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The Central Bank of Russia announced a new way to steal money from ATMs. Attackers infect the memory of the device an unusual virus. He doesn't have his "body" (of the file), so that you can detect and eliminate traditional means of protection are impossible. to Share the news:

Many users are not too happy when they have to upgrade from one Windows operating system version to another, because they have to perform many operations, but also to solve the problem of compatibility and stability that can occur during installation. to Share the news:

At the annual competition hackers Pwn2Own 2017, which was held in Vancouver, in front of hundreds of spectators a team of researchers in the field of information security hacked operating systems Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. to Share the news:

Well Microsoft surprised the PC market with an unexpected announcement of a Surface Book with a detachable display. But the experiment seems to have failed — the second version of the Book, the presentation of which is scheduled for April, will be a more traditional laptop. This is with reference to industry publication DigiTimes reports editor The Verge Tom Warren. to Share the news:

Today, the laptop — and the need for, and... luxury. A good "laptop" are expensive, so inevitably begin to wonder "is there a sense of so much to spend on such equipment, if by and large all that is needed — surfing the web Yes, "typewriter" for a set of letters and numbers?". An interesting variant on the theme offers Cyprus company with Belarusian roots Prestigio. to Share the news:

According to statistics, today smartphones on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile use only 0.1% of the total number of smart phones. It's not much, if you look at the percentage, but still decent if you consider one tenth of one percent of the living. What causes us to remain faithful to the system, which has long been, shall we say, doesn't make any claims? to Share the news:

The Release of a large update for Windows 10 called Creators Update is not far off. If you do not take part in the beta program Windows Insider, you almost certainly don't know what it looks like close to the final CU-option "tens". It's time to fix it! to Share the news:

At the end of last year the network got the slides of the presentation of the new tablet Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 running Windows 10. And it looks like the launch will take place soon, as the tablet was spotted in some Chinese online stores. to Share the news:

Most of our readers probably have a tablet. Tell me, if he can handle the drop on a floor from meter height? And he has batteries "hot swap"? A 12-inch QHD display with a brightness of 1,200 nits? And where on it the Ethernet port? The question is rhetorical. And here is the brand new Toughbook CF-33 in all cases answered "Yes". Because he can. to Share the news:

Microsoft has suspended distribution of updates to system apps in Windows 10 Fast Ring. It is made specifically to prepare the Creators Update the public debut, as otherwise, then problems can occur when running applications. to Share the news:

At the exhibition Mobile World Congress, being held this week in the Spanish capital city of Barcelona, has attracted very many interesting novelties, but the most unusual of these, perhaps, — hybrids planstate and laptop Porsche Design and Panasonic. to Share the news:

Lenovo demonstrated at the international exhibition MWC in Barcelona presented several new devices: Windows tablet two-in-one Miix 320, high-performance ultrabooks Lenovo Yoga Lenovo Yoga 520 and 720, as well as the Android tablet Lenovo Tab 4. to Share the news:

Microsoft slightly complicate the installation of desktop programs in the latest test build of Windows 10. Now, when you launch the program, a dialog box appears that reports that this program was not downloaded from the Windows store and therefore may be unsafe. to Share the news:

Earlier there was information that Microsoft to develop Minecraft: Pocket Edition for mobile devices running Windows. Indeed, the development version of the game stopped, but only for Windows Phone 8.1, and today the company released a Windows store version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition with support for Windows 10 Mobile. to Share the news:

Editor known gaming blog Kotaku Jason Schreier played in the new exclusive for PlayStation 4 — Horizon Zero Dawn. The journalist found the game very interesting and at the same time shared with Twitter followers the idea that the Xbox "not the same". To protect the console stood up not only regular users, but the main games at Microsoft Phil Spencer. to Share the news: