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We associate the disease with something unpleasant and often dangerous, and for good reason. But there are such diseases, which at first glance and I want to compare with superpowers. learned about rare diseases, which not only forced scientists to break down, but also make people similar to the characters from the comics.

If your house has small children, then you probably know that there is nothing more alarming than a prolonged silence. found for you 26 photos showing what destructive force can escape with a few moments of peace. As a bonus — an example of what children do not know the word "enough".

Almost every girl in her childhood favorite doll Barbie is a miracle with old time clothes and with matted synthetic washcloth on his head instead of hair. We could not imagine that the doll can be what makes them Brazilian artist Rafinha Silva (Silva Rafinha). Woman gives dolls new images, the beauty of which is breathtaking even in adults.

Autumn is associated only with rain and damp. But in fact, autumn is the crunchy carpet of leaves underfoot and bright colors, which lifted the mood. have collected for you the pictures that show the most magical moments of autumn.

In may 2004, the Chinese Xie Quiping was listed in "the Guinness Book of records" as the owner of the longest hair in the world. The woman took care of them for 13 years, and at the time of setting the record, the length of her hair reached as many as 5,627 meters! Impressive patience, isn't it? And quite rare, as the majority of women still prefer to change haircut from time to time. But did you know that we choose the option that most clearly reflects our inner state? No wonder they say that if the woman changed her hairstyle, she will soon follow the changes in life. chose the most vivid examples of such coincidences. To absolute truth, we certainly do not expect, but its share there is still there. So let's see what lies behind our bangs and...

All we ever faced with strange things, which caused numerous issues. In the age of modern technology to find clarification on any topic for a few minutes. For example, in 2016 the Google server has processed more than 63 million search queries every second, which is approximately 5.5 billion queries per day. Agree, impressive! That is why the heroes of our article are especially lucky: they got more than accurate answers to their questions, and many of them even escaped the danger. Edition collected for you the most logical explanation for the strange situations in which could be each of us.

Humans are amazing creatures. They (i.e. you and I), contrary to popular belief, able to jump above the head and generally to do anything. Otherwise why would all these signs and warnings posted everywhere? gathered for you another batch of the wonderful ads from around the world, which prove that in this world everything is possible. And the bonus final will remind us that stories with a happy ending — not so rare.

What would you say if you or your child is invited to study in the school where no teachers, no division into classes, no schedules, no classrooms, no homework? Sounds wild, but it is tempting. Brazilian school Lumiar time. recommends to read the article to the end you'll probably change your attitude to education.

To reach out to students — no easy task. However, the science teacher who taught in 8th and 9th grade one of the Thai schools for girls, succeeded. John Zadrozny (John Zadrozny) was able to interest all unusual for the teacher approach. He drew attention to the fact that his students paint directly on the sheets with the tasks, and decided to introduce the "rule of the red pen". "If you will paint, I will add to your drawings something different," — said John girls. Since any dashes, squiggles and sketches he turned into funny illustrations. At first, the student performed the task, and then engaged in the work. decided to show you the results of this curious experiment.

Chain woven from a billion words, but some people know how to make them in some scathing manner of playing all the facets of humor — from subtle irony and dark sarcasm. collected short and precise tweets from users who will never climb his words.

Love is the strongest feeling on earth that we all have. Thanks to the "chemistry" between a man and a woman accomplishes the opening end of the war, people were cured from the worst diseases. Great poets were dedicated to the relationship his best poems. A married couple from India has been married for 90 years, giving each other almost forever. We gathered for you is incredible examples of what love is is a special privilege that we are endowed by nature.

Every day, science moves forward. Expanding the boundaries of human capabilities, it is perhaps accelerated to a speed that is ready to give us the copied filigree frames the bold sci-Fi movie. We decided to investigate whether all the open aim for the benefit of mankind and should I wait for "steps" from the science of the future.

Things from well-known brands always have original design and high price. But sometimes designers don't stop with creating accessories, the prices of which sometimes just going wild. found 17 ordinary things with a touch of luxury that can afford only the true connoisseurs brands. Well, if you are the proud owner of the entire collection of Louis Vuitton handbags, in the end, we'll tell you what they can do and sell it for 5 960 000 rubles.

Celebrity news full of stories about their personal lives, the outfits on red carpets and premieres. The stronger their background is the recent flash mob launched for Twitter users to share real-life, in which stars showed kindness and participation. We inspired by the flash mob and have collected several stories about celebrities, in which they showed their best side.

Many people dream about the most mind-blowing and all-consuming love, about which they write books and make movies. But there is a love in which one person is highly dependent on the other. And this is not love, but self-deception. decided to tell you about the 7 signs that you are in love addiction. And with it an urgent need to do something. So, you ought to think if...