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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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For fifteen years, a Comedy-crime project “Boys Treylerparka” is very popular among audience. Canadian series became the best in its genre. Critics and audiences were unanimous in opinion, is the series worthy of the best praise. Michael Clattenburg - permanent Director, made it clear long ago that the series will consist of eleven seasons. Based on this, we can conclude that the adventures of the main characters come to an end. The series had a huge amount of humor, sometimes naughty, dirty, but some special, unique that is. The series is so popular that about three friends even made a feature film which also had success not only in Canada but around the world.

Almost fifteen years have passed since the release date of the canadian TV series “Boys Treylerparka”. During this period the series has not once been the best in its genre. All this time the chief Director was Michael Clattenberg. The creators originally planned eleven seasons, so this season will be the penultimate. A real mix of genres will appear before the audience in this project. A lot of humor, sometimes quite vulgar, but incredibly distinctive, unusual protagonists, a unique atmosphere. Noteworthy is the fact that the story with the main characters of the series, was released and a feature picture.

Criminal-Comedy series "Boys Treylerparka" for more than fifteen years in demand among the viewing audience. Canadian filmmakers used to shooting pictures of this technique as pseudodocumentaries. It's a genre that is quite popular and called "mocumentary". It is for these pseudodocumentaries series "Boys Treylerparka" earned more than one award. American and canadian critics quite commendable speak about this crime Comedy. The Director of the film has been Michael Clattenberg.

The Main characters of the picture - a unit consisting solely of the best special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they can analyze criminal behavior and stay ahead of him n a step, thereby they can prevent a possible crime. These people appear in a time when the average forensic experts are powerless... For a place of collecting the necessary evidence, this division seeks to understand the motives for committing the crime, analyzing everything that happened and putting yourself in the place of the offender

Legal Drama series "Suits" released in the US in 2011 with the support of Studio Directors Kevin Bray, Keith woods and produced by Gavin Barclay, Chevy Chen and Dave Bartolom written by Aaron Korsh, Ethan drogin and talks about the student-nugget Mike Ross, who got a job working in Manhattan at legal shark Harvey specter. The pilot episode was ready to leave already in January 2011, and after its approval the leadership of the USA Network gave the nod to the release of the first twelve episodes. Premiere of the first season took place on 23 June 2011, the duration of each series is 43 minutes. The filming was performed in the Studio of Dutch Oven , USA Network.

Samantha waters, and a team of colleagues just Sam has a special gift. She can see through others ' eyes. I think you will not be surprised if I say that she works in one of the departments associated with serious crimes, which is located in Washington, DC. Sam forensic psychologist, which is due to his gift to understand what prompted the perpetrator to resort to violent actions to penetrate the minds of murderers. She copes with this job, but not everyone knows that in the past the husband Sam was murdered by one of serial killers

When you're over thirty, you suddenly notice that your life is like traffic signals. If you're single, you always green light, everything in motion, and you're free to go. Wherever you want. And with whom you want. If you're Dating a girl, you're flashing yellow light. On the one hand, you're still in motion, and on the other, are already preparing to stop. But if you're married, you stood in red. Everything has changed: you can no longer think only about themselves. The three of them. Im a little over thirty. They are best friends who always come to each other's aid.

The Second season of the animated Comedy series "Auggie and Cucaracha" was created in 2007. In each series shows the fun, unpretentious adventure already familiar to the main character – sweet, kind hero cat Auggie and his friend Jack. Fun brothers-cockroaches - Joey, Marky, Dee Dee try their best to ruin the lives of his roommates around the house. In all situations Cucaracha will always find a reason to Auggie and Jack are unable to cope with a given task. Humor, sarcasm, adventure is the least of what awaits the viewer watching this cartoon. Watch the second season of the animated series "Auggie and Cucaracha" online at any time on our website. Have a nice stay!

The Team "Veridian Technologies" deals with the fact that experiments and explores the properties of different fabrics. So they create a very incredible things, for example the task was to create a material with properties that resembled the properties of the present steel, the same strong, but just edible and accomplish the task! But if you think about it you can do a kamikaze Turkey, no problem. The boss of this organization for the studies of Ted crisp cherishes his work, he was happy. Loves his direct boss Veronica, and the rest of their employees, comrades and friends, LEM, Phil and Linda. The dearest and most interesting in his work, it is research and their practical embodiment in reality

Comedy-drama TV series "the Riches", filmed by cinematographers of the USA in 2007, shows a pair of modern nomads–Gypsies, with their three children escaped from the camp and hiding from persecution. The script was written by Vladimir Lipkins, Aaron Blitzstein and staged by Directors guy Ferlenga, Peter O'fallon and Brian kirk, together with producers mark Morgan, Eddie Stardom. The first season consists of 13 episodes. The duration of each is approximately 45 minutes. The show first was released 12 Mar 2007.

American TV series "Comrade detective," filmed in the Comedy genre. The project also contains elements of detective and Thriller. Supervised the shooting process the Director, Rhys Thomas. The project with the first series the audience liked, and also won positive reviews from critics. Every episode was action-Packed, vivid and interesting. In each series the main heroes are waiting for adventure, danger and unforeseen situations. All this is accompanied by subtle humor and wonderful jokes. While watching on the screens we will see Channing Tatum, Maherali Ali, Fred Armisen, Kim Basinger, Bobby Cannavale and other talented stars of American cinema.

TV-show "Guest book" is a classic American Comedy movie. On the positive was developed by the best filmmakers from the United States. Supervised the shooting process of directing a group consisting of Michael fresco, Gregory Thomas Garcia and Samira Ream. Each episode, which lasts about half an hour, shows us the different stories, adventures and events. The action develops fast and fun, so you will not get bored. Starring in the show sang Carly jibson, Charles Robinson, Garrett Dillahunt, Melanie Mosley, Arida Smith and others.

The Psychological Thriller "the Sinner" produced by the American filmmakers in the format of the 8-part mini-series. Project, production, USA Network, is a new word in the sphere of modern cinema. In the heart of the drama series is a book by the German writer, which was released 18 years ago. The script for the project was prepared by Derek Simonds and Petro Hammersfan. Supervised the shooting process Directors Antonio Campos and brad Anderson. The series premiere took place in early August. Starring the unsurpassed played Jessica Biel, Christopher Abbotts bill Pullman, Abby Miller, Teri Waibl and other famous Hollywood actors.

Television drama series "21 thunder" is the story of a football team, Montreal, which was filmed by canadian filmmakers. Directors of the project were Jerry Ciccoritti, Charles Officer and Jean Donovan. Alternative title is "Youth football". The main role in the film was performed by Stephanie Bennett, Emmanuel Kabongo, Kevin Claydon, Andres, Joseph, Jonathan, Kim and other talented artists. Each of them is 100% laid out on set, and was able to accurately and realistically represent nature, inner peace and feelings of your character.

Television Comedy "Get Shorty" is a remake of the eponymous film, which appeared on the screens 22 years ago. New serial version made by American filmmakers in 2017. Supervised the filming Directors Adam Arkin, Daniel Attias and Edward Bianchi. The main roles were invited Chris Odowd, ray Romano, Gillian Vigman, Christine Elise, Lucy Walters and other famous Hollywood actors. They perfectly embodied their characters. Each episode lasts one hour, during this time, you can relax in front of screens