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Many of us take criticism from the older generation to your address as something ordinary. However, the endless claims of parents for their adult children is one of the common causes of family conflicts. And not only in the different worldviews of the two generations.

You can Often hear that the parents gave the child the dog that their student has finally become disciplined. And someone, in principle, using the pet wants to prepare a child for adult life. Columnist "Leticia" Yana Poplavskaya this practice does not approve.

If you ask your child to name 5 things he most likes to do, along with eating semolina in this "rating" will include the need to brush your teeth. However, this was before our reader, together with his son tested the new electric toothbrush.

So you want to be sure that any illness won't be caught unawares, will not prevent to work fruitfully and fully to spend time with family! And, of course, want to choose a good time for self-care, maintain the beauty, because it is a reflection of our health.

This is not the first conversation of the editor of "Letitia" Tatiana Silina with singer Natalia Podolskaya. However, a few years ago in the life of the star couple (Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov) was different. There were two of them, and they enjoyed every second spent together.

Diapers, feeding, breastfeeding, method of education, nannies, educational activities... they write About it on Instagram, talking about it with their friends, read about it, when you drink a Cup of morning tea. It seems that wherever the new mother, she will face the "mom's" theme.

Talks about the most interesting icy places in the suburbs where your child (and his dad!) can play hockey to get in the team, come to your or get lessons from coaches. And how much are hockey practices and games at different venues.

In December, the couple will try to find new points of contact with each other to make the marriage more interesting, but if this does not happen, will "get" the lack of experiences, conversations and creative classes on the side to meet more often with friends and with those who share their Hobbies.

The Second season of "Children's drink" on STS channel launched just a week ago, but after the first broadcasts, it became clear that adult teams grow very serious competitors, and leading Alexander and his son Alexander Aleksandrovich Maslyakov – worthy change.

Moon grows, forces are also on the rise. Of course, without difficult days will not do, but this is the last week before the upcoming long unfavourable period. So if something important did not have time to start or buy (even gifts for the New Year) – it's time to hurry.

About this subject do not like to spread. It involves lot of difficulties and worries. On the international day of preterm infants (celebrated worldwide on 17 November) "Latidos" will tell you about the star children who have seen the world earlier than planned.

When the baby resorted to the mother with a broken knee, it is not surprising that during the treatment of wounds mother also "winces from the pain", as her baby. She is also experiencing! What should know about sympathy for a baby? Learn from well-known and respected child psychologist Julia Borisovna Gippenreiter.

Did You know that an orphan can easily change the presented version of shampoo? Perhaps for many this will be the opening of gifts for orphans is not a good thing, but a real harm to the psyche of the child. Here is what we learned from employees of Fund of the help to children-orphans.

Nona Kuchina – not only a physician, scientist and Creator of the cosmetics company, but also the mother of 7 children, and even grandmother of 15 grandchildren! "Leitor" asked the columnist to talk about what it means to be a working mom that has time to give love to each child in a large family.

We are used to that from childhood to do what you do not want to go to school, have porridge for Breakfast, wear a hat. And it was justified. But why force an adult yourself? If you are tired of the oppression of the daily "must", today's article Anna Bykova is for you.