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Of Course, motherhood fundamentally changes a woman's life. Noticed this Lithuanian photographer Wajda Markeviciute Rastislavice (Vaida Markeviciute-Razmislavice), which created the project "Become a mother". For its implementation it took 33 women and took them during pregnancy and after it. Deliberately choosing concise format shooting "passport", it highlighted the subtle changes that you notice immediately. By the way, the participants of the project — the lucky winner of 36 children (20 boys, 16 girls), including 3 pairs of twins. Left Wajda posted a photo of expectant mothers during pregnancy and right after birth babies.

In 1631 in Paris appeared print edition of La Gazette, the first newspaper in the modern sense of the word. In the newspaper its Creator, Theophrastus Renaud was the first to place ads from individuals and charge them for the cost. Today Renaud is one of those who stood at the origins of advertising, have been for almost 400 years an integral part of our lives. Modern companies tend to present their products maximally bright and unusual, and to help them often have a good sense of humor.

Released a new movie of Quentin Tarantino "Once in Hollywood" has all chances to become a bestseller. In this case you will not find here the usual rivers of blood, fights and plenty of Mat. The whole plot revolves around a washed actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his understudy cliff booth (brad pitt). Rick is an aging actor who is trying to find his place in the film industry. Against the background of moral anguish Dalton shows a carefree young actress Sharon Tate. She walks the streets of Sunny Los Angeles, buys books, goes to cinema and even unaware of the fact that literally a block away someone is preparing for her terrible fate.

Every actor dreams at least once in your life to come to the stage of the Dolby theatre to take in a trembling hand the Oscar statuette and at least in a trembling voice to recite a pre-prepared speech. But with the "antiserum" things are different: hardly on light there is a film star who would like to add to their collection of awards painted gold paint spray plastic "Golden raspberry". It is traditionally awarded a day before the main world film award, and nominated for her at different times became even stars of the first magnitude.

Probably many of us remember the days when to the rise children's photographer to your home or garden ready, kids dressed, and awaited the portraits kept in the family album and showed only to her closest. Now lives in social networks in many children begins before birth — with the publication of images on the pages of their parents. In this regard, there is even a term — Cherating (from words share is "share", parenting — "to raise"), which relates to modern moms and dads that publishes pictures of each and every baby step in social networks. However, such behavior can not only cause the "backs" of friends, but also have more serious consequences.

About the phenomenon of postpartum depression, I heard almost every. But many believe that this made-up syndrome and associated nervous condition all of them with "happy", "idleness" and "selfishness". Meanwhile, women who have recently given birth are often in need of psychological help. Sometimes symptoms can be obvious and even close do not realize that the mother is almost unable to control his behavior. According to statistics, c postpartum depression faced each 6-I am a young mother. And I was among them.

Did You know that most people add a few years to those who are considered older? Well and, accordingly, diminish those who are considered younger? How many times did you see what happened in pictures older, or have heard from colleagues that today you look younger? And all because the human brain is easily fooled. Doctor dermatologist and the founder of a private cosmetic brand Orasmaa Tiina Meder has identified a list of characteristics which define the age in the photo and in life. And note at once: wrinkles there last.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft is considered one of the most important authors of fantastic horrors of the twentieth century. His work inspired many famous people, such as Stephen king, Guillermo del Toro and even Metallica. On the same H. p. Lovecraft in his time, was influenced by such writers as the author of the fantasy Lord DANCENY, English Creator of horror Arthur Machen and, of course, his favorite Edgar Allan PoE. However, the strange prose of Lovecraft had other sources of inspiration, namely the events from the author's life, without which, perhaps, he would have never started writing.

Between men and women are enough differences in this regard, there are many stereotypes. For example, many used to assume that women spend on personal hygiene more time than men, and in fact it is not. Global analysis report for the digital market company Comscore has shown that the female half of the population spends in social networks significantly more time than men. On average, women are online 24 hours per week, and men only 17. A Bureau of labor statistics, in 2018 provided report how much time the genders spend on different activities.

One Can argue endlessly whether sooner is better not to take current trends and to assert that humanity is evolving in the wrong direction. However, pay attention to modern children, because they are living proof that the world is changing for the better. First and foremost notice it teachers, because they see the child not the parent in the greenhouse environment, and in society. A Reddit user asked the question: "Teachers, what positive trends you see in today's youth?", and answers charged us with faith in the new generation.

Vincent van Gogh — a genius who, for 10 years, creative ways were written about 2 thousand works, including portraits, landscapes, drawings and sketches. His work had a great influence on the visual arts of the XX century, the artist has introduced a new technology in painting. But, paradoxically, during his lifetime van Gogh did not become revered and even a rich painter. All his merits, was able to see only the descendants. Today his paintings are included in the list of the most expensive. But for his talent the artist has paid a heavy price: his life had a mental disorder, failure in love and early death.

Many have probably heard about how difficult life is for people in North Korea, but there is another country on the world map, the amazing laws of which didn't even come to mind, Kim Jong Ynu. The state in which it is very difficult to get foreigners and many locals check-out is generally prohibited. You will not find pictures of this country on social networks because they are banned, and access to the Internet to even more difficult than in China. It is forbidden to foreign media, and the importation from abroad of foreign literature is a crime.

Now, many believe that the name Cecilia Payne-Gaposhkin should be as famous as the names of Newton or Einstein. This woman has made an invaluable contribution to science: she first discovered what stars are made. But this discovery brought her no happiness, no well-deserved fame. In 1976, 3 years before death, Payne-Gaposhkin received the only award in my life — the award of the Henry Norris Russell for his contribution to science. It was a terrible, ironic, since this person became famous for the work that stole from Cecile.

I had heard about the benefits of stretching since gym class in elementary school, but I did not take it seriously. After 30 years, I began to periodically suffer from back pain. No medications helped, so I had to find other ways to solve this problem. It was at that moment I thought about the experiment and decided to include stretching in your daily routine. Every day during the month I spent 10 minutes stretching my muscles, and now I notice some unexpected changes in my body.

Hi, my name is Pauline, and almost 9 months ago I gave birth to twins. The entire pregnancy I was asked if I'm scared to give birth. To give birth was not scary, I'm much more afraid of what will happen after that. No, we planned pregnancy and twins was a dream, but I would always hear words of sympathy like "Poor, here you're gonna swing!", "The first year is hell", "You do forget what sleep" and so on. Many of those people who have recently become parents, assured that life will change drastically, and not for the better. On the Internet hundreds of young mothers honestly admitted his frustration with the new status and missed a childless life. I'd listen to it, read it and mentally prepared for the fact that motherhood is very hard.