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Spain is undergoing a real series boom. The biggest streaming services are actively buying the rights to broadcast Spanish TV shows and allow people from all over the world to enjoy them. So, for example, a real phenomenon 2020 was a series of "Paper house". Among other successful Spanish projects is keeping in constant suspense thrillers, bleeding-heart love drama and causing to die of laughter black Comedy. One can easily find something to their liking and realize that cool the series is filmed not only in Hollywood.

Today it is fashionable to get rid of unnecessary things, than are those who can be called treasure hunters. These people support the movement of Dumpster Diving, which literally translates as "dive in the trash". The network even has a community where users share old photos of items they found in dumpsters and on sidewalks and roadsides. Of course, some do like "fishing" because of the low standard of living, but there are those who turned this into a hobby. And, admittedly, such activities are helping to take care of the environment: reduced consumption, reduced the costs of recycling, and our planet becomes a little bit, but cleaner.

4 000 years ago in Ancient China, where the us came the first mention of ice cream, it was considered a scarce commodity. To cook it was not so easy, and taste the delicacy could only be the Emperor and courtiers. Fortunately, technology does not stand still, and now, after a century, ice cream became available to everyone. Now in the world there are thousands of its tastes, people eat huge amounts of this dessert, but somehow the new Zealanders: one person — almost 30 liters a year. But scientists are seriously trying to derive a formula for the perfect ice cream eating.

Probably every lover of books has experienced the feeling when a fascinating novel ended and there came the emptiness: the story will not continue, and the heroes that managed to become attached with all my heart, nothing will happen. Fortunately, some pieces get a second life thanks to the film adaptations. And then we, the readers, get the chance to live seized our minds the stories again, to look at characters through the eyes of others and compare how what is happening on the screen different from the one that drew our imagination.

You probably remember the murderous king Joffrey Baratheon from the cult TV series "Game of thrones". At the time this character became one of the most popular in the whole Saga. Joffrey, played by Irish actor Jack Gleeson, who recently turned 28 years old. However, unlike other actors from the show, right after his hour of triumph he threw a career at the peak of fame. I must say that in many respects this decision was influenced by his famous role. However, more recently it became known that soon the actor will still delight fans with new role.

In September this year, the intellectual game "What? Where? When?" will be 45 years, during which generations of viewers together with experts answers questions during a moment of discussion. The first game in 1975 was very different: it involved two families playing against each other. The first shooting took place at the house of one family, then another, and lead were not. Today is also played by families, but on the other side of the screen, watching the masterful and disappointing defeats.

One of us parents were persuaded to have a baby, so they finally have been able to see our grandchildren? As a rule, as the main argument "for" native lead the unique bond that develops between mom and baby, special expertise and years of happiness. Maybe that's because we have a kind of fuse, which cuts off the bad memories. But almost nobody says that motherhood is not just rainbow and butterflies. But everyday work, chronic lack of sleep, mountains of dirty diapers and a complete lack of personal space.

Perhaps we all can recall a couple of embarrassing situations from his life, when we wanted to sink into the ground or back in time to prevent a fiasco. Some people is the name of the stop accidentally told the bus driver the first thing that came to mind, others did not recognize the passer-by his teacher, and someone in the conversation enchanting misspoke and did not even realize what's wrong. And if some stories eventually begin to make us smile, others are still forced to blush with shame.

Have you ever Noticed that when we unconsciously believe, in the end, this event happens exactly as we expected? For example, when very afraid to be late for work, be sure to come after the chief, doing everything not to get better, and as a result on the scales treacherously lights plus 2 extra pounds; if you are convinced that the partner is lying to us, then one will definitely catch him in a lie. And many other examples that each of us can remember from his past. What it really is: fate or self-fulfilling prophecy that we have attracted into your life?

Recently, we have published 10 stories about the deeds of their parents, after which their children have ceased to trust them it Turned out that this topic is very near and dear to our readers under the article they left about thousands of comments, sharing of similar cases from his own childhood. Yes, someone is advised to forgive their moms and dads, because they could accidentally hurt your child. But what is said the reader Svetlana Putkaradze: "whatever you say, and childish insults are the ones that linger a lifetime. And understand that all along, but no leaves, is not forgotten. And the background goes, and itching. This is a fly in the ointment is even in the barrel of the most delicious honey."

Cook is one of those professions where education without experience is almost useless. Often come to the kitchen people who love cooking and want to master all the subtleties of the profession who did not graduate from the respective schools. Of course, have to start with the most simple: at first the neophyte is trusted only clean the vegetables and allow to simple dishes. I also came to the kitchen of the restaurant from the street and remained in this business for a few years, having to work with the best chefs of the city, from whom he learned many secrets.

One man gave me flowers. Salted cucumbers. Ran to the market for dill, vinegar, and sugar in the pocket ₽ 150. At the entrance an elderly man sells flowers and herbs. I did not buy it, but we say hi every day and he says compliments to the little dog. Asks me if I want flowers. I told him that I have with myself no money. — So I'm not asking you if you want to buy flowers. I ask you if you want colors. I want it! And now my kitchen is a bouquet of Ranunculus — buttercups on the human.

Each becomes the owner of the animal in its own way: someone is studying all the available literature to prepare you for the appearance of a furry family member. Someone acquires an animal by chance, suddenly met their fate on the street. Someone wakes up in the morning knowing that the house is clearly not enough cat tagadice, and by the evening brings home the tailed ball. We don't know what was your path (maybe you are all just going to get a pet), but we understand that something about the content of pet, you may not know.

Surely each of us can find a couple of things that seem impossible to bring to life. They lay there gathering dust until you decide to throw them during the regular General cleaning. But many of them can be saved, it is only necessary to allocate a little time and effort, and voila! — congratulations with new clothes, which do not harm neither your budget or the environment and at the same time allowed to let off steam. Special mention are the old floor covering: they, too, can result in almost pristine form, it would wish.

I Think now is the time to arrange the final cleaning and finally remove the kids skiing with balcony, if you have time of them to grow even 20-30 years ago, to disassemble the box in the pantry and your old toys. Among the piles of dusty things and sometimes you find a real treasure that will give you a warm and vivid memories of your youth. Maybe it's time to share stories and stories about the purpose incomprehensible to today's children that the current generation have learned that your life a couple of decades ago was bright and rich even without Internet?