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Despite the fact that many inhabitants of the waters of the oceans are already familiar to man, unknown species, probably even more. Some sea creatures live at great depths under extreme conditions. For example, amphipods Hirondellea gigas was discovered almost at the bottom of the Mariana trench, at a depth of about 11 km To the appearance and habits of the ocean's residents (and especially those that live at great depths) life in unusual circumstances, leaves its mark, and they look to the earthly standards rather strange.

Boring encyclopedic material fits, as long as it is interesting facts: because information is better remembered. In school most intriguing and sometimes unexpected facts overlooked, and some do not tell because of the notorious futility. So we can know a lot about specific events, wars, discoveries, but much less about the people who participated in them. The saying "the Devil is in the details" can be attributed to history. Such small things just belong to these biographical sketches.

Tango Gao was born in Shanghai, he since the childhood liked to draw and dreamed of becoming a painter or a sculptor. But Gao's parents forbade him to go to the arts and insisted that he found stable work. So tango has entered the technical University, studied for math and got to the office. But in 1990, he decided to fulfill his dream and enrolled in art school, defying their parents. He graduated with honors and got a job in an advertising Agency, where he quickly rose to art Director. And in 2010 his life changed again. He made a bet with a friend that will be able to draw one comic a day to raise the mood of the people. Thus was born a series of witty, minimalist comic book, which soon conquered the whole world.

Several years spectators watched the exciting travel show, learning different country's (and the "eagle and tails" more than 80) from an unexpected quarter. The most expensive country was England, where only the prestigious London hotel, which at one time stopped, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich, had spent a considerable amount. But in Madagascar, where there are no luxury hotels, spent the smallest amount of money. Changed leading, but interest in a kind of tourist guide is not quenched.

On account of the trilogy "the Lord of the rings" 17 Academy awards, 11 of them received a film "the return of the king", becoming the most awarded film of all time with "Titanic" (1997). The project, which many considered a risky film Studio, brought the company New Line Cinema a profit of $ 408 1% of the initial costs. The filming was attended by almost all New Zealand residents, hundreds of animals and dozens of craftsmen, who manually created the worlds of middle-earth, from the cities to the detail of clothing. Here are not afraid to realize the most daring ideas.

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans" — an old proverb with which we must agree. Then bake the cake, but can't remove it from the mold without spoiling, you decide to wash it, but in the end looking for the master, because the random coin struck the drum, and when you suddenly want the first time to go camping, in a moment abandon the idea, seeing traces of the huge beast. Sometimes it even seems that it's such a curious game: you plan, and life all ways have to mix all the cards to play became more interesting.

Dumplings, taste, sandwich and Cutlery just one of those things that are nostalgic people who grew up in the USSR. They could not only eat, but also to talk about everything — they met academics, and artists, and Steelworkers. The range of most catering establishments, served hot, was about the same: meatballs with gravy, pasta, salad "Vitamin". And we offer you not only remember the classics of Soviet catering, but also to prepare her signature dish.

Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach developed the test for the study of the human psyche, based on the ink blots. Method interesting images that encourage imagination and free Association, in content comparable to that of dreams. Based on stories, arises in the subject's head, you can tell a lot about his personality. In the same way as in the painting "Black square", in the Rorschach cards everyone will see your point. The interpretation of the test a lot of nuances, so we made it simple so that it can be completed in a couple of minutes.

The egg meets the sperm, fertilization occurs, the embryo is formed. Just? As it is not so! Present to you the concept of female discrimination, or freedom of choice, if you like. Delving into this topic, we can say that the female egg do make choices. Scott Gilbert, a biologist development Swarthmore College, says: "the Egg enters into a dialogue with the sperm, and not just locks him inside." Thus, fertilization is more of a fair race, not conquest. Also as a result of long studies have shown that eggs tend to attract a specific type of sperm.

Looking at some stars, we think they've learned the secret of eternal youth. How else to explain the fact that they look 10 years and 20 younger than his real age? Recently scientists have conducted a study which confirmed that people age at different rates. Moreover, the rate of ageing mainly depends on external factors, not genetics. So the good news is that you can look younger if you exercise regularly, eat right, use the services of cosmetologists and to abandon bad habits.

In one reputable scientific journals once published an article entitled "Rooter: algorithm typical unification of access points and redundancy." But... the material was created by the computer program SCIgen generating pseudo-scientific texts. But the article was checked by the reviewer and allowed to be published, although its contents and was completely pointless. To say nothing of intentional scientific fraud or just mistakes made by scientists, which are presented to the world as real discoveries.

Have You noticed that with the same amount of calories or food helps to lose weight faster, or every 100 g are Titanic efforts? And the weird part is: you can eat absolutely healthy food and lose weight, and after the forbidden products weight suddenly begins to fall. There's a scientific explanation. Some combinations of products can speed up or slow down your metabolism because of their active ingredients interact with each other. About how exactly it works, we will discuss in the collected examples of effective combinations.

When life seems like a solid routine and want to shake off drowsiness, it is not necessary to start looking for an extreme adventure — just to look around, and the world will immediately cause the brain to Wake up. Here light and shadow distort a familiar space, there is a line on the paper to form an optical illusion, and the surrounding objects, and even begin to hang in the air defying the laws of gravity. It's tempting to wipe his eyes and look at all this visual chaos again in an attempt to understand where the truth and the Mirage.

Schizophrenia is one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders. Its symptoms are so varied that it's hard for scientists to understand whether it is a single disease or a collection of different syndromes. Ordinary people often confuse split personality (as, for example, Billy Milligan) with schizophrenia, however, are completely different diseases. Despite the fact that the risk of developing schizophrenia only have 4-6 people out of a thousand, the symptoms can appear suddenly, so be aware of possible signs of this disease should be for each.

TV coverage of world events chained to the screens of many viewers. The biggest hit record of his time and gather millions of viewers. To measure it is a difficult task. And if in some countries this involved a special organization on the basis of different approaches to estimate global audience in many cases is possible only approximately. We decided to focus on the overall ranking of a global audience of TV and see if one of the Royal wedding to outdo the landing of man on the moon.