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If your height is very different from the so-called rules, it is not a reason to get a complex and become insecure. The truth is, if you don't need to get cookies from the top shelf, then growth is absolutely unimportant. decided to prove it and up the scale growth of well-known people, which showed that to achieve heights can a man of any height. Just find your mark and see who you match.

Sometimes it seems that the filmmakers — the real wizards. And only by looking behind the scenes of famous movies so you can make sure simple truth: what is happening in the dream factory, there is no magic. However, without high technology, sea energy and talent is not enough. collected 28 photos that will show you a beautiful world of cinema beyond, inaccessible to the average viewer, the side of the screen. Pleasant viewing!

"In sorrow and in joy, in wealth and in poverty, in sickness and in health" — an ode to the relationship at all times. Agree, the love between a man and a woman is something special, as you can tell long and breathy. Therefore, the editors gathered for you a selection of stories about the most beautiful feeling on Earth.

Nothing can compare to a father's care and love. And how beautiful it is when daddy is a molder of men and the main role model, the strongest, the smartest and the most fun. gathered for you 19 touching examples when dad is calling.

There are millions of sites and monuments, by which people pass every day and don't pay any attention to them. However, there are those who with one look forever leave a mark on the soul. On them and offers you see today.

What action of others we see more often? Right! Typing on a smartphone. Physiognomy is powerless before the man lowered his face to the screen. But in the mind still hands. invites you to test yourself on this quiz, and then successfully apply this secret knowledge to people you are interested in.

Artist Heather Theurer (Heather Theurer), inspired by the works of pre-Raphaelites and the artists of the Renaissance, writes amazing paintings in the style of fantasy, filled with light and expression. offers you to look at what happens when such an artist — and part-time mother of five children — is taken to rethink the characters of your favorite Disney characters.

Photographer Kate Erlin (Kat Irlin) was born in St. Petersburg and grew up in America. 15 years she has worked in the field of HR, until her life turned an unexpected popularity of her instagram kate_in_nyc. Today, kat is a sought — after photographer, her work has been published in US Vogue Russia, Numero and Harper's Bazaar. Kat expertly catches the emotions of people, opens their soul and shows the most sincere moments in their relationship. gathered for you touching images of lovers, which is a warm feeling inside.

Sometimes little solutions to domestic issues can be an amazing way to improve the lives and expand the functionality of familiar things. gathered for you 15 design finds, ingeniously designed to solve the daily problems, and a bonus that reverses the usual idea of dessert.

Did you know that our smartphones are famous characters from the movies? French artist François Dourlen revealed to the world the wonderful world where your favorite characters live among us. Interested? picked for you the coolest publications. Watch them — a pleasure.

There are people which way to the kitchen just ordered: every attempt to make something turns into a complete fiasco. The ending for these stories is always the same: "Hello, may I order a pizza?" managed to get 18 photos that prove that cooking is not for everyone.

A Team of non-profit organizations that help mentally ill people, 6 years collected photographs, whose authors suffer from mental disorders. It's not only the way of expression: it is an attempt to come to terms with themselves, to curb the disease and to create something beautiful, regardless of those sometimes dark and scary places where I found the pictures. have collected the best pictures of the multimillion-dollar collection of companies Broken Light Collective, to show the view of the world, which is different from ours.

Sometimes time does nothing. And so I want to come home, make tea and dip into the lives of the characters of the series: to be a detective who tries to solve the crime, performing on stage in the role of a comedian or just become part of the unusual and loving family. For those who don't want to waste time with the serial soap Opera, collected the series, which you can watch in a few days.

Despite the complexity of our brain, it is very easy to cheat. For example, the illusion is able to bypass the protective system of our brain and show us something that does not really exist. And often we do not even notice it. collected 13 of the illusions that deceive your eyes and make you question reality.

We used to think that all cat's are independent, always by themselves, and absolutely not tied to the person. But in fact, these fuzzies on the ears in love with their masters, and collected signs of this feline passion. At the end of the article you will find lots of catalanos!