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You drink hot and aromatic coffee in the morning? And the movies go with popcorn? These and many other actions become our habits. There is a perception that a new habit can be formed in 21 days. But of Philippe Lally, together with his colleagues from University College London in the course of the research have shown that people on average 66 days begins to perform an action automatically. It is possible to abandon the habit, it will take more time. But it is definitely worth it. Especially when talking about these habits that we describe in this article.

Meet Stefan Fraticelli (Stefan Fraticelli). He lives in Canada and is among the lucky ones whose work you'll enjoy this. He has keen hearing and a great imagination, because Stephen is a sound designer is the one who makes a door creaking, the rustle of leaves and even a slight wind sound from the screen clearly and realistic.

Universal recipe how to look like a million, does not exist. And even a million in the pocket will not help here, because to look expensive and dress in expensive stores is a different thing. But there are small secrets, knowing that, you can improve your sense of style and look like you just stepped off the cover of a fashion gloss.

It's Hard to imagine, but the blue color in human history appeared relatively recently. Ancient people did not know such thing. For example, in the "Odyssey" of Homer, the sea was "wine dark" and sheep are all purple. Why did this happen? Surely in ancient times, the world was a different color?

Say that any girl is terra incognita, and understand it beyond the power of any one man on earth. Indeed, women's nature is full of riddles and contradictions, but a careful man can, without further ADO, to understand that the girl in front of him. Believe me, this does not necessarily possess abilities of Mel Gibson Comedy "What women want", and we'll show you how to do it.

Puzzle challenges and this is one of the most effective methods of development of intelligence and thinking. Custom job kind of "gymnastics for the mind", which is very important for each of us. Invite you to participate in the intellectual mini-marathon on logic, attentiveness and intelligence.

How many articles of women's magazines nor released on the subject of what the relationship needs to work seriously, the real good of it will not. Exactly to the moment until you meet your true soul mate, which will finally acquire the desired love, harmony and memorable silly moments. As happened to the lucky ones. collected 15 couples who know that relationships require not only serious commitment on the part of both partners, but also notes bezumenko. Without it anywhere.

They Say that from love to hatred one step. In relationships between brothers and sisters, this step is sometimes 10 times a day. Especially when war is declared in the remote or the last piece of candy. The winners in this war does not happen, but the fun is guaranteed for all.

Netflix is a cool company that takes, produces and posts online of some of the most interesting movies and serials. The main advantage of the company that is appreciated by all the spectators is that in the day of the premiere of Netflix once spread all series in a row. Therefore, it can be wrapped in a blanket, get a mug of hot cocoa and get ready for hours and hours watching movies. selected for you a series produced by Netflix that will please even the inexperienced viewer.

One Chinese visitor to the zoo told the son about the different animals and the sounds they make. Imagine their surprise when, upon approaching the lion's cage, they heard the king of beasts suddenly barked. Thus was discovered the substitution — the African lion in the zoo staff had replaced the Tibetan Mastiff. I think it's impossible? Then we offer you to see this "lion" and even a few animals, which you can easily give others.

Meeting with a dear person, receiving a diploma, the long-awaited recovery — all this we can call real happiness. And the heroes of our article on a personal example shows that a happy man can make even the most insignificant thing. What is happiness for you?

Cult psychologist Eric Berne in his book "Games people play" reveals how we reproduce the same scenario repeating from time to time actions or words and how it react to the surrounding. For example, some women's "roles" in men begins a nervous TIC. Sometimes it only takes one sentence to bring them to the status of a boiling kettle. It is important to know which.

Every country has dishes that do not understand her guests. In Russia it is a jelly, Finland — candy with the smell of ammonia. And there is not always the case in strange combinations. Sometimes a method of processing long-familiar products causes not only surprise, but and nausea.

According to statistics, the number of women in managerial positions is gradually increasing. They run their own business and huge corporations, fly into space and make discoveries. Adding "men's business" creativity, emotion and kindness, women have reached enormous heights.

Currently studied and described only 0.001 % of the total number of all species of living beings, and this means that the world is fraught with many mysteries and secrets. Maybe that's why you know our planet is not capable of no one now living? In this collection we have tried to lift the veil on part of the mystery, enveloped the Earth.