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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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Saga Star wars is known around the world. Today saw the light of the new story "Star wars: Rebels", which will be no less interesting and exciting. Visitors will see a brand new storyline full of adventure, unusual plot twists from the well - known Director and Creator of Star Wars: the Clone Wars - Dave Filoni. Only real Creator is able to surprise and dream.

Does it Happen that in the life of the charming girls, things are not going as she planned? It has long been known that life brings surprises, and no exception to the 30-year-old American teacher, whose personal life leaves much to be desired. The girl tries to find happiness in the face of a charming companion, but she could not. All relationships end in a break, and they last a short time.

Animated series "family Guy" is known for its scandalous, interesting plot, fascinating characters. The thirteenth season started in September, and the audience was able to appreciate the fruitful work of the writers and Directors. The series is recommended for viewing in a close circle of friends, since the main characters are a family of Guy, able to find an original way out of any situation.

Childhood Ayukawa Wakaba cannot be called happy. Low income her family did not allow parents to buy a baby even the most ordinary toys. No girl and no other entertainment, as it was not pleasant company. Money in the family almost was not found, because her dad owed a very large sum of money and all that he earned, walked immediately to repay its debts. This situation was done and the situation in the family bleak and joyless. But the girl never get discouraged and not to lose heart. She knew that the happiness in the world is, and it should only be found. And for this we need to build relationships with the people around you and to find well-paid work. But immediately the girl no luck - the company, which opened an interesting job, which claimed the...

British creators of the multi-tape "Wolf blood" has released the third season. Fantasy and mysticism found their audience and fans. Two outstanding student fall into the adventure of a dangerous nature. They supposedly have the ability to take on the appearance of werewolves. Ordinances forests and mysterious incidents involve them, as their origin is obscure. The company "BBC Television Centre took an active part in making the film. Andrew Gunn is a pioneer in the emergence of the series. Tape removed really interesting and fun, so take a half hour of free time and participate in exciting adventures pupils.

On the channel "Russia-1" 20 October 2014 began airing the second season of the television series "Queen of the bandits." Shestnadtsatiletnyaya melodramatic tape production film company "Russian" tells about the events in the life of an ordinary village girl, trapped in a world of crime. It was not her will, and she had much to go through.

7th season crime television series "Children of anarchy", released in 2014, is the joint work of the American film studios "Linson Entertainment" and "SutterInc". Told in previous seasons the story of bikers, a seller of weapons, very pleased with the viewer. It was therefore decided to make a sequel, and lead the process of filming invited Kurt Sutter. At the head of a biker club was an ambitious young guy jacks of Talor who have to constantly prove that he is worthy to take the leadership position. In the series there are scenes of Frank eroticism, violence, heroes are often used obscene language. The duration of one episode of the film is 60 minutes.

Television series "Chernobyl: exclusion Zone" is a mystical ribbon, created by "Cinelab Production" channel "TNT", the show which started on 13 October 2014. This is a story about young people who have been to the Chernobyl lands where now, decades after the accident, there is desolation. They brought the case, and they did not expect what happened to them.

Series "Supernatural" so impressed the audience that the decision was made about filming season 10 premiere is planned for this year. In the series have combined several genres - drama, Thriller, detective story with elements of mystery, Comedy - everyone will find what he is interested. Each episode lasts 45 minutes, and Directors and writers - Jeremy Carver, Philip Sgriccia, James Lanwei and Jensen ackles - made the story exciting, interesting, adding some supernatural element. The script was written by Eric Kripke, Catherine Humphris, Julie Sieg. Will the audience understand and appreciate that sought to convey its creators?

Series "the Walking dead" has become so popular that producers David Alpert and Glen Mozart decided not to stop and presented to the public in its fifth season. The series is based on a series of popular comics of America, trained by Ernest R. Dickerson and guy Verlinda. The script of the popular zombie Apocalypse wrote Charlie Eldred and Frank Darabont, and their work is appreciated all over the world. No wonder the series has received wide love of the audience and a large number of television awards.

The Second season of the crime drama "crossing lines"taken by the Commonwealth filmmakers from France, USA and Germany, was released in 2014. Its steel producers Moritz Polter and Howard Griffith. Directors Eric Valetta and Daniel Parcival managed to create a dynamic picture of the modern police the EU is actively fighting crime in all its manifestations. The series is filmed studios Tandem Communications and TF1 Production. Composer crime drama made Guillaume Passel.

Action incredibly exciting series of "Nation Z" takes place on the vast territory between the Western and Eastern coast of the United States of America. America perceives imminent trouble - mysterious virus has covered the city, turning into a creepy zombie all people, animals. For three years the virus has spread and infected almost the entire country. Also infected and television, which uses broadcast transmission, tomanage consciousness of millions of people.

In 2014, the audience gets the opportunity to see the 5th season of the canadian-American television series "haven". The plot of this detective story with elements of Thriller full of unexplained events and frightening events in the town of haven and the surrounding area. Responsible for solving the mysteries of still is the agent Audrey Parker. The new season was filmed companies "Piller/Segan/Shepherd" and "Entertainment One", the script, written by Sam Ernst and Jim This. Voltage does not leave the viewer until the climactic denouement in the final of each series.

On the channel STS 13 October 2014 began airing of the new series, the seventh season of the television series "Traffic light". This Comedy sitcom from "YBW Group started off as a remake of the Israeli series, but then, from the second season turned into an original story. In the center of three young people who are in different situations, funny and not really trying to take their place in life and to win the woman I love.

The Fourth season of the television series "Kitchen" production film company "YBW Group" was released on STS channel 13 October 2014. We will see a new part of the life of a Moscow restaurant and will be informed of all events that occurred during this time with its employees. Or could occur under certain conditions, even the most amazing, which it would be difficult to portray, if help did not come computer graphics.