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The richest and Most successful people spend most of their time spend on thinking processes rather than on the work itself as such. It is a way of thinking distinguishes them from other people and creates financial well-being. If you start just copy the habits of rich people, without changing anything in your head, expect big changes in the financial plan are unlikely to have. Even winning the lottery a state fails: studies have shown that such money is spent as fast as they come, and the life of the holder of the winning ticket is often worse than it was before.

We All come from childhood. It was different — someone happy and serene, someone hard and full of trials. But at this time we first encountered the family myths — misconceptions that complicate life. Among the first of the family myths in his book "Paradox and contratados" described by the Italian physicians, so-called "Milan group" — Mar Palazzoli, Julian Pratt, Luigi Boscolo and Gianfranco Cecchin. But to grow up with their family life scenarios and does not prejudice the verdict, and the opportunity to rectify the situation and help the family to escape from the vicious circle.

Introvert is type of personality focused on himself. Such people are comfortable alone before you make a decision, they must be considered and weighed. It may seem that introverts don't need other people, but it's not. Just unlike extroverts they are more carefully chosen circle of friends and are recharged in silence. But if you have not yet decided what type of personality you belong to, you can watch here. But in our article we will tell you how to use your strengths.

Noticed how differently we behave when dealing with different people? With someone we want to have fun, to communicate on any topic, someone always want to give advice or point out errors, and someone, on the contrary, ask for advice or to complain. American psychologist Eric Berne explained this behavior by the existence of 3-personalities in a person: "parent", "adult" and "child". In his opinion, they are in all of us. A Cambridge University psychologist Brian little in his theory about the 3 layers of personality explains how thanks to them we are able to tailor their actions for any situation and how to get the maximum benefit from each.

Once a Professor of biochemistry Nicole Polk (Paulk Nicole) was trying to find the true photostocks a couple of pictures that would illustrate her work processes. However, the task was not easy, as photographers and models seem far from the world of science, were unloaded on the drains huge amounts of photo scientists, not comparable with reality. The problem of finding a suitable picture Nicole shared on the network and thus marked the beginning of a funny flash mob "Silly stock photos all about my job" (#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob): people started to hammer the names of their professions to stock the search engines and to share the results with others.

The Met Gala originally was supposed to be the usual charity night for the costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum: he was deprived of public financing, which means he had to Fund themselves. Now this is a significant event in the fashion industry — in may all the stars along with their favorite famous fashion designers gather in new York to show off the outfits. Each year the event is held in conjunction with the new Museum, and celebrities must adhere to the dress code in its style. The theme of 2018 — "the Divine body: fashion and the Catholic imagination." In our article we have collected the most striking images of this incredible event.

Remember the so-called babyboomers (people born before 1979) in their 25-35. These were grown samorealizatsii people who are already in 20s he worked 3 jobs, raised children, and in the evenings at companies such as adults, peers discussed political problems and Shostakovich's symphonies. And today's young people? These Millennials (the generation born between 1979 and 1995), despite their intellectual sophistication and financial independence, at least up to 30-35 looking for a kind of "inner self", live in rented apartments and talk a La "the adults probably do so", although it is of course not to myself. But why modern young people together so hit the child and why such a cheerful and irrevocable shift in maturity has become part of almost a 4th dozen?

Today few people do not know about Elon musk. He always promoted ideas that seemed unreal for its time: electronic payments, affordable electric cars, flight to Mars, the rocket reusable. And Elon is not limited only to words: creating PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, he has become one of the most famous people in the Silicon valley and around the world. Based on what they say about him his loved ones and colleagues, it is a little like a businessman who doesn't know what to do with their millions. Rather, he is a workaholic who has worked and still works at a furious pace and demands the same from others. Elon rarely gives interviews and almost never talks about himself, but thanks to several books about him, can we at least have some understanding that it is for a...

According to the who, between 2000 and 2015, the measles vaccine has saved 20 million lives. But parents still fear vaccinations and often refuse them. But happy to buy multivitamins, allow them to spend all day with gadgets and forced to eat everything from the plate, even if they no longer want to eat. And it's not because parents are bad. On the contrary, they are loving and caring. But parental care should not lead to incorrect steps. If you are in doubt about whether you're looking for support not the other doubting parents, and in research and competent doctors.

Celeste Barber is an Australian actress, comedian, writer and star of social networking. On her account in Instagram signed by more than 3.7 million people. In 2015, she launched a fun experiment, designed to show what would have happened popular pictures and videos, if instead of celebrities in their creation participated the average people. The project was successful enough that now Celeste has toured Australia and the USA, sharing the background stories of the images and talking about their relationship with the stars, which she copied. The number of fans of Celeste and her husband's chief aide and inspirer, Robbie Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Cindy Crawford and Kris Jenner.

Some people every day, some new incident. And even if in their lives there is calm, they any ordinary event can cheerfully and ironically to describe that it will cease to seem ordinary. Such people can turn into a humorous masterpiece of anything, even a story about buying parts for a broken toilet or a description of a quarrel with subscribers of the public about cats. Tweets about these and many other situations we present to your attention today. Improvement of mood after reading guaranteed.

Many people believe that personality traits is something we have from birth. Someone already born with a sense of humor, and someone was just lucky to grow up charismatic man. So often we do not even think about how to embark on the path of development of the self. Of course, something is given to us simpler and easier, and something has to work and train. However, in reality there is no such positive personality traits that you might not be able to develop to become more attractive and more successful.

According to psychologists (and studies show), a change of scenery helps with a chore, easier and quicker to endure the difficult moments, to get out of depression, lets look at the world from a different angle. Then change the situation improves mood, vigor, freshness of thinking, our imagination begins to work better and easily finds a way out of a creative crisis. To bring change and let new energy into your life, do not have to change jobs or move to another country. Sometimes it is enough just to change the look of your home.

The Plot of almost every famous movie is built around a confrontation between the heroes and anti-heroes. Typically, the first we empathize with and rejoice in their victories, and the last wish to get his due. But sometimes the villains we sympathize much more: they are intelligent, charismatic, charming. It is often the villains teach us the most important moral lessons. And most importantly, they are also imperfect as we are — with our weaknesses, principles and stories. At the end of the article we have prepared for you a bonus dedicated to the most underrated anti-hero of all times and peoples.

At the end of April, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced the world to her newborn baby, Prince Louis Arthur Charles. This happened after just 7 hours after birth. At the time the reason for heated discussions was not only the birth of a new heir to the British Royal family. Appearance Kate Middleton has amazed all. Well-groomed, shining, elegant dress, heels and makeup, the Duchess looked like it seemed, all the stories about the difficulties faced by the woman in childbirth, is just a myth. For a matter of hours on the Internet sold many memes dedicated to this topic.