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Secrets of the prayer "our father" the Lord's Prayer is not just important words for any Christian. In these lines contains a secret meaning, the understanding of God himself and all that surrounds us. The text of this prayer associated with many interesting facts and even secrets that can only befall a true believer. the History of prayer "our father" is the only prayer that was gifted to us by the Lord himself. It is believed that it was given to mankind by Christ, and was not invented neither Holy nor ordinary people, and that is its great strength. The text of the prayer is: our father, who art in heaven! hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done, on earth as in heaven; our daily bread give us this day; and forgive us our debts, as we...

*** the Cool air, wind, heat, the Beat and the murmur of the river, Hangover the aroma of herbs and the Sweet taste of the fruits of spring! That these can be dearer, What's more beautiful and more beloved heart? Live all that is life, Love it and life will break! __________________________________________________ _______ And the rest of the paradox and is not natural insane! __________________________________________________ ________ Love is beautiful but those who the world is doing with heart and soul! the others all sad, betrayal, tears whim! the song of the soul, the anguish, the joy, not constant, One love, one heart-breaking dream! the Miniatures

From 15 September until 31 October anomodontia month was the beloved Briz , known as "Golden breeze". In this period, the Lab Infotech provides him a discount of 20% (which is 684 roubles). Autumn breeze With traditionally becomes anomodontia months, and it has its own, very good reasons. But they are below. Now it would be desirable to all who need a friend and helper, like a breeze, which can change radically the life of his master in almost all aspects, including health, emotional state, relationships with others and even social status REALIZED what a great opportunity they are given. it is not just a breeze-With the people they call "Golden Breeze". It's gold not only in color but also in quality. Here we in detail discuss the possibilities of this...

Quote: posted by lola (Message 8924) And how to work artificial lighting? Bad acting, that's for sure. for Those who live or work in the conditions of artificial lighting, we can recommend the Tigris wall.