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The first film of the acclaimed franchise from the Marvel studio was released back in 2008. Then it was impossible to imagine that a series of superhero films would suddenly become such a phenomenon, the highest-grossing franchise in the history of cinema, a real part of popular culture, and even collect a whole army of fans from the screens. So, only in July 2021, "Black Widow" — the last released tape about these same superheroes-was watched by more than 2 million people. And this is in the first 10 days after the premiere and only on the Disney+platform.

All girls are familiar with this feeling when you try to put on makeup for an important event, but it turns out well, not very much. Or here you meet a thin lady who talks about how she eats and does not get fat. Well, about trying to get together with friends who are so often busy and will be free only after a little rain on Thursday, we are generally silent. But, anyway, if you approach such problems with humor, it will be somehow easier to cope. This is also the opinion of the author of BlooMe comics, who draws them specifically for all the girls of the world to recognize themselves in them.

Tanya could cry, seeing the old lady sitting at the entrance and saying, "can't come? Sorry, I baked cakes". Or, put toast beloved friend, she often cried already in the middle of the speech. Sometimes she cried when the movie was shown as hurt the innocent. Tanya — not a little girl. She has long 30. Many consider it spineless, not adapted to this cruel adult life. And someone- just a rag. But those who know her have been, of course, don't think so. They know that once it was rare to see her tears. But when she too lost many loved ones, seen death and dying breaths of those I loved with all my heart, something inside has changed. Sometimes sentimental people — those who saw and understood more than others.

Four years ago, when Leonardo DiCaprio is once again nominated for an Oscar, it seems, the whole world watched the ceremony: the network had a lot of calls as soon as possible to award worthy actor, went, jokes and anecdotes from the series: "Who, if not Leo?". And when the actor became the winner of the award for best actor in the movie "the Survivors" from their places sprang and his colleagues, but spectators at screens, so it seemed a worthy candidate and expected was the reward. But not all representatives of the movie industry cherished statue was so hard. Many evaluated almost immediately, and the other is filled up with awards.

Since childhood we have learned to carry home from the street all sorts of things and convince everyone around that this is the thing, like the Ring, has incredible value. Now, some of us in adult life have not abandoned this practice. The more amazing finds, whether it's a 400-year-old silver brooch or the cat of the last century, can appear anywhere. We need only to look carefully around, and even better — to look in the basement of his house or digging in the attic of the cottage.

According to the legend about the creation of chips, once some Prince complained that his French fries too thick sliced, and returned the dish to the kitchen, asking to make it thinner. Chef George crumb's angry, he decided to teach the cheeky and cut the potatoes into slices the thickness of a sheet of paper. But what happened, very much picky guest. The dish was given the name "Saratoga chips", it has become the most popular in the restaurant. What can be concluded? Sometimes strange and seemingly unreasonable demands of customers encourage chefs to invent new dishes. And just about such cases and will be discussed here.

Long since passed the time when man had to struggle with predators and hide in caves, but in spite of this, the "adventure gene" many of us have. Sometimes we lack strong emotions and stress, and the easiest way to get a nice dose of adrenaline is to watch a good movie. We adorable ribbon, from which boils the blood and breath. And especially for you made a list of such paintings. And at the end have a bonus, which will tell you about the most anticipated new feature from Netflix.

Pregnancy is a mysterious condition, and at this time, as never before, women need information about what is happening to her body. In the nineteenth century produced brochures and books with tips and recommendations. Only now they were, to put it mildly, strange: to sleep so that the baby's head was directed strictly to the North, or not to think about ugly people not to "spoil the appearance" of the future baby. Today is full of literature, and in the Internet you can find advice from doctors and scientists, but it seems that some myths have become resistant to the vaccination of the truth.

There is a saying: tell a woman a million times that she is beautiful and she would never believe it. Tell her once that she's ugly and she'll never forget. And indeed, only 13 % of our compatriots consider themselves beautiful, and the nose is just another stone in the garden of our experiences. When the network launched the flash mob #SideProfileSelfie and people around the world started to upload their profile photos, it was a real revelation, because it seemed that in the fashion industry and beauty has no place custom appearance.

Watched on YouTube a video on how to double knit elastic spokes. Pretty woman in knitted jacket, beautiful Wallpaper in the English style, green velvet curtains, framed photos, a flower in a ceramic pot, a pleasant voice, facial loops, purl, the sound of spokes. Seemingly more innocent and pleasant picture to think hard. But even this woman has critics. Spokes holds not, the flower is not there, jacket, old-fashioned, tacky Wallpaper. I am always amazed question: "But you only good you can write?" I promised my mom, so keep. But I really want to answer: "Yes, that's right, I can write only good things. Because you are not my doctor who I have to say that with me something not so, not my husband, not my parents, not my therapist, not my editor and not my...

Novosibirsk photographer Nikita Chunin decided to film his younger brother on one of his latest school lessons. During shooting, the photographer recalled that in 2009, he shot portraits of classmates brother when they were in 5th grade. This gave him the idea of creating a project that would show how much the boys have changed. The photographer says: "On the last call I brought these archival footage and hastily tried to capture changes that occurred over 6 years. Here's another living proof that time goes by very fast, everybody's changing and maturing right before our eyes, while we believe that we have always been the same as now. Time is unstoppable, so we can only manage to take such photos".

That "happiness of motherhood" requires great sacrifices from women in the modern world say often enough. And what about the "joys of fatherhood"? The lives of men that are actually involved in the education of their children, after their appearance changes at least. And the number of such dad every year only grows. They leave playfully change their diapers and quietly had a heartbeat at the sight of the first make-up daughter. Men usually do not show emotions openly, but going through all the difficulties of the establishment of their offspring is not less, than mother.

Marina Melia — Professor of psychology, bestselling author on the psychology of success and responsible parenthood. And she is the main coach of Russian billionaires who come to her to hear wise advice, including recommendations on education. Marina is a very special perspective on parenting. In spite of fashion trends, it insists that it is useless something to "sculpt" and that the child cannot be programmed for success. But parents can try to raise a happy and decent man, who will be able to earn himself a living and do not need to know. How? Setting the coordinate system. And here not to do without little tricks.

Impressive history cues Twisselman (Kiah Twisselman) from San Luis Obispo (CA) has inspired many people around the world. Girl years fruitlessly sitting on a diet, but to lose 45 kg in just a year, after many years of failures, had once changed 5 habits in their daily lives. Now Kia is helping others understand that they too can do it. She became an instructor, and one of its principles is what you need to be very patient and leave hope for a quick result. Instead, anyone who wants to lose weight, you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and be consistent in this choice in the long run. Because in the end all the efforts will pay off.

I Anna Dudareva blogging about psychology. Even if Moscow is dry, is the perfect weather to walk and I'm only in the center, it still happens. The treacherous stains from drops of mud on the boots. The weather is perfect! I went to the Mall! But no. I found a puddle and he climbed into it. Pig. And that's my story. I have always either lipstick smeared, or a huge zit or spot on the shirt. I look at other women and wonder: the white pants in the rain! And they are perfectly clean! Hair hair to hair. And next I with the eternal tangles.