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In the week from March 27 to April 2, many people will want to come to grips not only update your wardrobe but also acquisition of things for spouses and children. However, before you buy something the household, is to consult with them, as otherwise their active desire for independence will negate all your efforts and provoke misunderstandings, protests and wasting.

In the week from 20 to 26 March in us will Wake up to authoritarianism, we will be more than usual to indicate their household, as they should do, to recall to them the old mistakes, to preach. However, if not to soften the tone and not lower the bar, you can run into quite a stiff resistance, even from small children.

If your hair – trivial "creative misunderstanding", then the image will not save even expensive brooch. To prove that for beautiful curls a lot of work and time is not necessary, editor "Leticia" ventured to test the new irons Curl Secret Multi C1300E Diameters from Babyliss.

Pet teaches the child responsibility, compassion, ability and willingness to protect the weak, and sometimes another, and communication skills. Most importantly, choose the pet to match the character and temperament of his young master. And today we talk about which animals are best suited to children of a Zodiac sign.

Two strips on the test, happy hugs and... the marathon is called "aimlessly". To today's birthday boy — the actor, the father of many children Yevgeny Tsyganov — this story has particular relevance. "Leider" tells the story of the stars, who broke up with their girlfriends at the time of the child's expectations.

In the week from 13 to 19 March we will often have something to give in to the household to prevent tantrums and quarrels. Will play an important role and the ability to spare the feelings of family members — not very active to point out their flaws and the futility of those cases, which they enthusiastically do for recreation.

In the week from 6 to 12 March, you can expect the active participation of men in household Affairs. However, they'll take them only if the ladies will allow them to take the initiative and will not interfere in the process or to impose. But homemakers have to be creative and to create for his household, something truly beautiful.

Every parent dreams that his child to grow up sensitive and responsive, care for others and do not stint on good deeds. And the best way to do that is to do good things together. Proud father Ivan khoroshev said that can give the children the volunteer experience.

March can be a conflict, especially if you do not show understanding and will not take into account the mood of his household, first or second half and you children of the opposite sex. To smooth out sharp corners will help business together, is important for all members of the family, but started when all of them are set up, and readiness against their own interests to enter into constructive dialogue will play an important role.

Baby boom, baby boom and once again the baby boom. The topic of pregnancy and motherhood soaked pages in glossy magazines, is that the air we breathe. In honor of the birthday of Jennifer aniston "Leider" remembers celebrities who have been slow to follow today's fashionable trend.

Every day we all have to prioritize: family or work, the study of French or swimming... But, apparently, these stellar parents know some secret, because they managed to become popular and earn millions, and have children, and get a degree!

We hoped, believed and waited. I expected to see in the Instagram photo of a gorgeous engagement ring that will be assigned the date of the wedding and the honeymoon will be... In honor of the birthday of Tom Hiddleston, who last year disappointed the whole world breakup with Taylor swift, "Leider" remembered a couple who, unfortunately, never came to the Registrar's office.

Most Likely, you think that these stars flew aunt fairy and turned them into talented children. Yes, "Auntie" was — and it was called the Show "Mickey mouse Club" TV series "Show 70-x" and "Kids Incorporated". In honor of the birthday of Ashton Kutcher "Leider" remembered Hollywood parents that have become popular thanks to TV shows and youth talent shows.

Any mother is afraid of the dangers, injuries and illnesses, waiting for her baby at every corner. But sometimes, to win back her child from the vicissitudes of fate have during pregnancy. A mother of two children Ekaterina Menshikov shared their experience of struggle for life and the health of his daughter.

Our editors come in a variety of letters: moms and dads share their experience of parenting, culinary finds and useful lifehacks. And recently, we have written the child. However, already an adult. Reader "Leticia" on condition of anonymity told what a terrible mistake can make stepdaughter.