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Hi, my name is Pauline, and almost 9 months ago I gave birth to twins. The entire pregnancy I was asked if I'm scared to give birth. To give birth was not scary, I'm much more afraid of what will happen after that. No, we planned pregnancy and twins was a dream, but I would always hear words of sympathy like "Poor, here you're gonna swing!", "The first year is hell", "You do forget what sleep" and so on. Many of those people who have recently become parents, assured that life will change drastically, and not for the better. On the Internet hundreds of young mothers honestly admitted his frustration with the new status and missed a childless life. I'd listen to it, read it and mentally prepared for the fact that motherhood is very hard.

Internet permeates our lives, and many complain that he has entangled us from head to toe and most people can't live a minute without checking the number of likes under their posts and not scroll the tape in social networks. But look at the dog that became a foster mom for the puppies and orphans; on the "magic" door, which opened for the little girl as if by magic; read thousands of good words that people sent a guy with an amputated leg, — except it would have been possible without what unites all of us today? Without network, of course.

Life has changed, and with it the usual family foundations. In this regard, in the philosophical literature, is increasingly subject to discussion new and very relevant question: can adult children to ignore the FILIAL duty? Because until now, many people are afraid to say "no" to their parents and are willing to sacrifice their own interests and dreams, only not to hear reproaches. For this reason, so many of those who from year to year do not live my life and become a hostage to guilt and debt that it is impossible to return.

Ian Weldon says himself that he is not a wedding photographer, but simply someone who takes pictures of the ceremony without any hypocrisy. In his pictures you will not see the posing of the bride and groom, a stretch of smiling relatives and frozen in the same poses of the guests. Weldon prefers completely different frames: the direct dance, preparatory bustle, grimace children and newlyweds who are trying to finally eat. All natural, fun and a little crazy. Now Ian invited lovers from around the world, so he captured moments of one of the happiest days of their lives.

Recently, top model of Russian origin Irina Shayk and Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper announced their breakup. Almost immediately, the network appeared rumors that the cause of the rupture was Lady Gaga, which Cooper starred in the Oscar-winning film "a Star is born". A few days ago on instagram, the singer started a flash mob from Russia that "stood up" for their compatriot. However, as often happens, the topic has gone far beyond the alleged affair celebrities: the account Lady Gaga the Russians began to share recipes, to sell the garage and even advertise underwear.

The First reaction when you hear kids roar somewhere in a public place — to get away from the sound source to preserve the nerves. If the maneuver failed and nerves with the ears was in the zone, comes the 2nd stage — anger. People at this stage tend to sirkot, tsyknut, comment on, sometimes quite loudly, to view exactly made their way to the unlucky parents in the epicenter of crying. But if you still have to be near the baby, who decided to tell the world what she thinks about it, in the most accessible for his age, form, keep, because there are several reasons for this decision.

Instagram knows everything about us: what we eat, where we rest, who are friends, what side of your face consider more advantageous. And we learned how to do the best selfie which filters create the effect of "without filter" and what kind of mask to hide under eye circles better than any creams. Symbiosis with the application generates a beautiful picture, in which both want to believe and users have no regrets of posts and stories to this support. Is it worth it? Understand where people want to invent in Instagram and why it happens.

Plastic surgery, piercing and tattoos, beauty treatments and other interventions sometimes lead to the fact that semenitari cease to be like themselves, and their fans wonder: why? Fortunately, the majority of the stellar beauties manage to stop in time, and some do return to their natural parameters and natural way. found a few examples of famous women who understand that there is nothing better naturalness and pressed Ctrl + Z. we invite you to see their photos from different years and to evaluate the changes.

Leonid Gaidai is a genius Director, the author of the effervescent and popular films included in the Golden Fund of Soviet cinema. And many of his paintings are so fond of us that we can watch them even in the 20-th time, and from any location when, for example, stumble on them when switching channels on the TV. But first Comedy, which was filmed by Gaidai, and was subjected to significant censorship, and Leonid Iovich, it is hard going through this injustice (he even had an ulcer), I decided once and for all tie with a Comedy genre. Fortunately, he was persuaded to change its decision.

In September 1968, the work of all institutions on wall street stopped. 10 thousand men went outside to look at one single girl, an ordinary Bank employee Francine Gottfried. And all because every morning she came out of the subway in a tight sweater that emphasized his chest. When "Bulova panic" reached its peak, the chief called the girl and asked not to come to work. Now this story hard to believe. Today, women can wear any clothes, not afraid to gather a strong crowd. This and other achievements of feminism, tells the well-known writer and screenwriter Lily Kim.

"I need to be careful that it does not crashed. There is nothing in life more valuable than love. More forgiving should — guilty as shit and roughness in the other to smooth. Once and for all and irrevocably to choose God and to serve him throughout life. I gave myself to Fyodor Mikhailovich when I was 18 years old. Now I'm 70 and I still only belong to him every thought, every action. The memory of his belong to, his work, his children, his grandchildren. And all that at least partly it is mine entirely. And there was nothing for me outside of this Ministry" — so wrote shortly before his death, Anna Grigorievna Dostoevskaya.

Goa is rightly called a universal resort: there will be a place for families with children, and noisy young companies and people who are looking for privacy, and those who came here for new acquaintances. No wonder this field is becoming more and more popular. And everyone who visited the West India, will confirm: it's impossible to stay indifferent. Indeed, many things, faced tourists, do not fit into our habitual way. And because some are brought from home great experiences and others are going home with the thought: "never again!"

In 1764 by decree of Catherine II in St. Petersburg was founded Russia's first female educational establishment — the Smolny Institute for noble maidens. It began with a revolutionary history of the women's institutes which began to open across the country. Catherine II wanted to give the government "educated women, good mothers, useful family and society", however, graduates of these institutions were called CIT, muslin ladies, made infantile and detached from the world, susceptible and naive. The word "schoolgirl" has become synonymous with exaltation, weaknesses and limitations.

On 14 June for a day in Greenland melted 2 billion tons of ice. This is 40 % of the entire island — almost half! The ice cover of Greenland typically begins to melt in July, and a sharp premature disappearance of the ice may be a new record. The fact that the ice shield of the planet helps to reflect solar energy, thereby cooling the Earth. The loss of such a shield can dramatically affect climate. The main cause of melting ice consider the global warming associated including human activities.

Just imagine how much better the world would be if every stray dog has found a loving owner. So, inhabitants of the Netherlands took the situation into their own hands and saved a lot of homeless friends, giving everyone his house. The dogs in this country began a new life full of happiness and love. The government has taken a number of measures to achieve this goal by implementing the method PSVIR (catching, sterilization, vaccination, identification and return). Due to this, in 2016, the Netherlands became the first country to rescue these beautiful creatures from loneliness and terror of the streets. Animal lovers support the implementation of this idea around the world.