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Looking at some stars, we think they've learned the secret of eternal youth. How else to explain the fact that they look 10 years and 20 younger than his real age? Recently scientists have conducted a study which confirmed that people age at different rates. Moreover, the rate of ageing mainly depends on external factors, not genetics. So the good news is that you can look younger if you exercise regularly, eat right, use the services of cosmetologists and to abandon bad habits.

In one reputable scientific journals once published an article entitled "Rooter: algorithm typical unification of access points and redundancy." But... the material was created by the computer program SCIgen generating pseudo-scientific texts. But the article was checked by the reviewer and allowed to be published, although its contents and was completely pointless. To say nothing of intentional scientific fraud or just mistakes made by scientists, which are presented to the world as real discoveries.

Have You noticed that with the same amount of calories or food helps to lose weight faster, or every 100 g are Titanic efforts? And the weird part is: you can eat absolutely healthy food and lose weight, and after the forbidden products weight suddenly begins to fall. There's a scientific explanation. Some combinations of products can speed up or slow down your metabolism because of their active ingredients interact with each other. About how exactly it works, we will discuss in the collected examples of effective combinations.

When life seems like a solid routine and want to shake off drowsiness, it is not necessary to start looking for an extreme adventure — just to look around, and the world will immediately cause the brain to Wake up. Here light and shadow distort a familiar space, there is a line on the paper to form an optical illusion, and the surrounding objects, and even begin to hang in the air defying the laws of gravity. It's tempting to wipe his eyes and look at all this visual chaos again in an attempt to understand where the truth and the Mirage.

Schizophrenia is one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders. Its symptoms are so varied that it's hard for scientists to understand whether it is a single disease or a collection of different syndromes. Ordinary people often confuse split personality (as, for example, Billy Milligan) with schizophrenia, however, are completely different diseases. Despite the fact that the risk of developing schizophrenia only have 4-6 people out of a thousand, the symptoms can appear suddenly, so be aware of possible signs of this disease should be for each.

TV coverage of world events chained to the screens of many viewers. The biggest hit record of his time and gather millions of viewers. To measure it is a difficult task. And if in some countries this involved a special organization on the basis of different approaches to estimate global audience in many cases is possible only approximately. We decided to focus on the overall ranking of a global audience of TV and see if one of the Royal wedding to outdo the landing of man on the moon.

Translation (especially films and books), as we know, a subjective thing, and very controversial, because a lot here depends not only on knowledge of grammar, but also on how well the translator an established and familiar slang expressions. In addition, it so happens that in the correct translation into the Russian language the phrase is unclear, for example, if we are talking about things known to the inhabitants of one country. But with the names of movies mishaps occur, and often in the Russian adaptation of the title has nothing to do with the original, and sometimes directly contradicts it.

In 1950, Alan Turing invented a test that was designed to distinguish robot from human. At that time I still had no idea that in the XXI century it will be possible to ask search assistant on your smartphone to find anything, and artificial intelligence will be able to write songs and to gauge the popularity of your future posts in Instagram. In our time the scientists went ahead and conducted an experiment, which he called "Minimal Turing test". Participants had to imagine that they are standing in front of some judge on a couple of the robot. The judge does not know who is who, but have to kill the robot. To prove that you are not a machine, were asked to choose one word that will be said to the judge. We decided to implement their version of the...

They Say a talented person is talented in everything. Perhaps that is why many musicians try their hands in different areas: some become fashion designers, others Directors, and many people want to learn acting. But the relationship with the cinema of all different sorts. For example, Christina Aguilera had the only part in a movie, while behind Jennifer Lopez more than 45 roles. About these and other celebrities we describe in the article, but some of them were actors — you decide.

Parenthood is difficult, and to get angry when children misbehave, naturally. But if fathers and mothers Express their emotions with cries and slaps, it could have serious consequences for the child's personality development and mental health. A study of the experience of 976 families have shown that parental cry cause negative changes in the structure of the brain and leads to depression and antisocial behavior in adolescence. And while some believe that without such measures, education of the child "sit on the neck", there are ways to rebuild family relationships so that to raise your voice no more.

Skin To look radiant, sometimes just 1-2 tools and patience. But most often struggle with imperfections — this is a system that includes cleansing, moisturizing, protection, and point tools against acne, pigmentation or dryness. Reddit users share the characteristics of their daily care, before and after photos, ask for advice in the group SkincareAddiction. We had them open in our selection, perhaps it will inspire you not to give up, replace the one in the purse or try a different sequence of treatments for the skin.

In recent years, gaining popularity of services such as grooming cats. Exotic offer for the veterinary market is not a fashion product. Reasons to cut cats abound: to help the furry animals to transfer heat; carry out prevention of various diseases; to get rid of parasites; free from difficult duties of older cats who can no longer care for too long and thick hair. Also such measures can help myself and the owner: if you are allergic to wool shearing will allow you to get along with the pet without harm to their health. A correctly carried out procedure is absolutely safe.

Death is not what we are accustomed to think and speak, and even more to read on this website. But we could not pass by this text is a powerful and sobering discussion about the fact that sooner or later touches everyone of us. Before you is a transcript of a famous public figure, founder of the hospice charity Fund "Vera" Nuty Federmesser on TEDxSadovoeRing. Published in a small reduction. Amazing heartfelt words causing chills bringing to tears and fall right into his soul.

Tell me honestly: have you ever heard (if you are a man) or to say the phrase, "You're not a man, that you?" and if Yes, how often? Her talk and little boys if they suddenly allowed himself to cry after he was hit hard, and boys experiencing because of unrequited love, and men who can't fix a broken sewer pipe. This phrase sounds derogatory, and it can severely damage your self-esteem, and the very concept of a "real man" (as well as "real woman") — not that other, as a relic of the past, from which it is time to get rid of.

"False friends" — words are words that in different languages sound similar but are very different in value. You think this is a problem only a narrow circle of professionals? As it is not so. Each of us at least experienced the consequences of such errors not only distort the meaning of the names and dialogues in books and films, but lurking even where we do not expect, in product descriptions, for example. Perfume "Notary", elite tea from the tap and moths, and merging the information to competitors — their handiwork.