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In the heat I saved whining and cherries. More precisely, whining, cherries and beauty. Summer awakens in me a fruit snob, and I walk into an expensive fruit shop, where year-round has it all. In winter there are also cherry, but sold individually. And in the summer is mountain. There are nectarines that they are not what you want to buy, they want to marry. What kind of peaches? Beauty has no sex. Go back through heat. Wanders past a pregnant woman, swaying, sighing, very hard. Still life is relentless. She's rushing ahead, tearing everything in its path. When to give birth, who to give birth, from whom to give birth, these intellectual things. The power of life – the ability to break through the asphalt. Everything else you can kill and eat, like a...

Scientists have found that cats have intelligence and are capable of learning and can remember certain events from his life. Dogs can read emotions on people's faces and have a sense of justice, while in the cortex they have 2 times more neurons than females, i.e. they are, in fact, can be twice as smart. However, the behavior of some of the mustachioed and tailed is so eccentric that its researchers are unlikely ever to explain. Exactly these wild animals became the characters of our article.

11 258 scientists from around the world signed a report titled "Warning of extreme climate condition." It says that the planet faces a massive environmental crisis and, if not urgently begin to change, humanity is waiting for the "indescribable suffering". While countries hesitate to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, forests are cut down, the surface temperature of the Earth increases, one-third of food produced worldwide every year goes to waste. But there are those who are trying to reduce the harm that people cause to the planet. They use the confetti of fallen leaves is purchase and produce sneakers of debris caught in the ocean.

The First incubator designed for the care of premature infants, appeared in France in 1880-ies. However, the medical community has not shown to the invention of particular interest — the creators took them in different exhibitions, offered to hospitals, but it was useless. Yes, and by children born prematurely, the attitude was, to put it mildly, skeptical doctors considered them genetically inferior and did not make any effort to save the baby's life. But in 1903, Martin couny brought incubators in the United States and marked the beginning of one of the most life-affirming stories.

As the programmer reed Hastings forgot to return a VHS copy in a video store. The guy had to pay a huge fine. He spoke about this injustice to my friend Mark Randolph, with whom they found an original solution: to create a company for rental discs, which will work exclusively through the Internet. Thus, in 1997, launched the online service Netflix. Although most businessmen have criticized the idea of young people, considering that customers are the easiest to get off the couch and go to the store, and not to use the website of the Hastings and Randolph, time has shown that the idea of Reid and Mark was something that lacked in the entertainment industry.

Cannot find a person who at least heard about the movie "the Spell" or "Curse Annabel". But few people know that the plot of these films is based on real events, namely the investigations of ed and Lorraine of Warren, behind which more than 10 thousand paranormal cases, many books, and a private kinosalona ("the Spell" and "Spell-2", "the Curse of Annabelle" and "the Curse of the nuns", loosely based their research). Despite the criticism, scientists have tried to understand the cause of supernatural phenomena, to help people who have faced them, and even enjoyed the support of the Vatican, in consultation with the Catholic Church on issues of all kinds of spiritualistic manifestations.

There is nothing special about that day-to-day care of their loved ones: to cook, wash, iron and wash, dry the tears and to comfort, soften and reconcile, to rock and hug. There is nothing more natural. And nothing is more selfless. And more clear to all the world's women — our grandmothers, mothers and ourselves. The writer Zoe Aref'eva was able to accurately convey in words the inner feeling that leads us all in light and in dark times, sometimes causing us to forget about ourselves, but never of those we love.

Despite the fact that modern parents are increasingly choosing the model family in which both mom and dad work, more than half of these people recognized that to maintain a balance between work and family it's very difficult. This is especially true of working women: about 40% of them claim that motherhood had slowed their rise up the career ladder. While many moms are simply trying to faithfully carry out their work, constantly feel guilty because they think that going to work, they steal the time from their children.

If any film fans asked to name the most famous couple who starred together in one film, then surely he will remember the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (2005) brad pitt and Angelina Jolie. It is mistaken, because the actors met on the set of this picture and then broke out between them the novel. In the future, already being married, Jolie and pitt starred together in the movie "Cote d'azur" (2015). But few people know that this is not the only star couple, which can be seen in a single tape.

At KFC perhaps the most intriguing legend of all known fast food chains: a secret recipe of 11 herbs, which for many years kept in the safe, and access to it have only 2 people in the world. Whether so it actually? The answer you will find at the end of the article. But this company has many other secrets. For example, the "new" Colonel Sanders that makes girls ' hearts beat faster, the most harmful Burger in history that is loved worldwide, and "stop-word", after which a restaurant employee will not offer you additional items from the menu.

Few people can tell about school that it was the best and most carefree years of their lives. In addition to large loads, each student at least once had a misunderstanding or worse, a strained relationship with the teacher. But if we are talking about a child with dyslexia, the learning turns into suffering and survival. Dyslexia is a specific learning disability, which manifests itself in problems with reading, often accompanied by dysgraphia (violation of the writing process — approx. Dyslexics replace sounds and words, missing letters. Also you may be comprehension. Parents, recognizing the child has such a feature of development should help him to accept it and learn to live with it.

Animal rights activists in the US have estimated that 70 million animals in the country homeless. By the way, in Russia the situation is even worse. Most cats and dogs is on the street because people are irresponsible owners of Pets thrown out of the house and don't care about their sterilization. Fortunately, there are organizations that take waifs under her wing, treated and put in a new family. However, there are people who even care to animals doing business. We asked the question: how to help stray cats and dogs, the money came to them and not ended up in the pockets of fraudsters?

Bruce Willis as a child was very shy and stuttered badly. Actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson suffered from excess weight. Each of the characters of our article has its own history. Some of them just grew up and matured. And someone thanks to their hard work and perseverance has come a long way from wimp to tough guy. But together they are proof that the expression "heroes are not born heroes become" not a banal phrase, but a fact. And every transformation of a bitch in handsome and superhero are a lot of will power and hard work.

In 1947, the year in the Swedish city of västerås Erling Persson opened a shop and named it Hennes (in Swedish "For her"). 20 years later he bought a store for hunters and fishermen Mauritz Widforss (Maurits Widfors). So you are H&M, whose name stands for Hennes & Mauritz. Now it is the largest retail network in Europe by selling clothes. Among her fans as common people and celebrities. What is the secret of the great popularity of H&M and why want to come back again?

My name is Veronica, and I have 7 years living in Norway. In this Northern country I "had" to move from Riga after her husband. Over the years spent in Norway, a lot has changed in my life. So, I have completely changed wardrobe: I decided against wearing heels and dresses in favor of jeans, sweaters and shoes with a low heel. There was a lot less work, and a New year for me has ceased to be a great occasion. Some of these changes are due to the culture of another country have become an organic part of life, and to others who may not get used still.