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Elizabeth Alexandra Mary ascended the throne in 1952, at the age of 25 years. Of course, for 7 decades closet Her Majesty has undergone many changes, adapting to the laws of fashion and etiquette, because every step of the Queen followed by millions of people around the world. Her image involves dozens of people, and style rules are strictly regulated. For example, did you know that the evening dress code Queen for special events and trips to the theater is not complete without a high satin gloves, tiaras or crowns, and fur capes for the cold weather? And the Queen herself was never in the room where you placed her clothes. Every morning the assistant comes in with sketches of the monarch, and she chooses her way in the mood.

According to preliminary estimates of experts, due to severe fires in different regions of Australia has lost about 1 billion animals. Many of them are rare and found only on this continent. However, after this terrible news began to come much more optimistic message. Media and social networks are full of information that concerned citizens of Australia as they can help animals who suffered during the disaster. Australians watered and fed animals, taken them out of the burning forest, burns are treated in General, doing everything in their power.

In September came the good news that the Netherlands were able to reduce the number of stray dogs to zero. However, in other countries, even highly developed, things are not so rosy. For example, in the UK in 2018 across the country, there were more than 55 thousand dogs without a roof over your head. Cats and dogs on the street and in shelters realize that they are not wanted, and this gives their characters a harsh imprint. Some no longer trust people, afraid or act aggressively. But, as soon as they enter a new family, love transforms them instantly. If you a skeptical smile, just view our selection. It pictures of animals "before and after" — they are more eloquent than any words.

Many of us dress up in the same chain stores of the budget brands, so to meet fashionable "twin sister" in the streets or open spaces of social networks is commonplace. Not immune and stars, choosing clothes mainly luxury brands. And sometimes a coincidence is not a coincidence: someone deliberately chooses to exit the same outfits, such as Julia Roberts and her stylist. Someone decides to repeat the image of the past, as the actress Lindsay Lohan. And Zendaya and Timothy Salame opted for clothes of different brands, but with the same color and similar styles, their images are difficult to distinguish from each other.

Often, in a dispute the opponent's arguments lead to a dead end, to recall the "this is my opinion" and "because I said so"- the secret weapon of the verbal battles. And sometimes people at all confuses cause and effect, take at least a heated argument on the topic of global warming in the Internet space. Opponents of the theory of the "iron argument": this winter is colder than the previous, so that there is no warming, no, it's all nonsense. Of course, people are just confused weather state of the atmosphere at some point — and climate — long-term weather patterns.

Korney Chukovsky, in addition to writing, was fond of studying the psyche of children and their behavior. His observations he described in his book "From two to five." There is also a useful life skill, which parents can take a note of: "Vova Voronov was crying on the street. "Wait, don't cry,' said the mother, now will be the way to go. Here roaring once, it is necessary to look at the car not hit. Here the road will go, then you can cry again“. Vova stopped. When crossed the road, he tried again to scream, but nothing came of it, and he said: "Already the roar is over"".

My name is Olga Savelyev, and I have a broken suitcase. My favorite Che Modano. I rarely take a strong liking to things: I like to throw. But this suitcase has traveled with me almost a hundred cities, he already comrade, not a suitcase. I dragged it to the workshop. Near the house is right next door. Atelier, repair of handbags, shoes, home appliances. Behind the counter, dozing uncle. — Hello, here, the suitcase is broken, handle is not included inside when necessary, and when necessary — not out. Uncle scanned the suitcase look and said: — No, it can't be fixed. Dispose of this Chinese consumer goods. — You have not even looked at, not touched! — offended me. — I don't need to touch stuff to understand what it is. I turned and impulsively walked out of...

People want to be happy, but rarely feel it. And although happiness can be measured, it is studied in University, but scientists are researching this phenomenon for decades, no one has yet learned to become happy with an effort of will. An acute feeling of euphoria, the fullness of life and love to yourself and the world can occur at the most inopportune moment and, conversely, not to appear, when all the conditions. Still, the recipe of harmony and inner well-being exists, and the results of scientific research confirm this.

That will be important in the new year and the next fashion season determine the leading designers and major fashion houses. They affect that will wear and what the vector of development trends. The shows will take place six months before the onset of the season. And if you look at collections of such giants of the fashion industry, like Celine, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, the risk to fill your wardrobe with things that tomorrow will be irrelevant, is minimized. It is important to remember that modern fashion, you have to give her credit, not prescriptive. We can wear almost everything, preferring not fleeting trends and finding your personal style.

Many of us still unusual to see on their own or someone else's head growing gray roots. We are sad and we feel uncomfortable when we see in the reflection of the first silver hairs, although throughout the world many women have ceased to fight with nature in this matter. Young girls and Mature women forgo hair dyes and tell their stories to inspire and encourage those who are already faced with natural aging hair. After all, gray hair is inevitable, so isn't it better to love yourself for who you are?

George Lucas in an interview admitted that he was waiting for more than 20 years, while cinematic technology will develop enough to shoot "Star wars" as it was conceived during his studies at the film school. And yet he had almost to create the Studio and to develop software to process video, to fiction turned real. Today's Directors no such problem: green screen, high speed cameras and powerful computers allow you to implement almost any whim of the Directors. That's just what will remain from the picture, if you remove all the visual effects?

Perhaps every girl at least once in life wanted to dress as a girlfriend. And the girls and the older ladies have the desire to create an image, inspired by the ideas of a fashion blogger. And celebrities are no exception. However, the outputs in the same outfits may occur not only because of the desire to replicate the successful way of colleagues on star shop, but accidentally or due to oversight stylists. In any case there is nothing to worry — the same dress looks completely different depending on how to beat him, and figure type.

"Honestly, I don't know why I continue to live with his wife. Perhaps it is just easier to exist as roommates than to go our seperate ways. Moreover, in the case of divorce she will not be able to find a good accommodation. Although I don't like her, but not hate enough to give her such problems." This recognition has posted one Reddit user. And he's not alone in his agony. According to the statistics, 60% of spouses are unhappy with their relations, but only 40 % of them decide to divorce. What keeps people in marriages in which love has long been nothing left?

Oriental woman, leaving home, tries to cover his face and figure to the wrong men didn't see her beauty. After all, it should belong to the husband. The average Russian woman best usually wears to work. It can long time to spend in front of the mirror in the bathroom, applying makeup, Curling hair, choosing lingerie and pantyhose. However, after coming home, she happily throws all this "ammunition", removes makeup and clothes in the best case in pajamas with sheep. At worst, in a well-worn Bathrobe. Why is this happening?

In the modern world "lean" is almost a compliment and "fat" — the stigma and insults. However, being thin does not always mean to be fit. Slim people are usually happy with their weight and therefore ignore sports. As a result, they are often low muscle tone, poor endurance and overall lack of physical preparation. Even the modern beauty industry is inclined to think that thinness is not always good. Big brands began to abandon the models with a zero clothing size to advertise their collections.