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About Japan, the country of cherry blossoms, robots and workaholics, you can talk for hours. Third place for economic growth in the world, the extraordinary development of technology, and at the same time that Japan is the world "leader" among the suicides. Why? One of the reasons, in addition to workaholism and burnout, I think loneliness. We learned how the Japanese themselves came to the solution of this problem.

Meningitis is a disease involving inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord. The etiology of this disease may be different, but the symptoms are different types of usually similar. It is believed that most affected by this disease are children. So decided to remind parents about how to recognize the child has meningitis and what symptoms you should pay attention in the first place.

To Clean the ears every few days is a common rule of hygiene that we were taught in childhood. But few people know that earwax is not only has a protective function, but also can tell about the General state of health. Using cotton swabs to check the color of your earwax, and find out whether to worry about.

Every day, worldwide, about 3 million people go on dates. These meetings can develop into something more. For example, in a long-term relationship or marriage. But there is no escape from the factors that can ruin your idyll and lead to separation. We collected 7 key signs that indicate that a relationship is not all right.

While big brands struggle with illegal copies, consumers still succumb to temptation and buy a fake — of course, for less money than the original. But the worst thing is when the scammers sell cheap copy, passing it off as original product. made for you a selection of the 10 most counterfeited brands and recommendations on how to avoid fraud.

Behavioural studies prove that animals are like us. But did you know that animals, like people, can justify a failed life experience circumstances? Studying rats, Didier desor, researcher of the laboratory of biological behavior from the University of Nancy (France), in 1989, made a unique discovery: in the company of rats there is a strict hierarchy that makes the weak become strong, and Vice versa. tell, what was this unusual experiment.

That not only are photographers in pursuit of that one frame. You can talk endlessly about the fact that without good technique will not be great photos, but also about the skill of the profession also should not be forgotten. Brazilian photographer Gilmar Silva (Gilmar Silva) decided to tell its subscribers in instagram network how it works. And Gilmar not only puts pictures before and after processing, but also shows behind the scenes of the creative process. Us pleasantly surprised by the contrast between the places for the filming, which picks out Silva, and the result of his photo shoots. Rate this creative you are.

In my life we meet with thousands of thousands of people. Some meetings give a long friendship, only mark on the shoes. But there are the most important Dating. In the first days of life, we meet with the people we love — our grandparents. This first and special meeting of two people will remember only one. Edition have collected touching pictures of this moment. Get out your handkerchiefs at the end we have found you the particularly vivid emotions.

We seldom think, however, the image of well-groomed woman is merely adherence to some principles (e.g., such as using the correct perfume, and a departure from the large number of extra things), mindfulness and inner spirit. And Finance in this matter does not play a decisive role. gathered 10 tips from stylists, follow that to look gorgeous is not difficult. Let's see if among them there is one that is right for you.

Once the superpowers had mostly cats, but with time and other animals pricked to do it not worse. Yes, you can get into the hard to reach, but this cozy place — that is the goal sought by every animal! images shares with you the most inventive of animals — they can do anything, that's for sure.

Few people have a perfect figure, without putting in any effort. Without a doubt, people with excess weight may be more difficult, because for them to get in shape — a real test of willpower. couldn't pass up the 16 strong stories that will inspire anyone to look even better.

Artist from England Phoebe Atkey (@phoebeatkey) figured out how to man, far from drawing, to feel great artist. Album coloring, but not simple, did it in order that we could not only improve drawing skills and to relax, but at the same time to get acquainted with the different types of architecture from different countries. AdMe. EN have gathered for you the most interesting of her works. See for yourself what a beauty.

Crowd pleasers, celebrities of a world scale, as a rule, impose high requirements for the organization of their concerts. Among them, the presence of cars, personal chefs, massage therapists, and other staff. But some "requests" appear unexpectedly. made the top the most weird and wonderful items in riders celebrities.

In everyday life we rarely see what can surprise us, and when the eye comes across something unusual, it is a long time leaves a trace in our memory. gathered top 20 most interesting oddities and offers readers a little escape from the routine. And in the end you will see how looks the most unusual pet.

One of the happiest countries in the world, the tomb of the unicorn, weather, adapts to the mood of the President — no, it's not a meaningless set of phrases. This data is about North Korea. Want more? have prepared 10 facts about this paradoxical country that will not leave you indifferent.