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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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Comedy remains the most popular genre in cinema since its inception. Series, movies that designed to amuse, to cheer up, have a great time, to escape from the sad thoughts, will always attract the attention of viewers. “Powerless” is a new Comedy series from the American filmmakers, which will give you a few hours of fun. The series premiere took place in early February.

American crime series "Training day," about two policemen who use different methods in the fight against crime. The painting was removed, Danny cannon screenplay by will bill. Starring such actors as Joseph P. Kelly, Julie Benz, Shannon brown, Tyler cook, Justin Cornwell etc.

Crime drama “the cube” was released in early February 2017. Russian TV series, filmed in the same genre enjoyed great success with the audience, and this is not surprising. They are clear, reflect contemporary reality, everything that occurs within them, knows every resident of our country. With every year comes more and more projects with the potential to surprise, to attract attention, to keep in suspense the spectators. Andrey Scherbinin, the main Director of the series says that this show is not similar to any of the previously submitted. Just released twenty-four episodes.

The Sixth season of the American drama series “Scandal” was released in winter 2017. Fame and glory is a very heavy burden to bear which not everyone can afford. Every person who leads an active social life is under the scrutiny of the press, the people. He is not entitled to a mistake, everything must be perfect. But the thought of someone that a politician is also a man, and nothing human is alien to him. He can fall in love, break up, have many disadvantages.

More than ten years have passed since that moment as mystical series “Supernatural” appeared on the screens. This is one of the few projects in this genre, who managed not to lose his popularity for such a long stay. Next season is the new expectations of fans. Awards and prizes, which were awarded to the series is long gone account. In October 2016, came out the twelfth season of the series. The creators believe that it will not disappoint fans.

Drama series”Alkion” will be released in early 2017. At least that is what the founders had planned the premiere. Series British production will be a sensation. All inside the world of luxury and glamour will be published. The series is based on true events, they occurred in the forties of the last century in London. The plot is based on memories Charlotte Jones.

American filmmakers do not leave the pores of the OK to look into the distant future. How many movies and TV series they created in which they present their vision of the future. One of them is the “emerald city” was released on screens in January 2017. The series can be called a stretch, since there are just two series and a half hours each. Taras Singh acted as chief Director. And the storyline went well-known works of fiction, writer Frank Baum about the distant, wonderful planet of Oz. Critics, after viewing the pilot, disagreed. For many, it seemed a cocktail consisting of “Game of thrones” and “the Wizard of Oz.” But fans of genre fiction will form your own opinion after viewing.

Almost two years have passed since the release of the British crime drama “Fortitude”. The creators of the series remained silent, though it was obvious that the second season should be, because the first ended quite vaguely, leaving the viewer alone with his eleven conjectures. And so, in February 2017 on the screen comes the second season of the action series. The directing and the cast remained unchanged, as the number of episodes in season eight.

Fantastic drama “Sleepy hollow” was first released in 2013. The series was created by American filmmakers. The success of the series is breaking all records, every season is always better than the previous. And as soon as the creators manage to keep the audience in constant tension, and at the same time to provide really fun, worthy story. Many viewers drawing Parallels between this series and a famous work of Washington Irving's “headless Horseman”. Indeed, there is between this works something in common. They filmed a very talented Director Tim Burton. All his works are sure to become hits, are huge success among the audience. The fourth season of the drama will be released in January 2017.

With age one becomes more serious and less faith in fairy tales and miracles, he understands that magic is just a figment of the imagination, and in life it is not there. Sometimes it becomes even a little sad when it comes to the understanding that Santa Claus and St. Nicholas is actually there. It was great to wait for, to hope for a miracle, to believe in the existence of evil and good wizards. The authors of the project “Wizards” give all its viewers the same childish wonder. Or maybe they actually believe that the magic happens, and it's not fantasy storytellers? May only need to be more attentive in real life? Surely, you are now reading, and smiling, and by the way, absolutely in vain, the protagonist of the series will prove to you how much you are...

The Second season of the American drama series “the Way” was released in January of 2017, exactly a year after the premiere. Reaction to the project was quite controversial, both among critics and in the audience. Someone expressed a categorical negative reviews, someone praised this work. But the fact that the painting caused a sensation around himself, suggests that it is unusual, interesting, worthy of attention. That shooting will be renewed for a second season, the authors announced, so the release of new episodes was a surprise.

Active users of Internet resources remember that a few years ago the world wide web has launched a project called “Teacher”. The project was created by teachers, they also acted as the main characters. The project quickly gained popularity, and American filmmakers decided to borrow the idea and create a television series of the same name. The series consisted of short episodes, which were shown and discussed one story of school life. The first season, released exactly a year ago, and on ratings he is not at all inferior version of the Internet.

American and Swedish filmmakers, combining their efforts, presented the Comedy series "the Dukes of Sweden", which is dedicated to two men with Swedish background who came to seek his fortune in Los Angeles. On the creation of the series worked Directors John Holmberg and Peter Settman. The script for the Comedy written by Andrew Lowery and Peter Settimana. The season consists of ten episodes, the first premiere took place on 2 September 2016.

“Shits Creek” - a Comedy series created by canadian filmmakers. For the first time it was released in the year 2015 and captured the hearts of viewers. Truly a family Comedy, kind, funny, with a simple plot. Two seasons were under a storm of applause, and in January of 2017 was released for the third season of the series.

It is Difficult to find an audience, who at least once have not seen any adaptation of the famous novel Louis Stevenson's “treasure Island”. Filmmakers from all countries of the world used in their works the novel. Someone was, someone not really, but all the paintings deserve attention. According to the unanimous opinions of the critics, the audience agreed with them, this series is one of the most successful versions. All three seasons released to date were a huge success among fans of this work, and just those who love the adventure genre. In January 2017, the screen comes on for the fourth season of the series, and this premiere is probably the most long-awaited this winter.