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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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Fiction film “Western world” has already appeared once on the screens, and it was almost thirty years ago. Michael Crichton is an American science fiction writer, is the author of the work, in which he made this film. According to the authors, in the near future there will be a unique amusement Park. The essence of this Park will be that each person, having in his pocket a decent amount of money, can become an inhabitant of the Wild West, with all attributes inherent to that time. Caught this amazing attraction visitor can become a participant of car chases, shootings, to be riding a Mustang in the zloty career, and even remove the courtesan. All the characters, participants of the ride was a cyborg, that is, beings with artificial intelligence. From the...

In October 2016, came on the screens of American show “Radio wave”. The series is difficult to attribute to any genre, as it mixed drama and mystery, fantasy and detective. Very unusual plot, tense, with many unknowns likely to appeal to fans of a good Thriller. This project compared to another project, which was released at the same time. The series is called “Out of time”, and they say that their stories are very similar. Who is the leader?

Comedy is the genre that will never lose its relevance. Comedy is always fun, positive, funny, the time spent for its viewing allows you to get a charge of positive emotions. Such is the Comedy “the Pretender” created by American filmmakers. The first season, which premiered in the summer of 2015, was a success and the audience, and the authors decided not to stop there, and lifted the continuation of this fascinating history. The second season was released in the fall of 2016. The audience noted that the distinguishing feature of this series is the fact that the storyline is developing very quickly, and therefore, the authors have shown what is really interesting and deserves attention

In the Fall of 2016 Ukrainian film-makers presented a new Comedy series “Best week of my life.” Semen Gorov is the main Director of the project. The main cast are the real stars of Russian cinema: Yuri Gorbunov, Olga Sumy, Viktor Tsekalo, and other actors. The authors of the series are sure that it will be very popular because it is very light, positive, with lots of adventure and funny situations. By the way, given the stellar cast and the popularity of the chief Director, the success of no doubt. The tenth of October will be all Comedy series.

Animated series “South Park” - can confidently be attributed to centenarians. This cartoon grew more than one generation of viewers. Almost twenty years have passed since that moment as the first release of this project saw the light. For so long a time creators manage to keep interest in the series. Only the legendary Simpsons can compete S. Young Park to longevity. Trey Parker and Matt stone are the names of those whom we are obliged for this project. The show of the twentieth season of the series started in the fall of 2016, and no one even doubts that it will be interesting, exciting.

In October 2016 released the third season of “NCIS: New Orleans.” The project, filmed in the genre of crime drama. Such series in modern cinema, a huge number, but this project really stands out the originality of the plot, unusual crimes and non-traditional methods of their investigation.

First crime detective “NCIS. Svu” was released almost fourteen years ago. Hardly anyone of the founders could have imagined that so many years later the project is still relevant and popular. For so many years to whet the interest of viewers is a great achievement and work. With the advent of new scientific technologies has changed the nature of the crimes. Criminals have become much smarter, more thoughtful, but the police are not standing still. In their investigations they use new techniques. In October 2016, saw the light of the sixteenth season of the series.

Turkish soap operas enjoy much love from the audience. Watching you can forget about their troubles, they are lightweight, usually with the obligatory “happy end”. Is the audience of different ages. At this time, Turkish filmmakers have produced a series that focuses on the younger generation, especially for those who are still planning to leave the parental nest. The series premiere of “the Name of Happiness” took place in the summer of 2015. Karina is a Comedy melodrama. The story is light, fun, but at the same time, it has enough moments when you have to worry about the main characters.

The Popular American animated series "family Guy" was first shown in the last century on FOX. Since then, or rather since 1999, a sitcom with each new season becoming more popular, or more popular. Now world-famous animated series "family Guy" has reached its peak. Among the fans of a dysfunctional family family Guy now there are adults and children. We remind you that to watch this animated series is recommended with fourteen years. From 1999 to 2015 was presented fourteen seasons of the series, which won a huge number of spectators, the sponsors of the series have received numerous awards. Of course, fans just want to continue from the Creator of family Guy Seth MacFarlane. Rejoice, 25 September launched a new fifteenth season of the cartoon "family Guy".

Canadian series “ Consequences” was released in October 2016. The project, filmed in the genre of science fiction, and, despite the fact that the theme of the Apocalypse is currently widely used by the filmmakers, this project deserves special attention. The story is not so much approaching end of the world, how many relationships between people in a difficult situation. What feelings, emotions, experiences are the main characters? We must pay tribute to creators and performers of the main roles, they were able to accurately recreate the real picture of what is happening, believe them.

The Creators of the drama “Elementary” the real heroes, if swung at the works of the legendary master detective Arthur Conan Doyle. They just want to make a TV series on his novel, and to make significant adjustments to his plot. The storyline will develop in America, and the faithful companion and assistant of the famous detective. Such drastic changes in the story works no one else did. Concerns that the project will be a failure, critics and viewers do not understand, of course, was. However, everything was at the highest level, and the series became popular from the first season. The new, fifth season was released in the fall of 2016, and is ready to please fans of the detective genre new investigations.

One of the most anticipated Premier last fall, was undoubtedly the crime drama of the “Base Quantico”. And the show exceeded all expectations of the audience. His success was incredible. The creators didn't even hesitate, but immediately after the end of the first season announced that starting work on a sequel. The second season was put on display in the fall of 2016.

Comedy-drama "Dag / Dag" was first released in 2010. The project immediately like millions of audience of all ages, which encourages creators to continue to release. In 2016, was released for the fourth season of the amazing television series about the eccentric shrink. The shooting of the film was headed by Norwegian filmmakers under the guidance of Directors Eystein Carlsen and Tuva Novoty. In every season of the picture for 10 episodes, each lasting 23 minutes. During this time, the viewers time to enjoy the wonderful game of actors and an unusual plot of the series.

American filmmakers fall of 2016 presented the new TV series "MacGyver", filmed in the genres of drama, adventure and Thriller. The picture deals with a young man Angus MacGyver, organized within the American government secret organization. The role of the Director and the Director of the series was made by Matt Earl Beasley, Jerry Levine and Alec Smythe. Action adventure based on the script by Peter M. Lenkova, Lee David Zlotoff and Bret of Vandenbos. The TV series "MacGyver" was launched on 23 September 2016.

The Romantic Comedy series "King of shopping Louis" was launched in the fall of 2016. The filmmakers of South Korea introduced the history of the relationship of one wealthy guy and a poor girl. Director Lee sang-Tu will give the viewer the sixteen series of seventy minutes each. The romantic Comedy was first shown on 21 September.