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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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American filmmakers for the fourth time please fans of the television series "Costumes" exciting and original story of two friends-lawyers. The project was shot in the genre of Comedy drama talented producers Dave Bertysa and Gavin Barclay. Directors paintings were made by Rick Muraki and Aaron Korsh. Fourth premiere of the film project was supported by the American TV company "Oven of duth". Duration of each episode is approximately 45 minutes. Events again unfold around extravagant couples - cynical lawyer Harvey Spector and his scattered assistant Mike Ross.

In late July 2014 inter TV channel presented to its audience a new television series "Windy woman." Created by the Studio "INTRA.FILM" and "FILM.UA" dvenadcataya romance tells the story of how the life of a young man after a meeting with a charming girl.

Action-fiction television series "Fallen skies" was shot in the genre of drama. On creation of the project were American and canadian filmmakers, Director of the film was made by Robert Rodat. The shooting of the fourth season was held at the request and with the support of the TV channel TNT. Duration of each episode is approximately 45 minutes. In the centre of the plot is lecturer at Boston University Tom Mason, who was at the center of a struggle between humans and aliens.

American action Comedy-drama series "Night shift", presented to the audience in 2014, tells about hard work of medical staff from San Antonio. The occupation has always valued and considered noble. To be a doctor is to help the millions of people who need help. The work of medical staff is difficult, but they are the most ordinary people, with human worries and difficulties.

Action-fiction television series "the Call" tells about the time when the Earth was captured by the aliens. People went to war with the invaders. This struggle led to catastrophic losses on both sides. The turning point of these Pale wars, it was the revolt of a small group of soldiers who dared to challenge the authorities decided to unite people and aliens.

The Main characters of the television series "Mystery student - high school sophomores and best friends Koichi Iwata and Midori Kagawa. The guys are friends from childhood, one day, returning home, they saw a strange celestial phenomenon, but never gave it a value.

Action television series "dominion" is unchecked American filmmakers in the genre of fantasy. The action of the film takes place in the time when the angels and the people were confronting each other.

Attention! The fifth season of exciting detective with criminal bloom serial film "Secret link" is cleared by the US cinema, film producers are Dave Bartis together with hunter Betts. The video tells the intriguing story of unspeakable dangerous jobs spy Annie Walker, entirely absorbed in her work.

Discovery Channel 5 March 2014 presented to the audience the fifth season of the television series "Through space and time". This documentary examines from different points of view, the concerns of many about how there was our world, what is in the universe and man, and many others.

Broadcast of the second season of the television series "Utopia" was launched on 14 July 2014. It once again we see the people that were previously unknown, and now linked by a common goal - to survive and away from the persecution of some organization.

American drama series "first degree Murder" tells about the difficult working days of police of San Francisco. It was in this city in the slums of one hot area was found dead fifty years addict. Crime is quite ordinary, to investigate it takes a couple of detectives.

Gripping and exciting television series "the Last ship" is based on the book by William Brinkli, which he wrote in 1988. Interesting story about a destroyer in the search for survivors after world nuclear catastrophe. The captain Nathan James - talented leader. Many times he saved the team from collapse and the catastrophe. After a long voyage, they come up against a Soviet submarine. But in those times of the USSR and America were enemies, despite this the captain decides to establish contact with the survivors people on the enemy ship.

The Creators of fun and action of the television series "my Dear obmanschica" has released the fifth season of the project, which can become final. The main characters of the project remain the same. Four friends again will seek answers to questions and mysterious circumstances. After the loss of their friend Alison passed year. The girl found dead, her friends were in a terrible shock. Now they are more interested in the details of that evening, when lost Alison. On the way to the answers protagonists faced with other problems and mysterious events. The plot of the TV series tightened more and more. Buying unexpected tinge. In his personal life girls also not going smoothly. Relations Ezra and Arias came to an end. One of the girls you receive a fan who is...

They released the second season of the famous American television drama film "ray Donovan" channel Showtime based on script Ann [. June 30, 2013, simultaneously with the release of the first episode of the final season of the television series "Dexter" the audience became acquainted with the first season of the television series "ray Donovan". Ray Donovan).

French television series "RAID" was continued on the third season, which was released in 2014, 10 February, on the Canal+. It continues the story of the four police officers who one day decided to restore the good name of his friend.