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When it comes to Soviet cinema, still remember the films "Girls", "Moscow does not believe in tears", "Office romance". They have taken a worthy place in the hearts of viewers on the TV screens and not losing their positions for many decades. Even the undisputed leader of the film in the USSR "pirates of the XX century" can not boast of such love of people. Other films were less lucky: despite a brilliant cast and quality directing, they were removed from the air most of the channels for unknown reasons.

Today, the Internet was just filled with perfect people beauty, whose weight rests on the jealous little figure, guru of relationships, knowing how to keep even the most hopeless marriage, moms in the decree, whose children are always neat and obedient. Artist Tanya with the telling nickname selfreflexia knows firsthand what it means to constantly try to meet everyone's expectations. In her instagram account she keeps a diary of introspection and with the help of pictures and talks about how embracing your imperfections and to feel normal.

We take imagination for granted, but there are people, completely deprived of the ability to dream. This feature scientists call the term "AVANTASIA". People with AVANTASIA mentally incapable to reproduce images, they do not understand what to imagine. On Earth only 2 %, but some of them believe that they are lucky, because the blind inner eye helps to live here and now, not to worry moved psychological trauma, not to store in memory the images of the sad moments of his life.

The film is based on events from the life of French aristocrat Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo and immigrant from Algeria Abdel Sylla. In 1993, Philip was left paralyzed in the accident. 3 years later his wife, Beatrice, died from cancer, and the millionaire fell into a severe depression. Philip could not independently care for himself, he needed an assistant. Of all the candidates he has chosen former offender Abdul, who appeared for the interview in order not to lose benefits. 42-year-old millionaire 21 year old kid "at the bottom of society" quickly found a common language. The story of their friendship was the basis for one of the most popular French movies of all time.

"Woman who saves himself causes men only desire is to save her!" said Erich Maria Remarque. And we add: there is nothing more important than respect for yourself. How often, pushing their own needs on the backburner, we buy what we need my husband, children, cat, dog Yes someone else but not yourself, because like in the joke: "Oh, why do I need these boots? I'm still not skating demolished!" Listen: if you desire to pamper yourself causes internal protest, therefore, an urgent need to take action. After all, if you move your desires into the background of life slowly but surely leaving the ease and magic.

Not long ago, natural beauty was not in fashion, the girls wanted to improve the appearance and resorted to a variety of mini-manipulation, even despite the discomfort or inconvenience from the selected procedure. And some are faced with non-professional artists. But today, more and more girls abandon the once popular beauty trends making the choice in favor of grooming and natural beauty. Bright plastic nails, overly tanned face (long live the Solarium) — it is a relic of the past that does not reflect the wealth and taste of women, but rather hints at a lack thereof.

The announcement of the film lasts a few minutes, and even in such a short time you can show once, ruining the impression from the upcoming premiere. For example, the audience through the trailers are not worried about Tom Hanks when he was stranded on a desert island, in the drama "Outcast", had guessed the secret of the psychological Thriller "shutter Island" and see who will become the beauty of Salma Hayek in a detective "From dusk till dawn". In the article you will find many more examples of famous films that has suffered from its own trailers.

Scientists have found that we are all prone to "negativity effect": the bad news is we pay more attention to and better remember them. So we did evolution, so that we can quickly respond to a potential threat. So sometimes it begins to seem that the world is a dark and dangerous place where nothing really good happens. Of course, this is not so, and you will see this by looking at the seal, rescued from drifting ice floes, serious cat, who needed a passport photo, and how Australia is recovering after a fire.

In relation to tattoos, the people are divided into two categories: those who strongly denied any embellishment of the body, and those who are willing to experiment. Today masters offer the most incredible ideas for tattoo fans. Especially interesting seems the trend is "embroidered" tattoo. For example, the artist from Mexico Fernanda Ramirez creates patterns on the body that mimic embroidery stitch or cross-stitch. And the inspiration she draws in the culture of his native country: her work often reflects symbols of Mexico, typical colors and traditional motifs embroidery of tenango.

The world's largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, in English only, there are more than 6 027 000 entries, and every day their number increases by a few hundred. They contain a lot of facts about everything. According to legend, if you click on the first link in the text, a few pages will be redirected to the article "Philosophy": in the English version of this occurs in 97 % of cases. Of course, we do not claim to be a second Wikipedia, but we have few facts that can surprise even those who seem to know everything.

Hi! My name is Pasha, I have been in many countries around the world, but most often I have to travel to the country of tulips, windmills and desperate cyclists. If you first discover the Netherlands, in local stores, it is hard to find even sugar or water. But almost all are fluent in English, and you will help in any situation. In the morning you will greet strangers at the tram stop, and the neighbors on the porch, which you see for the first time, can make a compliment, saying that you are looking great, even if you just went outside to throw out garbage.

In works of science fiction writers can often find a story about a group of people living separate from the rest of the world space, which themselves produce all the necessary for a full life. This experiment aimed to understand whether people will be able to create a biosphere on other planets and live in them, spent in real terms in 1991 a team of several persons were placed under an insulated dome. But the reality was much more unpredictable than literary fiction.

In childhood we have often thought that the characters of favorite cartoons debited from familiar people. The old woman Shapoklyak was similar to harmful grouchy neighbor, dunno — on charismatic classmate-the sad sack. But the painter Eugene Schwenk decided to put his fantasies into reality and have made a selection of artifacts "look Like the heroes of Soviet cartoons in my head." Mom uncle Theodore in his performance turned out sport and fit, and Carlson had a 3-day stubble. Still, he's a man in the Prime of life.

Today the inhabitants of cities sometimes lack of live communication and real friends increasingly virtual. And few could imagine that, alongside the usual services such as "husband for an hour", which helps to hang a shelf or to repair the washing machine, there are specialty sites where you can easily rent a friend. This is not an escort service or speed Dating, and ordinary people in different corners of the world ready to listen to you and support in difficult times or to solve any of your personal problems.

Valeria and Efim living, that is, on the very edge of geography. Yefim was born and raised here, and his future wife met in Voronezh, when I was studying there at the University. Despite the cold and difficult living conditions, the couple in love in these harsh places. They started to conduct a thematic public "plentywood - hometown." Following came the blog "Chukotka. Plentywood", which later added the category of "Idiot of the North". This section so readers liked what he had to rename the whole channel and the pair started to put more material with personal experiences and emotions.