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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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American Comedy project "Without commitment" was presented to the audience in the fall of 2015. What is a relationship without commitment? Many once in my life asked a similar question. In today's world, many people yearn for this type of relationship, but is it actually good? Of course, such relationships facilitate the existence, let you feel free and relaxed. But how durable will such a Union? After all, very few people can resist the temptation of permissiveness. For many, an open relationship is an excuse not to take responsibility. Much easier, when faced with the slightest difficulty, to leave, because you do not obligated. In any case, each person chooses how to proceed and whether to take responsibility for your partner.

In the Fall of 2015 premiere of the Australian drama series “Crash”. Emma Freeman has served as the principal Director of the project. The series is very similar to the American project “To the call of sorrow”. Mystery intertwined with the drama. To say which one is better or worse, is impossible, because each project is interesting in its own way. The first season of “Crash” contains six episodes, lasting 60 minutes each.

Premiere of the second season of musical drama series "Empire" took place in September 2015. The project was created by American filmmakers. The project with the first series became extremely popular. Very rarely it happens that the creators of in the middle of the season series already extended it to next. This is what happened in this case. "Empire" won the sympathy of not only the viewers but also critics. Fans are looking forward to the continuation of the story.

Detective drama “Unforgettable” was filmed by British cinematographers, and left on the body of the screens in November 2015. The series was made in the best traditions of the detective genre. As you know, there is no better detective than British detectives. They have everything that makes the audience enthusiastically follow the development of the plot. Typically, the intrigue remains until the last minutes of the film. Thin English humor, twisted plot, it's all there in this project. The first season will introduce viewers to the six episodes, lasting 60 minutes each. Each episode is a separate investigation which was conducted by specialists from the Department of unsolved crimes. In the end, all the stories intertwine together.

Premier-series “For the love I am able” was held in the fall of 2015. The project is the work of Ukrainian filmmakers. The series will appeal to anyone who loves an amazing love story, which touched the strings of human relations. The actors performed their roles. The first season of the series consists of sixty episodes, lasting 45 minutes each.

In November of 2015 took place the most anticipated season premiere of the series “the Servant of the people”. The project, created by Ukrainian filmmakers, in record time became mega popular. The ratings of the show broke all records, watch the show on TV is going a record number of viewers. It is not surprising, in recent years, the political TV shows are gaining increasing popularity.

The Creators of such famous television series as “the big Bang Theory” and “Mike and Molly” never cease to amaze the audience, and, in November of 2015 presented the third season of the Comedy project's “Mommy.” Comedy for the past few seasons takes the leading positions in the ratings among its genre. After all, Comedy is always the spectators enjoyed special popularity. Always nice to have fun with the whole family in front of the TV. In the new season the creators have presented thirteen episodes, lasting 50 minutes each.

Many remember the story of the terrible Australian maniac Ivan Milat, for a long time to commit bloody crimes. Director Peter Andrikidis decided to restore the picture of bygone days, and, together with a team of filmmakers, has produced the series “Hunting milita”. The premiere of the series took place in autumn 2015. With the first series of the show were recorded very high ratings. Series based on actual events, undoubtedly, will appeal to the audience.

In the Fall of 2015 fans of the show "Hawaii 5-0" expects a continuation of the detective story. A similar series of the same name was broadcast on television, but it was nearly forty years ago. This project is its modern interpretation.

The Fifth season of the popular sci-Fi series “Grimm” was presented to the audience in November 2015. The project, created by American filmmakers, inexorably gaining popularity. Ratings growing each season. Detective story fascinates and intrigues the audience. In the fifth season of sixteen episodes it is expected, lasting 45 minutes each.

The Fourth season of detective series “Elementary” was presented to the audience in November 2015. For the past few seasons, American filmmakers do not cease to please fans of the series. By the way, works by the great Arthur Conan Doyle not once used by the Directors in their works. This time the authors are very much risk, because they have made their significant adjustments to the storyline. First, the action of the series takes place in America, and secondly, the role of Dr. Watson went to the woman. However, time has shown that all fears were unfounded, the series is steadily gaining popularity among fans of the detective genre. In the new season the viewers will see 24 episodes, lasting 43 minutes each.

Premiere us TV series “ash vs. evil dead” took place in the fall of 2015. The project with certainty can be described as a Comedy Thriller with elements of horror. Originally, the creators plan on two seasons of the series. The first season includes ten episodes, lasting 30 minutes each.

Adventure drama “In the desert of death” was presented to the audience in November 2015. The series is produced by the American filmmakers of the famous works of Chinese scribes In Chenyang “journey to the West”. This is one of the most famous Chinese novels. The series is very fascinating and interesting, the role of the main character will perform Daniel Wu, known to many viewers for the film “Armour of God”. The first season will present six series, lasting 42 minutes each.

Premiere of the second season of the drama series "Scorpion" took place in September 2015. The previous season was very popular, the excellent work of the authors noted not only the audience but also critics. The project was created by American filmmakers. Headed crew team Directors: Gary Fleder, Dwight H. little, Bobby Roth.

Premiere of the second season of the fantastic drama "I am zombie" was held in October of 2015. The project was created by American filmmakers. The plot is based on the comic book series of the same name. The first season of the project has been an unqualified success with the audience. Immediately after graduation, the authors announced the extension of filming for a second season. Critics also praised the series, giving him positive feedback.