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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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The First series of the television series "Embracing the sky" was released September 15, 2014 on channel "inter". This dvenadtsatistrunnye film in the genre of drama was shot by order of the "First channel" production company Alexander Litvinov, with the support of the Mosfilm cinema concern. In this picture unfolds an exciting story about first love that the heroes could not forget, and he carried through his life.

In the Summer of 2014 on the screen presents a romantic detective Comedy TV series called "My secret hotel". South Korean authors created a film about a charming girl who works as a Manager at weddings. She has recently divorced her husband. A group of creators Director hon Chung Chang in the company of writers To Kim Hyun and Kim E Ri shot shestnadtsatiletnyaya film. Each of the series it has a duration of about 60 minutes. The series first presented in the ether for a mass audience on August 18, 2014.

TV Channel "CTC" September 15, 2014 presented to the audience of the fourth season favorite of many of the television series "the Eighties". This tape is a wonderful opportunity to remember the past and how we lived then.

The Plot of a sci-Fi American TV series "Alien" takes place in 1945, during the Second World war. A young and attractive girl named Claire Randall recent years, works as a nurse at the front. The woman returns home, where she meets a whole and unharmed husband Frank that brings incredible joy. The pair seemed that all behind and nothing wrong with them will not happen. They thought that finally there will come a peaceful and serene life. Claire and Frank decided to celebrate the return home as the beginning of nwoya happy life after a long separation. The pair is sent to Scotland, where they are trying to find any information about the family of her husband. During a regular walk in the Scottish lands, Clare was leaning on the stone, which was located in...

2014 issued a continuation of the animated television series-Comedy called "Gravity falls", his second season. In this fun and funny Comedy again will be the story of the fictional city state Oregon and fun people. The creators of the series, which included Director John Aoshima and Joe pitt, in the company of writers Alex Hirsch and Timothy Makkena and producers Robert Renzetti and Tobias pock, one Outer presented five series of films on 22 minutes in each of them. First editions of this season made it to the screens on August 4, 2014.

Television series, which is called "Trial by jury", appeared in 2014. American authors created serial Thriller, telling about the murder investigation, which is very closely involved policy. The group of authors of the series, the filmmakers Kevin Tancharoen and Shawn Ku in the company of producers Jamie Burke and Amy Kim with the support of the company "Lifebot Production" shot twelve episodul with a duration of about 22 minutes each. The series first introduced in mass rent from August 5, 2014.

2014 live shows television series, named by its authors "Red widow". Russian kinostory created a film in the genre of crime drama. In the series we will be talking about a woman named Pauline, which destined a lot of suffering, and thus be able to keep the firmness of spirit. A group of filmmakers, which included Directors Alexey Scraper and Igor Sternberg, producers Timur Weinstein and Roman Elistratov and others filmed the movie, consisting of eight episodes. Each episode has a duration of about 50 minutes. Presentation output of the show was on air September 10, 2014.

The Fourth season of the television show "Franklin and bash" was launched on 13 August 2014 on channel "TNT". It continues the story of two talented young lawyers on their work.

A New version of the immortal works of Dumas about friendship, loyalty, honor and love can be seen in the TV series "the Three Musketeers", which released in 2014 in South Korea. This picture tells about a young warrior, arrived in the capital for fame and adventure.

Fate - very whimsical and capricious lady. When she pleases she confronts us with useless people, and sometimes makes you love them and really suffer because of the separation. Also the villain life has been the main character of the television series "My boy".

Television drama South Korean production, which is called "Fated to love you", presented at the air in 2014. The film will tell the audience a story of love unremarkable with mean girls and a son of the President of a large company. The group of authors of the film by Director Lee Dong Young in the company of producer Kim San Ho shot twenty episodes with a duration of about 60 minutes in each series. The first series of films released in the air on 2 July 2014.

In the Fall of 2014 appeared in the broadcast television series, which the authors gave the name "Good hands". Russian cynocobalamin released the film in the genre of crime drama. This is a story about an unusual aid to those who for some reasons cannot have children. To such people, and comes to the aid of Dr. Saveliev. A group of authors, which included Director Yuri Kuzmenko in the company of writer Alla Krinitsyna and producer Denis Evstigneev shot dvenadcatiletnyaya film. Each series has a duration of about 45 minutes. The series first presented in the ether for a mass audience from September 8, 2014.

TV Channel "CTC" and OOO "Mak Media" September 8, 2014 unveiled a new television series "Family business". It tells about how unlucky would-be entrepreneur and five children in the care of adults, found each other.

Autumn 2014 presented the audience with a new episode of the television show called "Evening Urgant" in its sixth season. Television series, which was released in the form of evening entertainment television talk show, created by Russian filmmakers. In the film you have to read all the latest news in the country and in the world, but in a humorous light. The authors are the creators of the show, namely producers Ivan stars, Andrei Boltenko, Konstantin Ernst in the company of writers Denis Rtischev's Paul Avetisova, Timur Akasawa and other serial shot the film, each issue of which has a duration of from 30 to 52 minutes. The first television show in the sixth season presents aired from September 5, 2014.

In early September, the company "GT" on the screens released a new shestnadcatiletniy TV series "Long way home". It tells the story of two women of different generations of the same family was looking for happiness.