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One day, having donned a bright image, actors can be very difficult to depart from it. To get rid of the usual roles is beyond the power of even the Hollywood stars put just for this Herculean effort. Prime example — Daniel Radcliffe. In recent years he managed to visit a young doctor, a former air force pilot, American poet, talking corpse, the FBI agent who was introduced to the gang of neo-Nazis. However, after seeing Radcliffe on screen, many people still exclaim: "Oh, Harry Potter".

Sablemane is dependence on the advertised brands. In varying degrees we are all affected by this disease. But one thing, when global celebrities are buying outfits fashion houses, and quite another when an ordinary girl a year saving up for the bag of dreams with cherished logo, saving literally everything. For shopaholics with average income designers came up with a second and third line brands. However, luxury such clothing is not. But many people do not know about this and sincerely believe that wearing the same thing that the rich and famous.

In 1999 on the screens out the film "Fight club." For 20 years, he has acquired cult status and today is included in the list of top 10 films of all time according to IMDb is a largest website in the world dedicated to the film industry. The basis of the picture on the eponymous novel by Chuck Palahniuk, written after the author came to work with bruises, which neither colleagues nor the authorities paid no attention. Despite the fact that David Fincher's film and book have many differences, the Palahniuk admitted that the movie was better than literary basis.

To Be arrested for killing dinosaur — is absurd. And here and there. 16-year-old Alex stone incautiously wrote in the school of creative job that it dealt with a gun with your favorite dinosaur neighbor. Worried teachers called the police, who detained the teenager, and then opened his locker and examined the contents. Nothing was found, she questioned him and got suspended for a week from school. To paraphrase a famous phrase, we can say: "Be careful with your thoughts — they have come to an end with the arrest."

How often do you what you want to watch a movie, but forgot what it is called? In such situations we tend to Google and enter a search string brief description of the characters and plot. "Yandex" studied 30 million such requests. According to the results of the study revealed that the memories of Russian cinema especially often featured girlfriends and cops. In Turkey the bride and rich guys. In India, brothers and crocodiles. Chinese movies fighting and flying, in the Soviet — drink and sing, in us — lose weight, move and go to prison. Of the funniest requests in "Yandex" made posters.

The Saga of JK Rowling's Harry Potter long been customary to add the word "most": the most popular and translated book series in the world, the most successful adaptation, the highest fees of the author, etc. However, many people still see potteriana only as easy reading for children. But in fact, Rowling's books help to touch the Antiquity and the middle Ages, as well as classic English literature, alchemy and philosophy. Moreover, the attentive reader may come to the conclusion that the basis of Harry Potter lies the Christian tradition. Someone from the literary critics even called seminarie about Harry Potter the gospel of the XXI century.

A Few years ago, the Siberian husky became very popular. A considerable role was played by the cult TV series "Game of thrones" — people chose this breed because of the similarity with lutwyche. However, dog owners do not always take into account that husky sled dogs and are not the best suited for the role of cute Pets. Citizens willingly turned fluffy blue-eyed puppies, and then when they grew in the freedom of large animals, breaking them. So far the huskies are considered one of the most common breeds in shelters for homeless animals.

Many remember nodding off a monotonous retelling of the biography of Pushkin and bored, studying chemical reactions by the formulas. And then there's the teacher suddenly says: "Closed the books and got double leaves!" Great that I have the opportunity to make their studies pleasant and more efficient. For example, in the school for the study of the Russian language takes an average of 175 hours per year, not counting homework. But online resources allow you to go through the same amount of information in 35 hours, if you do once a week.

"the Shawshank redemption" could be the next checkpoint tape. In fact, all this was due to lower cash collections in the first days of hire. Few people wanted to watch in the cinema, heavy drama about the prisoners, but still not too known at that time actors in the lead roles. But, fortunately, successfully worked sarafannoe radio. People began to tell each other that actually it's not depressing, but rather an inspiring story of hope and faith. As a result, in 1995, the creation of Frank Darabont has received 7 nominations for the award "Oscar". However, none of the statues could not take, but people love to win it.

My name is Olga Savelyev, and once I came to visit a friend Tanya and was stunned. Everything is so perfect and so beautiful that I want to ask where to buy a ticket to this Museum. Everything is so clean, that I want to get a scalpel and immediately begin to operate. Not a flat but a Paradise of a perfectionist. The books are in descending order of size. Colorful candles on the shelves blend in with the pattern on the curtains. Candy in the vase in the color of the Wallpaper. Sharmann. — Sorry, I don't have time to clean up said friend and trimmed asymmetrically lying pillow decorative fashion sofa. "He's mocking me or something? — I thought. — Flirting?" — Nothing'll stand up-I played along.

"What well-behaved children!" — exclaims the mistress of the house to the sea, we are renting. The hostess pulls the cheek Dunya, gives the keys and leaves. Educated children with whooping into the house. My name is Nina Arkhipova, and I have really educated children. We go to museums, stores, guests and camping. Whispering politely, sing the chorus of the song, carry bags and not fight over purchases. Then the kids get in the car and immediately arrange a cook, who sits where, who is who, what is the finger who said what. Mother dragon bellows. Neighbouring the blaring alarm in response.

In the desert of Nevada from August 25 to September 2, was the annual iconic Burning Man festival. Thousands of participants from around the world gathered together to spend their psychedelic performances, show the awesome installations and walk crazy costumes, which are flashed on the Internet captured in atmospheric images. This year's theme — "Metamorphosis", which the organizers have defined as "transformative journey of life and cooperation, in which individuals and their communities must shape their own future."

Wherever modern traveler, it everywhere meets a crowd of Chinese tourists who relieve themselves on the background of any, even the most obscure monuments. The impression that the people of China can afford to visit all the tourist places. Although in fact the passport has no more than 8% of the Chinese. But in order for the opportunity to see the world's attractions were all residents of the country, the Chinese authorities decided to build in-country all of the most famous architectural masterpieces of our planet, and even copy entire European city.

The French fashion designer Madeleine Vionne (1876-1975) once said a very wise sentence: "We are not so rich to buy cheap things". And this applies not only to clothing. Surely you noticed that in the pursuit of savings we buy cheap items that often fail immediately after the short warranty period. And then we go to the store again and again. But some companies offer their products with a lifetime warranty. Yes, their products are slightly more expensive than the same, but the manufacturer will repair or replace your product if that is broken or unusable. Even if we are talking about socks.

Brilliant Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman once said: "while watching a movie we are all given the power of imagination and allow the film to influence our feelings." This phrase of the great master is perfectly suited to all Scandinavian cinema — the picture, taken in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, are often ambiguous and make us think. It's not an easy movie, but, once immersed in the world of Northern landscapes and taciturn characters, it is impossible not to fall in love with this recognizable film formed not only on a geographic basis.