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The Russians are doing Internet shopping to fill leisure time. A new trend noticed by the company "Yandex.Money." According to the company, more of the payment goes to the foreign online sites, which form a new consumption scenarios, previously uncharacteristic for the Internet. The Surveyed experts say that the shopping can be helpful, but can inflict significant damage to a personal budget. "On the way to work staring at the pictures..." Due to the fact that to shop online is becoming easier, as stores offer a growing range of products, the phenomenon of shopping as entertainment, has become typical for e-Commerce. came On the market stores that form the shopping entertainment in the Internet, said Director of development of the company...

On may 25 will take place in Vienna OPEC meeting, which will be resolved, to renew the agreement on the limitation of oil production or not. Whether Russian oil companies insist on withdrawal from the agreement and what oil prices have to wait until the summer? the Restriction of output records is not an obstacle the Current agreement on the limitation of oil production was signed in November 2016. In March 2017, participating 11 countries of the OPEC have cut production to 1,004 million barrels per day, to 29.7 million barrels a day (compared to October of last year). According to the April report of the cartel, Saudi Arabia has reduced production by 538 thousand barrels (with a quota of 468 thousand barrels), Iraq on 159 thousand (quota — 210 thousand...