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No Wonder Islam, Judaism and some religions forbid to paint portraits. The more famous the painting, the more strange stories associated with it. Say models passes all the anger and the envy of competitors, addressed to the talent of the painter. picked for you a few examples, but they are actually much more.

Everyone tries to give their children as much attention and care. We know that being a parent is hard work and even the most responsible there are funny failures. At the end of the article you will find bonus, which proves that adults are just big kids.

From childhood We know that TV spoils the eyesight, and can read only in good light. But is it indisputable these "truths"? debunks health myths that you often hear, even from doctors. And in the end you will learn about interesting features of an organism, which manifests itself in almost everyone.

Will Soon begin the cold, and the inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere will be pulled into the warm countries. Many tourists fly there for the first time and experienced travelers need to remember the rules of hygiene. offers 6 simple rules that will help you to enjoy the beautiful views and warm sea, and not only a private room or hospital ward.

Thanks to the infinite creative designers we are surrounded by a lot of strange things. Some make you smile, others misunderstanding, something surprising to the depths, and that-even outraged. gathered for you a small collection of funny and yet very strange design ideas. Well, how to treat them, decide for yourself. prepared simple test which helps to know if your partner offer hands and hearts. For each answer under No. 1 give yourself 2 points for each answer under No. 2 — 1 score. For answers under # 3 — 0 points. Then total the points and read the results.

Is that the actors themselves are so fanateyut from the Director or a story that they agree even in the tiniest role. And shooting often invite celebrities who have nothing to do with cinema. We found the most curious cameo, which you may not even know.

In late October at an auction in Jerusalem was sold to a note by albert Einstein. He wrote it after he learned he was a Nobel prize winner. A note has been dubbed a "recipe for happiness". We decided to tell you about the rule that, in the opinion of the famous physicist, will make happy any person.

It is Unlikely that most of us enjoys cleaning as a celebration, but this unpleasant task can be turned into a useful habit that will not deliver hassle. Instead of having to devote to cleaning the whole day, try a couple of tricks that make life easier for all lovers of purity. shares the secrets of purity from those who do not know what the dusty shelves.

A couple of years ago the popularity of social networking did not bring bloggers nothing but a plus for self-esteem. But now the model, whose accounts are signed by thousands of users, increasingly convert likes into dollars. selected 10 users of instagram, whose popularity earns them millions.

One way to get rich was not, and is unlikely to appear. As practice shows, "shoot" can and the most idiotic ideas, while genius will not pay the creators a penny. We we present you 13 people who earned millions on their own creativity, observation and simply being in the right time in the right place.

Baby products is a great way to get rich parents wanting to give their child "all the best". What tricks do not go to the sellers trying to differentiate their products among a huge range of baby things! just could not pass by children's products, which cause more likely bewilderment than desire to buy them.

Love is difficult to describe in words. Then come to the aid of paint. How many masterpieces were created in order to tell you about this feeling! decided to share the best works of contemporary illustrators, who managed the impossible — to draw true love.

If your height is very different from the so-called rules, it is not a reason to get a complex and become insecure. The truth is, if you don't need to get cookies from the top shelf, then growth is absolutely unimportant. decided to prove it and up the scale growth of well-known people, which showed that to achieve heights can a man of any height. Just find your mark and see who you match.

Sometimes it seems that the filmmakers — the real wizards. And only by looking behind the scenes of famous movies so you can make sure simple truth: what is happening in the dream factory, there is no magic. However, without high technology, sea energy and talent is not enough. collected 28 photos that will show you a beautiful world of cinema beyond, inaccessible to the average viewer, the side of the screen. Pleasant viewing!