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TV shows to watch online for free. Russian and zarabianie serials

TV shows to watch online for free. Russian and zarabianie series

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March 18, in the transmission of Psychics are investigating season 8 issue 2 watch online, the three witches have joined forces in order to help people, but the relationship between them is far from perfect. Each uses its own methodology, different from the methods of other witches. Ilona Novoselova one hand heals, another cripple, she's Dvurechnaya. Marilyn Kerro easier to work through the bodies, through ritualistiku. Elena Golunova is based on the world of the dead, where she, according to her, it happens more often than in the world of the living. Ilona Novoselova so confident that claims that it is stronger five times Marilyn and Elena together. issue 3 Year: 2017 Country: Russia Genre: Mystery TV Channel: TNT Time: 49 min. Quality: HD 720

March 15 in the series the Forester has its own land of 4 season 5, 6 series watch online programmer Kirill Surin was fired. Out of anger, he decides to take revenge on his former boss and a couple with his younger brother Dmitry kidnapped his daughter Catherine. Renting a house in Olkhovka, the criminals kept there kidnapped girl, and her father sent a video ransom. In the end, they get a ransom, but instead of money there is fake. Cyril is enraged and hits her, which stands up Dmitry, in the ensuing fight, he kills his brother. the Series ended Year: 2017 Country: Russia Genre: mystery, Crime

Popular chat show Russian production is broadcast on the channel "Russia-1" in 2010. Is the transfer and is its author — well-known political presenter Vladimir Soloviev. Solovyov has a lot of experience doing gears. The duration of one episode is an average of 70 minutes. The transmission is a debate. In the talk show "Poedinok" face two famous man whose views on any subject - just the opposite. Usually, there are meetings between politicians and debate on political topics. Debates are held in three rounds, each of which lasts 15-20 minutes. Mikheev answered questions about rats and morality from the guests from Ukraine Year of release: 2016 Country: Russia

March 20 in the series Murka 1, episode 2 watch online the beginning of the story takes place in 1899. Margaret McLeod with the help of a priest, escapes from her husband, she brought a little daughter and went to Amsterdam. Using her influence, her husband Rudolf filed for divorce and eventually won the case. He got custody need daughter. Margaret now has no right getting close to the child. Later she meets with the teacher riding Gabriel Astryukom, who immediately fell in love with her. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 series Year: 2017 Country: Russia Genre: drama, history TV channel: 1 Channel Premiere: March 20, 2017 (Russia) Series in the season: 12

March 20 in the series the Law of the stone jungle season 2 1 episode watch online the continuation of the story about the familiar guys. Tim every day becomes more and more dependent on different kinds of stimulants. Every day he wants something to show himself and claim leadership, but he does not see that it leads to a sad result. Chick close contact with the Kremlin and even asks for his help in matters of relationship with the father. Gosh is looking for money, which his dad went to jail and wants to understand what he feels for Lisa, a long-dries his friend chick. Each of the friends will have to answer the question of what is more important to him than friendship or self-interest. 4 series Year: 2017 Country: Russia Genre: mystery, drama, Crime TV...

Seven years after the start of the "Real boys" TNT again is a bold experiment and takes in a draft of a new hero! TNT and law enforcement agencies Perm conclude an agreement, which violated the law Solovyov, Igor, born in 1999, instead of the real time gets suspended. "The popularity of the colony is absolutely suits me," sums up new real boy Garik. And he quickly embarked on the path of correction, it will be assigned an experienced mentor — Deputy Nikolay Naumov. Thus, the young peteushniki gets two in one — glory and Kohl.. 9 series Year: 2017 Country: Russia Genre: Comedy , Youth Series in a season: 20 Rating: 6.8 / 10 IMDb TV channel: TNT series Premiere: March 13, 2017 (Russia)

March 15 in the series the Cycle of 7, 8, 9 series watch online, Egor made head of construction of a new hospital building. Cooking with Rodion was shocked when I heard the news. Perlino it became known that the child was swapped. First he wants the baby was returned, but then Olga persuaded him to change the decision. Rodion reconciled with his wife, he acts clearly and prudently. Suddenly by the will of fate Cooking and her ex-boyfriend Ivan was found. 13, 14, 15 series Year: 2017 Country: Russia Genre: Romance Romance Premiere: March 13, 2017 (Russia) Series 20 TV channel: Russia 1 channel

In the new season the channel decided to reformat the program "Food revolution" and launch a "Revolution of consumption". Presenters will talk, read and decipher all the labels, you will find a fake and catch the hand of unscrupulous manufacturer. A series of experiments to prove or disprove the harm or benefit of any product or used in everyday life, and experts will conduct demonstration experiments and give practical advice to residents. 1 to 23 of the series Original title: Revolution and consumption Year of release: 2016 the genre of the series: documentary the author of the series: Moscow 24 Actors: Eugene Ribov, Alexander Chekmarev

Host Eugene Dodolev prepares a gift to the hero of each issue – family photo album. Among his guests – famous actors, writers, and public figures. During the conversation with the guest star and his family, viewers will see photos of different years: the school years, the students, theater of the first shooting, the dubbing of cartoons, shots from the set, and the like. Also the creators of the program promise to gather photographs of the personal life of the stars, which depicted their children, husbands and wives, Hobbies and interests. c 1 19 series Original name: Family album Year of release: 2016 the genre of the series: documentary the author of the series: Russia 1 Actors: Eugene Dodolev

New documents and research give us the opportunity to better understand the past and constantly change our understanding of events and historical figures. In his new author's program "Remember everything" by Leonid Mlechin tells about the background of the historical issues that affect our current realities, shows inner springs of the conflicts and reveals the true motives of politicians. The past exists in the present, and historical talks are perceived as an argument about the present. c 1 for 17 series Original name: Leonid Mlechin. Remember everything Year of release: 2016 the genre of the series: documentary the author of the series: OTP Actors: Leonid Mlechin

The plot of the spyware detective "Hunting for the devil" became a true scientific discovery by Russian physicist Mikhail Filippov, which he made in the early nineteenth century. The researchers examined electromagnetic waves and conduct experiments on the transfer of energy from the explosion in the distance. This phenomenon got the name of a hypothetical beam Filippov. New serial of NTV "the Hunt for the devil" will show what it could mean for humanity, the Second world war, if the development Filippova has not been destroyed. 1 - 4 out of 16 episodes Year: 2017 Country: Ukraine Genre: Crime series , Detective Series in a season: 16 TV channel: NTV channel | NTV serials

Story about a slightly abnormal family. Goldberg - a Jewish family that lives in America. It is not quite standard in its behaviour. Each family member is unique and not like everyone else. The father cries out and feels right throughout. Any small argument turns into a scandal, shouting in the street. It affected the mother, so lately she's been acting the same way. The older children far away from their parents. c 1 through 18 series Original name: The Goldbergs 4 Year of release: 2016 the genre of the series: Comedy the author of the series: Seth Gordon Actors: Jeff Garlin, Wendy Mclendon-Covey, George Segal, Troy Gentile, Troy Winbush.

Series Team watch online talks about Andrei Kravets, who works as a detective. It is known that is a very fundamental worker that sometimes hurts him. And now he has managed to become a hindrance to a powerful politician. To save the career of Andrew, the management decided to send him on forced leave. Thus our hero found himself in his native Odessa, where he meets the love of parents and childhood memories. Command. 9 series Year: 2017 Country: Ukraine Genre: Action, Crime Series in the season: 24

The plot of the series roof of the world season 2 the Romantic Comedy "the roof of the world" is the story of three young people, who by chance came together. In a very good location — huge apartment in the center of Moscow. The main characters decide to open a hostel! series 1-6 Year: 2017 Country: Russia Genre: Comedy , Youth Series in a season: 20 episodes TV channel: CTC TV shows Rating: 7.0 / 10 IMDb Premiere: March 14, 2017 (Russia)

On NTV — a premiere of the detective series "Witnesses", in which the investigation of crimes are the agents of Investigative and analytical Department, or just ACS. the Office is headed by Colonel Andrey Gromov (Nikolay heart). His team is engaged in search of criminals and forensic examination: staff SAU look at the evidence, build evidence, interview witnesses and conduct a confrontation in a high-tech office, equipped with the latest technology. release date series: 20 March 2017 Year: 2017 Country: Russia Genre: Crime series , Detective Series, season: 12 TV channel: NTV series Premiere: March 20, 2017 (Russia)