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The desire to be healthy and slender is better to rely on trendy diets, but on scientific facts. We want to tell you about a large study of Israeli scientists, who found that the universal principles of a healthy diet does not exist, and tomatoes for some people is more harmful than ice cream. Elinav Eran (Eran Elinav) and Eran Segal (Eran Segal) from the Weizmann Institute examined data on 800 volunteers aged 18 to 70 years. Participants recorded in a special Annex, what life they lead, and the individual meter constantly measures the level of sugar in their blood. And the results surprised the whole world.

Fated to one day I the Russian girl, was on Guadeloupe, in the pleasant and large house of a local family. I had a few weeks of immersion in the culture of the Caribbean, which I only knew thanks to all the well-known film "pirates of the Caribbean". Guadeloupe is a region and overseas Department of France, but it has its own flag and language. At the same time the locals are proud of their culture, and the fact that they are part of France, posting from the Windows of the tricolor flag. After a while I found out that any clothes you going to wear must be thoroughly shaken, and that natural yoghurt without sugar is still added sugar, and even discovered many other interesting things I'll tell you.

Today people spend on their children much more time and money than the previous generation. Swimming for babies, English courses for three years old, developing programs for younger students — children of the past never even dreamed about. Much more parents began to care about the safety of their kids. Before boys and girls were running around mobile phones a day. Today they walk safe on the Playground under the supervision of mom, dad and grandparents. But whether such oversight benefits to the children? Psychologists believe that there is.

Almost every woman is familiar with the situation when in the closet a lot of things, but absolutely nothing to wear. The reason is simple, but few seriously think over them. Wrong choice of stores, inability to find matching colors and use accents to emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses, irrational use of money to buy clothes and shoes — all this leads to the fact that the closet and piling up things that are lying there dormant, and not worn, and if you count the amount spent on these things, it will be very noticeable.

Night snack, or meal for an hour or two before bedtime, is usually associated with weight gain and restless sleep. This really is the truth. However, sometimes it comes to a rumbling stomach and a headache due to the fact that you don't have time to dinner time. To go to bed in this state is a bad idea, because sleep is also is too strong, and the next morning you will feel overwhelmed and hungry to distraction. Fortunately, there is a solution: just need to know the options of low calorie snacks that cause drowsiness, that will soothe the body and does not cause the feeling of heaviness in the stomach in the morning.

Basava MoFE (Mofe Bamuuiwa) is a self-taught photographer from Nigeria. She shoots portraits of people from all over Africa to show the world what a different and unusual can be the beauty of the local inhabitants. The appearance of its models does not fit the generally accepted ideas about the ideal, but they are hard to look away. Who knows, maybe the photographer would have remained unnoticed if not for the 5-year-old girl with the angelic eyes. After MoFE published pictures of her on his page in instagram, both became world famous.

Wisdom and knowledge does not go to the people, and come after a lot of trial and error. Thanks to scientists who were not afraid to experiment, to make mistakes, to take risks and to repeat their attempts again and again, the world got a light bulb and x-rays, first vaccine and DNA sequencing. That's just the study of human nature — the question is much more delicate. And if we are talking about experiments involving children, such experiments and does not stand up to scrutiny. A mistake here can have dire consequences for the life of the little man.

Not so long ago on the social network Twitter was launched flashmob "1 like — 1 fact". Its essence is that users of the social network tell us so many facts about the world, about his life and about the areas in which they understand, how many likes you will collect their record. More popular in this flash mob got the story of Elizabeth Davydova, who for 17 years lived on the small island of Kunashir in the Pacific ocean. In his Twitter she told about how to live in a seismic zone and surrounded by volcanoes. Kunashir island girl called Narnia, and it is difficult to disagree.

"If I could do it, you can." This idea is trying to convey to all my students moving on a wheelchair Tiffany Adams, who works as a fitness trainer. After reading her amazingly rich life, realize the power of the spirit this beautiful girl can only envy. Public relations, modeling, sporting life and participated in numerous campaigns — all of this is the life of Tiffany. She became a source of inspiration for all who despair or give up in a difficult situation.

Women — seemingly fragile and delicate creatures, but, perhaps, inside each of them hides a power that no man and never will. How else to explain the ease with which sometimes girls get guys around her finger or take their fragile control over the situation. A second is to choose a great angle on the photo to get the best daughter in the world, while your son can not decide on a proposal to force the boy's parents believe that he spends all the money on shopping on the Internet, and it is only a small part of the examples that we offer you in this photos.

My name is Masha. At the age of 16 I graduated from 11 classes, and I faced the first difficult choice: to go to the big scary city or stay in a small 20-seat town, where everyone knows each other. After weighing all the pros and cons and having some family advice, I Packed my bags and went to conquer a huge, adult, unknown world. And for 9 years I live separately from parents. Can't say that the move was not easy for me. I was accustomed to the new conditions, to town, to the environment. But after some time I realized that such a life has its advantages that should be enjoyed.

The Work of Serbian artist Kiki Mirjana Milosevic can not be called just makeup or body art. With the help of brushes and paints Mirjana can twist his body in a knot or plaited, to turn into a horrific monster or even make his head completely invisible. Now Mirjana has a private Studio, body art and make-up Kika studio, thousands of followers on instagram and Facebook and videos on YouTube, where she shows her incredible transformation, gaining millions of views. But once the novice makeup artist could not find a job and painted children's faces at festivals.

American designer from Orlando (FL), Chris Campbell (Chris Campbell) at 7 years was engaged in development of sneakers, until one day he had not thought to make shoes that look just as edible as his favorite desserts — ice cream, donuts and cakes. Chris admitted that in the process of developing the first models he ate 20 doughnuts a couple of days for research purposes, well, that they were not wasted. Since then, it took several years and an extraordinary idea of the designer turned into a successful business called Shoe Bakery, which literally means "Shoe bakery." Shoes-desserts are very popular, so Chris and his assistants barely have time to "bake". Each pair is handmade, and recently one of them sold for $ 15 million, and there's a reason.

You Probably wondered why the name Greenland is literally translated as "green country", although it would be fit to be called a country of icebergs and eternal ice. Whether the author of the name Viking Eric the Red lied, hoping to lure to the island more people, or a thousand years ago the climate was warmer — we can only speculate. But we know that life in Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland, so called by its inhabitants) it is harsh, but beautiful in its own way. Here you can ride a kayak and enjoy the Northern lights, but to brew beer, play soccer and swim.

According to statistics, 48 % of men fall in love at first sight, however, declare their love three months later women. While the lovers are men more vulnerable than ladies. Professor Susan Wilburn sure that certain unconscious actions and non-verbal signs talking about the love of a girl. For example, a friend, never loved cosmetics and prefer sneakers, suddenly starts wearing makeup and wearing heels. And organized business woman is late for an important meeting. Therefore, being able to recognize the unusual behavior of the fairer sex, you know, is there any chance for reciprocity.