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Belonging to the Strait between the Indonesian Islands of Sulawesi and Lembeh despite the apparent generality, is considered to be one of the mysterious places of the world ocean. Seeming flat and lifeless sea bottom hides countless watching from everywhere for you unusual creatures and invisible violent predators. In this bleak and barren to the untrained eye the place, very reminiscent of the lunar landscape, inhabited by strange beings, which are armed with the most unique ways of survival. Life for them is an unending struggle for its existence.

Albert Einstein was a versatile man, but his calling in life was physics. This interesting and informative BBC documentary will tell you about this great scientist. All that we call real, for the physics of quantum mechanics cannot be considered real itself. Compared with the difficulties of everyday life, the laws of our universe seem reassuringly simple. Water always flows downhill, when we throw a stone, it always flies in a predictable path, but as soon as scientists looked deep into the tiny building blocks of matter, all confidence and certainty disappeared.

Cats - perhaps most widespread pet on our planet. They live in many homes of England, USA, Russia and of course Egypt, where the cat from time immemorial considered sacred animals. However, we are so used to these creatures that did not give the report that cats over millions of years evolved into the perfect predators.

It Turns out that to obtain a full picture about the world that interfere with... feelings. On the one hand, they help us to know the reality on the other - not allowed to see beyond the usual. What happens if people get the opportunity to perceive the world without restrictions? We will be happier, or the perception of new realities will destroy our lives?

More than 5,000 years marijuana is successfully used by people as medicines. However, since that time, as the hemp war was declared, therapeutic use has gone underground. The study of the medicinal potential of marijuana is now intentionally blocked from the state, to obtain permission for research is difficult if not impossible.

Millions of years ago insects on Earth had giant sizes. This conclusion was made by scientists from the fossil. Insects were hunted even the dinosaurs. Why insects were so big and why now there is a giant bugs? the Secrets of the world excite the creation of great scientists, and ordinary citizens.

The Underwater world of the red sea in Egypt is not just beautiful - it is fabulously beautiful! Corals, giant stingrays, millions of fish are the most diverse coloring, wrecks. This world you will have to pull with such force that you will go back again and again to experience the indescribable joy, the joy of the first discovery, the feeling of serenity and simple happiness.

Leonardo Da Vinci was certainly very extraordinary man. Some of Da Vinci's inventions were embodied centuries after his life, and some still do not implemented. Da Vinci floor after thousands of years still hearing from many people. His masterpieces in different fields of knowledge amaze modern people. He became famous as a talented artist, a brilliant physicist and alchemist, a mechanic that was ahead of its time in many centuries. Layouts created devices are embodied only in our time but his contemporaries seemed witchcraft.

Every kiss has a story and a secret. The following types of kisses: cool, passionate, hot, and deadly. For each kiss there is a reason and your character: ceremonial, formal, friendly, related, Hollywood, French, Russian. Theory of the birth of the kiss takes its roots from the times of primitive tribes. Unforgettable first kiss and his feelings - the trembling of the body and the memory of a lifetime. Why is this happening? Biochemical process selection justifies pheromones attraction of the opposite sex, after all, a kiss is a way of transmitting information and genetic compatibility.

In this series we will learn about how scientists are fighting for our survival, in an effort to defeat the most dangerous infectious diseases. Our world is full of dangers, and people are pretty fragile creatures. We do not have time to deal with a scourge like we have coming is different. Five of our scientists are exploring advanced technologies in the field of crime and in the military field operating which new out of deadly situations.

The Most part committed to us, we do quite unconsciously, because we just don't realize 90% of the action of our brain. He, being deep within, helps us to overcome a whole bunch of problems that we even do not have time to think. Consciousness nearly always lags, because the idea that just visited him, was born in the brain for quite a while already. It is a complex and beautiful mechanism working almost on full automatic, forcing us to perform most of the steps in the dictation.

According to the laws of Nature everything that is not evolyutsioniruet, doomed to extinction, destroyed and replaced with those that more in line with universal harmony. What is in this case, the evolutionary purpose of human existence, after he left the herd and the animal has become relatively personality? Obviously, this evolution of the spirit or the transition to the highest state of spirituality. Does this task or humanity is moving towards a natural death?

M1 Abrams main battle tank USA. Serially produced since 1980. Is in service with the army and the U.S. marine corps, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Australia. It is named after General Creighton Abrams. The development of a new tank, later received the designation of XM-1, began immediately after the program is closed HM803 at the end of 1971. To reduce the risk of technological new tank it was decided to make the classical scheme with a crew of 4 people and with a gun of high ballistics as main weapons.

Love is not only feeling, but also a biochemical process in the brain. Chemistry of love explored fully enough to say that the basis of love - pheromones, special biochemical molecules. They generate a whole range of activities, which are called the physiology of love, the whole complex of changes in the body, feelings and emotions. The German naturalist in the early 20th century discovered that two caterpillars of the moth, male and female, unerringly finding each other at a distance of several kilometers.

The Film will tell, what scientific discoveries are used not only for treatment of humans, but also improve the functioning of the brain. We are entering a new era of technology integration, in the very nature of man. Imagine a time when it will be impossible to determine: the person in front of you or not. The final merger of people and machines inevitably, this process has already begun to change our understanding of the concept of "man"...