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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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Premiere Russian detective series "Accidental meeting" was held on 7 December 2014. Took a picture filmmaker Ivan Kitaev. And the main role was played by the young and talented actors: Vitaly hay, Vladimir Aglic, Anna chipovskaya and others. Just the series 8 episodes, each of which is 48 minutes.

In 2013, the audience was presented to the first part of the adventure drama "Atlantis" from the English Directors Alice crotona and Justin Molotkova. The show has received tremendous popularity among a wide audience all over the world and all were looking forward to the continuation of this fascinating picture. And here is premiered in 2014, you can see the continuation of this fascinating story.

American TV series called "the mindy Project", beautifully filmed by a team of Directors, headed by Michael Spilleren, published for the first time in early September 2012. The duration of a series of about 25 minutes.

Sulfo extraordinary, the ordinary guy who tirelessly works on his very wealthy relative of Uthman, resulting in the order of his garden of trees and flowers. Osman just went crazy and into colors and was obsessed with trees.

In 2010 he published a television series called "a native of Rio de Janeiro", created by its authors in the genre of Comedy. This is a fun Comedy will tell the audience about ten remarkable women who live for many years in such a beautiful city like Rio de Janeiro. Their working days and holidays, their secrets and problems. The Brazilian group of authors, the creators of the film Directors Daniel Filho and Chris D'amato in the company of writers Adriana Falcao and Euclides, mariƱo, and producer Julio, Ochoa presents ten episodes of this series on 26 minutes each. For the first time the film is presented in the air for the General public on October 19, 2010.

In 2014 was released season 3 detective trilogy, taken by Swiss filmmakers "Murder on Sandhamn". For his work on this picture directed by Marcus Olsson received high acclaim from film critics. Starring Alexandra RAPAPORT and Jacob Cedergren .

Premiere American adventure series "Librarians" was held in December 2014 and attracted the attention of film critics appreciating it. 've taken a picture of the directing Duo of Dean Devlin and Jonathan Freaks on the motives of the film series of the same name. Starring Rebecca romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth and John Kim.

Turkish Prime Minister series for family viewing "Responsibility" was held in September 2014. Rented a movie Director Nisan Akman, and the main part is played by a real handsome man, conqueror of female hearts Mahmed Akif Alakurt. The basis for the script of the film was the film shot in the middle of the last century "the return of the soldier".

Romantic series from Korean filmmakers was presented to the audience in 2014 and managed to win millions of fans. Great game for young Korean actors make the audience with the characters to experience and enjoy different events in their lives.

Melodramatic series from Korean filmmakers "Geniuses medicine" was presented to viewers in 2013. The entire series consists of 20 episodes of 60 minutes each. The film makes an interesting cast, great acting will allow the viewer with the characters to plunge into the atmosphere of the event.

Premiere of the new Turkish TV series "the Cherry season was held in 2014. Rented a movie Director files Holmes paquement, for shooting attracted the best young cast. This is a fascinating series about youth Turkey this time, about the beginning of their life, when everything seems new and yet to come. They live a normal student life, fall in love, make plans for the future.

Melodramatic TV series was released on 10 July 2012, created by Mexican Directors and has assembled a star-studded cast of Mexico and America: Carl Hernandez, Mauricio Ochmann, Patricio Castillo.

The Premiere of the television series "Return my love" was held on December 8, 2014. This is a collaboration of Ukrainian and Russian filmmakers, and the chief Director acted Eugene Baranov. Just picture consists of 24 episodes for fifty minutes each.

Drama series "Accordion" was presented to the viewers in 2014 Russian filmmakers. Starring beloved by all actors Andrey Merzlikin and Ekaterina Guseva. The basis of the series on real events that happened to a real person - the pilot who fought in the great Patriotic War who was captured by the Germans and managed to survive all of barbarity and torture. Once in the camp, somehow he managed to escape.

American crime television series "M I. T.", written on the basis of a number of comics, the premiere of which was released on September 23, 2014. The basis of the story we are talking about a secret Agency that fights terrorists and evil invaders threatening with terrible regularity. Over the comics is a strong American company "Marvel Comics", which produced such masterpieces as "Superman" and "Batman". One of the two most powerful companies, Marvel Co. releases its brilliant and not re-work since 1960. The Director, this movie still stands gossom widen, talented American Director with considerable experience in similar works. The length of one episode of 45 minutes.