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How to make a Heart or balls of yarn and PVA glue, for decorating Christmas interior or on Valentine's day? The video shows how just a few minutes to make the heart, balls or balls of thread. You will need: thread, PVA glue, a balloon and a little time.

How to make a greeting card on Valentine's day? Watch the video master class you will learn how to make a greeting card out of paper for Valentine's day. This card can be given not only on February 14, but on March 8, birthday or just for a loved one. Materials: cardboard (20h28 cm), colored paper, scissors, glue, pencil, ruler, strazik. How to make [...]

Christmas snowflake decoration 3D pen. After watching the video, you will learn how to easily make 3D handle Christmas tree ornament or fridge magnet. Snowflake 3-D handle great gift or souvenir for the new year. Watch the video master class snowflake 3D pen.

The New year is coming. With the approach of this holiday all the more concerns: what to give, what to cook, how to decorate? For decorating Christmas trees and interior, my daughter made a beautiful Christmas lanterns out of paper. The flashlight is from the paper place for a couple of minutes and even for a first grader. View video how to make a Christmas decoration out of paper "Flashlight"

The New year is coming. 2018 the year of the fire dog. Decorate their boxes at home, school, kindergarten can be such beautiful snowflakes. See MK in the video, how to make a snowflake "dog". DOWNLOAD>> drawing dog snowflake dog snowflake 2018 Video how to make dog snowflake.

Autumn rain, mud and slush often not allowed to leave the house for a walk. In hours by finding two little rascals-children at home, need something to fill them, there are educational games out in a hurry. As long as the kid was quiet time, my daughter made a game for the development of tactile "Touch cover" that you can play with 8-9 months [...]

How nice to wait for a holiday! That's it, just a little bit... And the magic will appear in all houses and apartments. And how many days left until the new year? A celebration soon? And Santa Claus when you come? Week is how much? ... Oh, those childish questions! Every day, but not on time, it is necessary to answer them. Tired?! Make your child a calendar [...]

Continue to create templates of new year's wycinanki 2017 at the window. Come and visit us, download the stencils for free roosters and decorate your home for the new 2017. Decorating your Windows for the upcoming holidays, you charge the Christmas mood not only for children, but also neighbors, and just passers-by with curiosity glanowski on your Windows. All you need to decorate the [...]

Before the New Year remains 2017 less than a month, and we decided to hold a contest for the most beautiful, unique snowflake. Conditions are very simple. We give the ALBUM, PAINTS, a SET of COLORED PENCILS and a SET of MARKERS for FREE! To do this: 1. To be or become a member of the group Vkontakte Crafts, tutorials, books — parents and children. right in seitbai — JOIN us! 2. To make [...]

Since the beginning of December the Windows in schools, kindergartens and shops are festively decorated. And I in his office decorated Windows already felt the approach of the new 2017! For the design of the Cabinet cut out snowflakes Cockerel and different paper cutting with the symbol of the year. We will need paper and scissors. See the answers to the questions: How to cut snowflakes out of paper? and As [...]

Soon the New 2017 1 month. With the approaching new year will begin performances in kindergartens, Christmas trees in schools and houses of culture. Children will perform in Christmas costumes and poems to Santa Claus. Every year my daughter and learn a new verse, this is not an ordinary occasion. This year is no exception. And here in [...]

Approaching Mother's day, which this year will celebrate on November 27. Beloved mothers with third graders made small cards with pockets for congratulations. In school we are limited in time. So choose simple, sophisticated cards, so the guys could have time to complete the work by the end of the lesson. For work we needed: colored paper, scissors and glue. [...]

Very soon, in 2017, according to the tradition we do with children crafts, snowflakes, toys with the symbol of the coming year. And this year is no exception. Today my daughter did the cock out of paper, very easy to manufacture, low material. With crafts from paper Cock can handle children 4-8 years, perfect for preschoolers. The paper is very simple and affordable [...]

Ends in 2016, to be replaced by getting ready to come in 2017, the year of the fire rooster. Many have already begun preparing for the new year. I am no exception

Now and mid-October, so not far off winter. In schools and kindergartens the kids make crafts from natural materials. Are contests and exhibitions of the fall crafts. So my daughter made the application of autumn leaves on show in school. I believe that the application of autumn leaves with a simple form of art from natural materials, [...]