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The richest and Most successful people spend most of their time spend on thinking processes rather than on the work itself as such. It is a way of thinking distinguishes them from other people and creates financial well-being. If you start just copy the habits of rich people, without changing anything in your head, expect big changes in the financial plan are unlikely to have. Even winning the lottery a state fails: studies have shown that such money is spent as fast as they come, and the life of the holder of the winning ticket is often worse than it was before.

We All come from childhood. It was different — someone happy and serene, someone hard and full of trials. But at this time we first encountered the family myths — misconceptions that complicate life. Among the first of the family myths in his book "Paradox and contratados" described by the Italian physicians, so-called "Milan group" — Mar Palazzoli, Julian Pratt, Luigi Boscolo and Gianfranco Cecchin. But to grow up with their family life scenarios and does not prejudice the verdict, and the opportunity to rectify the situation and help the family to escape from the vicious circle.

Introvert is type of personality focused on himself. Such people are comfortable alone before you make a decision, they must be considered and weighed. It may seem that introverts don't need other people, but it's not. Just unlike extroverts they are more carefully chosen circle of friends and are recharged in silence. But if you have not yet decided what type of personality you belong to, you can watch here. But in our article we will tell you how to use your strengths.