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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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Fascinating drama TV series "the Fosters season 4 / The Fosters" fans happy continuation. - Favorite characters will appear again on the screens, surprising fans with unexpected actions and unexpected plot twists. American filmmaker Timothy Busfield managed to gather a team of talented professionals, who are working tirelessly on the project, making it more positive and interesting, filled with new events and adventures.

The First season of the American Comedy series "Prepay" came on the tele screens in April 2016. This project is a remake of the same film, which was released three years ago. The series was created by American filmmakers. The main producers of made Evan nix and Adam nix. The series has an incredibly positive and exciting subjects. His viewing will be equally interesting for young people, and for a Mature audience viewer. Starring famous actors of Comedy: Rory Scovel, Maria Thayer, Andrew Orval, Benjamin Roy and others. In the first season of the series, you expect ten episodes. They are all on our website, you can watch them in good quality, without ads and polyphonic transfers. So far released only one season of the show, but the production is already...

The First season of the historical Saga "Razia Sultan" was released in 2015. Series created by filmmakers of India. The main roles were played by well-known Indian actors. As always, their playing was soulful and flawless. They are so accustomed to their roles that sometimes you forget that you are just acting, not reality. The creators have managed to restore the atmosphere of the events that took place in the Delhi Sultanate for almost a thousand years ago. Forty episodes lasting 22 minutes each awaits viewers in the first season.

American Comedy-drama animated series "Napoleon Dynamite", released in 2012, was filmed by the eponymous feature film. In the center of the story – the story of high school student who is trying to get used to the normal environment of peers. The directing tandem of Jared spouses and gerusi Hess created a unique painting, which has led many to recall their teenage years. The topic covered in the series will allow you to take another look at teenage problems through the prism of unusual humor, and children will give the opportunity to look at ourselves. All the roles are voiced by the actors who played in the feature film. The premiere took place on January 15, 2012 on Fox. The duration of one episode is 30 minutes.

Criminal drama television series "Karaday" created by Turkish cinematographers in 2012. He talks about a man whose father is accused of murder, and he must choose to save his father or marry his girlfriend. Series filmed by Directors Ulucam Bayraktutan, Jam, Kargi, the script was written by Alema Canpolat. The duration of one episode is 50 minutes. Broadcast of the series began on 8 October 2012.

Easy Comedy series "Jane the Virgin season 2 / Jane the Virgin" is an opportunity to relax and to have plenty of fun on everyday conflicts and intricacies. The project has created the cinema of the United States, under the direction of famous Directors Debbie Allen, Uity Bisuits and Edward Ornelas. Each season consists of 22 episodes, lasting for an hour. During this time, the viewers time getting to know the characters, understand their motives and personal history.

Comedy series "Two fathers and two sons" delights audiences with the release of the third season. Of a favorite men the main characters will appear again on the screens, also in the project will be a new person. Television series created by order of the Studio Yellow Black and White. The premiere of the next issue of the sitcom took place on channel STS. Director Radda Novikova led the shooting of the film, and it was under her leadership, was created 20 new episodes of season 3, the duration of each of them is equal to 24 minutes. During this time, viewers will be able to see the amazing acting and positive story.

In July 2016, the screens came the romantic Comedy "Let's fight, Ghost / Ssawooja gwishina". It has produced the best filmmakers South Korea. The project management has assumed a popular Director, involved in a variety of spectacular kinorabotah, Park Joon-Hwa. He has assembled a team of professionals in the film industry to create easy, interesting and intriguing film. To give the film its charm and unique character have helped famous Korean actors who performed the main roles. On the screens we will be able to see OK-Taek-Yeong, Kim So-Hyun, Kwon Yul, Kang Ki-ek, Kim San Ho, etc.

Modern romantic Comedy from filmmakers from South Korea called "the Other About Hae-Yeong / Ddo Oh Hae Yeong" will please the female audience that enjoys watching the positive melodramas about love. If you see the history want children, children under the age of 16 should get the screens, because the project is designed for a more adult audience. Shooting of the television series organized and led by filmmaker Seung Hun wook, who has participated in the work on similar projects. The main roles in the original film is wonderfully performed by young and talented Korean artists, namely, Ye JI Won, JI Seok Kim, Hyun Jin and Eric mun.

Melodrama "the Reckless lovers / Hambooro Aeteuthage" was released in 2016. On the film worked talented filmmakers from South Korea. Filming was directed by popular Korean Director Pak Hyun-Seok. He is a true professional in the film industry, he put his soul into the project, managed to make it interesting, multifaceted and intriguing. To estimate a fascinating idea the audience will also thanks to the wonderful performance of the young Korean actors who starred in it. To reveal the charisma and charm of the characters did Kim Woo-bin, BAE soo-JI, Jung sung Kyung, Jin Kyung, Yoo Oh-son et al.

An Unusual Comedy "Show Gaffigan" season 2 will appear again on the screens. The project is a mix of TV shows and TV series. The idea and the script for the show came up with the famous comedian with the genre stend up Jimmy Gaffigan and his wife. A man for many years quite popular in the United States. He loves to play in front of a live audience, his jokes are always relevant and clear, often there are notes of black humor. Directors of the project were Steven K. Tsuchida, Peter loer, Todd Berman and Seth Gordon.

New action series from filmmakers from the United States "Very strange things / Stranger Things" combines several genres, and attracts the attention of multimillion audiences. Fantasy, mystery, drama and horror – all are intertwined together in the TV series, created with the support channel Netflix in 2016. Shooting entertaining mini-series was headed by the popular team of Directors under the leadership of Matt and Ross Duffer and Shawn levy.

Fascinating youth series "the Crisis of tender years" for the first time will be shown on TNT in early August 2016. Domestic melodrama combines several genres, making the project the most interesting and intriguing. On the painting worked popular Russian Directors Alexey Chupov and Natalia Merkulova. From the first minutes of the pilot episode, viewers will dive into the world of youth and carefree life, when anything, to move mountains, just to fall in love. Comedy designed for audiences older than 16 years.

The American Comedy series "Players season 2 / Ballers" filmed in the genre of sitcom. Each episode lasts half an hour, but this time the audience have time to relax and receive positive emotions and good mood. The project appeared on the screens last summer, and immediately gained the attention of multimillion audiences. Shooting of the television series was conducted at the American Studio under the guidance of talented and famous Director Peter Berg, which has already proved itself in the creation of such works as "Survivor" and "Hancock". With him on the project worked perfect Executive producer mark Wahlberg.

Fans of Turkish cinema should pay attention to the new melodramatic series "Room 309 / No: 309," which was launched on screens in 2016. Interesting story of love, intrigue, and genuine emotions – all this awaits viewers in each episode of the Turkish melodramas. Immediately after the pilot episode the series has gained a strong position in the TOP the best modern projects in Turkey. The script for a wonderful TV-series film created by the talented and eccentric Asly Zengin. Supervised the shooting of the film has the popular Turkish Director Kemal Uzun and producer Faruk Turgut.