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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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The American television series "Enlisted", launched in January 2014, talks about the squad, securing a military base in Florida, under the direction of Sergeant hill and his brothers. It's a Comedy series, the characters who fall into a variety of unusual situations.

In late 2016 on the screens out the new American project “Mick”. The authors of this project Dave and John Chernin is well known to fans of American film. “It's always Sunny in Philadelphia” - it's their job, had a great success around the world. “Mick” is a hilarious Comedy that brings a lot of positive emotions and positive. It is perfect for viewing the whole family as there is no vulgarity, negativity, cruelty and rudeness. So far released a total of five episodes about the continuation of the silent creators.

In January 2017, the screen goes to the Russian Comedy series “Civil marriage”. Series about young people and for young people, according to the creators. Director of the project is the Dean Turmanova, whose name became widely known after leaving the TV series “Interns”. The lead actor was Denis Cokoja, who played a Central role in “Real boys.” Agata muceniece became his partner on the series. Her name is little known out of the audience, because she was just starting her career. The series also you will see the real stars of Russian cinema. Just released sixteen episodes, but already there is talk that the series will be renewed for another season. However, official confirmation from the authors was not.

Premiere of the romantic Comedy “the Answer is in 1988” was held in the fall of 2015. Series created by filmmakers from South Korea. Shin Won Ho has served as the principal Director of the project. South Korean dramas have always been a special charm and sincerity. This episode is no exception, he is perfect for viewing for those who enjoy history, culture and traditions of South Korea. Special praise deserves game of actors. The game literally makes the audience participants in what is happening on the screen. Among the performers of the main roles you will see the following names: Ryu Hye-Young, Here, Go Kyung Pyo, Park Bo GOM and others. For those who watched the previous part of this nostalgic series, I want to inform you that the events of this series...

Perhaps one of the most worthy representatives of the genre of crime drama series “criminal minds”. Audiences first saw this project nearly a decade ago, when the first season was a huge success, which holds for all subsequent seasons. To be a member of the most interesting investigations, get along with the characters in the minds of criminals is very interesting. With each season of the crime become more interesting, and investigative techniques every time improving. What was prepared by the authors of the projects for his fans this time? The twelfth season was released, and all of its series available for viewing.

American musical drama series "the Star" was presented to the audience in the winter of 2016. The musical drama tells the story of three young and talented girls who have decided to achieve success in show business. The painting was created by producer and Director Lee Daniels. He also worked on the script together with Tom Donaghy. The premiere of the series "Star" was held on December 14.

In January of 2016, the screens out the sci-Fi series “shadowhunters”, a product of American cinema. Fans of this genre with a particular interest waited for this premiere, in fact, it is a remake of the previously released film called “the instruments of death: city of bones”. The basis of the storyline went to the famous book of Cassandra clay - “Instrument of death”. Kondra clay is a popular science fiction writer whose works were made into movies. The creators were worried, because the fans of the genre could post the series in the dust, but, to the great pleasure of authors, this has not occurred, the series has received the highest critical acclaim and enthusiastic responses of the audience. This is one of the most striking examples of that adaptation...

Crime drama “Redemption” was released in early January 2017. The series is a collaboration of filmmakers in France and Canada. It is planned to release one season, which will comprise thirteen episodes. All the episodes are completely separated, each episode is a separate story. For this reason, the series does not require binding, it can start with any series.

In the autumn movie season of 2016 the Turkish filmmakers presented his latest work entitled “Love and Mavi”. The series created in the genre of crime melodrama, and believe in his story there is a place for criminal history and intrigue, and devotion, and, of course, love. Among the performers of the main roles fans of Turkish cinema to see their favorite artists. Kenan Bal, Burj Kiratli, Birgül Ulusoy - this is not the first cast list.

Verify directly that the series will not appeal to many categories of viewers. In it, the creators made a pretty bold decision, and created a parody of the two genres, differing radically from each other - horror and musical. I never cease to sincerely wonder: what kind of a heated imagination had the authors of the series, creating a disjointed, striking, one might even say, crazy story. The chief Director is Jim charmaine. More than a million dollars was the budget series, but he bounced back literally for the first few days.

Twelve seasons - a fairly high figure for the series. That's the number released crime drama “Bones.” Every time the creators manage to stir the interest of the spectators create an amazing atmosphere on the screen. Investigation each time becoming more intricate, interesting, intriguing. Fans have noticed that every season ends on a cliffhanger, as if luring to view the new season. Next, the twelfth season will be released on screens in early January 2017. The authors have declared that are not going to stop, so the continuation will be.

There is Hardly a viewer who wouldn't know the names of the main characters of this series. Sherlock Holmes, perhaps the most famous detective. His popularity does not wane for over a hundred years. Arthur Conan Doyle could not have imagined that his literary character has become so popular. This is probably the most favorite detective of filmmakers, and created dozens of works using this character. And all the paintings undoubtedly are a success. The series “Sherlock”, the British version, the story is presented in a slightly unfamiliar to the viewer style. The first season of the detective project was released in 2010. Success was much more than expected. In 2017, the first of January came the fourth season of the series, and his success was simply...

Next, the sixth season of “homeland” was introduced to fans in early January 2017. The project, created by American filmmakers, quite deservedly entered the top ten of the series over the last century. “Hasufim” - Israeli drama on which the series is created, however, in the American version of the story has undergone some minor changes. The previous five seasons, was a huge success with the audience, every time the Prime Minister gathered at screens around ten million viewers at the same time.

The First season of the crime drama “undercover” was released in winter 2015. The series, created by American filmmakers who made a splash. The basis of the storyline went the events which had taken place in real life. Always films based on real events, are a great success, and this episode was no exception. That series will be renewed for a second season, the authors reported immediately after the premiere. The new season will be released exactly a year after the first, in February 2017. Damon Runyan - actor, whose name is little known, however, it is worth noting that it is perfectly performed the main role in the series. The creators are not involved in the shooting nor a famous actor, but all the participants of the drama perfectly coped with their...

Comedy series “You're pissing me off” was presented to audience in January 2017. The Director of the series was made by Oksana Bychkova. Her early work, “Peter FM” was a great success with the audience. Svetlana Khodchenkova starred in the title role, and it is difficult to imagine in its place a different actress, since she perfectly coped with the work. In addition Khodchenkova in the series appeared other popular actors of modern cinema. The creators promise the audience a fascinating story, easy, unobtrusive, well suited for family viewing. In total, the first season will be twenty episodes. Clearly, the project will become one of the most exciting Premier this winter.