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The Owners of Windows tablets, or laptops with stylus support should be familiar with the programs paint, or create digital notes, where the leading role is the OneNote app. However, in the official store, Microsoft has a lot of interesting applications that can be paired with a stylus. One such application is Penbook, which will be available for free until April 9, and you can save 640 rubles on its purchase. Note that the app has been awarded the prestigious Windows Developer Awards. to Share the news:

Microsoft announced several major changes in the leadership of the main divisions that will be aimed at changing the development strategy of Windows. A veteran of the company Terry Myerson (head of Windows division), will leave Microsoft. After a specialist, the company intends to change the vector of development towards artificial intelligence and cloud-based techniques that will combine with basic Windows components into a single division. The main team Windows platform will be headed by Scott Guthrie (head of the Azure platform). In addition, the new team will include Microsoft AI. to Share the news:

Starting the fall of 2015 every update of Windows 10 had in its name the version number, build number, and in official and code name. The first update was quite a complex name, with the build number 10986, version 1511, code name Threshold 2 (TH2) and the official name of the November Update. And so it continued for three years. However, Microsoft has decided to abandon this system and to introduce a more intuitive numbering updates. The latest build, code-named Redstone, will be the Assembly system, number 1809. to Share the news:

Microsoft finally paid attention to the reviews of insiders and users that installing a major update could take lots of time, and set to work. Those insiders who install new updates more often, was to draw attention to the fact that the newest builds are much faster than it was previously. The main reason for this miracle is that Microsoft has launched a new model plant, which contains new mechanisms. These mechanisms play a significant role in the rapid decrease in the time it takes to install the new updates. to Share the news:

After in October last year, Microsoft has decided to surprise the world with the announcement of the web Edge browser for Android and iOS, there are many nice changes. In the beginning, Edge has been available only to users of iPhone and devices on Android is only in beta version. It is curious to consider, but at the time of release of the Microsoft browser from the status of pre-testing, it did not even support iPhone X and iPad. The first problem was fixed very quickly, and with iPad support had little trouble. At the moment, open access to the web browser on the iPad are the only ones who have access to early versions of Edge on iOS. to Share the news:

Build of Windows 10 Build 17074 introduced support for extensions CSS for OpenType Font Varitions. Microsoft launched the technology of variable fonts, font which allows one record to show themselves in a large variety of styles. In the Assembly under number 17120, the software giant was able to add full support for variable fonts in your embedded browser Microsoft Edge. To assess the benefits of writing variable fonts, you can separately created for this page, which was created by the company. Separately created page here. to Share the news:

Official statement from Microsoft about Windows 10 build 1803, and its exact title at the moment. Therefore, interested users are trying to find some useful information new to the update. Many of the facts gathered indicate that Redstone 4(code name big spring update) will be released under the title Spring Creators Update. Previously appeared rumors that the update will be released in March, but the official blog there are new data that point to April 2018. to Share the news:

The management of the company Microsoft announced that is preparing the release of a new version of Skype, which is optimized for all Android devices with firmware from 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich to Lollipop 5.1. The statement said that the new version of the app will use less CPU resources, and also reduce the load on the memory and hard drive devices. Thanks to this innovation, accelerate application performance and improve the quality of video and sound connection. In addition, the new Skype version will work more stable under bad Internet connection. to Share the news:

At the end of last week there appeared the information that Microsoft will make it possible to open two or more same UWP-applications on the device. In addition, they will be able to exchange required data when needed. In addition, the company announced the introduction of the UWP support for console applications, as well as receiving unlimited access to the system files, since Windows 10 build 1803. At the moment, developers have the opportunity to produce and exhibit the UWP-app in the official store, with a graphical user interface (GUI). In the new Assembly will have the option to publish UWP console applications that use the window command line to send and receive data. Developers claim that these applications can be pin to the start menu, but in order...

Between giants Google and Microsoft ran a black cat. Mostly it is because Google very often publishes information about vulnerabilities in services and applications from Microsoft. Last week, Google posted information about that web browser Microsoft Edge discovered a serious security vulnerability. About this issue, Microsoft learned in November of last year, but did not bother to fix it in 90 days, plus an additional two weeks. Inaction, Microsoft has forced Google to place this information in the public domain. to Share the news:

Microsoft has added to its official store fonts that you can use in Windows 10 for apps and games. This feature became available in the new build under the number 17083, which became available for insiders Fast Ring last Thursday. If you are not a member of the program Windows Insider, to use the new functions you'll have to wait for the release of a new global update for the stable version of Windows 10, which is scheduled for spring 2018. to Share the news:

Consortium, Microsoft has begun to examine a new method of testing application updates for Windows 10. In the case if testing of the new method is successful, it could greatly affect the insider program. the program called Windows App Preview includes standard apps like "Camera", "Photo", "alarm clocks and watches" and "reviews". Most likely, this program will be excluded from Windows Insider and start to work in a mode similar to the beta-testing of Android apps for Android. In the Camera app you will receive an invitation to participate in this program. In the dialog box you will see the following text: "You can be one of the first users to experience the new pre-release features "Cameras", and your feedback can help the application in the future." At...

Last update to the Photos app on Windows 10 Mobile came out last summer. Since that time, only develop a similar application for PC and smartphone users looked on with a sad face. And yet recently, Microsoft engineers has reached and mobile version. Insiders in the Fast Ring got the update 2018.18011.13438.0. the First thing that catches the eye is the new layout of the app like the PC version. The control buttons on top, and immediately below them switches the display modes of the photos. However, major changes did not these. The application now has its own full-fledged photo editor that allows you to change everything from kontrastnosti to red-eye. There are preset filters. Also you can now draw on your images with Windows tools Ink, and even write notes...

Yesterday, in its official blog, Microsoft said it will support the PWA (Progressive Web Apps) in Edge, starting with Redstone 4. In addition, there is painted in detail how users can get these applications. In the record it is reported that Microsoft will deploy the company for scanning and indexing qualitative PWA that will automatically be added to the official Microsoft store. to Share the news:

Developers Redstone 4 for Windows 10 go to the final stage, during which you will undergo tests of the new system and correction of errors without adding to global change. In the nearest time the company will work to build and subscription RTM build Spring Update Creators. Given the fact that work on Redstone 4 almost completed, the developers has managed to compile the Assembly of the first Redstone 5, with the serial number 17600. Many insiders expect that the RS5 will be released on the channel updates Skip Ahead any time soon. With high probability, the update will be available for insiders who intend to test the newest build before the release of the full version Redstone 4. to Share the news: