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If your dream is to visit Japan, you probably know that in this country it is not so, as you are accustomed to see at home. Of course, the same can be said about any other country, but Japan is a special place. For example, here you can find a wide range of services at any time of the day and night in the regular grocery store, but you may not be allowed in the bath due to the presence of tattoos. In Japan there are many rules but the main one is not to cause inconvenience to others.

In 2013, Bangladesh collapsed 8-storey building Rana Plaza. It had the enterprise on tailoring fashion brands. The house was in disrepair, but the owners risked their lives working to make production as cheap as possible. This disaster claimed more thousands of lives and forced many people to think about how the clothes we buy. International organization Fashion Revolution founded in the year of the tragedy. The mission of the organization is to reform the fashion industry. It has launched a Fashion Revolution flashmob, which called on fashion brands to answer the question: #whomademyclothes — who made my clothes?

If you manage to work, take care of the children, keep the house clean and still look good, then most likely, you are a superhero and have a secret knowledge. Most modern moms to combine work and household duties, ask for help to the articles of psychologists and the various forums. But the advice from the Internet often sound vague: delegate responsibilities, learn time management, combine the pleasant with the useful. A mother of two children Skoutelas Christine (Christine Skoutelas) offered specific recommendations that help it to catch and not to faint from nervous and physical exhaustion.

Recently, writer and comedian mark Maark (Mark Magark) has turned to its followers asking them to tell us about the biggest nonsense which they have ever heard in my life from other people and I couldn't afford to forget. The responses of Twitter users don't have to wait long and was just a masterpiece such purpose you can imagine. For example, someone was convinced that children are born blind, like kittens, but with a full set of teeth, or that to Deposit money to your Bank account by using a computer drive — just put it in the bill.

Put simply, an eating disorder (RPP) — this is the problem with the food that appear on the background of psychological problems. Many people think that difficult relationships with food occur only in weak or abnormal individuals; another popular belief is that the subject RCE certainly not for owners of sports forms. Both fundamentally wrong. RPP is in the first place is generally not about food, it's about anxiety and dislike of your own body. If you are familiar with the feeling of uneasiness or even disgust when you look at your own figure, it is useful to understand what is happening to you.

Our grandmothers and mothers many times lamented the fact that their clothes were of much better quality. And in some ways they are right, because before fashion collection arrived on the shelves at most 4 times a year. But with the arrival on the market of the concept of "fast fashion" everything has changed. Here the great role played by mass-market: now new collections appear in the shops almost every week, as producers try to satisfy the needs of consumers. As a result, the stores are full of cheap and not really quality clothing.

Today it is difficult to surprise the audience and potential buyers, if you're a pastry chef. It seems that all the most daring fantasies had already been implemented instagram-virtuosos. That only is one cake "Bride". However, if you move away from the rather overexposed Hyper-realism, to surprise you, and how. Cakes confectionery the Moscow Studio "Anna Cake" wonder on instagram for almost a half a million people. They are written about in fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue. At first glance they are easily mistaken for modern art so unusual is their shape and line, color and texture.

Emotion is an integral part of our lives. We have fun and sad, disappointed and regaining hope, experience the joy of meetings and the bitterness of parting. Despite the fact that all these feelings are familiar to all of us, sometimes they cannot be expressed by ordinary words. And then come to the aid of the drawings, such as creates avogado6, a mysterious Japanese artist who's not telling me anything — except that loves chemistry. Looking at these pictures, realize that chemistry it's the chemistry between the artist and his admirers.

In our days the amount of plastic waste has reached catastrophic proportions. Now the planet is 8.3 billion tons of this material. More than half of them never visited the country. Plastic in the ocean and thrusting waves on beaches around the world, killing marine life, harming the environment and can affect our health. Unfortunately, not just littering destroys the beaches and threatening nature. The rapid growth of algae and massive fish kills occur due to global warming and pollution.

The Internet is an incredible amount of views gaining videos, in which two tanned guys somewhere in the woods with his bare hands built huts, wells, water filters, etc., but most of the pools. And very cool pools, always different shapes and designs. And all this without a single tool and material! Only the hands, sticks, clay, stones and, of course, bamboo. It seems fantastic, when you see that the place where she was bare earth, there is a pool that makes you want to plunge.

This summer I took the most adventurous trip in my life: my friend and I decided to repeat Alpine travel of different travel bloggers of instagram. We were armed with leaflets and a marker for hitchhiking, I contacted the residents Prealpina cities on the website CouchSurfing (for those who don't know: this service allows for free and sleep with people abroad and are also free to take foreigners at home), loaded up the backpacks and rushed to conquer the mountain. This was my first experience. And, once I confess, the last.

Can one little girl make the world a better place? We know that, Yes. Learn the history of the Keris Rogers (Rogers Kheris), you won't question that. Keris is an ordinary girl from Los Angeles who loves to midnicht. From peers in school it differs only in dark skin. Unfortunately, because of this difference, the girl didn't want to be friends. Rogers did not break mockery, on the contrary — she found a way to love yourself and to inspire tens of thousands of other children who also don't accept due to the fact that they are somewhat different.

For many of us the word "mother" is associated with care, warmth and comfort. And indeed, we see that our mothers are often one side — the worries about his family, when the needs and desires of parents are secondary. But times change, and with them the idea of a modern mother in the eyes of society. It is self-sufficient and successful woman who manages to care not only about your family, but also about yourself. It proved women from our selection. Most of them no longer 20 years, but only one look is enough to understand: with the birth of a child, these mothers have not forgotten about yourself.

The desire to be healthy and slender is better to rely on trendy diets, but on scientific facts. We want to tell you about a large study of Israeli scientists, who found that the universal principles of a healthy diet does not exist, and tomatoes for some people is more harmful than ice cream. Elinav Eran (Eran Elinav) and Eran Segal (Eran Segal) from the Weizmann Institute examined data on 800 volunteers aged 18 to 70 years. Participants recorded in a special Annex, what life they lead, and the individual meter constantly measures the level of sugar in their blood. And the results surprised the whole world.

Fated to one day I the Russian girl, was on Guadeloupe, in the pleasant and large house of a local family. I had a few weeks of immersion in the culture of the Caribbean, which I only knew thanks to all the well-known film "pirates of the Caribbean". Guadeloupe is a region and overseas Department of France, but it has its own flag and language. At the same time the locals are proud of their culture, and the fact that they are part of France, posting from the Windows of the tricolor flag. After a while I found out that any clothes you going to wear must be thoroughly shaken, and that natural yoghurt without sugar is still added sugar, and even discovered many other interesting things I'll tell you.