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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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The series follows the adventures of a team of special agents of Federal Agency of U.S. Navy. Their task is to conduct investigations of crimes committed in the Navy, or involving American sailors, who are a potential threat to the entire country. A group of investigators headed by super-agent Gibbs. His team is former detective Anthony Dinotstso, super secret agent, part-time beauty Kate Todd, an expert in the field of forensic Abby Sciuto, and professional in the field of IT, Timothy McGee. Team Anthony dinotstso working undercover, risking their lives every second, to achieve a common goal — the safety of his native country.

The Animated series “Masha and the bear” is primarily a children's animated television series, based on a children's audience and fully adapted to children's perception. However, despite the apparent simplicity in the presentation of the material, it certainly will be interesting to all age groups and recommended for family viewing. Adults too can have fun in the company of Masha and the Bear, remembering his childhood and appreciating the humor of the cartoon. But the ease in the flow of history will allow understanding to see the fairy tale even the small children - the cartoon is designed for age group from 3 years.

Continued Russian Comedy sitcom "Univer" called "Salamacha" cheered the long-awaited release of his fans in may, 2013 after a lengthy eighteen-month hiatus due to the pregnancy of the singer of the title role, Valentina Scar. Now the characters also have little Alyosha, and they will educate him in his apartment one of the buildings on the outskirts of Moscow, in Yuzhnoye Butovo. Producer Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov released the first episode on the TNT channel on June 3, 2013. The duration of each series is 23-24 minutes.

2014 air series, second edition TV series, named for its American authors "Americans". The film is created in drama genre, and will continue the story of a married couple of KGB to work in America. A group of filmmakers, which included Directors Daniel Attias and Adam Arkin writers Mike Batistick and Joseph Weisberg, in the company of producers of Justin Falvey and Joshua Brand filmed twelve episodes of 45 minutes. February 26, 2014 in a broadcast of the second season of the television series.

The Second season of detective drama TV series "Hawaii 5-0" was created by American filmmakers in 2011. Directors brad Turner, len Wiseman, Alex Zakrzewski scenario Alex Kurtzman, Peter M. Lenkova, Roberto Orci shows the continuation of the history of detective Steve Mcgarrett, who begins to investigate the murder of his father. September 10, 2011 was held the premiere of the second season on TV "SVS" in the United States. Stream each series is 45 minutes of your attention, and exciting stories will not be bored. At this time, viewing is possible online. The premiere of the movie in Russia is planned in 2012.

Detective Steve Mcgarrett, a former naval officer with a lot of awards, and now a policeman, returns to Oahu to investigate his father's murder. He remains on the island, after the Governor of Hawaii persuaded him to lead the new team. The team will act according to his rules, with the support of the Governor, without bureaucratic delays, and with complete immunity, all of this is to catch the biggest "game" in town. To Mcgarrett joins detective Danny "Danno" Williams, recently transferred from new Jersey COP who would rather skyscrapers beaches, but is ready to fight crime, to his 8-year-old daughter felt on the Islands in the security; and Chin Ho Kelly, a former detective Honolulu police, which falsely accused of corruption, and who once was protégé of...

The Third season of the American television series "Hawaii 5.0", filmed in the genre of drama Thriller with elements of crime, first started its broadcast in 2012. It continues the story of two police officers, who are at war with the underworld in Hawaii. The Director made brad Turner, Eric Luneville and Steve Boyum. The screenplay was written by Leonard Freeman and Carroll Barbie. The shooting took place thanks to the participation of producers Alex Kurtzman and D. Orsi, as well as the support of companies "CBS Productions and 101st Street Productions". The duration of one series of the show averaged 42 minutes.

Criminal and the detective drama series "Elementary" was created by American filmmakers in 2012 on the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, with the support of CBS. Producers Rob Doherty, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, Michael Cuesta and directed by Michael Cuesta screenplay by Rob Doherty has released a new version of the adventures and investigations of the brilliant detective of all time Sherlock Holmes, who uses a unique ability of the deductive method of crime detection. This is the American version, the action takes place in our time. The role of Sherlock Holmes takes johnny Lee Miller, and Dr. Watson is Lucy Liu. The series premiere took place on 27 September 2012, the duration of each series is 43-60 minutes.

The start of the second season of the television series "Chicago Fire" is September 24, 2013. New series from American Directors Joe Chappelle and Tom Dicillo offer to continue the acquaintance with the good guys from the fire brigade. The pace and danger of their work has not changed, but they gained friends, in addition, will meet with the pretty girls. This TV show is a dramatic story with action elements. Special attention is given cinematography Lisa Wiegand and scenes with special effects. The duration of one episode is 43 minutes.

The Fifth season of detective drama TV series "Murdoch mysteries" produced by filmmakers from Canada and the UK in 2012. It is about detective William Murdoch, who lived in Toronto in the late 19th century. Directors Harvey CROSSLAND, Laurie Lynd, in conjunction with producers Scott Garvie, Christina Jennings made a film on the book by Maureen Jennings, the screenplay was written by Paul Aitken, Laura Phillips. Each episode lasts about 45 minutes. The first episode of the fifth season was released 28 Feb 2012.

Action animation Comedy Archer is unfolding at the international spy Agency ISIS, in which global crises – only the probability for superogatory agents to compete among themselves, applying the LIE, treason and other filthy tricks. The main hero of the series was the most terrible in the world a spy — sterling Archer, recognizable passion for the ladies and the booze and the indescribable narcissism and not very brave call "the Duchess". In the service of Archer has to come to terms with his own eccentric mother Malory, byley girlfriend Lana, concerned with the Secretary Cheryl and other residents of the most-feared spy agencies in the world.

In the series, describes the complexity of undercover work. One of the divisions of the secret project deals with the most dangerous criminals that threaten the peace and security of the entire country. Using fake documents and modern technology, a team of specialists working under cover to attain the desired objective they are ready for everything, even death. Special agent G. it can be anything you want to infiltrate a criminal gang. His colleague special agent Sam Hahn, in the past was a marine and participated in the Afghan and Iraq war, he ispolzuet modern advances in technology to field agents could always ask for help. Very helpful group Quincy charming, very intelligent daughter of the deceased Marines who are in awe of the risk accompanying the...

NCIS: Los Angeles is a drama about hard work — under the guise of observation. The special projects division of NCIS, which deals with dangerous criminals that threaten the security of the country. Using a false identity and the latest technology, team working undercover, risking their own lives for the sake of achieving the goal. Special agent g Callen — a chameleon who can transform into anyone to get into the underworld. His partner is special agent Sam Hanna, a former marine who participated in the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq, expert observation, which employs the latest monitor to monitor field agents and communicate with them. Helps the team special agent Quincy Bligh, incredibly gifted daughter of the deceased Marines who loves risk, collateral...

Filming of the fifth season of busy television series "NCIS: Los Angeles" was engaged in Studio "Belisarius Productions" and "Shane Brennan Productions". The crew managed to launch a new series in 2013. They are the continuation of the story of a close-knit team of special agents entrusted with the conduct of the Affairs of state security. This project belongs to the genre of drama and crime detective. Fans of dangerous car chases and action-Packed skirmishes viewing the show will give a lot of unforgettable impressions. People with arms will be present in each frame, and the scenes with special effects create a unique atmosphere.

The Romantic Comedy series "You, me, She" delights the audience with the release of season 2. The project was created by a team of American and canadian filmmakers. The Director of the film is Nisha Ganatra has set a goal to make a bright and original movie, to make people think if they are happy in marriage, do not fear to be happy? The main roles were invited well-known talented actors Greg Poehler, Priscilla Faia, Rachel, Blanchard, Melanie Papalia etc. the Second season consists of 10 episodes lasting 30 minutes.