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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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One of the most brilliant shows on television. For several decades it remains in the list of the most popular and exciting. Millions of men and women, looking forward to the new season. Almost a year has passed since the moment when the fans met with the 22 season of the show "Top gear". To be honest, until the last moment it was unclear whether the new season of the show. All in the leading, which used to see the audience. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James may with their names, the audience associiruetsya favorite project. Unfortunately, a 23-season, we will be disappointed. One of the leading it will not, as they all left the project. First out Clarkson because of the scandal with the producer, and was followed by others. Who will be the new host...

In April 2016 premiere of the crime drama "the laws of the wolf". Project created by American filmmakers, John wells became the main Director of the series. The basis of the show went to the film of the same name, filmed by Australian filmmakers six years ago. Then this picture was a huge success among the fans of crime drama. American filmmakers decided to present their vision of the story. Starring in the series performed by: Ben Robson, Devon Sawa, Scott Speedman's, Ellen barkin, and others. On our site you can watch all ten episodes and polyphonic transfer. While announced only on the first season, but maybe it will be followed by a continuation of the story.

Premiere of the drama series "Feed the beast" took place in June 2016. The series is the work of American filmmakers. The series - something between a social drama and a detective. It has a lot of tragedy, sadness, the, of leading to a long reflection. There is a kind of escalation of negativity. David Schwimmer played the role of the protagonist, his name is well remembered by the fans of the TV series "Friends". Also in the series involved actors: Jim Sturgess, Demonstes of Crisan, Wiki Weinheim, Tricia, Paoluccio and others. The creators have already announced that the series will have two seasons, but on the release date of the next season have not yet been reported. In the meantime, watch ten episodes of "Feed the beast" on our website in excellent...

Less than a year as American filmmakers presented the first season of the drama Comedy "No strings attached", as it was followed by a sequel. In June 2016 on the body screens out the continuation of the series. Series with an incredibly easy plot, lots of humor, will allow you to have a great time in front of the TV. Story taken from life, so seem close for many viewers. Starring famous actors of Comedy: Tommy Dewey, Michela Watkins, Francis Conroy, Patrick Heusinger and other.

Continuing the American drama series “finding Carter” came on the tele screens in early 2016. Project created by American filmmakers, and for the first time appeared on the air in 2014. The show was a huge success with viewers, the ratings broke all records from the premiere. That series will be renewed for a second season, the creators announced immediately after the premiere, as that is the season final, so it will be placed all points over “and”. In the series involved famous actors: Cynthia Watros, Alexis Denisof, Anna Jacoby-Heron. Performer of the title role is a young British actress Kathryn Prescott. The second season the number of episodes is no different from previous: twelve episodes of forty minutes each.

Comedy series “Shits Scream” was released in January 2015. The series is filled with such humor and positive that in a matter of weeks became popular with viewers. The project was created by canadian filmmakers. Eugene and Daniel levy are the authors of the project, its main producers and the main cast. They've already announced that this season will not be the only, series will be continued. In addition to couple of Levi, in sheets Creek” was filmed famous Comedy actors: Annie Murphy, Catherine O'hara, Sarah levy, Chris Elliott and others. In the first season, the audience expects a thirteen half-hour episodes. On our site you can watch fully Comedy“, sheets Creek in a great image with polyphonic transfer. No need to register, just press the play button on...

The Premiere of the romantic Comedy "You, me, she" was held in June 2016. The series was created by American filmmakers. Nisha Ganatra became the main Director of the series. Once, a few years ago, Playboy magazine published an article about how you can diversify your family life. This article gave rise to the creation of this project. Not to say that article became the basis for the script, it just gave the creators the idea. Starring in the series performed by: Rachel Blanchard, Priscilla Faia, Melanie Papalia, Jarod Joseph, and other actors. The authors of the series have no doubt in the success of your project. When the pilot episode hasn't even aired, they had already announced the extension of the series for a second season, and it's a great...

Summer is the Prime time for the most fun and exciting Comedy. American filmmakers have tried their best, and this season released a number of amazing Comedy, including the series "still the king". The first episode of the series was released on 16 June 2016 . the creators are sure that no fan of the Comedy genre will not be disappointed with the series. In it everything is perfect: storyline, filming, acting. Maybe someone he seems a little absurd, n actions and the life of the protagonist is so fascinating that the audience watching her. Starring starred popular American actors: Justin dray, Joshua Childs, Blaise Miller, Madison ISMAN and others. To watch the show "still the king" you may, at any time on our website without ads and registration.

Premiere of the Comedy series "Blackish" took place in the fall of 2014. The project, created by American filmmakers, has been well received by the audience. However, the creators decided to continue the series, and now, in the spring of 2016, the creators presented the second season of the Comedy. The show is incredibly positive, draws from the first minutes of viewing. The presentation of the material is just gorgeous, the acting deserves the highest awards. The series though belongs to the Comedy genre, however, it hides a very deep meaning, it is necessary only to consider it.

The Second season of the American Comedy "Impossible" came on the tele screens in may 2016. Last season was named the best new product of the summer. The creators do not doubt that the new releases will have the same success with the audience. Especially like the series those who is a fan of different reality shows. After all, the creators of the series allowed the audience to lift the veil of secrecy over how to create these programs. Spectators always think a show attended by the most ordinary people, povestvuetsya real stories of their lives. All these projects are broadcast live from this is kept constant intrigue, the unpredictability and severity.

World premiere of the first season of the Spanish drama series "Vis" was held in April of 2015. The series is filmed in the genre of drama, its plot is very will remind viewers of another drama series called "the Orange color of the season." The creators originally planned two seasons of the project. The main Directors of the project were: jesús Rodrigo, jesús Colmenar, Sandra Gallego and. Starring starred well-known Spanish actors: Alba Flores, Maggie Civantos, Roberto henríquez, Cristina plazas and others. On our resource you can watch all episodes of the series including the second season in great quality, with a Russian translation.

Series “Wentworth” is an Australian version of the English project “BadGirls” that aired over ten years ago, and had a huge hit with audiences around the world. It should be noted that the modern version is nowhere near the original. In 2013, “Wentworth” was first presented to the audience. The success was quite expected and predictable. However, critics rather ambiguously expressed respect to the project, but the high ratings of the show is not affected. All seasons fans were greeted with applause.

Comedy American TV series "Horrors of the Internet" was released in the summer of 2016. The series is devoted to very actual in the modern world, the subject, the subject of the Internet, and rationality of its use. The authors of the project are well known to the audience for their previous works: "Black mirror" and "Adam ruins everything". This project can be called a kind of parody of these projects. The main roles were played by actors: Melissa hunter, Michael Afton, Cheri Oteri, Zach Oyama and others. Each episode lasts ten minutes, but it's enough to have a good laugh. All ten editions of the series. On our website you will find all editions of the series "Horrors of the Internet", with Russian translation and in excellent image quality.

The World premiere of Australian series "UMNIK" took place in early June 2016. The series is filmed in the genre of science fiction, as a rule, this genre is very fond of the younger generation. The creators have released the project just in time for the beginning of summer vacation. On creating the project worked with the directing Duo: Lea by Purcell and Wayne Blair. Starring starred: Rhondda Findleton, jada Alberts, Tasma Walton, Peter Roberts and others. The series is available for viewing on our website in excellent quality and with a Russian translation.

An American drama television series "the Night shift" started to gain its popularity almost immediately after the premiere of the first season of the picture. The theme that was raised by the creators of the film were quite interesting for most audience viewers. Fans paintings were eagerly waiting for the continuation of the series and finally in June 2016 premiere of the third season of beloved films. The new season has ten episodes and the duration of each is 60 minutes.