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The desire to be healthy and slender is better to rely on trendy diets, but on scientific facts. We want to tell you about a large study of Israeli scientists, who found that the universal principles of a healthy diet does not exist, and tomatoes for some people is more harmful than ice cream. Elinav Eran (Eran Elinav) and Eran Segal (Eran Segal) from the Weizmann Institute examined data on 800 volunteers aged 18 to 70 years. Participants recorded in a special Annex, what life they lead, and the individual meter constantly measures the level of sugar in their blood. And the results surprised the whole world.

Fated to one day I the Russian girl, was on Guadeloupe, in the pleasant and large house of a local family. I had a few weeks of immersion in the culture of the Caribbean, which I only knew thanks to all the well-known film "pirates of the Caribbean". Guadeloupe is a region and overseas Department of France, but it has its own flag and language. At the same time the locals are proud of their culture, and the fact that they are part of France, posting from the Windows of the tricolor flag. After a while I found out that any clothes you going to wear must be thoroughly shaken, and that natural yoghurt without sugar is still added sugar, and even discovered many other interesting things I'll tell you.

Today people spend on their children much more time and money than the previous generation. Swimming for babies, English courses for three years old, developing programs for younger students — children of the past never even dreamed about. Much more parents began to care about the safety of their kids. Before boys and girls were running around mobile phones a day. Today they walk safe on the Playground under the supervision of mom, dad and grandparents. But whether such oversight benefits to the children? Psychologists believe that there is.

Almost every woman is familiar with the situation when in the closet a lot of things, but absolutely nothing to wear. The reason is simple, but few seriously think over them. Wrong choice of stores, inability to find matching colors and use accents to emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses, irrational use of money to buy clothes and shoes — all this leads to the fact that the closet and piling up things that are lying there dormant, and not worn, and if you count the amount spent on these things, it will be very noticeable.

Night snack, or meal for an hour or two before bedtime, is usually associated with weight gain and restless sleep. This really is the truth. However, sometimes it comes to a rumbling stomach and a headache due to the fact that you don't have time to dinner time. To go to bed in this state is a bad idea, because sleep is also is too strong, and the next morning you will feel overwhelmed and hungry to distraction. Fortunately, there is a solution: just need to know the options of low calorie snacks that cause drowsiness, that will soothe the body and does not cause the feeling of heaviness in the stomach in the morning.