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According to psychologists (and studies show), a change of scenery helps with a chore, easier and quicker to endure the difficult moments, to get out of depression, lets look at the world from a different angle. Then change the situation improves mood, vigor, freshness of thinking, our imagination begins to work better and easily finds a way out of a creative crisis. To bring change and let new energy into your life, do not have to change jobs or move to another country. Sometimes it is enough just to change the look of your home.

The Plot of almost every famous movie is built around a confrontation between the heroes and anti-heroes. Typically, the first we empathize with and rejoice in their victories, and the last wish to get his due. But sometimes the villains we sympathize much more: they are intelligent, charismatic, charming. It is often the villains teach us the most important moral lessons. And most importantly, they are also imperfect as we are — with our weaknesses, principles and stories. At the end of the article we have prepared for you a bonus dedicated to the most underrated anti-hero of all times and peoples.

At the end of April, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced the world to her newborn baby, Prince Louis Arthur Charles. This happened after just 7 hours after birth. At the time the reason for heated discussions was not only the birth of a new heir to the British Royal family. Appearance Kate Middleton has amazed all. Well-groomed, shining, elegant dress, heels and makeup, the Duchess looked like it seemed, all the stories about the difficulties faced by the woman in childbirth, is just a myth. For a matter of hours on the Internet sold many memes dedicated to this topic.

In the ordinary house, inherited from her grandmother, you can find unusual thing. Or face with extraordinary fixture on vacation in a foreign country. Strange objects, devices, engineering solutions, and even living creatures excite the imagination and arouse curiosity, as not always it is clear that in front of you. People on the Internet share photos of these finds and help each other to identify the purpose of mysterious things. Test yourself: can you easily guess what each of these items and what is it all about?

In a sense, poverty is not a limitation of finances, and a certain program of life that in many ways we create your thoughts. There are many examples when poor people become rich without an inheritance or help rich relatives. Sometimes a person has all the qualities and capabilities in order to earn a lot of money, but self-doubt does not make the first move. There are some habits, getting rid of them, you can greatly improve your financial situation.

In the world there are about 500 thousand Islands, with only a few hundred of them inhabited by people. On the tiny islets barely can fit a small house and a couple of trees, but it's enough to comfortably hide from the bustle of the city and the people and enjoy the long-awaited silence. Many of these Islands are open to tourists, and some are private property, but if you have the desire and ability to visit them, you can always negotiate with the owners and make an exclusive tour of their small and cosy world.

Probably impossible to find anyone who doesn't know what a cosplay. Every year, the world passes many festivals, where everyone can dress up in a costume of some movie character or game. The most striking of them is considered a "Comic-Con" in San Diego. By the way, once on it there was a very funny story: Andrew Garfield, who plays spider-Man in the reboot the franchise, come in a very cheap version of the costume of his hero, as if disguised as an ordinary fan, and then shocked the audience by taking off the mask. In this article you will see no less shocking versions of the costumes.

I'm Sure many know the situation: you turn on the TV, and there are dozens or even hundreds of channels. You start clicking one after the other. Then lucky came across your favorite movie. But then there is suddenly something interesting? Still a couple of hundred channels, which is certainly worth going in case they show transmission that you just have to see tonight? And now you start flipping. But, spending a half-hour, you realize that nothing is better favorite movie still no, and go back to the very first option. And your favorite movie is over. With people the same.

Pskov photographer Dmitry Markov, whose careers began with the usual volunteer experiment, today is instagram awarded the Getty Images Grant Instagram Photo Philanthropy Activist Awards, with more than 200 thousand subscribers. The prize brought him not a photo of a sexy girls and cute seals, and frames the harsh reality of Russia. Dmitry photographs of the inhabitants of the shelters, nursing homes, passengers second-class carriages, a life of provincial shops, sleeping areas and simple people, most of whom do not know what instagram.

Every parent has a set of formulaic phrases that are often used to communicate with the child. "Don't cry!", "Stop doing that!", "You apologize!" — many moms and dads often say is that their offspring became obedient, polite, well-mannered, but often the effect is opposite. Child in response to parental demands can start to behave even worse, to obey, to act up. The fact that no one, including children, does not like to hear threats and strict orders. And because there is a natural resistance.

We believe that men and women are from different planets. But one of the main differences is related to their own birthday. And if a strong half of mankind at this day extremely difficult to upset, the lovely ladies are able to disrupt any nonsense, especially the reminder of the age and a gift that seems cool only to the person who gave it to me. We offer you to find the main differences in the attitude to this holiday. And at the end of the article you will find a bonus that will show you how to organize the funeral of his youth.

Keanu Reeves is one of the few Hollywood actors who star disease spared. He leads a modest lifestyle: takes an ordinary apartment, years goes in the same clothes and spending millions on luxury yachts and party. In addition, the actor is characterized by a spontaneity, which are the envy of many people unfamiliar with what it's like to live under the perpetual eye of the cameras of the paparazzi. This Twitter contains photos on which the most sincere actor in Hollywood doing funny things. The title of this entertaining page so literally translated — "Keanu is doing things" (Keanu doing things). Easy absurdity and the sea of positive emotions when viewing we guarantee you.

The Whole modern world lives under the motto "Find your soulmate". "The second half" — think about these words. So, without some specific, pre-destined us half of we will not be able to reveal himself and to be complete? It sounds very romantic. But a little cruel. Because just think: what if you met the perfect person, but actually he is not part of you? What if your half lives on the other side of the world? Fate must be a very tricky thing to come up with such a complex script to restore your integrity with someone from another continent. What if things don't go according to the plot and you will never meet?

The Artist, known under the pseudonym Donttellmumk or Rafaella, lives in Cyprus, draws comics about her life and posts them on the Internet. The girl shared with us that started a page on instagram, then joking about it with his family. However, it appeared that no one she hates the early wakeups and can't imagine life without coffee. Her work quickly began to gain hundreds, and then thousands of likes: the subscribers got a taste of the style of the artist and her ability to notice the funny things in the daily routine. By the way, Rafaella also said that most of all she loves to draw comics on the subject... food! Girl looking for funny stories to Express your feelings for eating (especially pizza), which will agree, is cause for joy would be greatly...

To an actor's biographical film is always a difficult task to forget what he is, and at the time of filming become a completely different person. For example, Russell Crowe for the role of the famous mathematician John Nash in "a beautiful mind" copied his hero until the characteristic movements of the hands. But Emile Hirsch dropped 18 kg in order to transform into a brave traveler-solo Christopher McCandless. And when we see on the screen comes alive with a bright personality, then it becomes clear: the actors overcame all these difficulties not in vain.