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How to distinguish genuine leather from artificial? Manufacturers are required to label products, but, unfortunately, labels cannot always be trusted. Modern technologies make it easy to simulate the skin. And what if you want to buy a leather thing, for example, the market in Europe or in a small family boutique? How you can quickly determine if there is leather or leatherette?

Many believe that the knowledge and observance of etiquette is only for top officials and Royal personages. And for good reason. Moira Redmond (Moira Redmond), in his book "Modern etiquette" (Etiquette Today) proves that people are familiar with a person, automatically pay attention to his manners. But what, exactly, are we today and tell.

Children's imagination knows no bounds. Drawings, crafts and scrapbook toddlers parents sometimes enter into a stupor, because adults see the world very differently. It is not surprising that in many families all this creativity stored for years, and only with age do we understand, what were we laughing about our mom and dad. By such works we can't do, so periodically collect masterpieces of childlike.

In November 2015, a makeup artist from Manchester Alexis stone (Alexis Stone) published his first photo to Instagram. To date, his account in this social network followed more than half a million people. And all because of Alexis with the help of make-up can transform into any person and makes it so that just the jaw droops.

Because Of one careless post in social networks can go downhill reputation, which is built over the years. The real story, which we want to tell you is another lesson to us all: you got to be careful with what is posted online, and think before you post any material. After all, harm to reputation and career can cause even the publication made years ago.

Used to be school teachers-men boring "nerds" with glasses, but they don't always look that way. Proof — 28-year-old Robert Ligtvoet from the Netherlands: he takes the time to teach children, and travel from Nicaragua to Australia and engage in extreme sports up to the "volcanic surf" and look your best. View and see for yourself.

Luck can take the most unexpected forms. For example, Virginia Fike (Virginia ' cause baby, there) twice broke the million jackpot in the lottery on the same day. Luck sometimes saves someone's life, brings incredible surprises, or simply uplifting. In such cases, one immediately wants to share with the world — as did the heroes of our collections.

The Eternal debate of whether to wear a hat and try to wrap myself, not to get sick, fueled by the huge number of myths. In this article, we finally learn the truth about how we get sick in the cold season and how to escape from seasonal colds.

There are people which appear in the most unexpected, but very necessary moment. And sometimes they sacrifice the latter simply out of good intentions. As, for example, a homeless guy who spent his only $ 20 to help a stranger stuck on the highway without gasoline. And after a while this girl in gratitude give him $ 400 000. And that's just one of those stories.

Despite all the modern technology, a trip to the dentist — always a bit of a disturbing event. But to visit it will have, then to not celebrate the Day a toothache, which since ancient times is celebrated on 9 February. Rejoicing in his newfound seal, we often forget to ask the doctor important questions. What do not say dentists, until they ask? And if they have any trade secrets?

About the Japanese artist under the pseudonym avogado6 little is known. Basically what he loves chemistry and his avatar is a portrait of the famous Italian scientist Avogadro. But in the mysterious works of Illustrator you won't see boring formulas only bright pictures, which shows a surprisingly subtle human feelings. Many of these feelings are hard to describe in words, and that is why the artist's work is worth a look. After all, how can you draw something and tell something does not work?

How we behave in a sober state, is usually very different from our behavior after a few glasses of drink. For example, an avid homebody feeling adventurous, and introverts suddenly become wildly sociable. Sometimes it even seems that sober and drunk are two completely different people.

Recently at the Hollywood premiere of the film "Black Panther," based on the eponymous Marvel comic. Unusual was that both form and content of the event. For example, to support the idea of the film, the actors decided to break accepted on such ceremonies dress code.

In early January, a Chinese boy Wang Fumane (Wang Fuman) walked 5 km in a 9-degree frost in a light jacket and no hat to pass the exam. When he entered the class, classmates started to laugh, his hair and eyebrows were iced over, and his cheeks were bright red from the cold. The teacher took a picture of Wang and posted photos online. After that, the boy became famous all over the world: thousands of people shared the story and the student was given a spectacular sequel.

If you have not seen a single episode of "Friends" and have not heard a one hit wonder artists like Britney Spears, No Doubt and the Spice Girls, apparently, ease the 90 you spent on another planet. But fashion loves to come back and I think celebrities of those years, too: in the near future we can expect a loud reunion.