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Many of us think that the future is out there somewhere. Although in reality we already have it right under your nose. For example, terms such as "e-textiles", "smart clothes" or "fibercrete", perceived as just words from a script for the next sci-Fi blockbuster. But after a couple of years, these phrases will be familiar to everyone. More and more manufacturers are thinking about the product optimization: how to implement gadgets how to make from recycled materials or how to make clothes multi-functional.

This year, on 21 July, Belgium 130 times celebrated its main holiday — national day, to put it simply, independence Day. With the approach of this date was clear and embarrassing that this state is we don't know much. It turned out that in this small but brainy country invented roller skates, asphalt, plastic, saxophone, invented the Smurfs, developed the design of the Euro coins and icon, and yet it is the birthplace of cricket, pill contraceptives, the concept of "body mass index" and the glory of the Belgians — of immodium. But that's not all.

Bursting at the musical Olympus in the mid-1970s and continuing series of spectacular victories in the early 1980-ies, the group ABBA became a legend and a symbol of pop music. During this time, the musicians managed to write eternal's hits, which still has not lost its popularity. Recently it became known that on 24 July it is planned long-awaited release of eight Studio albums for the first time the band decided to collect all their hits together, writing them on colored vinyl. In addition, according to band member benny Andersson, the fall of 2020, the famous Swedish Quartet plans to please fans with new songs.

We often stand in front of the open wardrobe, which is heaped up to the top of things, and lament that we have absolutely nothing to wear. A piece of clothing may already be out of fashion, but something just morally obsolete, but dear to us as a memory. What to do if we want stylish and fresh look, but the money for a full wardrobe update our internal toad until we can spend? I think we just do not suspect that to wear some things that are every fashionista on hangers, can be quite different, and to combine seemingly incongruous, too, you will not be banned.

There is a significant difference between how people treat your money people who have accumulated a certain condition, and those who because of the circumstances failed to do so. Some used to earn more than you spend and invest excess money in assets that generate income. Others, however, spend more or exactly the same as earn, and spend their money on liabilities that do not bring income, such as buying a very expensive car loan. It seems that everything is so simple: earn and invest, but "habit than is given to us". For the correct management of your finances, it is desirable to revise and to change habitual ways of spending money, and most importantly, to instill the proper skill to their children.

The Filmmakers are trying to pick the actors about their characters the appropriate age. However, this is not the main criterion, because kinodely first of all pay attention to the talent of the actors, their roles, type and more. So sometimes you get curious punctures, when in real life, for example, the father is younger son (like Lee pace and Orlando bloom), and 23-year-old married woman plays school love with a teenager (Tatiana Aksyuta and Nikita Mikhailovsky). But the audience forgive such moments, favorite tapes, movie if the result is an organic and exciting.

Summer is the time for experiments when you want something creative, fresh and even a bit crazy. Trends summer manicure 2020 — colored nails, all kinds of variations of the French manicure, lettering, nautical theme and animalistic motives. As for color, here we have complete freedom from cold menthol tones to juicy citrus. Of course, with some ideas will have some trouble, but it's definitely worth it. I hope we inspired you to create something. And in bonus, you'll learn what can go fan of manicure.

Even those who are skeptical to any kind of horror stories and a sober look at things, sometimes confronted with the unknown cases that defy any explanation. Heroes of our article in their own skin experienced the chilling horror during night shift. And who would have remained cold-blooded, he saw a man in a mask from "Scream" on the threshold, hearing the steps in an empty building or finding their headphones mixed the song, which was not even ever in your playlist? However, some stories still found the explanation. And to the rest of you can come up with their own, if not too believe in ghosts and other mysticism.

Hi, my name is Rita, and I know what it feels like to bring order to a shattered mind. Three years ago I was diagnosed with neurotic depression and anxiety disorder. The diagnoses were a surprise because I used to write off their depression to stress, PMS and "just a phase". Now I'm glad I went to the doctor, but immediately after treatment it seemed to me that all this is not real and at any moment the depression returns. I was so afraid to fall in hopeless longing that was ready even to try tips from the Internet.

Unfortunately, among our relatives, colleagues, neighbors and friends sometimes meet the person with the exaggerated insolence. They shamelessly can violate the generally accepted rules of conduct and moral norms for their own benefit. So, they are not worth anything to jump the line, to come to visit without warning and stay for a week, like in a hotel. And yet I can demand anything from people that they help, and do it for free. Sometimes such arrogance of educated people lose the gift of speech. And then, when the stupor passes, speak out on the Internet.

Millions of people on Earth dream at least once in a lifetime to visit Disneyland, because this magical Park — the embodiment of tales, celebration and magic, where reality surpasses any imagination. The first of the famous theme parks of Walt Disney world was opened 65 years ago, July 17, 1955, in California, in Anaheim. It was a dream come true Walt Disney about the place recreates the world of cartoons and fairy tales. In the world today are 5 Disneyland in California, Florida, Tokyo, Hong Kong and the suburbs of Paris.

If we had the chance to meet famous actors, musicians, royals, it's likely we would have told them that represented them differently. Looking at the idols and popular personalities on television and admiring them in magazines, we are not aware of what they growth. Sometimes the world model can be no higher than 175 cm, although on the catwalk and in advertising, they seem toned and very high. Beloved actors on the screen look the same, in ordinary life, to be a cut above their star colleagues.

Despite the fact that neither albert Einstein nor, of course, Isaac Newton did not pass the IQ test, it is considered that the figure they had equal 160 and 190, respectively. These people are known around the world as the undisputed geniuses. But the world once lived a man whose IQ was estimated at from 250 to 300! The most intelligent person who lived on Earth, his name is William James SIDIS. He was a Prodigy and an exceptional mathematician. He was a polyglot and a gifted author. But, unfortunately, few people have heard about it.

Jealousy, total control — these are signs of toxic relationship. But there are other, less obvious signs, many of which are disguised as love and concern. It is necessary to understand the differences between healthy love and those feelings that are trying to imitate her. Toxic relationships are based on manipulation and largely focused on the benefit of only one partner. Manipulators are not interested in loving you, they are interested in that you loved them and meet their needs.

Cute interior, created with his own hands, can make any space cozy and comfortable to stay. If you are tired on the ceiling to see the old chandelier, Oblivskiy to sit at a table on a squeaky chair; if you want change now, but money for a trip to a furniture store you still spend mind — time to roll up our sleeves and do enjoyable and useful work. It seems that now is the right time to create masterpieces that will delight you every day, giving a positive, even in the darkest moments of life.