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Drop rates on deposits makes the customer to look for other risk-free ways of saving money. Can the savings account be an alternative to deposits? Demand for the savings account exceeded the demand for deposits. About this said representatives of several credit institutions. In the Bank "FC Opening" balances on savings accounts this year has quadrupled from 25 billion to 100 billion rubles, said Vice-Chairman of the Board of Bank "Opening" Veniamin Polyantsev. the growth Rate of savings accounts are now higher than the growth rate of any other funded products in the Bank, said the head of the office of non-credit products Raiffeisenbank Maxim Stepochkin: the decline in Deposit interest rates customers are looking for other, including more...

Mortgage borrowers of the savings Bank of differentiated payments can't go to a legitimate "vacation". The Bank offers a restructuring or transition to an annuity, which can lead to significant overpayment. the Inhabitant of Samara under the name YuliyaK19 stated in the savings Bank that can't transfer her old mortgage with differentiated payments on a mortgage vacation. "But if I agreed to re-sign the contract and go to annuity payments overpayment of 200,000 rubles. Why is this happening? Ie agreeing to these terms, I roughly pay for six months of 200000 break the Bank," says a client of Sberbank (spelling and punctuation of the author saved review). With a similar problem faced by the user from Lipetsk. In response to his complaint, the employee of the...

The state Duma in the spring session to adopt the law on the new composition of the consumer basket, on which we can proceed in 2021. Its structure will be, finally, similar to the "full and healthy diet" promises Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. But even in the form of our consumption basket will be far behind the Western European samples, which include wine, taxi rides and pet food. Do not expect that these symbols of bourgeois life will appear in our shopping cart. And there are objective reasons. the Basket will become "full" Last fall, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of labor, Ministry of economic development, the CPS and the Ministry of Finance to develop a new part of the food part of consumption basket, using the recommendations of the...