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A Little kitten Komáří found on the streets of Japan when he was only 5 months. Foundling came into a family of 5 ferrets, who gladly took it and was immediately surrounded by his love and care. (...) continue Reading Family of 5 ferrets adopted the kitten © House wonderful ferrets

In the role of a pet this wonderful animal performs several roles. As well as all those we tame and who are responsible, it is certainly our children. The main challenges for us is to teach it to the toilet and weaning off the desire to grab his finger. The problem, say so, is not easy, because this animal is domesticated relatively recently and education differs from training dogs.(...) Read more Ferret - pupil or teacher? © House wonderful ferrets

Before you bring home a ferret, you need to remember: the older the animal, the more it will be harder to raise, therefore, to educate pet needs from an early age. Although ferrets seem small and fluffy, to educate them very carefully and always keep your pet in the discipline. To grow really well-raised animal will need a lot of patience. How to educate?(...) to Read further Education ferret © House wonderful ferrets

Ligation is a mammal, the representative of the weasel family, which resembles a ferret, but it, unlike the ferret has a smaller size. The weight of an adult animal is from 370 to 730 grams, while the length of its body 35 see the lower part of the body is painted in black color, and the upper in dark brown and covered with black stripes and spots. The length of the jump at the ligation can be up to 60 cm But unlike other members of the weasel family ligation when jumping not fall hind legs trail in front.(...) to Read further Ligation - endangered animal © House wonderful ferrets