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Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

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Friends, in April anomodontia a month is Svyatogor. it was the band! 20% discount! This means that until 30 April EM Svyatogor can be purchased with 20% discount from the base price "Born the same Svyatogor was to protect the world of Reality and not to let here dark monsters from Navi. The entrance was at the foot of the pillar on which rested the sky. The very same pillar (or World tree) was in the Holy mountains, hence the name giant. It is a difficult task — to stand on the border of Light and Darkness. Other giants, Dragon — Gorynya, Dubyna and Usynya, was born dark, blind his Wii out of envy and in opposition to Svyatogor. The Wii has set his three sons to guard the exit from Navi to there could not escape the souls of the dead. So, standing on the...

Years of experience in the Club kit shows that often people, buying unimodularity Laboratory Infotekh, do not quite understand what unique tool they get together. Of course, they have in the beginning a lot of questions: "How to work with the device?" "What?" "What's to think?" etc.: bh: With these questions we investigated in the framework of the mandatory program "Acquaintance with the modulator". It so happens that the conversation lasted two hours, and even more. And, it seems, everything is clear, when talking about change. But after some time, when these same changes are beginning to happen in reality, there are many questions.:bt: All people are different and some cope with what is happening on their own, then others can be difficult to understand...

Friends, we invite you for the webinar this Saturday, 25/03, at 18-00. Topic: "I Have a modulator, but I don't feel anything. Why?" despite the huge number of amazing results that have accumulated over 20 years of experience with unimodularly Infotech, at least occasionally, but there are people who claim that they feel nothing and they have nothing happens. On the webinar on Saturday we will try to understand what it means. How do you know if there is anything at all in the interaction with modulators. so, we wait for all Saturday, 2 March 5, at 18: 00 in our conference room. the entrance to the room on the links -,74618437?NO-BROWSER yli Room will be open 30 minutes...