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In 2017 Belarus showed a low crime rate and one of the top 10 safest countries in the world. Law enforcement agencies in Minsk is not only perfectly cope with their responsibilities, but also found a modern way to alert people: from the Twitter of the police Department of Minsk residents will learn many important and useful, and some troublemakers, whose behavior is not poddata logic, cause a smile. If you want to know a little more about the everyday work of the police, and charged a good mood, then this article is for you.

Whether you Like sweet and juicy Moroccan tangerines the same way as we love them? And the red-hot sun and waves of the Atlantic ocean? If Yes, then you need to pack your bags and head to hot African country of Morocco. And if you properly plan your route, then you can find nothing like the sunrise in the desert, skiing on the sandy dunes and take a stroll through the streets of millennial cities. Most importantly, do not overstay in the hotel and remember that here, as in any Eastern tale, everyone can find exactly what I was looking for (and even snow).

Hi, my name is Leonid, I am 30 years old. I watched and read so many content about the travels that I realized the Internet has nothing on this topic, what I don't know. So I pulled myself together, picked up the video equipment and skills accumulated on the job in online media and advertising, and went to make his documentary travel series: about the most dangerous, neglected and inaccessible places on the planet. It so happened YouTube-project "Want to go home. Travel, you will not go." This is my attempt to learn and tell others what is happening in those corners of the earth, which we call parallel realities.

My name is Tatiana, I'm one of the authors and I want to share some interesting details from his past work. They say that experience — those of our actions after which understand exactly what to do and not worth it. I have such deeds were rife. On the 2nd course left me boyfriend and I decided that is the end of life and a universal tragedy, abandoned his studies at the University. After a couple of weeks mind come back to me, and I realized that the parents would kill me if they find out. It was urgent to find a job, and among all the options the profession of a waiter seemed most attractive.

Date is always so exciting and awkward, especially early in the relationship. Heroes of our article just wanted the first meeting with the object of their affections was perfect, but a little overdone. For example, one girl before Dating decided to lubricate the lips with cinnamon oil, eventually fell ill with terrible allergies and was scared by his appearance gentleman, so that he lost consciousness. Another guy also brought his beloved in sheer horror, knowing her tastes and preferences EVERYTHING. And that's not the most killer stories that happened to the heroes of our today's collection. Then only more fun.

When you ask men what they primarily pay attention in the appearance of the women, usually the answers revolve around Breasts, hips, smile. But if the first is not so simple and the habit of thinking that big Breasts in priority, in fact, is nothing more than a stereotype, the attractiveness of the other "parts" of the female appearance is really confirmed by many studies. And this is due, as a rule, not the banal superficiality of perception, and the underlying biological processes.

In 1986 the Italian Carlo Petrini organized a demonstration against the opening of a McDonald's restaurant in the centre of Rome. Opponents of fast food publicly enjoyed a traditional Italian pasta, reminding passers-by that the food is an important part of the national culture and life. Thus was born the Slow Food movement (Slow food), which fights for a healthy and informed food and preserving culinary traditions. Then came a more ambitious direction, which is called Slow Life, "Slow life", "Culture of slow". It tells people how to live happily in our rapidly accelerating world.

"I fought with people, but had to fight for them" — this phrase belongs to the American fighter in mixed martial arts Justin Wren. One time a successful athlete was prone to suicidal moods and suffer from drug addiction. To get out of this vicious circle helped him in one important mission which he carried out in Africa, namely freed from slavery by a tribe of pygmies, which is constantly oppressed his own countrymen. The role of Justin Wren here it is difficult to overestimate, as it was able to resolve this situation without violence and clashes between the warring parties.

The Opportunity to take your pet with you to work is a rarity, especially not every activity allows you to create a comfortable and safe environment for animals in the workplace. But if we are talking about the office, then why not? Anyway, so decided the retail giant Amazon, which not only allowed people to bring their dogs to work, but also created animal playgrounds on the territory of its headquarters in Seattle. In a result, dogs became a kind of freelance staff from the presence of which the company only wins.