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Despite the fact that the company Doogee is one of the youngest Chinese manufacturers, the device has already gained popularity not only in the Asian market, but also Europe, Africa, and even regions of the former Soviet Union. A bold and creative experiments in the field of design, technical characteristics and quality of materials used was the manufacturer a great springboard for the rapid jump to the global market. And even now that smartphones are a promising and very successful newcomer is a worthy competitor of the infamous Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE, Doogee products is still considered one of the most affordable, bribing excellent quality, attractive design and functionality.

Applications that help to ensure that the pills were consumed in time, and schedule medical procedures was followed, becoming more and more. And it is a trend in support of preserving the health not slowing down: on the one hand this global consumer trend, and on the other component of social status.

As the next-generation smartphone, we have to admit - the iPhone X gorgeous. Top filling, elegant frameless design - a real masterpiece in all its glory. But was worth the new appear on the market, like the Android world released on fighter, almost equal external and internal parameters, but with half the price tag. Meet - Essential.

As was recently discovered on Reddit, every global update of Android, together with the improvements, also brings new security holes in the operating system. In this case we will focus on a new solution for application "activity recognition" (activity recognition), with which most apps by smartphone sensors can monitor and transmit information about any movements of the device.