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About the resounding success of his book, the dream of all writers. However, it happens that the authors themselves become hostages of this success and become readers in the writer of one book. A writer of one book is considered the author of all heritage whose fame was only one piece, and all the rest of his work remains in the shadows. Perhaps, the most cruel joke with the author played by the book about Winnie-the-Pooh, where Alan Milne no longer taken seriously. Who else is trapped resounding success, read our article.

Slowly walking through the Louvre, the Tretyakov gallery or the Russian Museum, we rejoice when we find sites of famous paintings. However, it so happens that the name of the fabric or the author of a work confusing what is "Morning in a pine forest", it's "Bear Bruin"! And if you are certainly not one of those who confuse the works of Shishkin with candy wrappers, do not rush to pass by. If you find it difficult to distinguish "Breakfast on the grass" by Manet from the paintings of Monet and I can't imagine a Chagall "Walk", then this article is for you.

France — diverse and different. Traveling on it, you will meet the big cities and little villages where the residents do not even own address and the mailman delivers packages and letters just by name. Tatiana lives on the border of the historical regions of Gascony and Perigord, in the South-West of France, in a small town with only 750 people. In her blog she talks about the beauty secrets of French women about their culinary discoveries about the everyday life of French countryside, French manners and the famous "art of living" art de vivre, which is brilliantly mastered all the French.

Inimitable, stylish and feisty Katharine Hepburn was not like anyone else: she was unconventional for her position and secluded life, having been a leading actress in Hollywood for over 60 years. Katherine was 12 times nominated for "Oscar" and received it four times — more than any other actor or actress in history. The American film Institute named Hepburn the greatest actress in Hollywood history. Catherine was the epitome of the modern woman of the twentieth century and an important cultural figure of his time. She was not afraid of a challenge in his particular style with an emphasis in masculinity, because she has always been a special point of view on everything. Including fashion. In 1986, the actress received the award from the Council of fashion...

Cooking is always a difficult topic: some people lack the skills, and someone who is too picky about food. The latter is especially often true for children: they seemed to rebel at the dinner table. It doesn't matter how tasty turned out dish. Sometimes children refuse to eat, arguing that the food is not the same as my grandmother, or that she looks boring. That is why Atone Mom, art teacher cooking Bento (Asian food takeaway), up dishes with cartoon characters that seem very real.

For the past many centuries enthusiasts are concerned about the creation of a time machine is one of the most popular devices, which is described in science fiction. All because people are curious at least one eye to look into the future and for some time to plunge into the past. And if the first option is not expected success, then the atmosphere we can feel, thanks to antique things. The newspaper era of the First world war, an Edwardian dress and an old ink-bottle can easily move descendants many years ago.

Is Not always possible to update your wardrobe for the new season in accordance with the latest trends. And often the thing like so that to get rid of it simply do not want. And no matter how many stylists say that, for example, skinny jeans are already out of fashion, we continue to wear them or even get a new pair. As it turned out, there are small tricks that will help you to look stylish, even if you are present in the image are out of date stuff. About such tricks told in his instagram stylist John Lunkov.

Your dog turned over the trash, although it was only to clean vegetables? The fact that dogs, like humans, have long-term memory that is responsible for important things: execution of commands or remembering places 3 weeks ago and was thrown scraps of meat. In addition, dogs have episodic memories — such as walk with the owner or other collaborative activities. Perhaps these warm and quite conscious thoughts make dogs not only to be faithful to their masters, but also to support them at the event.

Foods whose shelf life is coming to an end in developed countries are often thrown, and without any regret. And the magnitude of this situation is impressive. So, in the U.S. alone, food waste accounts for 30-40 % of the total number of manufactured products. Because of this, in the United States and European cities, for many years a widespread movement of dumpster diving ("dive in the trash"). At first, the divers call those, who are digging in dumpsters, — sought out usable food thrown out by supermarkets and restaurants. But over time, people began to pick up not only food, but clothing, furniture, cosmetics, appliances.

I was married to his first love and dreamed to grow old together with him, man, who made me happy. The perfect couple, but only outside. In fact, marriage was unraveling. Many friends were in shock that we broke up, I could hardly believe all of this is really happening: here we fight, here do not live together, but a divorce certificate. Our apparently happy family apart forever. And not just ours. The number of divorces on average around the world is steadily growing, although now not as fast and in some countries even declining.

When Anton and Marina got married, they decided that in their house there will be no scandals. Instead of litigation, clarifications and accusations they have brought the Book appeals to anyone who don't like something, could bring it to the attention of all members of the family. They lived together and so have renamed the Book just Complaints in the Complaint Book of Obojeni: love each other, they also explained in writing. Then children were born and quickly learned how to write. For many years any complaint about members of the family spoke to each other the same thing: you are not satisfied with something? Go and write in the Complaints Book. And they did go and wrote. All. All.

No matter How much you read books and articles on relationships, advice of them won't work until you meet your perfect half. Who will be your support in the literal and figurative sense of the word, with pleasure will support any crazy idea and will implement it most directly involved. Two people that are configured on the same wavelength, have their own unique chips that seem to outsiders not only charming, but also weird. Some people are lucky right away, and they find such a partner, while others need to wait. But it's worth it.

For 40 years "Golden raspberry" — a plastic berry covered in gold paint from a spray — is awarded for the worst acting, script, directing and, of course, film of the year. 500 anonymous from 12 countries to vote by mail, so all as honestly as I can — current popular opinion. Among the films nominated for not openly utter rubbish, so the award is often handed quite fit the movie, which is simply underestimated. By the way, the jury of the "Golden raspberry" does not always coincide views of the editors — many of these films do we actually think are great.

Russian language as a cordial host, willingly receives visitors in the form of new words and accompanies those who have forgotten the rules of etiquette. But besides the guests, there are distant relatives that we rarely see and often don't even remember someone's name. So it is with words, especially those that are old and rarely used. Remember how often you as a child frightened by a do'er? So, it is not only the terrible creature, but it and the paddle. It turns out that such curious words in the Russian language a great many.

In the Spring of 2020 will be exactly 20 years to the film "Brother-2". Duologue by Alexei Balabanov with Sergei Bodrov starring became the anthem of the 90-ies. It is the phenomenon — in the filigree precision with which the crew managed to portray the time. Although usually reliably tell about a specific age is obtained in films made many years later. Then, at time distance, you can analyze and extract the most important touches of the time. And Balabanov was able to do it during the movement of the train rushing across the flight dashing 90. 2 decades ago life in our country was completely different. The year 2000 marked the end of a bygone era, and "Brother-2" — summed up and expressed most importantly on the silver screen.