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In works of science fiction writers can often find a story about a group of people living separate from the rest of the world space, which themselves produce all the necessary for a full life. This experiment aimed to understand whether people will be able to create a biosphere on other planets and live in them, spent in real terms in 1991 a team of several persons were placed under an insulated dome. But the reality was much more unpredictable than literary fiction.

In childhood we have often thought that the characters of favorite cartoons debited from familiar people. The old woman Shapoklyak was similar to harmful grouchy neighbor, dunno — on charismatic classmate-the sad sack. But the painter Eugene Schwenk decided to put his fantasies into reality and have made a selection of artifacts "look Like the heroes of Soviet cartoons in my head." Mom uncle Theodore in his performance turned out sport and fit, and Carlson had a 3-day stubble. Still, he's a man in the Prime of life.

Today the inhabitants of cities sometimes lack of live communication and real friends increasingly virtual. And few could imagine that, alongside the usual services such as "husband for an hour", which helps to hang a shelf or to repair the washing machine, there are specialty sites where you can easily rent a friend. This is not an escort service or speed Dating, and ordinary people in different corners of the world ready to listen to you and support in difficult times or to solve any of your personal problems.

Valeria and Efim living, that is, on the very edge of geography. Yefim was born and raised here, and his future wife met in Voronezh, when I was studying there at the University. Despite the cold and difficult living conditions, the couple in love in these harsh places. They started to conduct a thematic public "plentywood - hometown." Following came the blog "Chukotka. Plentywood", which later added the category of "Idiot of the North". This section so readers liked what he had to rename the whole channel and the pair started to put more material with personal experiences and emotions.

About the mysterious, strange, terrible and the most mysterious places on the planet, we wrote more than once. But the world never ceases to amaze, and if you delve into the unique nature of a particular locality, we can again see there are a lot of unknown. Where, for example, all of a sudden disappears from the surface of the lake? Or where in the river so the hot water that you can brew yourself a strong tea without using any heat? On these and many other questions scientists scratching their heads for many years.

Celebrities are often chosen for their outputs the outfits presented on the runway of famous fashion houses. Someone from stars runway repeats the image is almost one to one, but still looks different due to the characteristics of the shape and individuality. And for some designers modify the costume that was shown at fashion shows. For example, Michelle Williams was made to order dress, the starting point for the creation of which was top show Louis Vuitton. But if the outfits from the catwalk, sitting on the stars?

It Is believed that some people in the day of viewing up to 10 thousand ads of different types (depending on where they live, what do for a living and how to spend free time). And if, for example, on the Internet advertising can be a little bit to get rid of, installing all sorts of locks, in the life of her can not escape. And with the development of smart technology it increasingly penetrates into all spheres of our life. Literally. We are used to seeing her on smart TVs, refrigerators, but that day is not far when it will appear on the kettles or toasters. Funny? It you haven't seen the store balance and water tap, which turn the rollers with ads.

10 Feb 1890 in Moscow appeared one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century — Boris Pasternak. He could become a talented musician or a philosopher, but desire to word won everything else and determined his identity. "Pasternak is a solid wide open", — wrote Marina Tsvetaeva. The poems hit so hard, and portrait photographs looks at the descendants of the piercing gaze. Boris Pasternak was the second after Bunin Russian writer to be awarded the Nobel prize for literature, but great success has resulted in severe persecution.

To sell their goods, some manufacturers use tricky and not very honest methods. For example, install them on the phone 3 cameras, 2 of which make fake. Or write on the packaging with the juice in large print "100% juice", and the small present amount of juice. By the way, the most flagrant arrogance, which is a real insult, is the use of store curved mirror to try on clothes in which the person looks a little slimmer. So the buyer is more likely to leave empty-handed.

In late January, American country music singer Dolly parton just blew up the Internet. 74-year-old star has published in his Instagram a simple photo collage of 4 photos and each signed the name of one of the social networks. The idea quickly picked up colleagues on the Dolly show business and launched a Grand flashmob in honor of the singer #DollyPartonChallenge. The challenge soon turned into a new meme that makes fun of stereotypes on social networks and typical photos owners profile in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

In the domestic territory of the largest Museum complex of the Russian special signs: "beware of cats!". And for good reason. It is home to a special guardians —the Hermitage cats, rescuing masterpieces from rats and mice, and these hunters — celebrities. About them shoot films and write books, they devote the show, they were included in the list of attractions to see for everyone. Taking a small part of the Museum, lucky gets the status of "owner of the Hermitage cat", as well as lifetime free access to the exhibition halls.

Cinemaster is a private type of promotional products. And his goal, like any other advertising — to attract attention and sell. In this case, encourage the viewer to purchase a movie ticket. That is why the designers of the posters are willing to use tried and tested advertisers ways to attract attention: certain color combinations, contrast, images of attractive women. French distributor of films and blogger Christophe Courtois noticed that many movie posters are similar to each other like two drops of water and they can be divided in to separate categories.

February 2 residents of USA and Canada lure a Groundhog out of the hole that he predicted the spring. This tradition for 150 years, and in several cities and towns held special festivals of Groundhog Day, which attracts tourists. If on a cloudy day the animal quietly leaves the burrow, then spring will come very soon. If the sun is shining, the Groundhog is frightened of his own shadow and hides. This means that winter will be delayed. One of such festivals has decided to use as a backdrop for interesting stories, and in 1993 he directed the film "Groundhog Day".

Soviet children's film "the adventures of electronics" associated with the beginning of summer vacation: it was often shown at this time. It grew more than one generation, and the guys who played in the film, was popular. The main characters syroezhkina and electronics were in love with a girl — they even persecuted fellow actors, while the twins got rid of his white curls and they did not know. After the film, the brothers received 40 emails daily, and their parents were forced to periodically change their home phone number.

Before the tour every celebrity represents to the organizers of the rider — a list of requirements regarding accommodation, food, security and other aspects of his visit. And if some artists are asked to provide for themselves and their team to only the most essential, others believe: a large ship — great swimming. For example, singer Beyonce requires only red toilet paper and titanium straws for drinks, and next to Mariah Carey in every tour should be an assistant who would throw her used gum. Compared with the world famous Patriotic stars not so fastidious in their requests, but their riders are able to deliver to the organisers a lot of trouble.