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Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish in Russian

Series to watch online. Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian is the language

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In late 2016 on the screens out the new American project “Mick”. The authors of this project Dave and John Chernin is well known to fans of American film. “It's always Sunny in Philadelphia” - it's their job, had a great success around the world. “Mick” is a hilarious Comedy that brings a lot of positive emotions and positive. It is perfect for viewing the whole family as there is no vulgarity, negativity, cruelty and rudeness. So far released a total of five episodes about the continuation of the silent creators.

Of Course, the car show “Top gear” is a masterpiece which never gets old for several decades. It can be put in the top ten best shows in the history of television. Yes, needless to say, if over several years, it confidently takes the leading place in the ranking list. Every season invariably, the long-awaited premiere. Despite the fact that it is a show car and seemed to be its main audience must be men, far from it. It captivates and enchants everyone, both men and women, adolescents and older people.

Almost a year has gone since that moment as started showing the first season of the youth project “roof of the world”. Comedy series liked not only the young generation, watched with pleasure by people of all ages. In March 2017, the makers launched the second season of the series.

Comedy project “Disaster” first appeared on screens in winter 2015. It is sponsored by British filmmakers. Neither the name of the Director Ben Taylor nor the names of the lead actors, unknown to anyone. Many critics gave this account of the project pessimistic forecasts. Fortunately, they did not materialize, the show was a great success with viewers what inspired the author to continue. We can say that a miracle happened. In March 2017, the screens out for the third season of the series. The series is very good, you can say smart, and, most importantly, positive and cheerful about the problems that are peculiar to young people, but adults manage to survive the heroes.

This American crime series can perhaps be called the most memorable and prominent project in recent years. For quite a long time, the series was released, the audience's interest only intensified. The ratings were high, and fans were very disappointed when he learned that the tenth season will be the final. Not without good news. The creators of the series released a spin-off, and called it “abroad”. Erica Messer is a Director. The first season was released in March 2016, and exactly a year later, the makers launched the second season.

What can I say, they know how English cinemas, master of the detective genre to keep the audience in constant tension, but at the same time narrate a really worthwhile story. This is a real art, and British filmmakers grasped it fully. Strikingly slim, yet witty humor, intriguing plot, unexpected ending - all signs of the English detective story. One of these is the series “Father brown”. Four seasons in a row it is recognized as one of the best projects in its genre. In January 2017, the screen comes on for the fifth season of the detective. The basis of the storyline were based on the works of Gilbert Chesterton.

American filmmakers presented a new drama series "the Good fight". The picture is a spin-off of the famous detective drama "the Good wife", who for seven seasons has pleased his fans. This drama tells about successful ladies who have achieved their own success in the law field, despite shalhevet this world. On the drama worked, the producers, Christine Cameron, Alison Cross and William M. Finkelstein, directed by Allan arkush and Brooke Kennedy writers Michelle king, Robert king and Ryan Pedersen. The premiere show was held on 19 February 2017.

New season comic project “Stand Up” was released in March 2017. For the domestic audience it's a fairly new genre, it takes its origins from America, but over the past few years managed to settle down in Russia. More than three years have passed since the moment this show was first seen by the audience. The creators, headed by Ruslan White, it is not assumed that the project would cause such a furor. The genre was very popular. It is interesting to all, without exception, categories of viewers. Ruslan White is leading the project, the producer and mastermind behind. In short, that this transfer exists, and is such a success, we owe it to this man.

Almost three years have passed since the release of the first season of the sci-Fi Thriller “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Fans had hoped to see a sequel, as the makers have announced that shooting of the second season completed and in March 2107 year will be his Prime Minister. The plot is based on rapidly growing popularity of the marvel comics. Over the past few years projects based on comics are unrealistic success, this project is great proof. Series created by filmmakers from Britain, and the first and the second season was directed by James Gunn. The authors believe the high ratings, it remains only to reinforce their confidence in practice.

Premiere of the first season of the detective drama “Prime suspect 1973” took place in March 2017. The project is the work of British filmmakers, as they are known to be a great wizard to remove the dark, but nevertheless sensual, interesting detectives, captivating the audience from the first minutes of viewing. The main Director of the series is David Caffrey. Among the performers of the main roles the audience will see: Stephanie Martini, Blake Harrison, Sam reed and others. The creators officially stated that the series will be overcome, however, the release date of the new season has yet to be announced.

The Series, shot in the fantasy genre, will always excite human minds. Just imagine what can happen in the vastness of our imagination. The authors of the series “Space” even could not imagine that this work would cause such a lively interest among the audience. Indeed, with such a variety of works, yet no one introduced the tandem of the detective and of the spacecraft. The series is based on the popular in the science fiction works of “Awakening Leviofana”.

Canadian drama detective series "Bellevue" was submitted by the producers Marvina Brebner, Terezai De Luca and Eliseu Lewis in the winter of 2017. Thriller about a female COP who's investigating a mysterious crime that is associated with the disappearance of a teenage transgender. Directors, Adrian Mitchell, Kim Nguyen, and April Mullen filmed scenario of marvina of Brebner, Jane Maggs and Adrian Mitchell. The series premiere of "Bellevue" was held on 20 February 2017.

Perhaps shows such as “Bates Motel,” will never lose its popularity, relevance, relevance. Its creators were able to combine in one work several genres of film: Thriller, drama, mystery, horror, psychological drama, detective. The series is very extraordinary, causing an irresistible desire to know what will happen next. The authors chose the tactics that each season ends on an uncertain note, forcing fans to languish in anticipation of the continuation. In early March they released the fifth season, and it will be exciting. The cast remained unchanged, as the number of series in the season: there will be ten.

“24 hours” - the cult series narrating about fight against terrorism in the modern world. The release of this project coincided with the tragic events in America on 11 September, maybe that's why the success was huge. The growing worldwide hatred of cacheditem also largely responsible for the popularity of the series. The project “24 hours: the Legacy” is a restart, a spin off of the series. The script was written season the same Catcom Evan and Manny Coto. The chief was directed by Stephen Hopkins, he filmed the previous series. Premiere of the dramatic Thriller was held in February 2017. Starring Corey Hawkins and Miranda Otto.

The Premiere of the sixth season of the popular series “Grimm” was held in early January 2017. Detective fiction with elements of mystery have always fascinated the human mind. The authors of the project do not get tired to surprise their fans with new, amazing stories. Well, who does not know such famous storytellers like the brothers Grimm. Their works, with ease, can be distinguished from other fairy tales. There is something otherworldly, mysterious something, even sinister. Sometimes it seems that each story is told in the tales of the brothers Grimm, it sounds like a warning of some danger approaching humanity. But fortunately, or unfortunately, in this series, there is almost nothing of the tales of the famous brothers. Only a few characters, but...