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Is that Jackie Chan can boast that all the stunts in his films personally performs. Other stars, even such strong men and brave men like Chris Hemsworth or Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, is often used helpers. gathered for you a selection of the actors and their doubles. These people risk their lives on the set or undress on camera for their more famous colleagues. Let's finally get to know them

Looking for luxury clothes and hairstyles people of previous eras, we do not always think about the price of getting them this beauty. Follow the fashion a few centuries ago, it was not only expensive (as it is now), but more physically difficult and dangerous to health. found a few examples that prove that the expression "fashion victim" appeared not by chance.

24-year-old Matteo Stucchi (Matteo Stucchi) works as a pastry chef in the Italian city of Monza. And in his spare time leads photoblog on instagram. Stucki, has created a country lilliput, where the people enthusiastically working on the creation of culinary masterpieces. All his works collected under the title "the Sweetness of Gulliver" that fully reflect their essence. Props to these lovely and unusual stories serve as household objects and toy men. invites you for a walk through a magical land where little builders create desserts. Do these confectionery masterpieces is possible also to eat?

The Talented artist Ahmed Awad (Awad Ahmed) from Egypt started painting just a few years ago — in 2015, and at the age of 23 he has already created a strong work that could affect delicate strings of the soul. According to Ahmed, with the help of creativity, he tries to convey emotions and feelings that words cannot describe. invites you to get acquainted with the best creations of Ahmed. More drawings you can find on the page of artist on Facebook.

The Year is coming to an end, and so the pre-Christmas turmoil has left quite a bit. Many already make purchases for the holiday and thinking about what to surprise their loved ones. Team gathered for you some interesting, and where-if not unusual ideas that will help you in matters of the Christmas decor.

The Creator of the theory of stress Hans Selye has said that the for survival after a stressful situation, the body always pays the fact that ages. Not very encouraging prospect, especially given the fact that this disease in our time is becoming more and more common. Many scientists agree that for effective stress management from the outset should identify its cause. Here come to the aid of projective methods and associative techniques that help to identify problems at the subconscious level. have prepared for you a rapid test, which is just a few seconds will determine the source of recent stress.

Even if you are a fan of coffee, indifferent to look at these mind-blowing work you will not succeed. Before you drink, which had been worked not just experienced Barista, and real artists owning various techniques of coffee art. Each character of this article has a recognizable style and a crowd of enthusiastic fans. In today's selection — best creations, coffee art, which every morning will surely be good.

You think people who suffer from idleness, completely lazy and passive? And here and there. They are often very creative and resourceful, because somehow it is necessary to entertain themselves. Their example shows what you can do when you well, very boring. Just so much to get involved is not worth it.

When looking for work Polish woman Justyna sosnowska (Sosenka) are eliminated all doubt that the makeup artists are true artists. For 3 years the girl has reached incredible heights, and with the help of costumes and makeup turns into the most popular actors, fantastic characters, cartoon characters. Justin spends on each image from 30 minutes to several hours and is not afraid to set ourselves seemingly impossible tasks. offers to admire the best works of cosplays. But be warned: the longer you watch, the lower will drop the jaw.

Student's time is always fun. Constant lack of sleep, savings around, a shared kitchen and bath, fun party — all of this remains in the memory, and sometimes their wit and adventures not ashamed to tell the world! picked up funny pictures about what a funny student life taught us:

We never Have time for introspection, but there is always time to undergo tests. The tests help to understand themselves, to understand their desires and aspirations. But at the same time to digress a bit and dream. invites you to interesting and beautiful test — a journey through the castle.

Pass test prepared and find out if you have taste, sense of style and how well you understand fashion. Don't forget to write down the number of your chosen answer below after the test to know the result. Extra bonus: passing the test allows you to upgrade your sense of style and to better understand the current fashion trends.

To take a photograph of the landscape is not as easy as it may seem, is not enough to have good equipment and the forest outside the window. Even experienced photographers practiced for years to be able to catch that moment and pass the beauty of nature through the lens. But the Germans Jannik Obenhoff already in his 17 creates real masterpieces: teen travels not only in his native land, but gradually conquers the world, taking everything that seems to him beautiful. We I want to share with you these atmospheric photos.

Photographers — the most patient people in the world, because they can spend hours waiting for opportunities to make one picture. And photographer from Austria Stefan Dragan no exception. He spent many hours on the streets and in the museums of different cities, to capture people whose clothing is the perfect clothing random or non-random companion. We we offer you to look at the work of Stephen and together with us to wonder how exciting and unpredictable it may be a coincidence. Have the photographer and other unusual projects, meet with whom on his website.

How often do you say the phrase "if I knew where to fall, straws would spread"? Probably, often. Unfortunately, few of us are visionary and able to anticipate the consequences of their actions. We have collected for you 22 reminders that the first is better a lot of times to think and then do. Be sure to watch to the end and may be able to protect yourself from hasty decisions.