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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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The Fourth season of modern American television series, which describes the life story of a police detective. The series attracted a huge audience not only on the territory of the United States of America, with which the series originally, but all over the world. Directed by Norberto Barba, interesting, professional, brilliantly releases one after the other seasons great detective "Grimm". Premiere worldwide took place in September 2011. The duration of a series about 45 minutes. The series may be viewed by any age group.

Saga about vampires continues its triumphal March across the planet, and in October 2014 will see the light of the new sixth season of the Saga "the vampire Diaries". The main characters have to go through a lot of adventures, to plunge into the world of evil and mystical events, become a defender of the human race. Is it so easy to get along vampires among people? Whether they are able to manifest true feelings? The music for the series was written by Michael Sabi, but the series is available to persons over the age of 16.

On the CBS" late October 2014 started showing season 4 of the television show "Two ruined girl". It shows further adventures of Max and Caroline on the way to their dream. Is this a pipe dream or quite affordable and feasible, in any case, no one can deny girls strive for it, and the audience to observe this process.

American detective series "Suspects", once again pleases the audience, both in the U.S. and around the world, the release of the fourth season of the legendary stories about the life of Mr. Finch. The Director of this picture are still Richard J. Lewis, Jeffrey J. Hunt and Charles Benson. Remarkable, and no less exciting, a description of all the scrapes, charming and intelligent scientist, mysterious stories and fantastically intriguing interchange of all events in the new talented team of writers. Such as, Amy Berg, Tony Camerino, Den Ditz and many others, were directly involved in writing this script. The premiere of the television series in the world, took place in late September 2011.

Drama "the Best wedding" from South Korea shows mothers Cha Ki-Yong. Life it so happened that she is a successful young TV presenter, which is popular in the ether. However, once it left the irresponsible one man with a small child. And this fact is incredibly upsetting, because the main character is a very good girl, and she caught the men with whom she has nothing develops. Ex-husband The EN - invalid person. His family burden. So Cha Ki-Yong, as a strong-willed woman who decided to become the captain of your life. Different taunts about her and her grin not be discouraged. To raise a son she decides herself.

Detective drama "castle" continues to acquaint viewers with the UPS and downs of life of the protagonist - author of detective novels by Richard castle. The serene life of the famous writer is broken when he decides to abort the life of the protagonist of one of his popular novels. Of course, the writer was aware of its relevance and popularity, but who would have guessed that would happen?

Series "the Kingdom" will take the audience in the era of medieval France, at that time, when on the throne the young Queen of Scotland. In addition to her throne marked a lot of people, because life in the Palace full of intrigue and drama events, and in the struggle for power, all means are good. Directors of the series Holly Dale and Matthew Hastings have tried to convey the events of the era, adding to their fictitious situations. They managed to find and a wonderful cast, which will long remain in the memory of viewers. Young actors managed to subtly convey the character of the Royal personages of the era that the audience simply will not be able to remain indifferent. In creating the series took an active part Studio "Octagon Films", "CBS Television...

2014 delighted the fans of the TV Russian TV series "Teacher" aired the second season. This story is created in the Comedy genre, will delight the audience with a new meeting with favorite teacher Oleg Fomin. The authors of the series directed by Sergei Sentsova, producers Anton Suckinim, Anton Zaitsev and Artem Loginov in the company of writers Xenia Voronina, Konstantin Mayer and Alexander Sluggish shot this season twenty episodes with a duration of 25 minutes. Television series in the second season started on November 10, 2014.

The Second season of the Spanish, the historical miniseries "Isabella" was released on screens in 2014. The script for the film was written by Javier Olivera, Directors acted Jordi Frades, Oriol Ferrer, Salvador Garcia.

Series "Marine police: Los Angeles" season 6 again immersing the viewer in the crime-drama, which constantly face the heroes. Directors Tony Warmly, Jonathan Transcript and Karen Gaviola tried to convey the specifics of the division of NCIS and his staff. Premiere of the season was held in 2014, and the duration of each series is academic hour, 45 minutes.

In the Fall of 2014 on television screens released another exciting season of the detective series" Elementary" with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in the lead roles. This adaptation of the detective stories of sir Arthur Conan Doyle is known about the investigation of the English detective Sherlock Holmes and his indispensable assistant, Dr. Watson, whose role performed by the woman. New production is loved by the audience, so the release of the new season were waiting impatiently.

Series "Secretary of State" is full of drama, intriguing plot, interesting historical details. Speech in the series is about Elizabeth McCord, whose role played charming Tea Leoni, which suddenly received a tempting offer to become Secretary of state. In such a position could count only smart and insightful woman, ready on all for the sake of achieving the goals of the state.

The Twelfth issue of the series "Marine police. Criminal intent was published. At the base of the plot is based on the investigation of crimes committed by Navy and investigation of criminal cases with the participation of representatives of the fleet. As practice shows, these figures often involved in espionage and terrorist transactions.

In the eleventh edition of the series "Anatomy of passion" continues the activities of the physician Meredith grace. In her medical practice to have to subside lives, sometimes resorting to complex surgeries. To help colleagues. This plot shows her personal life and problems and difficulties. Premiered in September 2014. Danny Lux took part in writing the music in the film. Studio "Pythagoras" worked on the translation for the Russian viewer. Dubbing vypeen qualitatively.

In the television series,White collar shows the difficult everyday life of a special agent of the FBI with an agile consultant, who was serving a prison sentence, but decided to be on the side of the law. Continuation of the television series criminal very happy viewers who have already got used to the characters in the movie.