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Probably in the near future, a chance encounter on the street with JohnDoe walking arm in arm with Leonardo da Vinci, no surprise. Indeed, in the period of development of information technologies and the impossible is possible. But while this is only imagination. Enthusiast, blogger and just a talented person Denis Shiryaev generated face of the Mona Lisa and a few other characters of famous paintings in the neural network. Simply put, the "revived" them with the help of artificial intelligence. And now each of us has the opportunity to look at the facial expressions of the beauty of Venus by Sandro Botticelli.

— Lena, and why you are not coffee we buy? We have a very delicious coffee, costs only 90 rubles. I, Elena Pasternak, go to this bakery for an almond croissant or chocolate croissant. Yet they have great cupcakes with a cream cap; ciabatta on which to marry; the tiny tartlets with berries and biscuits with walnuts and prunes. Probably and the coffee is excellent. But the coffee I buy in the bakery 10 meters away. Only one reason: they poured coffee into a ceramic mug. Not in a paper Cup to take away, and in a normal ceramic mug. Yes, also take-away, but with this mug you can sit on a bench under a tree surrounded by blossoming peonies. To look at the hurrying people. On a plump bumblebee busily fly around Pansy and clover. The red-head chubby cat, who...

Mankind has a huge impact on our planet, can't argue with that. The number of people increases, and with it grow and demands. Due to fires, logging and the construction of a primeval forest, which helps to regulate the climate and water regimes on the planet, is rapidly degraded. Cities and oceans are filled with garbage. But this post is not about what we're bad and cruel. Even though we are not perfect, but we are trying to establish relationships with the planet in a period of rapid technology development. And this time, it is important not to forget about responsibility and the protection of his home called Earth.

The human Brain is designed so that we experience the pleasure of receiving new information. That is why you are reading this material, and our ancestors decided to land there beyond the horizon, and rushed to settle in unfamiliar territory. Curious Faraday began his experiments with a coil of copper wire, laying the Foundation for modern civilization. Now that Elon Musk is launching rockets, and these toys big boy push the boundaries of life to humanity, striving for new planets.

The Most famous Jewish artist, the last survivor of the first generation of European modernists and one of the key representatives of Russian and international avant-garde — all that can be said about Marc Chagall. He lived 97 years and created his own unique style of painting. The work of Chagall became a symbol of freedom and naturalness of art in an era when it was constrained by the bindings to the form and theory. Not wanting to follow the trends of his time, the artist nevertheless was able during his lifetime to achieve recognition, which has passed many along the way.

Now I'm 26 years old. As a child I loved to play school. Remember looking forward to when mom finished the chores and we sit at a small table, where we will deal with numbers and letters. Because of this, I soon learned all the wisdom which is taught to preschoolers. Often asked my mother to tell something about school. She usually answered: "well, there is a very interesting and fun," and then added to the story story from my childhood. I was waiting to finally become a first-grader. But a real school wasn't the place I imagined.

If you think about it, every generation a child is not the same as the previous. Nowadays, all went in the same clothes and could not even imagine that soon there will be Internet. The phrase Angry Birds, for us, meant not the game, and rabid roosters in the village. Maybe when they grow the children of our children, flying cars and trips into space will become commonplace, and we can only lament: "But in our time..." But what will happen in the future is unknown to us, so we remembered the past and drew 12 distinctions between our childhood and present.

Lev Leshchenko, Zhanna Aguzarova and Alexander Malinin — today, they are recognized artists with many thousands armies of admirers and well-established stage persona. But it was not always so. We spotted a young pictures of famous musicians, which many of them are almost impossible to find out. For example, can you imagine Alexander Rosenbaum without signature mustache, and Vladimir Kuzmin with short hair? Here we could not. But if Zemfira made a deal with himself Dracula, how else can one explain the fact that the singer has remained virtually unchanged for more than two decades.

Mother of 3 kids Dasha Kuvshinnikova for 9 years amazes the readers of your blog that lets her children eat whatever you want, learn without school, make a mess, to walk barefoot in the snow, to be as free as possible. The children are 9, 6 and 2 years old are growing so developed, talented and bright, and she so calmly any of their antics that some readers even recognized that they themselves would have dreamed of such a mother. Most important is that subscribers love her, is absolute honesty with which she tells of her everyday life.

Man comes on a visit to friend and sits down in street pants on her bed (jeans are not erased from the month, plus the dude came hitchhiking). A friend screaming like a wounded bird. Dude first do not cut what not. Normally communicated ©. Then, having understood, exclaims: "You have more people!" Another man (life) helps familiar with the repair. Colors, for example, Windows. To spread a newspaper man does not bother about the masking tape at all did not hear never. On glasses broad strokes on the floor too, everything is fine, mistress unhappy. Man offended: he came to help, it worked! And it is thanks grumbles something about disgusting. Her things are more of people.

Makeup appeared almost simultaneously with the emergence of mankind: the painting of bodies and individuals was the ritual and attempt to influence what is happening in the world. Psychologists are of the opinion that in the modern world decorative cosmetics performs a similar function: makeup is a mask that is worn by the lady and which can be changed depending on what role she plans to play today in society. For example, in the evening — a fatal seductress, and in the morning competent. And without this mask, many feel vulnerable and hesitant to seem only those who trust.

Exotic and the flavor of the far corners of our planet and invite visitors to drop everything and move to the edge of the world. One such place is Jamaica — an island of unlimited freedom, white sandy beaches and the azure sea that you want to dive to the music of Bob Marley. Victoria so in love with this Paradise that her journey smoothly into the move. She married the Jamaican tour guide tells in his blog about the intricacies of local life that do not point in the tourist guides.

Restorer of painting can be compared to a neurosurgeon, who has no margin for error. If it is wrong to choose a solvent to remove the old, darkened varnish layer, it is possible at one stroke to delete from centuries of canvas all drawing. Restoration that endures and does not forgive carelessness. That is why the restoration 1 see pictures from the master can take as much as six months. The task of the restorer is not in the picture began as a "new penny", and to lighten up, to patch up and at any price to maintain the haze of time.

According to the PISA (international program for the assessment of educational achievements of students — approx. ed., Finnish schools with regular consistency in the top position. This is not surprising. They provide a freedom of choice, no assessments, textbooks are given free of charge, and the initiative coming from the student, will never remain without attention from the teacher. The latter, incidentally, children are not afraid, not shaking like aspen leaves, expecting that them will cause to the Board. Personality, team work, new approaches — this is what school in Finland.

Hi! My name is Karina. All childhood I wanted a dog, and when I was 10 and my sister 4, we finally have our puppy! It was the coolest dog on earth: tender, clever, calm and very patient. If you take food from the hands, then gently on my lips. He was adored by all the kids in the neighborhood because he allowed them to do anything. Our dog was half-breed: his mother — a cross between a boxer and a Pitbull Terrier and dad is a pure Stafford. And despite the Flammability of the mixture, it was kind-hearted, intelligent gentleman of the canine world (it is in the first photo).