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Amanda Oleander (Oleander Amanda), a talented artist from Los Angeles, filmed the process of creating their creations and puts them in this application where the number of subscribers artist has already exceeded half a million. Drawing has always been the main passion of Amanda. Through her works she seeks to inspire other people to look for the classes to which truly is the soul. But recently the artist has challenged himself, having promised within 100 days to put a different picture with scenes from his life, the lives of friends and just random passers-by in his instagram. selected 16 of the most memorable illustrations of Amanda, hoping that you too will be able to find in them a modicum of inspiration and simply rejoice in the colorful art and...

Good intentions pave the road to hell. But sometimes designers are guided — is unclear! gathered for you 29 stunning examples of design that was originally conceived ingeniously, and went so-so. Beware, the article is laughable, but painful!

There Are psychiatrists who still cross the ethical code and reveal the history of their patients. This is not good, but thanks to them we can look into the heads of people whose intelligence is either damaged, or, on the contrary, saw the whole truth. is you these interesting stories.

Online mega pretty baby photos of celebrities, but adolescence, which seemingly creates the very identity, often behind the scenes. tracked down photos of the teenage years of famous people. Carefully look at pictures, to answer the final question?

Often, to achieve some goal modern man lacks patience. The patience to follow through, and patience in relationships with family, friends and colleagues. How to educate? It is no secret that Chinese people are famous for this quality. decided to tell you how patience brought up in China.

Brothers our smaller — defenseless creatures able to unconditionally love the person, whatever it was. Prove hundreds of non-fiction stories and make a film about devotion of Pets to their owners. Edition prepared for you a selection of photos touching on the most real and sincere ways.

Every girl has her own Dudinka where she is doing some things quite wrong, as do ordinary people. And that's the beauty, because it is kind of strange we are different from each other. remember 13 points, in which each girl finds herself.

Which man did not try at least once in life to grow a beard! Incidentally, she goes to many, but sometimes contrast "with beard, without beard" is too strong. found most impressive examples of transformations and asked the question: what do you think to shave or not?

Photographer from Germany Sandra Junker in the framework of its project "Show me your fridge" tried to find out whether the contents of our refrigerators from who we are by nationality, where you live and how old you are. According to Sandra, the topic of food had interested her for several years. Namely, if there is modern people's desire to eat healthy food, or they tend to mindlessly fill the fridge? How much food goes in the trash due to the fact that we are constantly buying new packages of food, forgetting about those that are already in the fridge? Since 2012 Sandra pictures of refrigerators and their owners in Germany, France, South Africa, UK and Turkey and shares his work with those who are also concerned about the problem of power in modern...

Today the sultry beach photos white sand and endless ocean is no surprise. But we found one account in Instagram, which dramatically stands out — probably because he is the... of Death! It is noteworthy that the project was supervised by New Zealand authorities and it is for a specific purpose. What? Try to guess yourself, but the correct answer at the end of the article.

7 years ago I first came to Shanghai to friends. If someone told me then that I'm going to rent an apartment in China, the most polite that I would have done — he shook his finger at his temple. But life puts everything in its place. For more than a year I rented an apartment in a small town in Udenskij the mountains and join the Chinese everyday life. And he must say, is quite different from what we are accustomed to. Especially in the provinces.

Argued that modern people are more sensitive in comparison with the older generation and I worry about everything. But everyone has their own experiences, and what one brings tears, can make the other laugh. found 30 photos which capture all the "pain" of modern man. Try to see them to the end to understand easily whether you bring balance.

Powerful explosions, outrageous shooting, robots, transformers, monsters incredibly realistic, as from a most terrible dream... In the modern film industry tens of millions of dollars are spent to achieve the coveted "wow-effect", only to surprise the viewers. But just a few decades ago, none of the Directors could not dream of a modern high-level computer graphics, and in the course were various tricks, and the actors needed a lot of dedication to make the audience believe what is happening. on the example of famous movies will show you what special effects were used in the past century and how they changed now. Compare and sentimental!

About Japan, the country of cherry blossoms, robots and workaholics, you can talk for hours. Third place for economic growth in the world, the extraordinary development of technology, and at the same time that Japan is the world "leader" among the suicides. Why? One of the reasons, in addition to workaholism and burnout, I think loneliness. We learned how the Japanese themselves came to the solution of this problem.

Meningitis is a disease involving inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord. The etiology of this disease may be different, but the symptoms are different types of usually similar. It is believed that most affected by this disease are children. So decided to remind parents about how to recognize the child has meningitis and what symptoms you should pay attention in the first place.