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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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New meeting with the family of Taylors in the new eighth season of the American Comedy television series "home improvement". This project started in September 1997. It was then that fans of the genre "situational Comedy" witnessed zabavneyshy situations. Tim Taylor is the main character of the Comedy "home improvement". He is the host of the TV program, which gives advice on repairing your home, but the funny thing is that the man is absolutely not able to do this repair, not even able to keep the right tool in hand. And despite the many paradoxes and problems, he can't give up your favorite activities.

The Broadcast of the first episode of the new television series "When we are at home" on channel "STB" was held on August 26, 2014. This sketch shows devoted to family life, it depicts the everyday care of a few families.

In the seventh series of the series, titled "Seinfeld" and filmed in 1995 in the genre of Comedy presented in the continuation of the story about the everyday life and holidays of the main character, whose name is Jerry Seinfeld. But this story is not about him alone. He still has friends and acquaintances about life which will also be discussed. This film was shot by the American founders, namely producers Tim Kaiser and George Shapiro, writers Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, directed by David Steinberg and Andy Acerpanam. The duration of each of twenty-four episodes of this season was about 23 minutes and presented to the audience from 21 September 1995.

Television series "Letters on the glass" presents the TV channel "Russia-1" and "Small Film" August 25, 2014. This is a story about a young girl and her love, about the trials that befell her.

The First season of exciting fantasy reality show "the Quest". The filmmakers chose the best and the most popular of these projects, which were presented in recent years. You just do not think that we are talking about copying others ' human ideas. The creators of the series most authentically recreated to the smallest detail - from the design of the costumes of the participants to the event. The shooting took place on a perfect site for this genre in Australia. All events take place on the backdrop of a medieval castle and 70 acres of green space. It perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the show, allowing participants to absorb the spirit of the era.

To transmit a new canadian television series "Rush" began on 17 July 2014. In the center of the story in it is a young doctor providing medical services to celebrities and forced to satisfy their whims.

LLC "Forward-Movie" and LLC "Studio "Center of film production" has been updated, the eighth season of the television series "Moscow. Three station". Viewers can once again see their favorite characters that monitor the security of rail transportation.

The Display of the television series "flavor of the rose" production company "Twist" began on August 18, 2014 on channel "inter". This is a story about the life of a small village for several decades, starting in the eighties of the twentieth century.

LLC "Forward-Film"Studio "Centre for cinema and TV channel" NTV" August 17, 2014 presented the first series of the eighth season of the television series "COP-in-law." It brave police continue to fight for the safety of residents Bitove.

American filmmaker ray McKinnon has created a unique, gripping television series "Fix errors". The first season started in April 2013. 19 June 2014 they released the second season of the picture. It consists of ten episodes. The broadcast of the series was engaged in the Sundance Channel. It was the first dramatic picture this Studio.

On the "inter" channel 11 August 2014 began playing detective television series "the Case for two". He talks about how the investigator and journalist working on the investigation of crimes.

On the TV channel "Ukraine" in August of 2014 began airing of the television series "the Abolition of all restrictions". Created by producer center "Pyramid", series romance describes as a married couple on the verge of divorce, and tries to avoid it.

The Second season of the television series "Witches of East End"based on the novels by Melissa de La Cruz, came out in early July 2014 on channel Lifetime. It is dedicated to the adventures of the family, women are witches.

American cable channel AMC on August 2, 2014 presented to the audience of the fourth season of the television series "Hell on wheels". It continued the story about a former U.S. army soldier southerners who found their home in a tent camp on the construction of the railway.

Television series "Manhattan" was released in late July 2014 on WGN America. He is a close to real events, the story of how American scientists working on the research project of the atomic bomb.