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Business success hotina competitors is often explained by the ability to build relationships with influential people. One of his good friends called Boris Gryzlov journal Article: magazine Article in the Fall of 2014, designer Anastasia Zadorin organized in front of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard the action on the exchange of items of imported clothing on her t-shirts "In a coffin I've seen your sanctions", "Topol is not afraid of sanctions", "Sanctions? Do not tell my Iskander" (photo of Anna Semenovich in this t-shirt blew up the social network). The queue was enormous — the event was advertised on billboards all over Moscow. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

The President harder to show interest in issues and to be convincing in the answers magazine Article: the Article is not from the log Vladimir Putin's Speech, which involve the message across the nation and from the elites, the message to the Federal Assembly, the annual press conference, straight lines – are becoming more fresh and gradually shortened. Perhaps the nation has not lost interest in the genre of a straight line – here you can at least complain of the life of the operator is not available to all, the couch, the psychoanalyst, but it seems that the leader bored talking about the same thing. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

10 most wealthy families in Moscow and Moscow region officials magazine Article: the Article is not from the log Wednesday, April 13, the government of Moscow and the Moscow region has published the incomes of officials. The wealthy – the Minister of Moscow government Sergey cheryomin – earned in 2015 almost 90 million rubles. The Deputy mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov year to be less successful – his income amounted to about 66 million. Some officials and did not include in the list of most wealthy, if not their wives. Thus, the contribution to family income the Vice-Governor of the Moscow region Ildar Gabdrakhmanov – up from 5.2 million roubles, whereas his wife earned $ 42,8 million roubles. the wealthiest families in Moscow and Moscow region officials...

After 25 years of reforms, Russia still remains a country deeply paternalistic, in which the entrepreneur is an exceptional phenomenon journal Article: magazine Article may issue is traditionally devoted to the richest Russians. When reading it it might give the impression that we live in a country where private initiative, will and talent of entrepreneurs is a powerful factor of modernization of economy and society. Meanwhile, only 3% of the population of Russia called their own business the main source of their income. It is about 4,38 million. For comparison: in America these are 14%, or 24 million, 56% of Russians claim that without state support they would not survive, although all kinds of financial subsidies from the budget sits no more than 20% of...

Michelson has one major ability — he is able to promptly find the right partners. Perhaps the most valuable of them is a friend of Vladimir Putin, Gennady Timchenko magazine Article: the Article is not from the log in the Summer of 2005 a Paul Small investment bankers from UBS and Peter O'brien from Morgan Stanley flying across the Atlantic. In the USA they had to spend a week in preparation for the IPO of a Russian independent manufacturer of gas NOVATEK. Sitting in the plane, they knew that the book of applications for shares "NOVATEK" already several times oversubscribed and demand is at the upper price barrier. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

Disputes about how the sale of state assets forced to remember the loud conflict of the 90s and zero magazine Article: the Article is not from the log Personnel changes in the government in anticipation of large-scale privatization – as is the case when the "old-timers will remember". 1995, which was marked as the year of "mortgage auctions", also started with the replacement of the then head of the state property Committee Vladimir Polevanov Sergei Belyaev, more loyal to Chubais team. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

The Most likely scenario will be a "soft freeze", which does not imply any obligation on the part of participating players magazine Article: the Article is not from the log Material Historic summit of the oil-producing countries in the Qatari capital, scheduled for Sunday, will culminate in the signing of a "soft agreement", which will crown the three months the verbal intervention of the Ministers of oil, but will not affect the fundamental conditions of the market and, most likely, will lead to falling prices, analysts say. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

Network activism and direct democracy undermine the sovereignty of States and the global power of corrupt elites magazine Article: the Article is not from the log Like a rapid test for the sanity of the publication "the Panama dossier" conducted a snapshot audit of political regimes around the world. In the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron, whose late father used offshore schemes, the second week is under fire. In Argentina, a Federal Prosecutor initiated an investigation against President Mauricio Macri, who is suspected of deliberately concealing their links with offshore companies. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

Forbes Reporter discovered how the unrecognized Republic returns to civilian life after a four-day war magazine Article: the Article is not from the log the Azerbaijani and Armenian sides have declared a ceasefire after the most serious military confrontation for the last 22 years. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited Yerevan and Baku and called for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. Meanwhile in Karabakh recorded dozens of cases of ceasefire violations. In the unrecognized Republic fear that if the escalation continues, there is a risk of full-scale regional war. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

Drying up whiskey leaves a much more uniform coating than, for example, coffee. A photo project by Ernie Button that showed this effect, has inspired physicists to unusual research magazine Article: the Article is not from the log the Material is N+1. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

As the first Instagram investor Steve Anderson broke the Bank, making deals one after the other magazine Article: the Article is not from the log After another 12 hour work day Kevin Sistermom for coding, his nerves were on edge. It was in June 2010, and he is now seven months worked on the app with check-ins similar to Foursquare. Out of desperation, he and the second co-founder Mike Krieger decided to quit and engage a tool for sharing photos. Now they had to convince allegiance to this decision, the investors, a guy named Steve Anderson, who four months ago they wrote the first check for $250,000. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

Five of the most interesting new airports and terminals where the architecture is no less important than the comfort of a journal Article: journal Article Most airports in the world — a pure function, which does not pretend to beauty. But there are real temples check-ins and palaces that give the travel solemnity. Five of the most interesting — in the photo gallery ForbesLife. Photos Signed: 1. Denver International Airport Image: Agency: Photo: Blaine Harrington III / Alamy / TASS Description: Denver, Colorado, USA 1995, 2013 Denver airport always stand out from other American airports, like hippies in the crowd of clerks, that did not prevent him to be extremely convenient for business travelers. From afar the building, built in 1995, resembles not the...

Why Vladimir Putin is a straight line magazine Article: the Article is not from the log April 14, Vladimir Putin will hold 14 direct line — hours-long session of answering questions on all possible topics, from politics and Economics to personal life. Collectively the head of state for all lines said already at 40 hours. The longest was the air 2013 — 4 hours 47 minutes. Nevertheless, experts are increasingly talking about fatigue of the population from communicating with the President. 72% of respondents Fund "Public opinion" (FOM) in 2015 were aware that direct line will be held. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

Participant of list Forbes Yuri Milner is investing $100 million into space exploration magazine Article: the Article is not from the log Venture capitalist Yuri Milner intends to invest $100 million in a project to create a spacecraft. The current project called Breakthrough Starshot, will be the second of Milner's investment in exploring space. In summer 2015 he has promised to invest $100 million in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. Both projects billionaire develops with the support of physicist Stephen Hawking. Push notification in iPhone: No Read more

The Largest Russian IT-the investor at the meeting of the Forbes Club explains why his foreign colleagues finally became disillusioned in Russia, the Image for hand-picked list of "Important": Push notification in iPhone: No do Not export in Yandex: Export in Yandex