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Have you noticed that people have a special attitude to their childhood photos: someone reviewing them from time to time to remember the happiest moments in life and someone interesting to compare the present with the past. Some are changing beyond recognition, as, for example, Hugh Jackman or Vincent Cassel, and someone saved childish features even in adulthood, like Wonder woman Gal gadot and beauty Emily Ratajkowski. In this article you will look at the celebrities with different eyes and will see from what the boys and girls grew up, those about whom the world speaks.

From that day, as in 1853, Levi Strauss made the first jeans, they have strongly entered into our life: established as clothing for gold-diggers, pants made of canvas moved from the wardrobes of working on the fashion catwalks. Today you can hardly find clothing that compares in popularity with the invention of Strauss: it is worn all over the world people of different ages and professions. But despite the variety of models, it is sometimes difficult to choose "his" pair, because, as in any business, in the choice of jeans has its own quirks.

Looking at pictures paparazzi, on which the distinguished celebrities of different sizes, in the head sometimes comes the thought that the life of stars not only as a continuous celebration. But, of course, it is not, because even the most successful person of our planet are ordinary people with their problems. And health problems is no exception. For example, the winner of the award "Oscar" Halle berry has almost 30 years of living with diabetes, and beauty Khloe Kardashian was diagnosed with skin cancer. It's incredible, because people with such serious diseases continue to create, overcoming all kinds of obstacles.

Did You know that in Russian language there are as many as 74 words that begin with the letter Y (most of them, however, for proper names), and that almost all the words on the letter And came to us from other languages? And if you can, for example, to remember a word, in which already 7 letters O? Russian language is constantly changing, there are new words and expressions, and hence our vocabulary also increases with time. We offer you to pass the test which will show how rich your vocabulary is, and perhaps to learn something new for yourself.

Antarctica is called "White Mars" because of the harsh conditions. In 2005, they built a French-Italian research station Concordia, which researches the European space Agency (ESA). At the same time at the station in isolation, extremely low temperatures and lack of light and oxygen I live and work about 60 people who have passed many months of preparation and work time here is 9-12 months. The station itself is cylindrical 2 buildings: one of them is called "quiet" because there are laboratories, living quarters and hospital, the second "noisy": there are shops, gym, warehouses, canteen, cinema and a relaxation room.

Digestion is an important process, which depends very much, including the appearance of man. Brittle hair and nails, dull skin, extra weight, from which it is almost impossible to get rid of all these problems can occur due to a malfunction in the digestive tract. Fermented foods is something that will help keep the digestion in order. And although the trend is not new, in recent years such products have become increasingly popular. In this article we describe the fermentation process and what health benefits, besides weight reduction, brings fermented food.

What in one country is considered exotic, is another simple routine. So, in 2009 the world saw the film: "Hachiko: the Most loyal friend" and however learned about the breed Akita inu, a traditional Japanese. But there are dogs, which is rarely seen even in their homeland. In this article we will talk about these breeds, among which the "universal" dog, which is that she can't cook, and a representative of the smartest breeds, who still runs away to wander in spite of all your entreaties.

In recent years, requirements for the education of children has risen to almost unattainable level. Suddenly it became clear that the child almost from birth require fashionable clothes, various development courses, modern gadgets and trips to entertainment centres. Many of us fell into the trap of these fashion trends and make every effort to become exemplary parents. That's just psychologists are already sounding the alarm and not without reason say that the children feel almost ruler of the world, and at heart remain unhappy and insecure.

Many of us have a friend who has been on Everest, made thousands of parachute jumps and has swum the English channel. We admire a great personality, but only until, until we know her better. Further in the comparison of all the facts surrounding you find a lot of inconsistencies and realize that most of the facts of his biography the man invented. But why? All of us at least once caught in a situation when you were late for a meeting. And on the phone convinced waiting buddy that is on the way, although really only pulled a sock. Why we lie, even knowing that the truth will be found?

Today, more and more people prefer wire transfer, but criminals practicing fraud with Bank cards is as active as ever. However, card holders in varying degree caution when conducting payment transactions. Most people know by heart the basic rules of financial behavior: the PIN is hidden, CVV not say to anyone, ATM / cash machine before use inspect. However, the scammers invent new and new tricks, and in these conditions you need to know where more sophisticated methods of saving its money than usual security measures.

You've Probably seen a lot of idyllic photos in social networks, which show a perfect mom and dad with their perfect kids. That's only if you yourself have children, then you know that all this is nothing more than the desire to exaggerate a bit. But let parenthood and does not smell of roses, the joy and love that we give to children, more than atone for all the trouble. So it's best not to worry about spilled flour, damaged clothing or painted walls, and we react to it with humor.

For about 10 years, I see how parents take on too much responsibility which ought to belong to their children. It is such a fashion? Do homework with children almost to 9-th class, gather the children portfolio, to find out about homework from classmates, to carry children on every razvijalcem almost 6 months and the school years to take the mugs all week so that children have time for childhood. A lot of decisions and choices parents make instead of children. And under the pretext of trying to control all of their business.

Today, many complain that the stars are abusing the achievements of the beauty industry and eventually lose their individuality. The celebrities of the past did not have such opportunities, although plastic surgery and photo makeover appeared before the coming of the Golden age of Hollywood. And yet, without any tweaks, many Actresses and actors of the past were incredibly attractive and easily could give odds to their modern counterparts. No wonder that the Archbishop of Genoa once joked: let the Vatican does not approve of human cloning, he could make an exception for Sophia Loren.

SARS and the flu are completely useless antibiotics. According to information for 2009, antiviral drugs are also proved to be ineffective. However, a neglected cold may develop into more serious disease. What is it treated? The answer is simple: proper nutrition. At the same time to focus on fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, proved to be useless. In this article, you will learn more popular when the cold products and tinctures proved ineffective, what is harmful and what is truly conducive to recovery.

Songs from the era of 90's and early 2000's are still lit, even the youngest hearts, and when they hear the hits of those years, my legs want to dance. Doubly lucky for those who in those years had a television with access to music channels and could not only enjoy the sound of favorite songs, but also watch videos to them. And this spectacle was worth it: the Directors of the clips in those days were not afraid to experiment, often for the first time used the special effects and came up with very extravagant stories. A music video was very provocative and made a lot of noise, and even nowadays YouTube video gaining millions of views.