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The Writer is the founder and head of the Internet project Josh Kaufman began his career as a brand Manager in Procter & Gamble Home Care. Later in one of his books he told me how much time it takes to master a new skill at a good level. Josh is convinced that it needs only 20 hours. He regularly conducts independent studies that helped to learn about the four simple actions in order to fast to learn anything. We decided to tell about these actions, and the example to show how it takes 20 hours to learn to draw. And in the end you will find a bonus that will answer the question, how much time is required to become a professional in a narrow field with high competition.

A twist only bad news, and in life, and without that all is not too smooth, it is easy to lose faith in this world. However, one should not exaggerate: on our planet there is a place of good deeds. As corny as it may sound, but maybe thanks to them the Earth is still spinning. Down with the naysayers and bad mood! gathered 20 photos that will warm the heart, because of so much heat. And in the end you will find a very nice bonus.

In the objects around us are often not so much of beauty and harmony, but plenty of mess and imperfection. That is why rare footage depicting something really perfect to be real visuals, a breath of fresh air. collected 27 photos to your tired eyes a rest from the chaos of everyday life and enjoy beauty. And in the end you will find funny winter bonus.

It Seems that some photos just created, so we broke over them. An unusual perspective, strange reflections, and things resembling something completely different — all that is befuddling our minds and forces us to peer into the again and again to finally understand what the hell happens to him. gathered 26 photos, the browsing of which is akin to pondering a complicated puzzle. Moreover, they are just fun to look at.

We are confident that our studied across the world and there was nothing that would have struck or forced to exclaim: "Oh wow!" But it is not. have collected for you 30 quick facts, reading them, you will realize that our world still has something to surprise you. At least a little.

Polygamy and harems, lack of education and legal lawlessness, the sparkle of diamonds and the veil — the life of the Arab wives have acquired a large number of stereotypes in the eyes of foreigners that it is difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. decided to find out how to actually live a wonderful and mysterious women of the East.

Escaping abroad, we admire the local sights, looking at urban architecture photographed for memory houses and hotels in the countries visited. And often our familiarity with national structures is completed. We interested in how ordinary people live in different countries, and are happy to share with you our observations.

With Monday through Friday business and strive to fall out from the hands, constantly sleepy, all annoying... sounds Familiar? Somewhere deep down we understand that the quality of the weekend directly affects our performance in everyday life. But the criteria for a "perfect weekend" at everyone. Edition found 8 classic mistakes that can prevent you a deserved rest for maximum benefit.

Austin kleon in one of his bestseller "Steal like an artist" says that it is impossible to invent anything new, everything is already invented for us. Sad, of course. But the author left us a chance to stay in centuries — only need to borrow and combine the ideas of others, at the output of receiving conditionally a new product! even know where he got this idea. Worth a look at exact copies of characters from different movies / cartoons / books, and it becomes clear how the author / Director / screenwriter could have come up with this "brilliant" idea!

One day in Iceland to the casting to the Japanese photographer Ariko Inaoka (Ariko Inaoka) came amazing twins Erna and Hrefna. Now Arico every year come to visit them to make new pictures, which depicted their gradual transformation from children into girls. chose the most impressive photos of the twins and offers to enjoy these as if slightly blurred gentle images.

Fast food is associated with something harmful and high in calories, but it doesn't hurt anyone sometimes hastily eat a hamburger or Shawarma. But is it possible in fast food restaurants to find something more or less useful to eat with the least damage to health? If you try, you can. know what fast food you can eat. And is ready to share with you the knowledge from which more good than harm.

Many believe that there is one right way that will make you happy and rich. But it's not. James Altucher — American entrepreneur, hedge Fund Manager, writer and video blogger confirms this point. He communicated with many wealthy people and believes that everyone has their own path to success, but there are habits that will help you approach it the right way. We decided to tell about the 20 habits or tips which, in the opinion of Altucher, will help you to be more successful, richer and happier. And in the end you will find a bonus that will tell you how faster and more efficiently to get what you want from strangers.

"the Atlas of beauty" ("The Atlas of Beauty") is a unique project that diversity is a treasure, not a cause of conflict. Its Creator — Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc (Noroc Mihaela). The first camera came from Michaela at 16. The girl studied photography at University, but then became disillusioned with this profession. Years later, after a trip to Ethiopia in 2013 and again Michaela began to photograph with their passion. In Ethiopia, it was struck by a fascinating mosaic of cultures and traditions. Michaela decided to travel the world and do portraits of women whose faces and stories displayed all the infinite beauty of our world. It was the beginning of "the Atlas of beauty". Us inspired project photographer, and we bring you a favorite of...

Photography is an integral part of our lives. As a rule, we carefully plan the: come up with a pose, selectable background and practice facial expressions. But sometimes in the frame of this happening, which certainly was not in our plans. 've compiled for you pictures of random people who were at the right time in the right place.

For a person with imagination no restrictions: any surrounding object or phenomenon may seem to him not what really is. We found examples when people with imagination can see the world from a different angle: and, indeed, to "unsee" then it is very, very difficult.