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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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Comedy series created by American filmmakers, it is not the season holds a leading position in the rating of the series of this kind. Producers bill Lawrence and Jamie Babbitt never cease to surprise the audience with new stories from the lives of the main characters. In January 2015 fans of the show "Cougar Town" waiting for the premiere of the next sixth of the season. The cast remains the same: Courteney Cox, Josh Hopkins, Christa Miller, Dan Byrd, and others. Only in the sixth season will be 19 episodes of 22 minutes each, and presumably this will be the final season of the series.

American adventure television series "Agent Carter" came out on television screens in January 2015, the Directors began - Scott Winant and Louis D Esposito, and the main role played by Chi Wigham, Aedin Adams, Megan faye, Lindsay Fonseca, Bridget Regan. Picture loosely based on the comic book Marvel, just planned three seasons, and while the first season consists of 8 episodes and the duration of each 42 minutes.

In January 2015 hosted the world premiere of the first season of the American drama series "Empire". Made a film directed by Lee Daniels the script by Danny strong. Starring starred well-known American actors: Jussi Smollett, Jennifer Joan Taylor, Tasha Smith, Caitlin Dalda and others. The first season mini-series consists of 10 episodes, the duration of each 42 minutes.

American detective television series "Pleasant to the sight" was released January 12, 2015. Over the film worked talented filmmakers in American cinema - Scott Speer and Catherine Chadwick. A series participated such movie stars: Victoria justice, Harvey Guillen, Casey, Daedric, Ryan Cooper, and other talented actors. Consists of a series of 10 episodes and the duration is 60 minutes.

The protagonist of the American television drama "Virgin" thinks she has everything under control. Jane is a very decent and modest young girl that her moral and very principled grandmother taught seriousness, good manners, etiquette and... chastity.

American youth television series "Girls" was released for the first time on television screens in 2012 and immediately became popular among young people. Each season is happy with its output lovers of this genre without having to wait long. Now come out and season 4 of this film. The Director made - Lena Dunham, and starring talented actors: Christopher Abbott, Adam Driver, Allison Williams, Alex Karpovsky, and others.

Premiere Turkish drama series "Adanali" was held in 2008 on Turkish television. This Director's work known in Turkey Directors Typhoon Gumaer and Kartal, Cidambi. The main role played by the popular TV series genre actors oktay Kaynarca, céline Generator, Cagkan of Chulha, Zeynep Koltuk and others. The series consists of 79 episodes, each lasting 50 minutes.

The Sixth season of the animated adventure series "special agent Archer" presented in January 2015. Worked to create a Comedy series for talented directorial Duo - Adam reed and Dee Johnson. Starring the following cast: Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, Jessica Walter, Aisha Tyler and the other actors who are already familiar from the previous seasons. The sixth season has 13 episodes and the duration of each for 25 minutes.

The First season of the animated series "Angry birds"(Angry Birds) small audience was able to see in 2013. He appeared largely thanks to the play of the same name and had gained millions of fans.

Korean romantic series "heart to Heart" was released on television screens 15 January 2015. Over the film worked Korean filmmakers under the leadership of the Director - Lee Yoon Sona. The main role played by famous Korean movie star Lee Jae Yoon, Chua Kang Hee, Na Hee, if Jeong-Myeong and other talented actors. The series consists of 16 episodes and the duration of each of 50 minutes.

American detective television series "Banshee" first appeared on television screens in 2013 and immediately caught the attention of viewers, holding in suspense from beginning to end. Soon came the second season, and now the third. Another long-awaited premiere of season 3 of the television series was released in January 2015, the Directors made - OLE Christian Madsen, Greg Titans and loni Perisher. The cast was selected in such a way: Anthony Starr, Ivan Milicevic, Frankie Faison, Lili Simmons, and others.

The First season of the American Comedy television series "Dishonorable" came out on television screens in 2011, and gathered around the television more than a million fans. Every year, bringing about new seasons, which caused a sea of emotions many film enthusiasts. In January 2015 was released season 5 of the television series, the creation of which worked for a team of film Directors: mark Mylod, Mimi Leder, Sanaa Hamry and others. In the film participated unchanged cast that should please fans: Justin Chatwin, William H. Macy, Emmy the Dew and many more talented movie stars of American cinema. The new season consists of 12 episodes, the duration of each on 55 minutes.

Joint work of the British and French filmmakers detective television series "Death in Paradise" came out on television screens in 2011. In January 2015, we released the new fourth season of films that he worked with a team of talented film Directors: Roger Goldbi, Paul Harrison and Charles Palmer. In the series was attended by such actors as: Sarah Martins, Danny JEOL-Jules, Gary Carr and other great actors of our time. The fourth season has 8 episodes and the duration of each 60 minutes.

British drama television series was first brought to the attention of the viewers British filmmakers in January 2012. The film is based on the memoirs of real women - nurses, which took birth in hundreds of women of England. In London this monastery nurse, as well as other nuns provided medical care to local residents. Over the film worked talented filmmaker Philippe Lowthorp, and the main role played by outstanding British actors: Jessica Rayne, cliff Parisi, Jenny Agater, Laura Maine and other stars of British cinema.

In 2005, viewers first saw the American Comedy television series - "it's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Each year the creators continued to delight his fans with new and new season of this film. Last year they were pleased with the ninth season of TV viewers and in January 2015 continuation of the series - season 10 fascinating story about four friends. Project team has long been a favorite of filmmakers - Matt Shakman, Fred, savage and Denial Atties. Starring: Glenn Howerton, Kathleen Olson, Charlie Grant, and other talented actors of American cinema. The tenth season consists of 13 episodes and the duration of each is 50 minutes.