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Theatrical spotlight with PLANO-convex lens of 1 kW with a slide focus and blurring of the beam 8°-16°.Accessories DIN standard 185 x 185 mm. Easy installation. Features: the Type of lens: 150 mm, PLANO-convex Reflector:100 mm, aluminium Switch: no dimensions filter: 185 x 185 mm beam Range: 2 – 17 m beam Angle: 8°-60° IN the STANDARD frame filter protective grille power supply cable 1.5 m. Compatible lamps are: CP67 GX9.5 650 W 230 V/240 V 3200 K 100 hours CP70 GX9.5 1000W 230V /240V 3200K 240 hours CP90 GX9.5 1200W 230V /240V 3200K T19 GX9 240 hours.5 1000W 230V /240V 3050 K 900 hours T21 GX9.5 650 W 230 V /240 V 3000 K 750 hours T29 GX9.5 1200W 230V /240V 3000K 480 hours • LDR recommends Philips lamps

Diaphragmatic soundboard (1936, patent No. 2051633, expired) of species Sitka spruce (North American mountain spruce), tapering from the center to the edges (9 to 6 mm), allows the full expressive sound. DECA-Durabolin has a double dome, that sounds long and powerful, allowing you to displace large amounts of sound waves to fill the large room of the hall. Decks of the same design are present in all other modern pianos. Deco Steinway D-274, holding in tension of the particular metal construction, the so — called Bell. The whole speaker system of the piano is very stable, allowing long time (years and decades) to keep the accuracy of the resonance (quality of sound). Similar constructions are present in other modern instruments. the Overdrive mechanism of...

Classical podium on a tripod. Front - two-piece, adjustable-height tripod with rubber tips. the Stand 34 x 23 cm, adjustable tilt angle, two locking pages. the Height - 61-115 cm the Dispersion of the base - 46 cm Weight - 4.4 kg Color - black

Maximum height: 164 cm Minimum height: 87 cm shelf Size: 71 x 29 x 3 (cm) dimensions folded: 50 x 29 x 2 (cm) the Scope of the support legs: ? 66 cm Treatment: solid powder, scratch-resistant Color: black Material: steel Weight: 1,55 kg Nylon case included

1/2 Violin package: violin+bow+hard case with strap+rosin Violin kit: violin+bow+hard case with strap+rosin Features: Violin 1/2 Upper deck: Resonance spruce back and sides: Maple Neck: Maple Fingerboard fretboard: ebony tuning Pegs and chin rest: ebony Tailpiece: Metal with 4 machines Stand: Maple surface: Lacquer Bow with white hair

A Convenient belt standard width (5 cm) from the original pattern. Made of polyester and has a sturdy polyester nibs. Suitable for both acoustic and electric guitar. The same belt may be used for bass guitar light weight. Width: 5.08 cm (2") Length: up to 152.4 cm (60") Front side: printed pattern (caused by the sublimation method) lining: polyester Polyester nibs Without shoulder pad Color: black white pattern: "Target" Series: Sonic Art Other straps LEVY'S this series:

Spikes new design on the left pedal Universal movable connection Drum pedal Yamaha Yes Efficient design Yamaha Yes the Mechanism of attachment to the Hoop of the bass drum Yes the angle adjusting Mechanism of futbolda Yes Footboard with a smooth surface Yes Long footboard No teardrop-shaped Cam beater Yes the angle adjusting Mechanism of the clapper Yes the Spring shaft with the bearings Yes The mechanism for adjusting the spring tension locking Yes 2-way beater Yes semi-hard case Yes

Model of high-end features a new snare pad TP70S that allows you to play beats on plastic, open and closed as each of the three zones for more musical expression. You will appreciate the mechanical pedal Yamaha bass drum with its reliable shock, and adjustable hi-hat controller HH65. Three 10 inch cymbal pads are mounted to chrome racks on the steel frame that provide a solid Foundation for the entire rack. High quality voices inherited from the models of the series DTX900/700/500 and DTX-MULTI 12. If desired, one set of sounds can be replaced by another. - Compact electronic drum set gives a true feel of the game - Brand pedal Yamaha bass drum - Remote hi-hat controller HH65 high-class - New three-zone snare drum pad TP70S - Large 10" cymbals pads and...

Two-antenna radio system with two handheld microphones and one receiver. RF range: VHF, 177-197 MHz Improved edging filters and advanced podniesie for tuning. Silent damping Frequency range 80...10000 Hz (determined by the microphone capsule), the Stability of the radio carrier +-0,005% Signal/Noise >90 dB the receiver Sensitivity is -80 dB/m Distance of good reception of 50 m (open area) Two independent outputs or one mixed - asymmetric Jackie. The transmitter power of 2x5 mW (max) Power transmitter 9V battery cables jack-jack - complete.

Compact led lamp maker lights Number of LEDs: 16 PCs. Power led: 3W RGB multichips Illuminance at 1 m distance - 5100 Deluxe beam Angle: 30* Control: DMX512 (5/13 channels), sound active, master slave, built-in program Option: electronic Power supply: 100-240V/50-60 Hz power consumption: 60 W Type of cooling: passive Dimensions: mm 314x254x70 Weight: 3 kg

Front speaker average size - Tripod with rubber tips. included adapter with 35 37.7 mm Vertical stand - two-piece, adjustable. the diameter of the rod - 35 and 37.7 mm (with adapter) Weight load up to 55 kg Height - 117-188 cm Color - black

INVOTONE MOD-126 wireless system was designed for singers, presenters and speakers musicians. These wireless systems are based on complex and innovative the PLL circuit, which, at the same time, easy to use. Large displays with backlighting is available in both the receiver and transmitter, simple Menus allow a large number of functions such as frequency selection, sensitivity, muting, etc. But what makes wireless systems MOD126 really unique - is model diagram. A special model was created for the human voice, as well as for electric guitar and bass so that Your wireless system MOD126 provided unprecedented flexibility sound. 16 different systems in one system. the System MOD126 equipped with wireless receiver MOD-126PRO, beltpack transmitter MOD-126P and...

Settings mains 230 V AC, 50 Hz energy Consumption 10 W Input impedance 10/20 kOhm (unbalanced/balanced) Output impedance 300/150 kOhms (unbalanced/balanced) Input/output connectors XLR, jack, screw the Ratio signal/noise >95 dB Interpenetration of >90 dB distortion < 0,1% frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +/- 0.5 dB Output level from - ~ to +6 dB Switch range +/-6 dB or +/-15 dB low-Cut filter HF 4-30 kHz low-Cut filter low cut 10-300 Hz dimensions (WxDxH) mm 483 x 175 x 133 Weight, kg 3

Sound processor, Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Keyboard 88 Weighted hammer-action mechanism Tri-sensor II the Key under the ivory and ebony Sensitivity to touch 3 types, off. Polyphony (max.) 128 notes Number of timbres 18 Simulation, Hammer response ("return of the hammers"): Damper resonance: Yes Effects Reverb: 4 types chorus: 4 types Brightness, DSP (for some tones) Overlay voices, split keyboards Built-in music. works 60 works music library. User songs: 10. to Approximately 90 KB/song the learning Function of the Right hand, left hand Sequencer 2 tracks, 1 song, total volume of approximately 5000 notes. Pedals included: SP-3 Sold separately: SP-20, SP-33 Function half damper pedaling: Yes (optional c module SP-33) Other functions Metronome Function...

NUMBER of SPEAKERS - 2 NUMBER of BANDS - 2 the DIAMETER AND TYPE of the WOOFER - 1 X M?DIUM-GRAVE 17T15AW the DIAMETER AND TYPE of the tweeter - 1 X TWEETER DOM25 RMS POWER : - 90 WATTS POWER RMS/ PEAK: - 630 W FREQUENCY RANGE: - 67 – 22 000 HZ the CROSSOVER FREQUENCY of 4,000 SENSITIVITY: 89db / W RESISTANCE - 3,7 - 4 OHM DIMENSIONS: - 299 X 227 X 234 MM a WEIGHT of 4.5 KG Package includes: - 2 LOUDSPEAKER the TECHNICAL features of the Cabasse ZEF 17 - all-weather speakers. Bass speakers