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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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Fascinating television series "Crash / Wrecked" is worth a look for those who like Comedy genre and style of American cinema. The project was created by all the canons of American Comedy, at the same time, the picture is full of surprises and pleasant surprises. The events of the series takes place on a deserted island. It would seem that the story of the survivors of the crash is as old as the world. But the film looks easy and gives lots of energy and great mood. The different story lines interwoven into one story, creating an unforgettable effect, conquering the hearts of millions of viewers.

In 2016, appeared on the screens of the new Turkish television series in the genre of melodrama "High society / Yuksek Sosyete". The film tells about love, life, wealth and poverty, different life values. The main characters face many adventures and trials before they will be able to find what I dreamed of, and become truly happy.

For anyone who is a fan of dramatic films, there's good news. In 2016 on the screen the sequel of the television series "Camp X / X Company" by canadian filmmakers. The project has a confusing plot, multifaceted characters main characters and an unexpected ending. Each episode is intriguing, makes the audience believe the story, look forward to the release of the new series. Supervised the filming of the famous film Directors David Freise and John Strickland. They project attracted a talented and popular artists such as Evelyn Cast, Jack Laskey, Warren brown, Connor Price and other promising actors. Largely due to their beautiful game and the quality of images, the series gained popularity and love of the audience all over the world.

Drama television series "Nashville season 4 / Nashville" once again pleases fans of the sequel. Those who have not watched the first three parts, is certainly worth a look. Especially if you love good music, intriguing plot and beautiful American Actresses. The project was made by famous American Director Paul Mccrane, Callie, Khouri and Steven Cregg. They managed to collect a tandem of talented and diligent professionals, which has invested in the series soul.

Premiere us TV series "Mindless" took place in June 2016. This project is a real mix of genres. It combines mysticism and fantasy, Comedy and horror. Someone the plot of the series may seem absurd, but nevertheless, the pilot episode had great success with the audience. The predictions of the critics are also very optimistic. Well, as they say, wait and see. Directors of the series are Jim McKay and Robert king, the names of these people are well known to the fans. Starring starred: Jean Maxwell, Beth Malouin, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and other actors. On our site you can watch the show "Brainless" in good quality, without registration, without advertising.

4 June 2016 premiere of the third season of the fantastic drama "the Last ship". Series on the topic of the post Apocalypse always very popular with viewers. This project falls into this series. Previous seasons have had great success with the audience, and American filmmakers decided to continue. Jack Bender, the main Director of the project. Starring well known American actors: Adam Baldwin, Marissa Neitling, Eric Dane, Christina Elmore and others. We offer you to watch all the seasons of the series in excellent quality, no registration on our website.

Crime television series "ray Donovan / Ray Donovan" was nevertheless extended by the producers for season 4. The premiere of the first episode of the fourth part will take place in 2016. The project encouraged viewers to 2013, so when media were not given information about what will be continued or not, fans of the series were upset. However, the high ratings and popularity of the film were the main reason for postponing the series. Again on the painting was created by renowned American Director Allen Coulter.

The Premiere of the American drama series "American West" was held in the summer of 2016. John Hilaire has assumed the role of chief Director of the series. The project authors believe that the series will be interesting for many categories of viewers. After all, movies about the Wild West were popular at all times. The Western motifs, the most daring and fearless men, car chases and shoot - all this is the place to be in such films, and this project is no exception. The series is designed for two seasons, in the starting season, you expect ten episodes. On our site you can watch the whole episode with the Russian translation of excellent quality. You do not need to register, just click play.

Premiere of the American Comedy "Fatal error Todd Margareta" was held in 2009. The creators immediately announced that the series will be three seasons, and they will come out once in three years. The third and final season of the captivating Comedy was released in the spring of 2016. For air time the show acquired a huge following around the world. The audience with great pleasure following the development of the storyline, and want to know what the outcome of this story. On creating the project worked with a team of filmmakers under the guidance of Directors Alex and Ben Hardcastle Greer. Starring took a famous American actor of Comedy: Sharon Horgan, will Harrison, will Arnett, David Cross and others. On our website you will find all the parts of the...

In 2016 on the screens will be a new crime series with elements of Comedy "special Forces 38 / 38 sagidongdae", the work of producers from South Korea. The project looks easy and intriguing unexpected plot twists. Filming was directed by talented Director who worked on different popular Korean projects, Kim Jong-Min. He managed to assemble a team of professionals in the film industry, to inspire them to create the old stories in a new motive. In many ways, the popularity of the series is a credit to the great Korean actors who could realistically and truthfully convey the nature of the characters, to reflect their personal stories and create one common picture. Starring SEO In-Guk, MA Dong-Seok, Choi su-Yeon,Jeong In-GI.

TV drama "the Last tycoon / The Last Tycoon", released in 2016, will appeal to those who love action-Packed stories that intertwined love and hatred, friendship and cruelty, betrayal and loyalty. The project was extremely sensual and exciting with its own character. On its creation worked well-known American filmmakers under the guidance of Director Billy ray. The duration of each episode is about 50 minutes. Starring in the film perfectly embodied on the screens of such popular Hollywood actors like Matt Bomer, Lily Collins, Dominique Mcelligot, Kelsey grammer, Jessica De Gau, rosemary DeWitt and others.

Drama series "the Ten commandments / Os Dez Mandamentos" created by the Brazilian cinemas, which decided to show the world a new version of the old biblical story. Director Alexander Avancini led the filming of the project. The movie has 176 episodes, lasting 60 minutes. Each episode is an opportunity to better understand events that happened long before our birth, which were later described in Bibilov. The show's main characters were able to convey the spirit and mood of the project. Their role remarkably fulfilled Gilarmi winter, Bianca Fernandez, Sergio Marone, Luciano Safir and many other talented Brazilian movie stars.

The First season of the detective drama series "One night / The Night Of" the domestic audience will see 11 July 2016, when Russia will host the premiere of the project. The shooting was organized by American filmmakers under the leadership of Stephen Zellian and James Marsh, who took over direction of the film. An intriguing scenario for the series was written by a team of talented guys, including Peter Moffat, Richard Price, etc. a Special highlight of the project adds the perfect musical accompaniment, which was created by composer Jeff Russo.

American television series "Queen of the South / Queen of the South" was released in 2016. And immediately captured the hearts of fans of such genres like action, Thriller and drama. A major project was headed by famous film Director from United States Charlotte Ziling. She managed to perfectly cope with the tasks, to present the story clearly and intriguing. The series consists of six episodes, the duration of each is about 60 minutes. To make the film more exciting and action-helped talented actors who performed the main roles. In every series we see on the screens Alice Braga, Joaquim di Almeida, Justino Machado, Peter Gadiot, John Michael Ecker and others.

American television series "Greenleaf / Greenleaf" was created in the drama genre. The project consists of twelve series, each of which is surprising interesting and intricate plot, incredible acting and an unpredictable ending. The shooting of the film was organized by the famous film Director from United States Allen Crocker. Its partners in the development of the project were Clement Virgo and Janice cook-Leonard. The series pleases fans of the drama genre wonderful cast. On the screens we see Merle Dandridge, Kimberly Hawthorne, Lamman Rucker, Ti Urston and many other Hollywood actors.