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From childhood, We are confident that the environment we are bad, the planet is experiencing an environmental crisis, and to help her, you need to use paper bags instead of plastic, as well as to preserve forests, because it is the lungs of the planet. We found out that all these statements are myths, and I figured, where else lied to us on the lessons of biology and geography.

Due to the effect of the imaginary truth, we often find ourselves in the thrall of lies, and world history is no exception. Much of what we were taught in school turned out to be a fraud. destroying historical myths and reveals the true story for you. Hold on tight, here we go.

For Many years experts from the New Economics Foundation carefully calculate the happiness index of different countries, and first place is always the Scandinavian countries. What is their secret? Can we be so happy as the inhabitants of these countries? Today shares with you what the constituent makes the Scandinavians so happy.

We become much more likely to speak and hear about the mental well-being than it was a few years ago. And that's good, because without a healthy emotion, it is difficult to enjoy life. But the increased interest in everything that starts with "psycho," has led to an influx of Amateurs. find out what 9 things will not make a good psychologist or other mental health professional. Read and be healthy!

That the truth is in wine, known by the ancient Romans. This exquisite drink is covered with glory, and ennobled by long tradition, however, many wine lovers know very little about him. Especially for you collection of the most interesting facts about the mysterious world of wine.

When we hear the word "billionaire", that represent the owner of a luxury yacht or a collector of the most expensive cars. In reality, for many of the rich people's money ceased to have value and they choose the comfortable way of life, not burdened by anything superfluous. gathered 11 of the richest people in the world who adequately tested copper pipes.

Not Often rented accommodation boasts good repair and refinement of design solutions. It usually goes to their owners inherited from the grandparents to the furniture made in the days of their youth, or are simply furnished without any investment in design. But even such an apartment can be cozy and pleasant to live in. found 10 advice of stylists that will definitely help to transform your rental unit.

If you love it to distraction, then consider that in this lifetime you are very lucky. But what if work is in fact day after day is driving you crazy? Actors are like no other knows a lot about and in first and second. We decided to find fanatics of the business, for which another project has become a real obsession and brought to mental problems.

Most of us will become parents, and some have already experienced the beauty of this beautiful status. With the advent of the baby's life turns 180 degrees. And of course, the young moms and dads need some time to regain usual pace. Edition collected examples, when couples are not afraid to show to others, how has their life after the addition to the family.

In order to build a career, a person often require not only professional but also social skills. In the Harvard study it was found that since 1980 the number of work tasks that require social skills increased by 24 %, and tasks that use intelligence or technical expertise, did not so much more. We decided to tell you about the main anti-social skills and patterns of behavior that do not allow a person to succeed in his career.

Digital photo opened new opportunities for us to photograph all that lack of inspiration. Daily in social networks people around the world post thousands of photos. have collected for you cool ideas on how to stand out in this photostream and do a really bright and memorable images, with a minimum of effort.

Each of us there are days when all the junctions, passing on a green light, work is praised, and the children get straight a's. But sometimes that just about every business ends in disappointment. We have collected for you 22 pictures of the failures that are impossible to watch without tears.

Well, when there's true friends. They are easy and serious to talk and to have fun and just shut up. But sometimes you can be severely burned by trusting the wrong person. We found: there are 12 types of people, the scandal which is inevitable. Beware and better keep them to yourself too close.

If "Oscar" was presented not only to men of cinema for their contribution to the creation of movies, but also to the students for their ingenuity when creating cheat sheets, then each of us would long ago have had a few nominations for this award. gathered 18 photos proving that the crib is a delicate matter. In a parallel universe, the authors of these masterpieces would have long since received their coveted statuette!

As Faina Ranevskaya said: "Women are not the weaker sex. The weaker sex — is rotten boards." I agree with this statement, and found a few examples that confirm it. And a bonus at the end of the article again to make sure that all the stereotypes about "feminine weakness" is nothing more than silly prejudices.