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Hans Christian Andersen — one of the most famous writers and storytellers. But few people know that in life the Dane was very extravagant in almost everything, starting from the exterior through daily habits. Himself a children's writer, he did not consider, moreover, the project of the monument, which began to develop during his lifetime, and where Andersen had to be immortalized surrounded by children, he rejected. And shortly before his death he asked the composer to write a March for his funeral and to fit a baby step: the writer was sure that the little fans coming to his last journey.

You can Often hear the opinion that achieving success is much easier if you do what you love. Thus many, alas, are afraid to follow your dreams, especially as adults — when children's imaginations are broken under the weight of life's circumstances. However, the world is aware of cases when people managed at an early age to determine their own road, and thanks to them, then the fearless kids we all know about IKEA, Disney world and "Game of thrones". At the end of the article you will find a bonus: we'll show you how to remember your calling, and you might want to change something in life.

The Young girl was destined to become famous after death, when her face made an impression for the death mask. People were amazed by the beauty, tranquility and enigmatic smile of a young diva. When you look at the mask it is impossible to believe that she was removed from the lifeless man. Unfortunately, the girl's personality could not be established, so it was called "the Stranger from the Seine" (L Inconnue de la Seine), as it is in this river, near the Louvre, the body was found. Writers devoted to her line, the artists dreamed her way, and the researchers used it to create the dummy to practice techniques of artificial respiration.

There is a perception that women are more "multitasking" than men. This is not surprising because at the same time you have to be aware of various events and to fight against temptations. For example, under any pretext not to look in the fridge, if you come to the kitchen to drink a glass of water; one hundred times to think before to change her hairstyle and do not forget to follow closely the personal lives of famous bachelors to always know what else you can expect. And at the end of the article you will find a bonus, which is just 3 minutes will raise the mood for the whole day.

Richard Feynman was a renowned physicist of his generation, participated in the development of the atomic bomb in the 1940s and won the Nobel prize in 1965 for his work on quantum electrodynamics. His sense of humor knew no bounds. His autobiography, the author has called "surely You're joking, Mr. Feynman!" In addition to physics, the scientist was interested in chemistry, Microbiology, bongos, portraits, studied the written language of the Maya. Once he even broke into the safes of the Pentagon, picking the right code. Of course, with such a man was beloved wife Arlene. The lovers have been together since high school, however, a serious illness took the life of a young woman in 1945, at the age of just 25 years. Almost a year after the tragedy, Richard...

All children are able to see a story in everyday life. Unfortunately, with age most lose this ability. But there are those who like a little Antoine, who was quite an old bike, wire and a few sheets to collect the plane, and after decades can create your imaginary world. To find such adults is not easy, but there is one accurate test: show them the picture of the hat. If they can see it is not just a headdress and a boa who swallowed an elephant, then congratulations: you are an adult who has not forgotten that when he was a child.

"two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. However, about the Universe I'm not sure," once said albert Einstein. I think the genius was just kidding? Perhaps, but sometimes the thought creeps in that the scientist is not at all exaggerated the scale of human wrongs. Moreover, the evidence need not go far, just look at any popular Internet community. For example, Reddit, where a user aspiringmaga appealed to the participants of the public to talk about the biggest fools that they ever met in life.

I entered the theatrical Institute at the age of 17 with the absolute feeling that the actors — these are special, very fine people, who every day are doing just great things and are always busy. They are sure very rich and never think of such trifles as "two of yogurt for the price of one" or how to Park for free in the center of Moscow. Now I'm 25, I work in a classy theatre and sometimes in films. Unknown actors a lot more than you think, and all have the same problem: "two of yogurt for the price of one," was not a trifle, but a very serious matter. But I think this is not a reason to be sad, because even though many actors and poor, is our work a lot of bonuses, I love them and will never give up on your boring and profitable profession.

Lena, 22, a native of Odessa and recently returned from China, where he worked as an English teacher. The girl is fond of cosplay: embody images of famous anime characters and movie stars, wants to travel the world. This active women there is one feature: since birth, she had no right hand. It is on my feature not laments and jokes and affectionately calls her one and a half hands "poltorashka". She wrote honest and positive thread on Twitter about what it's like to live with one arm, and instantly got hundreds of likes.

Love Story Evgenia Riginos and Brazil began with messages in social network, she was invited to school of capoeira. Before the girl knew nothing about this martial art, but decided to try it. Soon capoeira became for Russians a real outlet in a hall it was possible to forget about the harsh winter and the daily hustle and bustle. Eugene was so enthralled with a new hobby that you wanted to know about the culture of Brazil even more and started to learn Portuguese. To practice the girl decided to the media and just started looking for that Brazilians on Skype. "Hi. You capoeira?" — she wrote with errors to a guy named Joao Rocha. He replied, and then fell in love with a Russian woman, asked her to move to Brazil and became her husband.

Official poster of the Cannes film festival in 2017, it has become almost a major scandal in the entire history of the prestigious competition. The photo was a picture of the legendary actress of the last century Claudia Cardinale. But if you look at the original portrait of a woman, it becomes clear that on the poster she is two sizes thinner. The organizers of the Cannes film festival, it seemed that Claudia does not correspond to modern standards of beauty. Interesting that this cardinal saw nothing wrong. "The photo was retouched to make me a character dreams, add lightness. Concerns about the realism here is not the place, and as a staunch feminist I don't see crimes against women's bodies," she said.

Lives In Australia Belgian Griffon named Squid (Squid). At the end of 2017, its owners started the instagram account, which began to publish the photos of this whimsical wool ball and all his antics. Due to its appealing look and unmatched sense of style Kalmar won the love of over 271 thousand followers on instagram. By the way, even some Hollywood stars can not boast of such a number of subscribers (for example, Edward Norton or John Cusack). As they say its owners, their pet consists of 70% love, 20 % Sass and 10% of beard.

Research center portal for job search conducted a survey among 2 thousand Russians, to see which habits irritate colleagues the most. At the 1st place was non-Smoking (12 % of respondents are nervous about the frequent absences and the smell of tobacco smoke). 5 % believe that the worst in colleagues, hypocrisy and intrigante. Another 5% is laziness and idleness. 4% are dissatisfied with the arrogance and obsession and can't stand liars and irresponsible. In the top nasty habits also came untidiness, absent-mindedness, loud laughter and speech.

One of the most important poets of the XX century, Joseph Brodsky was born in Leningrad, but was forced to emigrate to the United States. In life he endured much misunderstanding, persecution, and deprivation of Soviet citizenship, link. The writer tried to appeal to the Supreme leadership of the country, he was allowed to stay at home, but in vain. Outside of the Soviet Union, Brodsky received the recognition and fame. In 1987 he was awarded the Nobel prize, and the Soviet Union began perestroika. Finally talking about Brodsky in Russia, and even invited to return. Alas, the poet died suddenly outside of his homeland. But being an American citizen, he still remained a Russian poet. Brodsky was the author of the surprising. He could honestly say that it...

Often, the dispute between parents and children occurs when choosing clothes. Kids don't understand why you can't go outside that requires soul, and the adults used to leave the last word and are guided by practicality. But there are those moms and dads who have decided to take a chance and see what of their children, if given freedom of choice. And integrates these people the hashtag #whenchildrendressthemself. The article you are waiting for the brightest participants of this experiment, after meeting with whom, perhaps, you will want to resort to creative solutions.