile runners in the world.

Processing of all data, which managed to collect during his very short mission Chinese moon Rover YuTu, showed that past the moon was more complex and active than previously thought. Scientific equipment moonwalker allowed to obtain evidence of the existence of a minimum of nine distinguished from each other by layers of rocks, lying deep enough under the surface. And this, in turn, has revealed that the Moon was extremely active in geological terms over 3.3 billion years.

Held in January of this year CES 2015 the company Delphi Automotive PLC, engaged in all kinds of auto mobile technologies, introduced its own auto mobile robot, based on the upgraded auto Mobil Audi Q5. And in the very near future, the company plans to release their offspring into the road, and not just to produce, but to make the journey across America in fully auto MATIC mode. According to the plans, auto mobile robot Delphi Audi will hit the road on March 22, from San Francisco, and if all goes well, in a week it will arrive in new York. And although in the driver's seat all the time to be a man, he will not touch nor a steering wheel and other controls.

Synthesis of molecules of different chemical compounds is an incredibly complex and difficult process requiring a large amount of staff time with the highest level of qualification. Even highly qualified chemists in severe cases, the search processes of synthesis of molecules of certain species can take several years, and the elucidation and description of all of their properties - and even more. However, this situation will soon change radically through the machine, developed by scientists from the University of Illinois. This wonderful machine can automatically synthesize any of a broad range of complex molecules by pressing only one button.