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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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There were no signs to Dr. Bykov (Ivan Okhlobystin) bad working day, when the doctor Kisegach (Svetlana Kamynina) instructed him as head of therapeutic Department in the patronage of the interns, who arrived in the hospital to the practice. Ironic misanthrope Bulls, naturally, was not pleased that his head fell off this spring four: nerd-virgin Boris Levin (Dmitry Caracois), blue-eyed idealist Varvara Chernous (Kristina Asmus), rustic wardrobe / closet semen Lobanov (Aleksandr Ilyin) and caught up to the heap and the son of a physician, the boy majeure Gleb Romanenko (Ilya Glinnikov). Ambitious and young, they little know how and then often get into stupid situations. Bulls with pleasure watching the failures of interns, and sometimes myself, for a couple...

The Cult TV series, “the x-files” is familiar to every viewer. This project is easily recognizable just by the tune with which he started. A whole generation of viewers has grown up on this project. Every season eagerly awaited fans. The main characters turned into movie idols. And here's sensational news! “The x-files” back on TV screens. And this is fifteen years after the closure of many seasonal project. It would seem that this cannot be done. To adapt the series under the modern mentality is not easy. However, Director and screenwriter Chris Map dare to step twice into the same river, and withdrew the project. I must say that it turned out quite well, he, fully, was able to maintain the vector of the narratives of the series. His secret files are the...

Domestic Premiere of the series “the Island” was held in January 2016. Project Director Alexander Naumov is well known to audiences for works such as “Deffence”, “Easy to be young?”. In addition, in the seraglio, he played a major role. This project relates to the Comedy genre, which means that viewers are waiting for exciting adventures of the main characters. The creators presented the twenty-four series, lasting 30 minutes each. According to the creators, the series will produce a real furor. So it or not, you will be able to see yourself watching all the series of the project on our website in excellent quality and without registration.

Russian Premiere of action-Packed crime drama series "Light and shadow of the lighthouse" was held in January 2015. Over the film worked two talented filmmaker of our time - Sergey and Natalia Tarasuk Mykryukova. In the series involved movie stars: Tatyana Dogileva, Marina Volkova, Vladimir Steklov, Valery Barinov and other famous actors. The TV series has 250 episodes, and duration of each episode 50 minutes.

Latin American directing Duo Claudio Callao and Nicholas Di Blasi presented to the audience the first season of melodramatic TV series "Queen of hearts" in April 2014. On the screens the premiere took place on 1 January 2016. The series belongs to the so-called "soap operas", consists of one hundred and forty episodes, and the plot is filled with drama, necessarily with a happy ending. On our website to show all the available TV series called "Queen of hearts", and without registration. Also, you can always read reviews about the project, and decide whether you view this project.

In January 2016 premiere of the first season of the historical drama “the Uprising”. The project is a joint effort of the British and Irish filmmakers. The chief Director is Aku aku louhimies. Starring well-known at home actors: Michael Ford-FitzGerald, Tom Turner, Niam Cusack, Bryn Gleason and others. The audience presents eight episodes, lasting 52 minutes each. On our website to view all available episodes of “the Uprising” in good quality and totally free.

The Third season of the American drama series “Black sails” was released on screens in January 2016. I must say that the renewal of filming on the third and fourth season, the creators announced in spring 2015. Fans were looking forward to the continuation of this story. The basis of the storyline of the series became world famous work “treasure Island” written by Robert Louis Stevenston. This novel is not once used in the film industry, this version, according to critics, one of the best. The cast remained unchanged, and this, undoubtedly, will please admirers. In the third season awaits you ten one-hour episodes. Our site provides the ability to see all editions of the series “Black sails” in excellent quality, without registration and payment.

In January of 2016, American filmmakers presented the second season of the fantastic Comedy "Man seeking woman". The project was created based on the famous works "the Last girl on Earth". Not to say that the ratings of the previous season were high, but the creators decided to continue the series. Starring unknown, but no less talented actors: Jay Baruchel, Eric Andre, Robin Duke, Jessica rose and others. The second season will showcase ten episodes, lasting 22 minutes each. On our site you can always watch the series "Man seeking woman", and without registration.

For fans of historical drama, great news: in January 2016, the premiere of the series “War and peace”. Work written by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, was repeatedly used by filmmakers in their works. Another adaptation of a truly brilliant novel was done by American and British filmmakers. Tom Harper made the chief Director of the project. How lucky to get the American version of the series, you can estimate by looking at all the series on our website and without registration. To your attention presented six series, 60 minutes each.

The First season of the sci-Fi Thriller “Legends of tomorrow” was released on screens in January 2016. This project is the work of American filmmakers. As you know, Americans are quite successful in the fantasy genre, graphics, special effects never cease to surprise and amaze imagination of spectators. The creators believe that the new project will not disappoint the awaiting spectators. The series involved many actors, known to fans of genre fiction: Wentworth Miller, Arthur Darvill, Victor Garber, Brandon Ruth and others. Fans of the TV series “the Flash” and “Arrow” will be pleasantly surprised to see among the main characters: characters: captain Cold, Atom, Canary, Firestorm. Many say that the authors have created a sort of vinaigrette of the...

Probably among the audience hard to meet someone who would not know of this comic character, such as Alexander the Bearded man. With its endless adventures familiar to viewers of all ages, and his catch phrase will be repeated from mouth to mouth. We can say that the hero of the Bearded man became the embodiment of the image negligent employee. Semyon Slepakov and Garik Martirosyan wrote a scenario in which Zaur Bolotaev filmed Comedy series "the Bearded man", with Mikhail Galustyan in the title role. The premiere will take place in mid-January 2016. The project is initially doomed to success, as fans of the writers and performer starring a huge amount. The first season of the series will introduce viewers to the fifteen series, lasting 20 minutes each.

In January 2016 premiere of the first season of the American Comedy series “Baskets”. Jonathan Krisel made chief Director of the project. Starring well-known actors of Comedy: Zach Galifianakis, Malia Pals, Tom Proctor, Harry Clemons, and others. The creators are counting on success with the audience, because Comedy is rightly considered one of the most beloved and popular in the cinema. As a rule, are of different light Comedy and simple plot, and it allows viewers to relax and unwind while viewing the picture.

Turkish Drama series “Queen of the night” was released on screens in January 2016. The series has intrigued viewers long before its appearance on the screens. It involves races of Turkish cinema: Maryem Uzerli Murat Yildirim, Mehmet Aslantug. These actors are familiar to audiences around the world. While the shooting went, the show was renamed several times. So, initially, it was planned to release under the name “Courage”, later changed to “the Smell of love.” In the end, to the audience the project came as “Queen of the night”. The creators of the series gave a broad presentation that twenty five countries have bought the right to broadcast. The creators have no doubt that the series will become a favorite and popular with viewers.

The First season of the drama series “mercy Street” was released on screens in January 2016. The project is the work of American filmmakers. The main was directed by Jeremy Webb and Roxane Dawson. Starring actors: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Josh Radnor, Susan Barish and others. While the creators hope to one season of the series, but who knows, maybe in the near future, the survey will be continued. The audience presents six one-hour episodes. On our site you can see all episodes of the TV series “Streets of mercy” in good quality and totally free. Also, You can read the comments left by viewers.

The First season of the adventure drama with elements of fantasy “Beowulf” was introduced to the show in January 2016. The series is produced by the American filmmakers, directed by Julian Holmes. Starring a little-known but no less talented actors: topped up Chakraborty, Gisli Orn Gardarsson, Kieran BEW and others. Many people compare this series to “Lord of the rings” and “Game of thrones”, but is it actually possible to find out by looking at the project “ Beowulf” on our website in excellent quality and totally free, as well as, share your experience by leaving a review. The first season of the series will present thirteen episodes, 45 minutes each.