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TV shows to watch online for free. Russian and zarabianie serials

TV shows to watch online for free. Russian and zarabianie series

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Sofia's Life takes place between lectures, part-time job in the ethnographic Park, the animator, using a foster mother in a country Motel. All dreams of a girl, is to save up money to fly to Turkey on the excavations from a young Professor, whom she secretly in love with. Sofia I'm sure that's where Igor svyatoslavovych finally cease to treat her as just another student and this, of course, would be the beginning of a long and happy family life. But if Sofia finds out that her real name, Izya.. 1-4 series Genres: domestic, romance, adventure Out: 2018 Director: Taras Dudar the Role: Anastasia Ivanov, Vlad Nikityuk, Alexander Kobzar, Ksenia Mishina, George Hostikoev, Alexander Kryzhanovsky, Sergei Siplivy

Using individual lapel DVRs you can obtain evidence directly from the scene. Police from the US, Australia, UK and other European countries have already adopted this innovative technique. You will see recorded on DVRs exciting footage of dangerous situations, collisions with offenders, arrests, raids and other operational actions directly from the event. You will have an unprecedented opportunity to be at the forefront of the struggle.. 1 series Original: Body Cam Cops Genre: documentary Country: US Out: 2017

Swedish customs detained the truck from Germany. Employee SEPO Eva Fosberg detects within the cargo, which is a serious concern of the intelligence services of Sweden and Denmark. Everything points to the fact that in Scandinavia is preparing a terrorist attack of unprecedented proportions. To help eve solve the case, the head of the Danish intelligence service PET, Henrik Dalum, reinstates as suspended Jesper Lassen, whose public relations is not just useful in the investigation. the company Sp. 1-6 series Original: Greyzone Genres: drama, Thriller Country: Denmark Out: 2018

Student at a small American College Paige Townsen suddenly becomes famous all over the world. All this thanks to the participation in the filming of the blockbuster, which took place in Hollywood. The girl took in the filming part, became famous and, of course, she had a lot of fans. With new classmates now Affairs are, frankly, not very. With the girls it is difficult to find a common language, and some guys are just afraid to build a relationship with a star. However, the girl SC ... 1-3 series Original: Famous in Love Genres: drama, romance Country: US Out: 2018

Tsutsui Hikari — guy-otaku and a hermit. At school he gets bullied, calling it disgusting and weird. He has only one friend at school, but he is considered a social waste. One day he is forced to clean the school pool with a girl named Igarashi Iroha. It has almost all the qualities that so strongly hates Hikari in 3D girls. She skips school communicates only with guys and absolutely does not possess manners. What's weird is that she's one of the few who not only.. 1-2 series the Original: 3D Kanojo Real Girl Genres: anime, romance Country: Japan Out: 2018

Animated series for our audience has long ceased to be a rarity. But high-quality series of this kind, and domestic production? This is something new. With good humor, however, it is real, it is possible to look and make sure it is available. The girl is a little minx who always gets into different troubles. A bear for her real friend, he constantly seeks to rescue a girl from different alterations. Each episode is a finished product, but they are short enough. So it's a definite plus, not tire and not boring... c 1 for 70 series Original title: Masha and the Bear Year of release: 2013 the genre of the series: domestic, animation, Comedy, family the author of the series: Oleg Kuzovkov, Oleg Dinners, Denis Cherevatov Actors: Alina Kukushkina, Eduard Nazarov,...

Main hero will now Uzumaki Boruto. Being the son of the Seventh Hokage, he inherited the vigor and strong character of his father, however, is itself a restless, rebellious and a bully. Boruto often skips the lessons in Ninja Academy and makes different dirty tricks. In spite of this, has many friends, which he considers to be his real talent and genius. In turn he relates to the friends with great kindness. Having a restless character, Boruto extremely difficult to work in a team. And yet ... c 1 for 53 series Original: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Genres: anime, cartoon, fantasy, Comedy, adventure Country: Japan Out: 2017

Brothers Winchester – Sam and Dean soon left without a mother, they were very young children when their mother became the victim of an attack by creatures from another world. Since then, the father of the brothers began hunting, hoping to find someone who took his wife, and, growing up, the sons continued his business and also began to struggle with otherworldly forces. They are traveling through America, understand all the strange incidents in an effort to protect ordinary people from the tricks of Satan, come the girls.. c 1 through 18 series Original: Supernatural genre: horror, fantasy, Thriller, drama, detective Country: US Out: 2017

The Story revolves around a journalist of the popular Internet-editions of Oleg Sorokin (Kirill kyaro), which attacks the trail of a powerful syndicate, hunted killing the richest people in the country and appropriating their condition. But the problem is that no one in his "conspiracy theory" does not believe. Calculating the next victim of banker Lyadova, Oleg is trying to warn him of the impending danger, but in vain. Liadov blow up in his car. Oleg continues the investigation with renewed vigor and felt particularly.. All series Genres: domestic, detective Country: Russia Out: 2018 Directed by: Mikhail Kabanov

What puzzles does not hide the animal world! You could hardly think that dogs live their conscious life. In the family of Goodman has long been considered to be the beloved pet named Mr. Pickles a part of the family. However, none of the home does not even know what any dog does at night. By day he's a simple pet that can be a little naughty, but at night he turns into a true madman who is conducting satanic rituals and really terrorizing the neighborhood. But h.. 1-10 series Original: Mr. Pickles Genres: cartoon, Comedy Country: US Out: 2018

With every season of "Real truckers" work more and more, and way more dangerous. In the fourth season we'll see how these brave men deliver important cargo, not afraid to drive on the worst highways in Australia. No matter what dangers await them, be it fire, flood, attack by wild animals or a high risk of accidents - the goods must be delivered on time, safe and sound. The season has just began and Steve has already got into trouble. Kurt was blown off course, and thus, it offers an unforgettable .. c 1 4 series Original: Outback Truckers Genre: documentary Country: us Out: 2017

For all fans of horror Comedy was filmed this show, which became an explosive project, as it could produce on its viewers an impression. Just imagine the main character, a guy named ash, who as if nothing had happened makes out with another beautiful girl and in no way suspecting decides to read lines from a book. Only now he has even had no idea what a big mistake he is doing. The words read to them from the book.. c 1 to 7 series the Original: Ash vs. Evil Dead Genres: horror, action, Comedy Country: us Out: 2018

The protagonist of this fascinating story is a boy named Craig. He is still very young, after all, not so long ago he was only 10 years old. Craig lives on the outskirts of the city, which is bordered by woodland. Life here is sluggish and steady, so much of free time the boy spends with his best friends. One of them is named Kelsey, and the second J. P. It is possible that the main character and continued daily to play with friends, watch TV, read books.. 1 to 6 series the Original: Craig of the Creek Genres: animation, short, Comedy, adventure Country: US Out: 2017

The Main characters are half brother and sister. It happens that in adolescence they understand that they are in love. Guys try at first to resist the feelings, but then you realize that the desire to be close to your loved one wins. Meanwhile, on the affection of the kids finds out the mother. Woman strives to do everything possible to offspring realized his mistake. If such a relationship finds out someone from a small town, the family will point the finger and speak negatively towards them. However, whether the boys listen to the words, or dare to go against the opinions of others? All series Country: Russia Year of release: 2017 the genre of the series: Romance Total episodes: 8

Lidiya Nikitina (Maria Kulikova) in the lives of all she has achieved. One raised her daughter single-handedly raised the business from scratch. Now she owns a small network of confectionery. For Lydia, of course, caring men, but she does not see among them anyone could do with my life. She dedicates her daughter Tanya (Anna Mareeva). recently, However, Tanya often quarreled with her mother because of her husband Artem (Eric Abramov), which Lida said idler and the sloven. It is also .. All series Genre: Patriotic, romance Country: Russia Out: 2018 Director: Peter Stepin