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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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Historical series, “Agent”, created based on famous works of Alexander rose of the same name. For the first time, American filmmakers presented the series in 2014. The success of the project was quite expected. Then followed the second season. In April 2016, fans got to see the third season of the historical drama. And nick Copus, Rupert Wyatt led the shooting process. On our site you can watch all of the series in great picture and polyphonic transfer.

Premiere of the American drama series "Quarantine" was held in the spring of 2016. This project is a remake of a Belgian series called "Kordon", besides, quite close in content to the original. The crew is headed by Directors: lance Anderson, Chris Grismer, David Boyd, Charles Beeson. The main cast became popular American actors: Kristen Gutowski, David Gyasi, Trevor St. John, Hannah Lawrence and others. It should be noted that a series of large-scale epidemics, mass claiming the lives of people, has always enjoyed great popularity. The creators believe that this project will be no exception, and will find its audience. On our website the series is available for viewing in full. You don't have to waste time on registration and advertising. All TV series...

The Third season of the crime drama “Motive” was introduced to the show in January 2016. The project was created by canadian filmmakers, mostly directed by David Freyzi. The series is different with an intriguing story and an unusual approach to the investigations of the main characters. It is worth noting that canadian detectives have always won before the rest of the work. They have much more humanity, justice, morality than, for example, in American films. Starring: Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan penny and other famous actors. This season is not last in the history of the project, the creators have already announced the extension of filming for a fourth season. This fact clearly indicates that the popular TV series, popular among audience. On...

"Real boys" here for several years remain the most popular project on domestic television. It seems that such a long stay on the screen should annoy the audience, but no. Each time the viewers are looking forward to the release of new editions. When the authors of the project produced the initial season, and didn't think he would be so long and successful. Every time after the end of next season, the creators do not give any comments as to whether the continuation of the series. The series is devoted to the problems of young people, but among his fans you can meet the audience of all ages. In may 2016 premiere of the ninth season of the project, still the chief Director acts Zhanna kadnikova.

Fans of the successful series, which tells of a zombie Apocalypse, it will be interesting to get acquainted with a new spin-off to this show. Spin-off is called "Fear the walking dead". The series premiere took place in August of 2015. Reviews about the show were varied, but all agreed that it is necessary to look at the fans of the original, as well as those who are a little disappointed the last seasons of "the Walking dead", but no particular desire to part with a post-apocalyptic situation. The role of the main Directors were: Kari Skogland, Adam Davidson, Stefan Schwartz. Starring: cliff Curtis, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Kim Dickens, Frank, Dylan and other actors. In April 2016 on the body screens out the continuation of the story about zombies. On our...

Showing the next season of the drama series “Sweet life” was launched in may of 2016. The series, created by Russian filmmakers, has been so successful that we were surprised even the authors. The decision that the shooting will be extended for another season, the creators made after the TV ratings broke all records. The theme of today's youth, and her life values turned out to be so topical that the show fell in love to spectators of all ages. Positive feedback was given and critics. On our site you can watch the entire project “Sweet life”, without wasting time on registration and advertising.

In April 2016 premiere of the third season of the mystical series - "Scary tales". The picture will appeal to all fans of mystery, horror, chilling stories, because the movie filmed in this genre. The film is one of the best collaborative work of the British and Irish filmmakers. In the film was attended by famous film actors: Timothy Dalton, Reeve Carney, Alan Armstrong, Helen McCrory, and others. The third season of the project consists of ten episodes that you can watch on our site totally free and in good quality.

In the Spring of 2016 on the body screens out the new season of the popular American TV series "Silicon valley" Its author is Mike judge, he also acted as chief Director of the project. Once he worked for several years as a chief engineer in Silicon valley, and knows firsthand about the dark side of doing business. My thoughts and observations on this subject, he decided to invest in the basis of the storyline of the series. I must say that the project has gained immense popularity and success with the audience. Starring in the series performed by: Jake Broder, Andy Buckley, Amanda crew, Jake Brager and other actors. The series is very interesting and informative. Despite the fact that it belongs to the Comedy genre, it touches on a very serious problem of...

Comedy project "Pushkin" by Russian filmmakers, was released in the spring of 2016. If you think this series is dedicated to the life and creativity of great classics, it is not so. The name of the project received its striking resemblance to the A. S. Putinym. Akaki Sakhelashvili acted as chief Director, despite his youth, he is already well known in art circles. All the actors who took part in the filming, the young but very talented. Andrey burkovsky, Jan Tsapnik, Sergey Muravyov, Aleksandr Molochnikov - this is not a complete list of actors. In the first season, viewers will see twelve episodes, all of them are available on our website and you can watch them without registration.

First American TV series "grace and Frankie" appeared on the screens in the spring of last year. The reaction of critics and audiences this project was quite controversial. Initially, the series was labeled as a Comedy, but the creators apparently got excited, identifying it for the Comedy. The topic covered in the project is more related to drama than to Comedy. Although in the series a large number of funny and unusual situations, in fact, it touches upon very acute in today's society the topic of same-sex marriages. That series will be renewed for another season, the creators said back in the fall. And now, in may 2016 the sequel of "grace and Frankie".

Peaky blinders is a crime drama, the first season of which was released in 2013. Series created by British filmmakers. It was originally planned three seasons of the project, so this final season. It so happened that at all times gang violence were the favourite subject of filmmakers. Pictures, the plot of which refers the audience to the beginning of the last century, continue to occupy a place of honor. Steven knight - the main Director of the series, has managed to create a unique atmosphere of the picture, taking us into a post-war industrial Burmingham. The cast is picked up perfectly. That only is the game Killian Murphy and Tom hardy. Musical arrangement chosen in the best traditions of British cinema. The music is pumping, it excites, it touches the...

For the First time the series has appeared on screens in 2011. Not to say that success came immediately, the first two seasons were something in the form of start. However, since the third season, ratings of project wild. Each series was brighter and more intriguing than the last. By the way, this is not surprising, because the author of the script for the series "the Suspect" is Jonathan Nolan. His brother Christopher Nolan - Director of world renown. The series is a real mix of genres here fiction, detective, drama, Thriller. The cast is simply amazing, as in one project it was possible to collect so many brilliant people. Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, James Cavizel, Amy Acker, and others. The game Michael Emerson is so convincing, his manner a strange...

Australian detectives always differed unusual storyline and an unusual story. As a rule, intrigue remains until the last minutes of the movie, the plot consists of several parallel lines, and a clear picture emerges only for the final. Series "winter" is a typical job for Australian filmmakers. The project was released in February 2015. The filming process was led by the team of Directors composed of: Lynn Hegarty, Ian Whitson and Shirley Barrett. Starring actors: Rebecca Gibney, Matthew of Nabl, Anthony Prebol, Richard Healey and others. A series of six serial, the duration of one episode is forty-five minutes.

Comedy has always enjoyed a special success with the audience. Time spent watching Comedy series, allows you to relax, unwind, escape from everyday problems. It is to such series refers to the project “Devious maids”. For the first time the series was released in 2013. The audience received it with enthusiasm, the critics also gave positive reviews. In the spring of 2016, the screens out for the fourth season of the Comedy. Starring actors familiar to fans from last season: brianna brown, Melinda page Hamilton, drew van Acker, Grant Show, and others. Our website offers You to watch all the seasons of the TV series “Devious maids” and polyphonic transfer.

Biographical drama "Garelli" was released in April of 2016. Series created by British filmmakers. Steve Baron and Roger Goldby acted as the main Directors of the series. Starring in the series were played by actors: Daisy Waterstone, Alexis, Georgoulis, Anna Savva, keel Howse. The series is really interesting and opens many, is still not known facts of the biography of world famous writer and naturalist Gerald Dorell.