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Official poster of the Cannes film festival in 2017, it has become almost a major scandal in the entire history of the prestigious competition. The photo was a picture of the legendary actress of the last century Claudia Cardinale. But if you look at the original portrait of a woman, it becomes clear that on the poster she is two sizes thinner. The organizers of the Cannes film festival, it seemed that Claudia does not correspond to modern standards of beauty. Interesting that this cardinal saw nothing wrong. "The photo was retouched to make me a character dreams, add lightness. Concerns about the realism here is not the place, and as a staunch feminist I don't see crimes against women's bodies," she said.

Lives In Australia Belgian Griffon named Squid (Squid). At the end of 2017, its owners started the instagram account, which began to publish the photos of this whimsical wool ball and all his antics. Due to its appealing look and unmatched sense of style Kalmar won the love of over 271 thousand followers on instagram. By the way, even some Hollywood stars can not boast of such a number of subscribers (for example, Edward Norton or John Cusack). As they say its owners, their pet consists of 70% love, 20 % Sass and 10% of beard.

Research center portal for job search conducted a survey among 2 thousand Russians, to see which habits irritate colleagues the most. At the 1st place was non-Smoking (12 % of respondents are nervous about the frequent absences and the smell of tobacco smoke). 5 % believe that the worst in colleagues, hypocrisy and intrigante. Another 5% is laziness and idleness. 4% are dissatisfied with the arrogance and obsession and can't stand liars and irresponsible. In the top nasty habits also came untidiness, absent-mindedness, loud laughter and speech.

One of the most important poets of the XX century, Joseph Brodsky was born in Leningrad, but was forced to emigrate to the United States. In life he endured much misunderstanding, persecution, and deprivation of Soviet citizenship, link. The writer tried to appeal to the Supreme leadership of the country, he was allowed to stay at home, but in vain. Outside of the Soviet Union, Brodsky received the recognition and fame. In 1987 he was awarded the Nobel prize, and the Soviet Union began perestroika. Finally talking about Brodsky in Russia, and even invited to return. Alas, the poet died suddenly outside of his homeland. But being an American citizen, he still remained a Russian poet. Brodsky was the author of the surprising. He could honestly say that it...

Often, the dispute between parents and children occurs when choosing clothes. Kids don't understand why you can't go outside that requires soul, and the adults used to leave the last word and are guided by practicality. But there are those moms and dads who have decided to take a chance and see what of their children, if given freedom of choice. And integrates these people the hashtag #whenchildrendressthemself. The article you are waiting for the brightest participants of this experiment, after meeting with whom, perhaps, you will want to resort to creative solutions.

For all of us a trip to the pharmacy — it habitual. But few know about the intricacies of the profession of pharmacist. For starters I would like to clarify that the difference between a pharmacist and a pharmacist that has a secondary education, and the second — highest. Accordingly, the pharmacist can take a leadership position in a pharmacy, and pharmacist — to be his assistant. Now, about your profession decided to tell the pharmacist from Smolensk lurking on Twitter under the name I — irony Alina. She works with a degree just over 2 years.

So, you open the wardrobe, watching him a long sad look and think: "Oh, nothing to wear". The problem is that you see things deposits, worn 1-2 times. In the report of consulting firm McKinsey & Company says that in 2014 it was bought 60% more clothes than in 2000, while the service life of every thing has decreased in 2 times. An art teacher from new Jersey, and Julia Mooney are concerned about the negative impact of "fast fashion" on society and the environment. She decided to draw people's attention to the problem non-trivial way, and we could not remain indifferent to this challenge.

Photographer from Warsaw Brian Dowling works primarily with commercial orders. However, a few years ago, he decided to shoot red girls, and it so captivated him that he created a project "Beauty of red" (Redhead Beauty). In 2017, the photographer published a book, models for which were 130 women from 20 countries. Now Brian is working on a second book. For her he plans to shoot already 250-300 red-haired beauties from 50 countries. Today, Brian is looking for models all over Europe and the USA. His movements can be monitored on instagram or Facebook. There you can contact him if you or someone of your friends have fiery hair.

Sometimes even those people who are clearly aware of their personal responsibility for the cleanliness and safety of our common home — the planet Earth — just give up. It seems that the rejection of plastic in one particular family does not solve anything, but for one person, faithfully sorting garbage, have at least several those who do not. And I want to give up. The main thing in such moments is to realize that actually you are not alone. Moreover, to organize consumption and production calls for a rational and business.

After moving to any immigrant struggle a lot, but to be loveam in China is a special case. Labem locals call foreigners who don't understand the language and culture of the country. Celestial encounters "validating" a lot of strange things: broken cucumbers, loud chomping, dining sleep on the lawns, neglazhennyh clothing, and other habits of the Chinese, who is able to keep his mind of any Western man. Inga Efimenko moved to China after living in Russia and the United States. Here she joined the school to teach English and lived in China for about 3 years. On the page in sotsseti "Vkontakte" the girl published a series of notes about what it is to be loveam in China.

If you type in Google the phrase "artist with no money", then in the first line you will see the name of Sergei Balovin. The fate of the 34-year-old boy full of twists and turns, some call him a con artist, and he readily agrees. At the age of 17 Balovin began to teach painting and to hold exhibitions, then I was in China, there was a popular artist, earned a lot of money and spending it, decided they didn't need him at all. He began to paint portraits for food and clothing and traveled around the world, exchanging their work for stuff, housing, and tickets. In Italy he met his future wife Claudia, and then they went together. Now the couple lives in the house in the Italian Alps, obtained in exchange for a portrait. And you can come back to visit.

Most parents, even if you learned the immunization schedule by heart and vaccinated their children on schedule, not think about the fact that they too need to be vaccinated. The effect of some vaccines over time, eroding and children's infectious diseases in adulthood can be transported much heavier. Conversely, some of the disease in adults can occur almost asymptomatic, but an adult can infect their young child, for whom this infection can be deadly.

In the cinematic world of talented makeup artists are valued less than the most sought-after actors. Sometimes the masters make-up so transformyour appearance of the characters of a movie that the Hollywood stars are unable to learn even the most devoted fans. In this collection we have included well-known actors who took a chance and allowed to disguise themselves beyond recognition. And in the end you will find a bonus present the most outstanding works of famous British makeup artist Pieces Gorton, whose services are often used by Hollywood film studios.

Today, the bulk of parents compose the Millennials, that is people born between 1980 and 2000, and at an early age caught the flowering of modern technology. Once they were accused of selfishness, spoiled and individualism. However, while the society was busy figuring out who are the Millennials, yesterday's children have grown up and themselves become parents, even though having kids they prefer as late as possible. Naturally, today's parents have changed the approach to parenting and principles of education.

We live in an era of enormous consumer appetites: constantly buy and acquire unnecessary things. What ultimately boring, easily throw out without thinking about how it is then disposed of. In big cities the amount of garbage is huge, it becomes more of a problem for landfills, which cause serious damage to both people and the environment. But still the progress is not in place and many States have learned to successfully deal with waste by creating new systems for processing and using of heavy fines. Some countries have gone further and invented original methods of dealing with waste, made scientific discoveries in the field of recycling, has introduced severe penalties and even rewards.