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One of the most popular quotes of Nietzsche sounds like this: "If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you." Edition discovered new meaning to these words and gathered 28 of inanimate objects, when you look at who is growing confidence in the fact that each of the things around us has a soul.

Character leaves traces on the face of each person. Mastering the art of physiognomy (reading faces), you can tell a lot about a person. With age the face changes, but its main features remain unchanged, and some appear brighter. And even at a glance you can understand good or bad beginning lies in the person. We agree with this and suggest you check your intuition and logic, looking at the photos of 10 famous people.

Each of us though time in life was ever in a situation where he felt awkward. But it is well that bad feeling from what happened quickly replaced by the realization that there are many of us and, therefore, nothing wrong in such a weird no. We gathered for you is a compilation of funny situations, which did not hesitate to share with people from all over the world. For this they are eternally grateful.

Even if you sometimes feel like you've seen everything, you can just search the Internet to make sure that this world still has something to surprise you. offer to your attention another selection of extraordinary things from around the world, which want to exclaim, "can such things really happen?!"

Brazilian Indians lived in this country for several thousand years before the arrival of Europeans. And even now, in the era of rapid development of civilization and the latest technology, they are able to maintain their traditions and customs. Photographer Ricardo Stuckert (Ricardo Stuckert) visited some of the ancient Indian tribes and created a photo project INDIOS BRASILEIROS, dedicated to the native inhabitants of Brazil. He showed the world, how Indian tribes live far from modern civilization after more than 500 years after the first meeting with the Europeans. We we bring you the most amazing of his works.

"Bonkers" is a ethnic documentary art project art theNorDar magazine about people with a multinational pedigree. Every week for a year and a half they chose the heroes of the project, which photographed and interviewed. And decided to show you several bright members of mixed nationalities.

Each country has its own peculiarities. Some of them are interesting, and you begin to regret that there is no such in your homeland, others cause confusion and questions in the style of "why is this even up?" shares the list of things that have become an integral part of people's lives in the United States and which at the same time a little mind-blowing to everyone else.

The fashion of the 80s can not be confused with any other. At this time ruled well, very strange clothing and a fusion makeup and seemed to be able to obtain huge profits using only hairspray. found pictures of people who was not averse to make fun of your images 30 years ago. Oh, the 80s, what were you doing?

How often do you think about how good those principles of education which you apply to your children? How regularly do you update it, correlating with the realities of modern life? Almost every one of us to a greater or lesser extent is driven by the settings that were set by their parents: "learn well", "do all to the conscience," "will grow up and become chief." However, renowned child psychologist, author of several books and scholarly articles L. V. Petranovskaya speaks to the fact that the way we prepare children not for tomorrow, and the day before yesterday. We was extremely surprised by this statement and tried to figure out whether we need to revise in their heads and get rid of obsolete principles.

Some people do not feed bread, but give to make a joke. Beside them always want to smile, and he himself is never boring. We adored merry and offer you 25 photos from people whose sense of humor makes you a standing ovation. And at the end of the article you will find a bonus that even the stars sometimes I like to laugh at themselves.

The new year vacation came to an end and finally sent in 2017 on a holiday. For each of us it was a special: sometimes happy and full of pleasant discoveries once sad and taking away all the strength, some of us have made mistakes, and someone conquered the seemingly inaccessible peaks. For each of us as it was his. 365 days happened, events that are painted completely differently in light and dark tones, but definitely noticeable and important to the world. Before the full dive into adventure under the figure "2018", we decided to remember that last year was the most unexpected, bright and 100% exciting attention, and, perhaps, forcing our hearts to beat faster, and share their observations with you.

It is Difficult to find a person who would not in the least needed care. Even the most callous cynic for once in my life needed someone else's participation and kindness. We are no exception. And we think that in these pictures, carefully collected by us, care more than enough for all.

Already in the kindergarten boys and girls play different games, think in different ways. And the school requirements are the same for them. In school № 34 in Sverdlovsk region teachers decided on an unusual experiment. tell me what it was and what came of it.

For the Sake of creating the most spectacular moments filmmakers are forced to embellish the reality in his paintings, thus giving rise to many myths which are firmly entrenched in the minds of many viewers. offers a little potamogetonace and see which moments from the film would never happen in real life.